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  • samyuktha_krishna 2w

    How long are we gonna fight on whom the mistake lies?
    How long are we gonna blame the victim and let them suffocate in trauma?
    How long are we gonna get justice after the 'death' of every victim?
    What's the use of any law and order at all when it can't reach a life to save from such a tragic end?
    How can we even wish for her soul to rest in peace after such a distressing incident?
    Shame on the society!

    Break the taboo and speak out people,
    Speak out! To anyone whom you trust!
    To anyone whom you can rely on.
    Ask for help.
    Open up and seek for solution rather than burying yourself in guilt!

    Kudos to all the women and girls who faced this.
    Kudos for surviving it.
    Kudos for overcoming it.
    Kudos to your courage and bravery!
    You deserve a better life girl!


  • bhagyshre 13w

    Different countries,
    Different cultures ,
    Different customs,
    Different tradition ,
    Different thinking ,
    Different beliefs ,

    The one thing in common is the women suffering to please men !

  • _rakhi 21w

    Being a girl, i want to share this because it has happened with me. So, there are some girl's who are already having long term relationship or sexual relationship without marriage, don't share your assault, harassment story with them, they will not give you suitable or as per your situation guidance because if they do, they will think of their own, they will judge theirself that is why they don't give you right guidance. Explore it.

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 50w

    लव जिहाद-

    इश्क़ को इश्क़ ने नहीं
    समाज ने ठुकराया है
    धर्मनिरपेक्ष इस भारत में
    लव जिहाद नामक कानून एक आया है
    राष्ट्रनिर्माण के नाम पर धर्मयुद्ध है हो रहा
    चंद कट्टरपंथी भक्तों के कारण पूरा देश है रो रहा
    धरम को है खतरा काम यहां खतरा ज्यादा इन्सान को है
    इस मिट्टी में जितना खून हिन्दू का उत्ना ही मुसलमान का है
    ये मुद्दा सिर्फ धरम का नहीं ये मुद्दा स्वाभिमान का है
    तेरे ज़मीर का है मेरे ईमान का है
    इस देश को है ख़तरा सावरकर जैसों से
    ना ख़तरा हमें मुसलमान का है
    धरम के नाम पर जो बदल रहे संविधान है
    लोकतंत्र तिरंगे को जो कर रहे भगवाधार है
    ये कछाधारी भक्त ही असली देश के गद्दार है
    'टबीब' की आग को घी देते ये वही संघ परिवार है....

  • yours_fortune 58w

    A country with highest crime rate against women.
    Will worship a woman for next nine days.

  • _un_familiar 60w

    08:02 am
    October 10,2020
    I'm standing inside my home
    Ready to leave for work
    I saw my neighbor sardar uncle
    He greeted me with a smile as usual
    And then his father old sardar uncle
    And a thought popped in my mind
    Oh God ! both of them have got penis
    And then I tried to distract myself
    And took auto rikshaw
    The driver was a man
    What do I do
    He does have a penis too
    And after 5 minutes
    Another man sits beside me
    And I got scared
    Of thought he has penis too
    I couldn't hold my tears anymore
    And then all of that rewinded in my mind

    09:02 am
    October 9,2020
    I got off of bus
    And ran to cross the flyover
    I am late, I'm doomed
    As I thought to myself
    I climbed up all the stairs and stepped on the big landing of flyover
    I took may be 5-6
    Steps and I saw a stranger
    Not to worry I see hundreds of strangers daily on a bus, on an auto, even in my work place
    And I ignored I checked time on my phone
    And fastened my speed and
    That stranger was holding something in hand
    I didn't ignored it again and then
    I noticed
    He was doing something with his penis
    I felt terrible
    And he smirked
    I almost ran towards him
    But I found no one behind me
    And I cursed him
    And dared him to stay
    And marched reverse steps
    To call some people standing on road
    And he ran down opposite
    And he was no where to be found
    It ruined my whole day
    What else can I say
    I couldn't sleep whole night
    But when I did
    That view came in my ephialtes

    Do it all in your private place
    We feel uncomfortable, harassed, abused and insecure
    Cause we don't ask for anything unless we we actually ASK

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #harrasment #insecurity #abuse

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    Every day when I leave my home
    I feel like
    Someone snatched my comfort zone

  • ensoleillement 82w

    Was just watching simbha movie
    And some strange thought crossed my mind
    Some incidents of women harassment
    Becomes national news
    Thousands of people come on roads
    Holding candles and boards
    Yelling the slogans punish the criminal
    What about those other such incidents
    Which goes unnoticed
    Is our responsibility just to take over Internet when such incidents becomes headlines
    Shouldn't it be beyond that
    If we truly realise the pain of victims
    We would try to educate everyone around
    Not just when such incidents happen
    But every time when we see someone
    Stepping back in fear of possibility of such incidents
    Shouldn't our responsibility be to identify
    Such victims around us
    How many times we would have known
    Our cousins, aunts, freinds being harassed
    In their families, work place , public places etc
    But we would have kept quite
    We wouldn't have Couraged up to go and speak to them about it
    Because we would think what if she gets furious at me
    Or I have known that person for long
    He's not that bad, but sometimes
    We are in some dilemma
    No person is bad there actions are
    Isn't it our responsibility to makes those persons realise of their wrong acts
    And not necessarily the Harassment would be physical and just with women
    Anyone can get subjected to it
    It's strange we are aiming to develop a society where everyone are equal
    But how many times we would have kneeled down in front those societal norms
    Just getting such people punishment doesnt do much
    If we really wish for change in long run
    We need to start with small changes with ourselves and around us
    Small acts of changes would bring big difference in long run
    So now its our time to think
    What are we doing and why


  • _rakhi 85w

    Today I was talking to my one of the most regular friend, and she was telling me about her roommate, Like mere sath jo bandi rehti hai uska 3 months pehle koi aur boyfriend tha , ab koi aur hai na janne aur bhi honge? And I Was Like, What To Say I Mean Jo Meri Friend Hai Uska 3 Saal me 5 Se Jada Boyfriend Rahe Hai I never judged Her!

  • _deepak1997_ 90w

    Bura na maano holi hai

    Holi ka bahaana dekar
    Usne mujhe ese chhoo liya
    Mere badan ko kaske pakad kar
    Usne meri rooh ko chotil kar diya
    Mere virodh karne par
    Usne mujhe ye keh kar chup kar diya

    "Bura na maano Holi hai"


  • christina_paul 91w

    Things that needs time to heal...
    #mirakee #innocence #loss #innocence #harrasment

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    A touch that disgusts you,
    Past that cannot be forgotten.
    Took years to comprehend
    The loss of innocence.

  • kajolnimesh_diaries 100w


    Stop being silent when someone touches you

    When someone touches you by intentionally

    Shout again when they say it happened by mistake

    When they touch at private parts by mistake

    Always stand up when people say you should keep quite

    As it was my mistake to understand him

    But what about the subconscious mind that tells you that whatever is happening is wrong or nit?

    Still is it our mistake to not raise our voice and shout?


  • laamhe 103w

    Why to educate only daughters how to be safe ...why restrictions only on her... I'm also gonna teach my son how to respect women... And gonna warn him if he ever even think of raping someone or even violence against them ... I'm gonna myself cut his throat and throw him away ... and same goes for daughter...

  • soulstruck5 104w

    Mute II

    When something bad happens, why do people compare it with animals?

    Animals are way more sensitive to human emotions.
    Comparing an inhuman act with that of animal nature is just illogical and an understatement.


  • soulstruck5 105w


    Today the city has lost its daughter in a helpless condition she seeked help, found none.
    Her voice broke out, unable to digest that's something wrong is going on.
    One last conversation
    Just one last conversation and that's all went.
    Deeply grieved and can't even say we are sorry sister.
    We have been alarmed long ago.. From the times of krishna and draupati till date..
    The daughters, mothers, sisters have been a feed to the monsters craving for her..

    Lord if you listening, justice needs to be done for your daughters..
    Voices heard and unheard need to be answered..
    RIP Sister


  • lifeistooochota 116w

    Crowd was huge,
    Excuse was a Reason,
    Touching Her Ass,
    Telling Sorry,
    Making fun with Friends,
    in the Name of Ganesh Visarjan


  • iamnotallowedtosaythis 119w


    I ache and bleed
    Out of this shell of a body, i can't speak the words of sorrow as i study

    Every inch of skin that used to be on my bones
    and every last bit of respect i had for humanity.

    No i can't breathe with you breathing on my neck all day and night and so i will scream but no one will hear me as you break me down everytime.

    Did you think you can have a woman if you rip her soul out of her chest ?

    Did you think it was okay to call me a bitch when i denied your advances ?

    I hope you look at your daughter someday and realize, how sickening it is to be seen by those crual eyes.


  • _saima_mukhtar_ 121w

    Jo sehte hai
    Wo kehte q nahi
    Jo karte hai
    Wo darte q nahi
    Jo dekhte hai
    Par bachaate nahi
    Or jo bachaate hai
    Wo bachte q nahi??

  • s_vanshika 123w

    I was RAPED!

    It was raining and was almost morning. After running for sometime, I found a parking lot and hid there behind a car. I was tired and breathing heavily. I looked at myself in a rear view mirror. My appearance was screaming my condition. My face, it was bruised. My hands and neck were scratched and had cuts. The pink Kurta with beads and red threads, was torn and stained with blood. My hair was wet and tangled. Every drop falling from them was hurting me. My soul was crushed and every last piece of hope shattered. I had no where to go, to seek help.
    I was tied up with ropes for almost 6 days in a hideous room with no windows. He used to come, drug me and shove food down my throat, he was keeping me alive to rape me. Last night he came again drunk and had a bottle in his hand he smashed it on the wall behind me. The glass shattered. He hit me, he pulled me by my hair across the room. HE RAPED ME. When his lust fulfilled, he tied me up again. I was thinking about everything but, tears did not find an escape. The glass shining under the dim light gave me little hope. I dragged myself to pick a piece of it and started cutting the ropes. I was lying on the floor waiting for him to come back. Every passing second was a horror. Suddenly, I heard his footsteps. I panicked. The door creaked open. I shut my eyes. I could feel his hands trying to wake me up. His voice, heavy. I stabbed his right leg, he is agonized. I stabbed him again and again, then pushed him away desperately. He was angry and shouting. He was telling me not to run because, no one would help me. Well, that was true. But, I decided against it. I somehow managed to stand on my feet. I had hope that I can run away from this, from HIM! I was trying to run, I fell, I got up again and ran. I recognized that place. It was his house. I get to the front door, it is locked. I search for keys and found it lying near the coat rack. I unlocked the door, it was dark and raining heavily. I started running, my legs were aching but, still I had the strength to run. I could feel the wet ground under my bare feet. The rain is washing away the blood off my body. I wish it also washes away the memories and his touches. My body aches but I cannot shout. My voice is choked. I keep on running and finally found this parking lot.
    The world of my thoughts is broken by the sound of footsteps. I was frightened, I didn't want to go back to that monster! I started running again. My vision is blurred, I can see the road barely. I suddenly hear a loud honking and as I turn around I hear tires screeching and a sound of 'thud'. Everything goes black. My body goes numb.
    HE was the man who loved me, who wanted to marry me, who promised me that he would keep me safe. He was the man I ran away with leaving my family. HE WAS THE MAN WHO RAPED ME.

  • queenleta 123w

    Fire in your Gaze

    My babygirls..

    When the assholes
    At the bus stop..
    Cat calls names at you..

    When the bastards
    At your work place
    Looks at you inappropriately..

    When the dickheads you come across
    In taxis and buses
    Tries to invade your personal space..

    Not to lower your GAZE..

    Let your eyes spit..

    "Touch me and you'll burn"


  • shubhi__vishwakarma 202w

    My only fear

    The world cried, the world tried, the world opposed, but the pain she felt at that time no one can imagine and no one knows.