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  • miswaram_ 1w

    Heal with Nature

    Travelling into the raw wildness of tranquility melted with the serene calm ambience of nature and from soil to sky the mind travelling... opening the eternity of blue sky and in night sleeping on a sea shore listening to sounds of waves fading away and absorb beautiful positive vibes, be yourself in a world of peace and harmony of innermind......

  • devdevil 6w

    Somedays I love myself a little more that I laugh alone so hard, dance alone madly,sing out loudly, kiss myself in the mirror, record myself being weird and watch it on a repeat mode.

  • logomaniac 7w


    A loud groan and watery eyes
    Baby yearns for milky white
    That emotional bond drags her in
    Baby suckles with all that whim!!

    A lady with gown sitting calm
    Supporting the baby, feeding furious and fast!
    No, wait!! Let the hindmilk and foremilk both flow,
    Let it satisfy the nutritional demands!

    6 months exclusively is the time
    Hold it proper with head, neck and body allign!
    Let the chin touch the breast,
    With areola and nipple in baby's mouth!

    Proteins, vitamins, minerals quenches babies thirst
    Fats, provide energy and satisfies babies hunger
    The nature has played it's part,
    It's time for us to take the role apart!

    It's right of the baby to be fed,
    Development is not a simple process
    Nourish it and let it flourish
    A bud to blossom as a whole healthy munchkin!!

    -Saniya Nishat
    Koppal Institute of Medical Science

  • im_mudasir11 7w


    The Crimes are at its Peak,
    And the Blood is so cheap.
    Here brotherhood is gone forever,
    And love seems to be found nowhere.
    The Moral Values have evaporated,
    Like it never existed.
    Greed and Money has made people so Blind,
    That they are unaware killing an innocent is killing the mankind.
    Here every law has been approved for Oppressors firmly,
    And weak are being oppressed Ubiquitously.
    Everyone here is moving in the wrong direction,
    Oh Lord! You are the one who can make this correction..

  • sh12345 9w


    साकी से तैश में आ बैठे थे वो,
    मैखाने में सुरूर ढूंढने निकले थे जो।
    मगर अक्सर, अक्सर भूल जाते हैं वो,
    नशा चौराहों पे नहीं, महबूब की आखों में मिलता है।
    जो नसों में नहीं, सर चढ़कर बोलता है,
    रातों को हसीन,सवेरों को जवां बताता है।
    कीमत में सितम, रंज ओ ग़म के सिवा भला क्या चाहता है,
    मगर याद रहे ये मोहब्बत का सुरूर दोस्तों ,दीवानों को दिवालिया भी बनाता है।

    - श्वेता

  • porcupine 10w


    We are like peanut butter
    And jelly
    You would be the peanut butter
    I would be the jelly
    We would make a great sandwich

    We are like a bicycle tube
    And air
    You would be the air
    I would be the tube
    We would roll together forever

    We are like a crochet needle
    And yarn
    You would be the needle
    I would be the yarn
    Together we would make anything

    We are like notes of music
    And lyrics
    You would be the notes
    I would be the lyrics
    Together we would create harmony

    My poems 'focus' and 'indeed' are random words from my dictionary..I did the same here

  • sunset_in_autumn 13w

    #harmony #war #wall #division #destruction #penningforpeace #god #pod

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Saddened by the ongoing war in Israel- Palestine.
    Penning to appeal for peace.

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    It is a tragic story of the holy land,
    Bleeding lives, peace is dead.
    Holiness bombed by human's hand,
    Conscience is oblivious on the death bed.
    Amongst the sufferers, two are main,
    One with Quran, the other with Bible.
    Calling out for mercy in excruciating pain,
    Begging for humanity's survival.
    Wounded heavily,cries for harmony.
    Unheard, unfelt amidst war's cacophony.
    With weary souls, holding each other,
    Down they crawl.
    As inhuman mankind is busy
    Defining boundaries, and building wall.
    With mournful heart and teary eyes,
    With trembling hand, and sorrow sigh,
    They turned the pages of their book.
    Every page, every single verse they looked.
    Wondering in anguish, where did they go wrong!
    Each verse preached love and peace,
    Then why destruction and land boring deceased?
    Alas, humans' ignorance is too strong.
    They decided not to stay,
    As humans have gone astray.
    Crucified by the fight, pitying the plight,
    They left the promised land,
    Holding each other's hand.
    Mosque is there, Temple is there.
    But the LIGHT is gone.
    Sapiens still quarreling over their share.
    Darkness all around, doomsday set to dawn.

    Merciless acts in the name of most merciful.
    Brutal attacks in the name of benevolent.
    The holy city of God battles vanity
    As dark clouds of Irony rains insanity.


  • _janedoe_ 13w

    You're his child,

    In your hands you hold the power of life, death, destruction and rebirth.
    You'll find love in the middle of your pain, don't give up.
    Be corrupted with the vision of harmony, soon peace and harmony will lead you.

    We have our own wars in this callous world,
    Our fight has begun.
    We will rise together
    We will fight together,
    And we'll pour down mercy.
    Trust him❤️

    He says "not to boost on your wisdom, neither on your riches nor on your strength.
    If you want to boost,
    Boost on me that you know me and understand me."


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    Vision of Harmony


  • dreamingkaleido 13w

    I imagine

    I imagine a parallel universe where we weave the fabric of peace with the threads of harmony and when we don them the uniformity reflects all around.

  • irenic_gyal 15w

    You regretted to make me suffer,
    as those piano you left with,
    I became a harmony of every word you sing..

  • chayanika_ 15w

    Known Mystery

    Demons without wings tainted the innocent,

    Manipulate their hearts with diabolic plans

    Thus they become aberrant.

    Can we call it as the "fall of man"?

    Or the pogrom of this clan !

    Sunlight splits into a spectrum of gray

    At last only scars and wound would be there to stay.


  • akellice 17w


    We wanna live in peace
    Make love in peace
    And sometimes we miss out on peace
    But it's ok
    Caz In the end we all gonna
    Rest in peace
    And harmony.
    This is the truth and a beautiful gift of life .

  • heyoka_warrior 17w

    I once witnessed an alien spaceship
    One night in the middle of a town feast;
    A flying UFO with colorful lights;
    Raised my head out of the blue, I saw it;
    A kid saw it too—I wonder if some people did.

    I dreamt of aliens a few times in my sleep—
    Greys or whites and browns I recall;
    White spaceships were invading the place—
    Deflated balloons as they touched the ground;
    While browns told me some things— I forgot.

    There was also when I was in the moon;
    It's like there's alien war and explosion;
    And something's after me I guess;
    I avoided it or did I pray and overcome?
    Just one of the odd dreams, faint memories.

    I have a T-shirt with alien and spaceship print;
    When I was lost exploring in the darkness,
    I was drawn to them because I felt the same;
    Like an alien, an outcast, a loner, an odd one
    Did I find harmony with their cold company.


  • blossomwrites 17w


    When a bird comes out of its egg
    When a baby takes its first step
    When you grow up to be a respected citizen
    When you face each and every obstacle of your life
    When you finally let go of your fear which is glued to you like a weed
    When the persistent stress in your life is vanished
    And when you get back the harmony
    You are FREE

  • sh12345 19w

    अगर भर सको तो भर लो
    जेब, झोले, बैंक,भगोने सब भर लो,
    जी भर गया तो क्या गला भरने तक खाओ
    क्या पता तुम जी जाओ, सह जाओ, जीत जाओ ।
    कल का सूरज तुम्हें सलाम करेगा,
    आने वाला समय गुणगान करेगा।

    हां मगर..हजारों लोगों का हक मारकर, इंसानियत दफनाकर,
    जीती जिंदगियो को जलाकर, अगर सजा सको तुम अपना कल,
    बना सको अपना आशियां और नकार सको यथार्थ ।

    तो भर लेना वो अखरी कोना भी , जहां संवेदना बाकी है।

    श्वेता ।

  • devilfish 21w

    The Snake Slinks Scales on my Spine

    Echoing your lust
    Unwind in every thrust
    Dawn finally meets dusk
    Sweating out my trust
    Of April on the cusp
    Leaving stars in place of scars
    Where you touch

    Constellations painted with the tips
    Of your fingers as they brush
    Sparking need like a fire
    But we don't have to rush

    Life hurries while we can always
    Be safe
    Home is enough
    Where we can always be us

    I pinpoint the day
    Fall back into May
    I hear my sister's song
    As I drink up wisdom
    This prison has now fallen
    Where my willpower has risen

    It's been too long

    I knew it all along
    The drain of living
    Won't be my hands
    Stained with crimson
    I held a pair of scales in my vision
    As well as I dream in an algorithm

    I feel so much better

    As I walk from decision's grip

    I can do anything with my mind

    Even if it lost it's grip

    I've collected my wit

    And I feel like your voice is in transit

    As it takes me along with it

    I'm livid and vibrant
    Colors so vivid orchids
    Daisy's bliss in the Full Moonlight
    I make an image
    With these words
    As they take me across troubled waters
    I bridge the abyss
    I kiss the sun as it reacts
    Growing warmer
    Growing hotter

    My soul takes flight
    A black bird with sharp sight
    As my energy excites
    Each word ignites
    Each twist as my spine spikes
    Each turn as I veer of the turnpike
    It's night I'm bright
    My time
    I'm me
    I'm alive

    I grow into my prime
    I'm aware of time and it's not a concern of mine
    I look up to the sky so I can get the affirmative
    Delight from cosmic divine
    It won't divide me the sadness won't
    Find a home inside me
    I expell them all as they don't
    Will not
    And have never defined me
    It stares at me
    I just glare back piercing through it's menacing eyes
    I watch time bleed
    Black is blinding bringing simple abstraction
    To it's knees
    To my satisfaction
    I breathe
    In and out
    As the Earth dances with me
    Shaking it's leaves
    This look will make your bones

    I am not going to retract my ambition
    I will embrace my new key as I place it
    In the ignition
    Snap all switches
    Chip at the glitches
    Fracture self defeat
    Until it's wounds need stitches
    Dissipate to gas the darkness

    My light will make sure it doesn't last
    Although shadows are for contrast
    But this time the shadow can lead
    All it sees is my back
    And it's chains and mask
    As I lead it to the sky
    I'm never coming down
    Never looking back

    I'm on a track to leave a trace
    I can't just lack I've got to step
    To make a track and keep my pace
    To make it back home

    I'm never out of place

    As I am flesh
    That is that
    I am human
    More than stats
    I am feelings
    Memories of opulence
    Made of crystalline glass
    I am fine tuning
    Like an instrument of brass
    My balance is eternal
    It's flame will always burn
    My mind is freed at last!
    I'm holding my equilibrium
    As the hill is steeping
    I grow stronger
    Determination eating at weakness
    I've got to make it longer
    I am healing in my mind


    And I feel this
    And you can see it in my eyes
    Mist from the Ocean's quiet effervescence
    I embody water
    Fluid judgment and a swiftness and immensity

    I'll rise with the tides
    I'll lose the weight of Sunlight's demanding haste
    And balance as I lose my density

    The Snake is never late
    It coils like steel
    As it unwinds like twine
    The skin peels where it once combined
    In even lines
    Unaware of the shell
    Left behind
    As it takes suicide and from the end
    Just like the night
    Continues into day
    Continues into night

    Desire transforms into a bite
    We devour our last meal
    Candlelight envelope the dark
    And bring to us insight
    Self empowered with an appeal
    That is alive
    Without needing to kneel
    By trauma's bedside

    Leave her to die

    But fake diamonds still shine
    I must be real
    I made no deal
    My soul is mine
    What's your lie?
    I'll tell you mine
    But the truth is subjective
    So how precise is it to be real
    What's the incentive of numbers
    Without their transcendence to shake
    Rationality from it's religion of steel

    The number "3"

    Is holy to me

    I'm a triplet

    It's engraved in me

    Meaning more than what "3" could measure quantitatively

    A trinity with a triangular symmetry



    Collisions and blending of energy

    These holes in reality are mending the redundancy of their reality

    My date isn't set
    Trilogies of symphony crescendo just to instill in me
    My fate isn't sealed
    And my peace is concealed
    By the blanket of love
    In plush green flowered fields

    My heart is my shield

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  • celestial_soul 25w


    Vibrate so high that the Toxic and
    Fake people in your life Fall back,

    Because they no longer know
    How to approach you.


  • celestial_soul 25w


    You cannot suffer the Past Or the Future,
    What you are Suffering is your Own
    Imagination and thoughts


  • celestial_soul 25w


    Do no get upset with people or situation,
    Both are powerless without your Reaction