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  • evelovestar 1d

    As times change, people change. We would like to think that people are good, that in need, someone would help. And for many of us who live in the USA, it's mostly safe because we're mostly good. But times are changing and speaking from experience (for I was born in communist Cuba) when times are awful, people can become awful. It doesn't have to be that way, there are still good hearted people in Cuba but it's not the norm.
    #hardtimes #thenews #shtf, #currenttimes

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    Different times,
    Different minds.


  • jayaforthesoul 4w

    Let it be said that when tragedy striked
    I faced it with strength

    Let it be said that when hard times were persistent
    I was fighting them with courage

    Let it be said that when I had to face it alone

  • alekya_gsnvl 9w

    I tied myself to these unethical emotions
    That should have gone long ago
    I cringed myself to those silly chatters
    That have no context now
    I held myself to unrealistic situations
    Only to play them in my head round about
    I didn't want to let go
    Though future had it's stroll
    I had nothing but to choose
    Except for to go with the flow

  • roseseli 10w


    I'll be posting a series of this piece, stay tuned

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    I'm Human (part1)

    Last night I woke up feeling disappointed in myself,
    I have worked so hard over the past few months,
    Made progress and vowed never to go back,
    But yesterday I relapsed.

    One minute I was doing okay then the next I was not,
    I tried so hard to fight it but I just kept falling and falling until I hit rock bottom

    But then I thought,
    It's okay to fall sometimes
    So, I tried standing only to realise that I was stuck on the ground,
    It was then and there that I realised what I had done,
    So I hated myself.

  • bibliophile3 11w

    Which one to follow?

    My heart is eagerly awaiting your touches, smiles, those powerful eyes that can eat me at once,…
    My brain is trying to take control.. “ohh mannn!!!! stop it he is not yours anymore”

  • alekya_gsnvl 11w

    It's been a long day
    The setting dawn stood by
    To tell me a story
    A story that I am not willing to listen
    A story that will be most difficult to practice
    The sky glittered in many a colour
    But so did some livin beings with their disgusting demeanours
    The busy roads talked to me in their ways
    To make sense that no matter what goes on
    Life must move on
    The faint moonlight gave me the signal
    To consider today as a big milestone
    And to manifest myself into a beautiful regrown

  • vishalsagarkamatagi 13w


    In order to become the person you're meant to be, living the amazing life you're meant to live, sometimes you have to go through hard times. Sometimes you have to be broken down so that you can learn, grow, release and re-calibrate. When times are tough, remind yourself that what is happening to you is happening for a reason.

  • shashi6 16w


    Sometimes,some days,some persons anything which u feel low and sad just dont do anything no matter how it hard u have to accept and move on.....just be strong ✊ur heartthats it

  • untold_story 16w


    I am happy to face hardships,
    It will shape your character.
    The initial struggle is your investment and the outcome is a fearless soul.


  • aesthete_foreverr 17w

    Life will give you hard times..
    Don't let it win over you,
    Don't let it control you,
    Don't let it stay and make you sad.
    Have control of your life and win over the hard times,
    This Too Shall Pass!!


  • sumita_panigrahi 17w

    Somedays aren't the best.
    We all are going through different phases in life,
    And most of us are having a hard time,
    Finding it difficult, to figure it out.

    5 golden rules of life can change your life,

    1) practice gratitude
    2) love yourself
    3) don't be too hard on yourself
    4) try slowly and don't give up
    5) keep smiling and keep going and keep reminding that you will get through this. And you will be fine really soon.
    #life #love #pure #keepgoing #smile #hardtimes @mirakeeworld @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Bad and good days are like mandatory shifts in life,
    Both of them won't last for long remember that,
    So, wherever and however you are, make the best use of little moments and cherish to the best!!!

  • __omega__ 20w


    Someone has rightly said, that it's easy to survive a heartbreak, but most difficult to sacrifice your love. Maybe Naina never knew she would fall for bunny, and she did. But she didn't confess, not because letting bunny know would free up her feelings or make him fall for her but to save both of them from the guilt; one from the guilt of having too much of feelings and other having nothing to feel about.

    They say it's good to express your feelings. But sometimes, you choose not to share, sometimes you cage your feelings only to free the person you have it for. Sometimes, you choose to battle alone not because you can but maybe because you feel the other one is too good as a person to be suffered.

    There are times where we can love but we are not destined to have it for a life time. There are times where we choose to walk away, not because we wanted to, but we feel that our absence outside will subside the storm inside.

    Maybe some carry a dictionary where love and sacrifice are synonyms. Maybe sometimes we need to be our own lighthouse, guiding the ship of our feelings back to the port.

    Maybe, that is love-living for the one you love and also leaving only and only for the one you love.

  • dr_vinod 21w

    मेरा शहर मुझसे अनजान सा क्यूँ है...
    यहाँ हर शख्स इतना परेशान सा क्यूँ है...

    जहां मेरी शामें रंगीन हुआ करती थी,
    वहां चौतरफ़ा सब कुछ गमगीन सा क्यूँ है..

    सुना है क़ई लोग रुक्सत हो चुके हैं इस शहर से,
    पर आज भी उसका चेहरा संगीन सा क्यूँ है...!!

    ©V9द 'नफ़्स'

  • jpwriter 23w


    Motivation is the drive that makes us strive
    It's the burn to learn
    Asking questions of why...
    Motivation shouldn't be wasted
    It's a hunger to want,
    You can most taste it
    Its a sensation of moving that is not waiting
    Use it not abuse it on things like Hating
    Motivation is not complacent
    Lazy, tired when we are face with
    Times we find harder than pavement
    I can just say it
    But you must feel it
    Motivation in life
    & That is the Realest


  • anamika17 24w

    Only helplessness spread all around,
    Million questions ,answers not found.
    Dumbfounded ,whom and what to say.
    God, remember, We're not made of clay.
    Bless us, as we're your child,
    The blow , we've got ,not just mild.
    Your creation is entirely in danger,
    To save us, please be the avenger.

  • sober_diaries 24w

    Badli hui hai vo kuch dino se,
    Baat toh karti hai lekin baatein nahi.

  • jpwriter 25w


    Here is the Life that got Dark
    And disgusting
    When they ripped out their Heart
    Leaving them Cold & Suffering
    Marked from start
    No home just Running
    Full deck yet no Cards
    Alone, No Money
    On the Street nothing Eat
    Cold and Hungry
    Always Defeat
    Condoned and Bummy
    No shoes on the Feet
    With Nose still Runny
    The clothes that you see
    Are old and grungy
    Just needed Love
    Someone to hold & hug me


  • shrestha_a 26w


    Such evil in your eyes I see.
    Make no haste,
    One day I shall be a part of thee


  • _fragna_ 28w

    Never forget,
    Allah is always with you.

    Watching you, protecting you.
    Guiding you.
    So keep asking for his help.
    He is always there for you.
    All you need to do is
    To stop complaining your situation.
    And start seeking his help.
    With all your belief.

  • fatmanasla 29w

    Dark Times

    weary, I am
    heavy, it is
    escape, is to sleep
    tomorrow, I hope to not repeat.