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  • ana_vah 11w

    A Tuesday

    It was Tuesday and like any other Tuesday it started in a rush.
    The bed was left undone, the food half cooked, the mantle showed specks of dust.
    The blouse that covered my bosom, was wrinkled at my cleavage.
    It wasn't meant to be suggestive while the rest of me was dishevelled.

    It was a Tuesday, Pouring down like any other summer day,
    Outside the incessant rain, inside the indomitable perspiration, Trickling down my face.
    The ceiling fan blew against my body, plastering my clothes like second skin.
    In the heat of the summer, it wasn't meant to be second skin.

    It was a Tuesday on a summer morning where a crowded bus tormented me.
    My sweaty wet clothes became an excuse for others to grope,
    As if large hands need reasons to desecrate wide hips,
    As if the body isn't already a foreign temple, For others to vandalise and loot?

  • _rakhi 26w

    I wish meri maa pregnant thi tab mere papa ke uske pet me lat mara hota na aisi ghatiya maa milti

  • shivangij 32w

    Break those chains
    Of patriarchal thought;

    Which considered so called dignity intensifies
    Of women instead of her self respect,

    That shackles which never blames;
    The person harassing and defending it

    I want those harassers felt shameless
    And to be target,

    Of their hilarious actions;
    Which affects the respect

    Now, I don't want suppress
    By the society and these harassers on it;

    I will raise my voice and so encourage others
    To raise voice and so it,

    Is the time's up for their suppress and actions
    And to live a life without;

    Any violence against us
    And so I encourage others for it.

  • pallavi4 32w

    Time’s Up

    Every time you look at me
    With a sly look in your eyes
    Every time you think it a done thing
    To brush a leg against my thigh
    Every time you casually drape an arm
    Around my shoulders and think it alright
    Every time you make a pass at me
    The moment your wife’s out of sight

    Every time you promote another woman
    Thanks to favours that you expect
    Every time you demote my status
    The moment your advances I reject
    Every time you treat me like I’m incompetent
    Just because I said a firm ‘no’ to you
    Every time you talk inappropriately to me
    At a workplace event after a drink or two

    Every time you’ve sent me suggestive texts
    And emails in the middle of the night
    Every time you’ve forced meetings on me
    Inspite of me putting up a fierce fight
    Every time I’ve been embarrassed
    Thanks to the lewd jokes you crack
    Every time your hand ‘accidentally’
    Wanders to the small of my back

    Every time you’ve left unwanted
    Gifts on my office table
    Every time you created a hostile environment
    And then suggested I was mentally unstable
    This time is certainly not that time
    When I will be silenced and shut up
    This time you’ll pay for your misdemeanour
    Know that this time your time here is up


    14th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “The Calling” by Tahlia Stanton (gallery collection)

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  • _mythra 32w

    Time's Up

    She walked through the door
    All eyes turned to her..
    She's used to this by now and so much more,
    She's used to these gender slurs..

    She likes to be appreciated too
    But she didn't like these stares..
    She is so much deep inside
    Not just that her skin is fair

    How many years she has given into
    With her sweat and sleepless nights
    Then why she's looked down upon everyday
    In this world full of might..

    She faced these things on many occasions
    Is it because she's a She ?
    Tired of all this constant belittling
    For how long it has to be..

    She stands again at a familiar crossroads
    She has been here before
    But never had she had to cross it once
    But today she may have to sell her soul..

    She's made up her mind, she's sure of that
    She's going to do whatever it takes
    Enough is enough and now its time,
    No matter how high are the stakes..

    This is not only a story of Her
    But her friend, her friend and Another's
    This could also be anyone you know of,
    Your Daughters ,Sisters or Mothers

    So if you're thinking this while all along
    How does it matter to me ?
    Let me tell you if not now Acted Upon
    All we will leave behind is this sickening Society.


  • kb19160 34w


    has this gotten so far
    years and years of begging and trying to
    make it all stop but you men keep trying to
    make us quiet and accept that you’re trying to cover up your actions.
    and it’s still our fault?
    what did we do
    what did 97 percent of us do to you?

  • itsunicorn15 36w


    A friend is someone we can lean on
    Someone who respect and protect us.
    Not someone who took advantage
    and make you feel the worst painful experience.

  • pratichi 36w

    Aren't all the stereotypes that are existing in the world, that are getting smashed one by one day by day, one way or the other because of we women?

    I know many of you would come out pulling a trigger at me, screaming at your highest level of voice that 'You're a woman how could you write about women in a negative context, you should be ashamed'.

    But have you ever thought about how this world would have been if women would have taken a stand for women in the past ages? Can you imagine how less difficult it would have been for women of our generation if the women of our ancient days would have raised a voice against it.

    Well, women have been the carrier of stereotypes from generation to generation. Let it be about confining their daughters and daughter in laws inside the houses or be it ennobling women with more male childs and degrading women with more girl childs.

    Women of previous generations have always believed that ambitious women, who dream of a better life, who dream to be independent and capable are toxic the society.
    It's been an ultimate belief among women that ideal are those women who confine themselves into the household chores, abide by their husbands and give birth to the sons who would be their heir in future. And lastly, education is a privilege and only men are worthy enough of availing it.

    World would have been a much better place if a strong willed woman would have taught her daughter to be strong and independent rather than protecting her from the evil eyes. If they would have taught their sons to respect women, and have not normalised dominating over women. If they would have thought of their daughter in laws as to be their own, despite of being harsh on them and ill talking about them.

    World would have been a much better place.


  • _rakhi 39w


    मेरे घर मे 2 bathroom लगे हुए है, एक मेरा bathroom और एक हॉल का bathroom हमारे घर bathroom साफ करने वाला आता है,
    वो दूसरे bathroom से आज मुझे झाक कर देख रहा था, जब मैं ने अपने भाई को बताया तो वो बोलता है उस bathroom साफ करने वाले ला पक्ष ले कर की वो ऐसा नही करा होगा, हालांकि भाभी ने उस bathroom साफ करने वाले को घर से निकाल दिया। मैं राखी ठाकुर न्यू राजेन्द्र नगर रायपुर मैं अभी तुरंत ही महिला हेल्प लाइन में कॉल कर दिया था। आज 24-2-21 आज तक एक पुलिस आ के देख कर नही गई है बिना रिश्वत और approach के रायपुर छत्तीसगढ़ पुलिस कोई काम नही करती दिखा दिया।

  • twaritamahato 39w

    No don't
    Pls support
    Pls help
    Aren't women yelling these for years?
    May it be the silent scream or the noisy one ... I know you have heard it in someone's eyes at least once in your life

    I don't know who needs to hear this
    Imagine the personal things that you share and intimate comments you pass on her .. in front of your friends
    To showcase your fake masculinity
    It happening to your daughter,sister, wife or maybe the same things happened to your mother
    (It is said you have to pay for your grievances in this life itself)
    Trust me...your lips will be paralyzed at that particular moment.
    And women.. girls
    Share your stories with your brothers... husbands ... fathers and SONS.
    Let them know what you go through everyday.. how insecure you feel at public places
    Let them feel your pain .. let them cry .. so they won't be the reason to someone else's tears.

    (I and my mother have started to make my brother listen to every physical or verbal harassment we went through , in details... so , that he knows what is not normal)
    I'm glad that my brother knows how much I cried
    And about my sleepless nights
    How helpless I was
    How I suffered.

    #women #harassment

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  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 50w


    आग जली है इस दिल में....

    कैसी आग??
    आग जातिवाद की,मनुवादी समाज की
    हो रहे बलात्कार की,दलित विरोधी सरकार की
    बढ़ते हुए अपराध की,बिके हुए अख़बार की समाचार की
    मंदिर और प्रशासन में एक जाति के अधिकार की
    जाति व्यवस्था बनाए जिसने उस ब्राहमण बेकार की
    सहता रहा अत्याचार जो उस मूलनिवासी चमार की
    लोकतंत्र इस भारत में हत्या हुई जब सच्चे पत्रकार की।

    किसके खिलाफ??
    राजनीति और धरम के नाम पर देश के व्यापार की
    हिन्दू मुस्लिम में जो फूट डाले उस कट्टरपंथी समाज की
    देशभक्त कहे जो खुदको सावरकर संघी कच्छाधार की
    औरत के अधिकार छीने जो उस वेद पुराण की
    संविधान को ना माने जो उस मनुवादी विचार की
    कलयुग में भी धरम पर लड़े जो उस अनपढ़ ग्वार की
    देशविरोधी कहे जो सबको उस गंदी सरकार की।

    'तबीब ' की आग को और घी देती
    देशविरोधी संघ परिवार की....

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 53w


    सबकी बेटी प्यारी हो
    हमारी हो यां तुम्हारी हो
    बलात्कारी को सजा जरूर मिलनी चाहिए
    मौलवी हो यां पुजारी हो।

    जब बलात्कार हो रहा होता है
    ना अल्लाह आते हैं
    ना कान्हा आते हैं
    समझ नहीं आता,हम
    मंदिर मस्जिद क्यूं जाते हैं।

  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 60w

    एक औरत-

    वस्त्र-हरण हुआ था कभी द्रौपदी का
    हस्तिनापुर के दरबार में,
    चरित्र-हरण हो रहा है उसका आज
    हर रोज़ हर अख़बार में।
    कैसे अपने ही प्यार की कातिल बना दी गई
    देश की खामियां छुपाने के लिए
    एक औरत न्यूज आइटम बना दी गई।
    कैसा ये समाज है
    ना कोई शरम ना कोई लाज है,
    सारा दिन एक औरत को बदनाम करना
    क्या यही हर समस्या का इलाज है।
    कंगना को attention मिल गई
    पांडे जी को टिकट फॉर election मिल गई,
    बीजेपी और उनके अंधभक्तों के कारण
    देश की अर्थव्यवस्था हिल गई।
    उसे क्या मिला तबीब पूछता है
    सरकार तो पहले ही है गंदी इस देश की
    अब मीडिया भी साथ मिल गई।

  • inked_it 63w

    Sexual Exploitation!
    Domestic violence!
    Marital Rape!
    Force Kiss!

    Yes, sometimes boys also get
    Victims of these.
    So why do we keep our mouth shut...?
    Why do we a stick a tape...?
    Isnt it weird?
    Isnt it a kind of rape?
    Is there any priority in gender?
    That we fight for girls only
    Not for boys?

  • _indelible_stories_ 68w

    By which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?

    Hey dear you!
    Can you guess me if I give clue?
    I am the one who is fastened by the words maturity and puberty,
    and she carries me as her beauty as well as oddity.
    I don't stay with her as a guest,
    but she takes me in all her years which is rest.
    Yes, you guessed me right I am your dearest breast.

    It's being many years I have been harassed or persecuted,
    but no one took the stand for me,supported me but sat warming the chairs n I have been injusticed.
    Even the one who carries me buried all her feelings n get muted,
    when she hears all the nuisance about me and get insulted.

    Insulted! Insulted by what? by the name called nudes?
    To them nudes are not just the word ,it's the emotion of lust.
    When they start thinking about the feminine body,nudes is the only word which it's their brain first.
    Am I became that much familiar with the culture of sex,
    that every person wants to see me in several number of takes.
    By which name I should get drest,
    By which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?

    Everyone in their early stage of life always remembered me when it's about being nourished,
    cause' I am the only one who feeds you for the first time and provides all the nutrition in the single dish.

    Each n every person in the world gained the initial lesson of reflex action,
    by sucking me in the constant motion.
    So why lust is the only emotion for me,
    when I can benefit you even without any fee.
    So by which name I should get guessed,
    By which name do you accolade me,nudes or breast?

    In the beach,
    when the girl is about 95% exposed,
    the daily attire she wears get disclosed.
    but frankly the people really deserve appreciation,
    cause' I don't know from where they get desperation,
    that ignoring 95% bared body,
    they are curious to see that 5% unbared body,
    and shamelessly behaves like a noddy.
    So, by which honour they should get addressed,
    by which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?

    For females,all the tortures is not finished that one more is added as me in this list of stupidity,
    Is this the only humanity?
    Oh damn! If you are really cares the freedomness of the female then without any reason,
    have the guts to destroy this kind of anti-social people and put them in a imprison.
    So, by which method will you stop the female being suppressed,
    by which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?

    The fillings are always protected by the tart,
    same as that, I protect your heart.
    So feel proud of having me in your body,
    cause' I am your the only loveliest support my maddy.
    Give the wings to your new thoughts by carrying me as your beauty,
    and I will always their for you cause' it is my only duty.

    Hurting your emotions by fastening yourself is just worthless,
    Oh damn! leave all this stuff and have a dare to carry me braless.
    So, by which way you make your life distressed,
    by which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?
    By which name do you accolade me, nudes or breast?

  • _rakhi 69w

    मेरी सारी दबंग बहने जो मुझे भाइयों की तरह protect करती है उन्हें रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएँ

    भाइयों का क्या वो तो बहन बोल के कर भी कभी सामने तो कभी पीछे से मूँह मरते है।

  • tangled_in_her_thoughts 69w

    A new born baby is a blank paper and what all every individual around that child does slowly gets imprinted in his/her mind and heart.
    A baby girl's head and heart mostly gets imprinted NOT to be independent, be a strong decision maker, treating people with both kindness and straight words or improve themselves as better human being, get a high salary job, get settled or pay bills, RATHER dreams of getting dependent on an already flawed human which is her husband, who is financially settled, comes from a rich background, can give fancy dates, pay bills, buy gifts and many more expectations. When so much of dependency is imprinted on a girl from the time she is born, her freedom is made to forget that she can be and have the rights to make her own living first. Till the time she doesn't gets huge setbacks like a divorce or drunkard husband or physical abuse or dowry pressure, she's not allowed to think beyond unrealistic imaginations portrayed in front of her.
    On the other hand, a baby boy's head and heart gets imprinted to be strong all the time, can't shed tears, have to have a high package job and cannot sit at home, not do house chores, not allowed to feel weak, should portray a dignified man, and many more awful expectations a man gets to face. People around him doesn't let him open up as a human being. He is made to understand that women are and will always a level less infront of him, he has the rights to use his manliness by beating, threatening, harassing mentally, emotionally and physically to a woman. He is not allowed to show what goes in his head, heart, and the emotional or mental setbacks he faces from people.

    We all need to understand WHAT WE IMPRINT ON A BLANK PAPER named NEW BORN BABY. We should think before we speak or do anything infront of a human who opened his/her eyes from the mother's womb not to regret or get into depression or commit suicide or hate oneself. It's a step-by-step procedure and a loop we all are into which will shape a mind and heart of that baby to become a person who feels free rather than choked.

    #mywords #shortstory #boy #girl #mentalhealth #rights #imprint #mindset #newbornbaby #baby #blankpaper #stepup #suicide #depression #harassment #men #women #emotional #mental #physical #regret #independent #imagination

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    A Blank Paper.



  • _rakhi 71w

    Meri maa aur bhabhi Kisi film ka wo Character
    Jiski Beti Ka rape bhi ho jaye fir wo bolegi ki chup rehna ghar wo chalta hai paise wo deta hai tujhe kis chiz ki kami hai!!!

  • candid_ 72w


    The scars I have still haunts me ,
    The pain you gave me still hurts me
    I'm broke , yet smiling
    I'm tired , still walking
    I'm scared , yet speaking
    I'm shattered , still dreaming
    One day this pain will end .


  • _rakhi 73w

    I Want Only One Wish For Life I Will Never Ask For Anything In My Entire Life, Please Can't He Die?