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  • shiva192008 7w

    Happy Teachers Day

    Happy Teachers Day
    A Good teacher not From Book
    He/She From Heart ♥♥♥♥♥♥


  • mihushi 7w


    Karz, zindagi ki badi taklif cheez hoti hain...
    Magar kuch logo ka karz, zindagi bhar ya kahe zindagi baad bhi badi sukhmay ratnakar hoti hain...
    Jise chukana tho mumkin nahi hota, bas unke karz ka upyog har mod par zarurat bane.... "Bas yahi chaah har ek Guru apne shishya se umeed rakhta hai, bina vo karz wapas liye............ ✨

  • greenpeace767 7w

    शिक्षक होने पर

    खुद शिक्षक होने पर ,
    मैं अभिमान करती हूं ।
    बच्चों सबको पढ़ा कर ,
    -- मैं खुश रहती हूं ।
    पाथ दर्शक का काम ,
    -- करते हुए ,
    बच्चे सबको आगे बढ़ाने की ,
    -- कोशिश में करती रहती हूं ।
    उज्जवल भविष्य का ,
    -- सपना दिखाकर ,
    मन में सूरज गाती हूं ।
    रॉक टॉप कर , डांट कर ,
    बच्चों को सीधे रास्ते पर ,
    -- लाने में लगी रहती हूं ।
    यही सब में दिन भर ,
    -- खुद को जुड़े रखती हूं ।

  • white_fairy 7w

    Happy teachers day

    On this teachers day
    I just want to say
    Thank you for making our way,
    To success and to be a good person
    giving us all that knowledge we have
    thank you for being the one
    And treating us like your daughter and son

  • rhythmic_beats 7w

    Whenever I have blurred consciousness I always look at the sky and green lush and wonder how amazingly both hug eachother though they never touch eachother, the way they communicate without uttering a word but by painting the canvas with elements of life.

    You may have healthy eyes but still be blind. And the one who is blind can still see life if they have seen their inner light. Whatever silent knowledge and teachings I have learnt is from nature. From minute to giant magic of this cosmos, each of my cell try to discover wonders of this universe which no book or person can teach you but only nature and universe's signal. You will only be able to catch universe's frequency if you leave behind your identity as gender, religion, societal identity and see yourself as a stardust of this universe who is ready to learn and grow far more than normal vision.

    To touch and see different dimensions make nature and universe as your teacher and you would be richest person in this world which will be reflected in your blossoming smile and radiating aura♥️✨

    To keep your roots stronger be down to Earth,
    To fly limitless carry universe's shine in your eyes✨

    I always love talking and listening to nature������

    #happyteachersday #universe #cosmos #learning #life #nature #blessings #selfrealisation #writing #sometimes #rhythmic_beats #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Sometimes when you feel vacuumed
    In darkness, see yourself as a seed
    Sowed in the soil and after you open
    Your eyes of soul you will see
    Seraphic light when you sprout out
    As a student of nature.

  • akthari 7w

    Personality is
    Really great.
    The personality of


  • tharki_writer 7w

    वाइफ ना हो तो फीमेल फ्रेंड भी चलेगी

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    Today is Teacher’s Day…. It is time to give your wife a rose and wish her on this day because there is no one else who gives you more lectures than her.

  • ckeerthana 7w

    Teacher's Day

    From breaking our heads
    To get a gift for our teachers
    To finally showing up
    The red pen and a flower
    And happily wishing them
    On Teacher's day
    To get an free hour
    And monitoring the small children
    For letting them have fun alone
    We all have cherished
    This day together!!!!!!
    Happy teacher's day

  • kanakamrcricket 7w

    కొట్టో తిట్టో
    బుజ్జగించో బెదిరించో
    మా అందరికీ చదువు చెప్పారు, చక్కని దారిలో పెట్టారు!

    అటువంటి గురుమూర్తులందరికీ..
    ఉపాధ్యాయ దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు


  • pritam77gupta 7w

    Caught in predicaments, the prey of others' predictions I was,
    It was you my dear preceptor who saw deep beneath me,
    And who descried that if given the foremost, who I could really be.
    Days there were when I thought thee to me were biased,
    Unaware of the convoluted fact I was, that to me how excruciatingly you were aspired,
    To such an extent that often you mutated your compassionate solicitous true self into a stern vexed one,
    Except the days of our triumph when you were your true self to everyone.
    After the endless mistakes by us, when everyone had given up,
    You were the sole one standing to correct us and cheer us up.
    When troubled by temperamental and jeopardizing thoughts we were,
    You were the one who carved the way forth, thus vanishing our despair.
    After countless downfalls and after I thought failure to be my ally, when I felt down,
    It was you who showed me, if given more efforts, I oneday too could wear the king's crown,
    Devoting your efforts to polish us,
    You took our success to be yours,
    Even the disciples of yours who were cuss,
    For them you tried and did endorse,
    You are the guide of one of the most important phases of our life,
    You are the ray of hope we cling to,
    You are the one who make our nature the opposite to strife,
    You give us an example of the noble personality we intend to be too.
    Though it is impossible to be even with you even after thanking you loads of times,
    To our deity like mentors,
    A very Happy Teacher's Day


  • bi_nspired 7w

    Happy teachers day

    The one called teacher
    Who follows all around
    Nudges if there's an error
    Takes peace for something really bad
    With very good intentions

    How could anyone
    think of murdering
    Such a good fellow?
    Well, it's true
    That teacher had been killed
    On accounts of tailgating,
    Eves dropping, theft of peace for correction,
    He's been killed by many
    That teacher named CONSCIENCE

    Is yours still alive?

    Happy Teachers day
    To all who instill Knowledge
    To all who emphasize Morals
    To all who ensure Education
    To all who share Wisdom
    To all who promote Discipline
    To all who value Contentment
    To all who never Indulge
    You gave a form of teaching
    They are a part of the whole
    Thank you


  • shubham_rai2104 7w

    Happy teacher's day

    लिखूं क्या आप पर हे गुरुदेव,
    जिंदगी के हर लेख का श्रेय व लेखन के हर शब्दावली का आधार है आप ।।

    शिक्षक दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

    - शुभम राय

  • kanakamrcricket 7w

    మీరు చదువుకోమని చెబితే మేం వినలేదు
    అల్లరి వద్దంటే ఆలకించలేదు
    వర్కులు ఇస్తే చెయ్యనూలేదు
    మార్కులూ తెచ్చుకోలేదు

    కానీ భరించారు..
    వినకపోయినా చెబుతూనే వచ్చారు
    మాకోపమొస్తే ఒక దెబ్బ వేసి గద్దించారు.

    ఏదేమైనా మమ్మల్ని మంచిదారి వైపు నడిపించారు
    మేమంతా చక్కగా స్థిరపడేందుకు కారకులయ్యారు.

    మీ సేవలకు వందనం
    మీ బోధనలకు పాదాభివందనం


  • soumyatiwari02 7w

    Happy teacher's day
    (From class 12th A)
    ✍️-Soumya Tiwari

    Our chemistry teacher Meenakshi Ma'am
    "GO AHEAD" ! she always say,
    Our heart has lot of respect for her
    She always show us the right way,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her✨ "happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    A hard subject like physics
    Is getting easier day- by-day,
    All of us are enjoying the subject
    Credit goes to sir N.P Pandey,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Our respected Deepti ma'am
    "THINK POSITIVE" she always say,
    Because of her teaching hindi
    We're perfect in Hindi today,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her✨ "happy teacher's day"...!!✨

    Jagdish sir teachs us maths
    He explains us in simple way,
    Because of his teaching
    Our maths is better today,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Our English teacher shuba ma'am
    "STUDY" she always say,
    We love her soft voice
    Which takes our stress away,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Ramesh Chandra sir teachs us bio
    In a different and unique way,
    Because of his motivational lectures
    Our fear of bio is now away,
    We salute his way of teaching
    By wishing him ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    Divya ma'am teachs us I.P &C.S
    "NEVER GIVE UP!" she always say,
    Because of her teaching
    We are good in her subject today,
    We salute her way of teaching
    By wishing her ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    For the happiness of our all the teachers
    We always study and pray,
    We will try to be the best students
    We are from class 12th A
    We salute all our teachers
    By wishing them ✨"happy teacher's day"..!!✨

    �� Happy teacher's day ��

    ❤️ �� ��....... !!GURU!! ...........����❤️


    ��@poet111 ��

    #happyteachersday #guru #teachers #class #school @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @writersnetwork #poemoftheday #wod #mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @silent_firefly

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    Happy teacher's day

    (from class 12th A)


  • mohittilak143 7w

    कुछ लोग आये, कुछ नया सिखलाये ...
    ज़िन्दगी की हकीकत को चन्द लफ्ज़ो मे बतलाये ....
    कुछ ने शिक्षा दी किताबो की....
    कुछ नें ज़िन्दगी के असली हालत दिखलाये ....
    कुछ ने ख़ुशी का आभास करवाया....
    कुछ ने मुश्किलों मे संभलना सिखाया....
    कुछ ने टूटते हुए शोड दिया....
    कुछ ने जोड़ने की प्रक्रिया को बताया....
    कुछ ने झूठ की आसान राह दिखाई....
    कुछ ने सच का उजाला दिखलाया.....
    कईयों ने छल कपट की चादर ओढ़ाई..
    और कुछ ने सही इंसान बनना सिखाया...
    कुछ ने ऊपरी मैल धोकर सफाई की....
    और कुछ ने मन की मैल को हटाया.....

  • vijivg1708 7w

    ஆசிரியர் தினம்

    அன்னையர் தினம் தான் இன்று!!

    பருவம் மாறினாலும்,
    காலம் ஓடினாலும்,

    கல்வி அறிவு தாண்டி,
    சாதி மத பேதமின்றி,
    தீண்டாமை தீட்டைத் தாண்டி,
    அறம், அறிவு, அகிலத்தையும் ,
    அன்பும் பண்பும் என்றுமே பயிற்றுத் தரும்!! - எங்கள் மாற்றாந்தாய்க்கு -
    அன்னையர் தினம் தான் இன்று

  • aafia_muhammad_amin 55w

    //Dearest Teacher //

    ��Happy Teacher's Day ��

    To my father who taught me about this world's matters, Islamic basics, a perfect calligraphy writing and the list goes on.❣️
    To my mother who taught me a billion life lessons, I can't even list them all.❣️
    To my sisters who are my teacher all the time�� (unwillingly, unknowingly) ��
    To all my school, college and University teachers.♥️
    & To all the ones who taught even a single word to me.✨

    You all matters !!!!!
    You all are worthy !!!

    Thanks alot for supporting me, criticizing me & polishing my skills.✨

    A single day is not enough to thank you all !❣️

    ��Happy Teacher's Day ��

    ~Aafia Writes~

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  • dr_jeya_varshini 59w

    Salvation within!

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    From the frailly heart
    Where some wishes are still dreams
    Which shatters the senses
    When sensed it as a serious night mare.
    To salvation lies within;
    You are the teacher of my change.

    From the woe of treason
    As the euphoric late night talks
    Lived in each of my mitochondria
    As the ATP for the deep sleep;
    To the deep thinker without gadgets;
    You are the teacher of my change.

    From the innocence for your wordsmith
    Who made me laugh ear to ear;
    Even though strangeness gripped in it;
    Which stood in my happiness;
    To the negator even for accuracy;
    You are the teacher of my change.

    From the bottom of my heart
    Where red has most of it's black
    Which pacifies blues to pink
    Learnt self rescue
    To experience saffron and white
    I wish happy teachers day dear!

    //Jeya varshini//

  • uv_thoughts 59w


    taleem-o-tarbiyat dete rahe woh humein k hum kabhi gumraah naa ho,

    aye ustaad tera shukriya khuda kare k tu kabhi bhi ruswa naa ho...


  • _bittu 59w

    Shikshak kabhi sadharan nhi hota , nirman aur pralay unki god me palte hai ..