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  • tomiwrites 45w


    The dual pointed, built up flesh
    isn’t for the street men.
    Her rounded buttocks,
    shouldn’t be a matter for the table.
    Her body movement is not for your sight,
    nor for your recognition,
    nor for your attention or calculation.
    She is heavily built,
    Creating a message for your sanity,
    Speaking up for her right,
    Captivating your mind for your Rights.
    Open up!Listen
    She has more to say.
    She is the woman with a message
    Put your ego aside and listen
    Because she is a woman

  • kritu5 45w

    This women's Day let's appreciate, respect and give the Equal opportunity for the all the girls child , together we can make a change��

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    People think ,
    "She is compassionate, beautiful, fragile, feeble ."
    But what she is ,
    "Strong enough to use her sword ,sword that had never imagined my ordinary people "
    ✍️ God's_daughter

  • skyhigh01 45w

    A letter to those creepy uncivilized mentality,
    "Girl child is not a burden, they are equal to a boy child.
    Educate her, empower her, yield her wings
    She will fly high also will impart you how to fly.
    Problem is ridden with your sick and criminal mindset not with her dress.
    If it was so toodlers might not have to face heinous crime as rape murder.
    Women are not an object not a product to merely gratify your pleasure
    Don't underestimate her feminine qualities
    Universe couldn't function on masculinity alone
    Try to learn them cause they are imperative to sustain the Earth and it's belongingness
    Don't mark her an inferior individual for her monthly menstruation
    Since this is a natural power bestowed upon by nature herself
    Recognise her for such creation
    Treat her as a 'Person'
    Before you throw into the gender box
    Be with her as a 'Person'
    Allow her to think as a 'Person'
    Let her choice to be respected
    Let her voice to be encouraged!"

    Letter to all Beautiful Women,
    "Not only today but each and every day is yours'
    Cherish your inner soul
    Let your inner power to guide you,motivate you, beacon you lead you to be ambitious
    Celebrate yourself alongside your family, friends and nation
    Listen to your heart
    Which insights love, honesty, creation, compassion empathy,ethics, integrity, union and all marvelous qualities
    They are within you for not to make you weak
    But to strengthen your potentialities
    Be proud of them
    And employ them for the greatest good
    Love the self for what you are
    And share the same to the world
    So that happiness follows you."


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    "Feminism is relevant and will be relevant till we don't establish a fair, just and an egalitarian society based on norms of 'Humanity' which imparts us to empathise with fellow beings, ecosystem,it's environment and sustainability. Hence, feminism is that bridge or means which accentuates us to achieve the end that is 'Humanity'."

  • ishu_deepthinker 45w

    You are the only one in front of whom everyone is weak ..
    GOD made you and you made us
    According to me you are not less than God ..
    You take alot of pain in your life
    Still how much do you take care of everyone ..
    You think about everyone much before You think about Yourself..
    You are very strong,
    Very beautiful,
    You have alot of courage
    You are very tolerant.
    There is no one like you ...
    You are the Best
    You are Divine
    You are Actually Miracle...!

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  • wittymist 97w

    If she opens up to you, don't use it against her - Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially.

    This Women' Day, let's be more conscious of our acts.

    End the stigma, spread the word.

    Happy International Women's Day people!


  • ona_ope_mipo 97w

    To Those Women

    To the women who are braver than lions
    To the women whose will is stronger than iron
    To the women who through their fear show valour
    You are my inspiration.
    You make me want to be a woman of vigour
    A woman whose voice breeds terror
    A woman whose silence commands respect
    One stronger than anyone would ever expect.

    To the women who have held high their shoulders
    That they are strong enough to lift boulders
    To the women whose voices refuse to be cowered
    But instead fought their way to a place of power
    And to that woman who is my mother
    Who motivates me like no other
    I have run out of words to say
    But to tell you to keep doing things your way
    I hope to be that woman one day
    But first I must keep my insecurities at bay.


  • mamrita98 97w

    Happy International Women's Day

    For a woman, her whole life is a struggle dedicated to others and the every role she played should be respected not only today but each and everyday.

    The way she being the mother,give birth and raise a child with sacrificing her little bit daily should be respected.The way she being the daughter, dazzles the home with her caring,loving and lively nature should be respected.The way she being your life partner, loves you and be with you always should be respected.The way she being your sister, annoys you,supports you and be the partner in every crime should be respected.The way she being your female friend, makes you a better person, by her care,love and sweet nature should be respected.

    She should be respected for each and every role she played in our life.She should be respected for adding the glow and happiness in our life by greeting everybody with a smile on her face and a shine in her eyes❤

  • richa__ 149w

    To the ladies.

    All her scars vanished,With no scratches left,
    With each persuasion,grooming towards heft.
    Walking on water flawlessly,Nurturing herself perfectly.
    Inside her the universe born,You might be afraid if she roar.
    It is not the time that is playing with you, it is her who is raising you.

  • dhaathri_bhandarkar 149w

    Happy Women's Day.

    The energy of creation is feminine. It isn't about gender. It's about the nature. It is what it is.

  • rukeiyahh 149w

    She's a Woman!

    She ain't made of just flesh and bones
    She's perfect even with her sways and tones
    Get you a woman that's more than bones
    Cos' she's made of MORE!
    And MORE!

  • deedee_ofili 150w

    Let 'Strength' be what comes to your mind, when you see me in the light of my gender.
    I am a Woman.


  • preetha_jagannathan 150w


    வேராகி விழுதாவாள்
    பலரின் வெற்றியில்
    நிழலாகி மகிழ்வாள்
    அன்பை பாகுபாடு
    இல்லாமல் பகிர்வாள்
    பூமியை விடப்

    உலக மகளிர் தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  • wordscreamer 150w

    Respect WOMeN

    The pain, sacrifice, compromise -

    Society doesn't pay two hoots to

    I agree, Men can never

    Walk in your shoe.

    The walking Goddess

    Mankind always fails to worship;

    Humanity loses, at times

    when you suffer hardship.

    Even though a defaulter

    You still forgive, you tend to forget

    Never do you choose to unite and alter.

    The only thing we can to do as Men,

    "Respect Women".


  • trina_ganguly 202w

    Letter to you!

    Dear society,
    Today I would ask for one gift from you! No, not the lofty ideologies that would make you break all those rules that you created for your own benefit. I can only image how brutally that would kill. I wouldn't even ask you to try that, as you would either throw up or pass out. All I want you to do is not to furrow your brows or narrow your eyes when I tell you that feminists try to bring a balance between the two sexes of society. Because we didn't even smirk (which we should have) when you generalised 'man' & 'brotherhood'.
    That's it. It's that simple.
    Yours truly
    A gorgeous woman

  • jignesh_garg 202w

    Happy International women's Day

    Don't wish her for one day just give respect to her every day.