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  • laatsaabthewriter 3w

    हमारे मिलने से बिछड़ने के दौरान
    जिन भी जगहों पर हमारी मुलाकात हुई
    वहाँ के सटीक ठिकानों
    और जिस वक़्त हम मिले थे वो वक़्त
    सब संजो कर रखा है ज़हन में
    इस उम्मीद में कि जी कर आऊंगा
    फिर से वही वक़्त
    देख कर आऊंगा वो मंज़र
    बेफिक्र थे जब दोनों
    बेइंतहां मुहब्बत में लीन
    तकनीक हो जाएगी इतनी विकसित
    बन जाएगी टाइम मशीन
    -लाट साब

  • poet_belizz 3w


    A man who is the supporter in our life in every way he can
    The one who teach us to be caring and be a successful man
    The one who gives all his hard works for our welfare
    The man who discloses his difficulty in money
    But always helps us in every way he can

    The man who love to see his child be educated and ask him
    He taught to be good, strong and brave
    The one who earns money for our beneficiary
    But we can never return back his deeds which he had done for us
    The man who sacrifices his enjoyment for the goodness of his children
    He is the only person to make us educate in life and our source of inspiration
    And is the one which we all call as Dad.


  • meghmaggi7 42w

    Daddy's lil girl

    I walked on his toes
    Then stood on my own
    I danced with my bros
    Look daddy , how I've grown

    I read a book today
    You'll be proud I know
    You are my hero daddy
    You always want me to glow

    I am leaving for far
    You made my dream come true
    I'll make you proud of me daddy
    That'll be my gift to you

    All that I am now
    Is your hard work and love
    All I will be tomorrow
    Will be your belief and trust.

    I never loved you less daddy
    Even when I couldn't show
    You'll always be my king my dearest daddy
    The best in the whole world.

  • shalia 42w


    A person who lives for his children

  • itzsmallwriter 42w


    ❤️Listen veere ❤️
    Wo Mere Papa Ki Chaya Badi Kamal Ki Hai
    **Ye Muje Ek Aesa sukoon Diya Krti Hai**
    Jo Muje Jeene Ka Jariya Or Galat Raah
    Se Hamesha Door Rahna Sikhaya Krti Hai** !!

  • alinaqureshi 42w

    For a Daughter,
    Walking under the red-hot sun
    In his shade is a safe heaven
    He guides her to rise up after every fall
    He heals her wounds like no one else.

    Years later,
    Standing tall, next to another man
    While he holds the child of their love
    Who makes her feel proud every day.

    The journey from a Daughter to Wife,
    and a Wife to a Mother,
    is immensely great.
    Yet she'll always be her Daddy's Little Girl.


  • aj_is_here 42w

    एक किरदार में अनेकों पात्र लिए है वो... ❣️ @mirakee @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters @writersnetwork #mirakee #hindi #happyfathersday #thoughts #family #memories #happiness #story #मेरेkhayal #diary #love #writing #inspiration

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    "Happy Father's Day"

    रंगमंच पर कलाकारों को अलग अलग किरदार करते देख
    आज ये एहसास हुआ कि असल जिंदगी में मेरे "पिता" एक ऐसे किरदार में है जिन्होंने अपनी कलाकारी कभी नहीं छोड़ी||
    "एक किरदार में अनेकों पात्र लिए है वो..."

  • sonu99 42w


    F-Friendly and fabulous,
    A-Always there to safeguard,
    T-Teacher and the first love,
    H-Happiness and the world of joy,
    E-Earn pride being a dad,
    R-Responsible and affectionate.

  • vashishth 42w

    "मेरे पापा"

    मुझ से बहुत प्यार करते हैं मेरे पापा,
    ​ मगर शायद इससे इंकार करते है मेरे पापा।

    ​याद है मुझे मेरा बचपन!

    ​जब मै छोटा था,
    ​ जब पापा मुझे प्यार किया करते थे,
    ​ जब सारा समय मेरे साथ बिताया करते थे।​

    ​वो रोज़ मुझे "टॉफी" खिलाना,
    ​ वो रोज़ मुझे कहानी सुनाना।
    ​वो रोज़ मेरे साथ चिप्पट कर सोना,
    ​ वो रोज़ मेरे साथ मेरे सपनों में होना।

    ​तब मेरे पापा मेरे साथ बात किया करते थे,
    ​ क्योंकि तब मेरे पापा "मेरे पापा" हुआ करते थे।

    ​अब मेरे पापा कहीं खो गए हैं,
    ​ मुझ से ही कहीं गुम हो गए हैं।
    ​कहां ढूंढू मै "मेरे पापा" को,
    ​ जो शायद खुद में ही कहीं सो गए हैं॥


  • heavenly_broadcast 42w


    To Every man,
    who has given a good word of advise to another.
    Cheered eagerly in encouragement of a youngster.
    Made the hard choice to walk the hard paths
    Upholding goodly values, in the midst of a corrupt world.
    Joyfully made himself, a shoulder to cry on.
    Being a support, to Every weak soul.
    Loved without reserve, cheered without fretting,
    Cared without Season, loving without reason.
    Upholding Godly landmarks, for others to follow.
    Setting right standards, at home and at work.
    An exemplary leader, which others can follow.
    Living the life of Faith, justice and Truth.
    This is to you Father's,
    who burn your boat to Uphold Truth.
    This is to you dear father, who give your All, as an example.

    Hebrews 6:12 & Proverbs 22:28

    JesusSavesLives, #life, #poetry, #poem, #mirakee, #JesusChrist, #writersnetwork, #write, #writers, #writer, #poet, #writings, #photography, #writerscommunity, #writing, #wise, #philosophy, #truth, #writersunite, #postoftheday, #poemoftheday, #quotes, #quote, #quoteoftheday, #quotestoliveby, #word, #words, #wordoftheday, #today, #poetsofmirakee, #poetsociety, #poetrylovers, #poems, #writersofmirakee, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #christian, #christianpoet, #christianpoets, #christianpoetry, #christianpoems, #truth, #diary, #thought, #love, father, #fathers, #fatherhood, #happyfathersday, #fathersday,

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    This is to you dear Father's at HEART. Upholding Godly landmarks,
    in the right path.

  • enthusiast30179 42w

    T he-man

    The man who inculcated the best values,

    The man who never taught the fallacy and prejudice,

    The man who was always strict enough to tell you where you were going wrong,

    The man who will never stand with you in the family photo but still expects a hug as his payment,

    The man who when shivers and breakdown , have a picture of you in the wallet and see your smile his ultimate destiny,

    The man who was always loved last in our heart but he was the first to hold us near his own heart,

    The man who forsee his daughter as a responsibility and can fight even the cruel society,

    The man who practices to make his son the very
    best gentlemen,

    The man who can live with his own failure but don't choose to see you as one,

    To those men who strive , who have worked hard for all of us to get food in our tables at our constant life.

    Maybe today those men are not loved enough,

    They might be on the wrong side of all our love and compassion,

    But it's not this only day I believe I show the respect to him as my backbone of my life,

    I will love him even if he doesn't hugs me back and puts his hand on my forehead to make me smile,

    Yes ,this man is MY FATHER, who chooses to be silent even the best of my times,

    He looked like a strict old man but deep down he was overjoyed,

    I hope he will be proud looking at me ,just for the sake of a moment for lifetime.


  • maahi_writes_official 42w

    Happy Father's Day.....❤️

    Haan Kabhi Kabhi Meri Nadani Se,
    Wo Naraaz Zaroor Ho Jaate Hain,
    Mere Bachkane Faislon Par Bhi,
    Wo Aksar Gussa Dikhate Hain,
    Par Iss Duniya Ke Fareb Se Har Daffa,
    Mujhe Papa Hi To Bachate Hain.


  • __aurora___ 42w


    Wailing, I breathe in for the first time.
    Embraced in Mother's arms, I inhale a luminous aura of ethereal love.
    I could not see you then, Pa;
    I could feel the protective halo you kept me in.

    "I couldn't see your halo then, Pa;
    T'was your brimming heart that I could feel.

    I was on a path festooned with your footsteps.
    I tried to trace them with my toes.
    Now, I walk amongst them,
    knowing it is the safest path to walk on.
    "An eagle soars alone."

    " I couldn't see the halo then, Pa.
    I searched for the faintest footsteps you left behind."

    An eagle floats in the warm air.
    Won't it be veritable, if I say, you've been my air?

    You taught me to plant the tree of love and strength in my little heart.
    Each day, you'd add a leaf to its stalk.

    "I couldn't see your halo then, Pa.
    I made myself busy in nurturing my plant."

    As days turn into nights,
    I've kept your light by my side.
    In the flickering specks of light beside my pen,
    I see your silhouette beside me.

    You said," Light can be found in your heart, when,little fireflies fleet around your plant of hope and strength."

    "I couldn't see your halo then, Pa.
    My heart searched for the fireflies in a mirror."

    Your hugs make purple lilacs bloom.
    Your shoulders are the highest place I could ever be on.

    Life is a labyrinthine palindrome.
    But, it would not have a unicursal without you, Pa.

    "I'm sorry, Pa.
    I see your halo today; as big as a universe and as warm as sangrine embers.
    It radiates from your heart.

    But, why is it sewn together with the fireflies in it?
    Fireflies stop glowing someday, too.

    I'm sorry, Pa."

    I know you always forgive.

    Your world,


    I know this isn't any good.
    I jotted this one down too quick to be even nice.
    Why is it that tears always flow out when I write things like these?

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #Kay_luvs_ya

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    " My labyrinthine palindromic life would have no unicursal to walk on, without you."


  • enakshmi_1324 42w

    A daughter to her father

    I won't say you've been my paladin,
    But you have a place deep in my heart.

    I won't say you are my best companion,
    But you are always sensitive to my needs.

    I won't say you have influenced me most,
    But feel protected and I'm sheltered by your care.

    I won't say you are the sun, beaming light of my life,
    But you had been my first teacher,
    Who taught me right from wrong.

    I won't say in my world you are the bright shining star,
    But your wisdom and knowledge have shown me the way I live by.

  • _fantomia_ 42w


    ഒഴുകുന്ന യുഗത്തിലെന്റെ പിന്നിലെ
    എന്നിൽ നിറയുന്ന
    എൻ വിജയത്തിന്റെ
    എൻ മുന്നിൽ അണയുന്ന
    എൻ യാത്രകളിലെന്റെ
    നേരമത്രെയും ഓർമ്മകൾ ബാക്കിവെച്ച ചില
    നിമിഷങ്ങളെനിക്കായ്‌ നൽകിയ,
    എന്നെ ഞാനാക്കിയവൻ അച്ഛൻ.

    ഒരിക്കലുമെന്നിൽ നിന്നടർന്നുപോവരുതേ....
    കണ്ണുനീരിനുപോലും താങ്ങാനാവില്ല....


  • abaylay 42w

    My Father.

    He held me close and looked into my eyes
    And that very moment I realized..
    I had found the one on whose wings I' ll learn to fly.



  • musiconwords 42w


  • kantamili24 42w

    Happy Father's Daya Papa ❤️
    #happyfathersday @mirakee #pod

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    पापा ने कहा

    बुज़ुर्गों ने कहा लड़की हो, झुकना सीखो,
    पापा ने कहा, इन्सान हो, निरन्तर आगे बढ़ना सीखो ।

    सबने पुछा, क्या तुझे मॉं ने खाना बनाना नहीं सिखाया?
    मैने गर्व से कहा, पापा ने मार्शल आर्ट सिखाया ।

    लोग कहते रहे, आगे बढ़ना है तो सुर मिलाना सीखो,
    पापा ने कहा, अलग बनना है तो आवाज़ उठाना सीखो ।

    क्या करूँ? अच्छी हूँ या बुरी,
    पर हूँ तो मैं पापा की परी ।

    My Dad, My inspiration

  • rani_shri 42w

    Once I asked to my heart
    Who do a father is?
    A gem or God himself,
    Can you describe please?

    Then my super philosopher heart starts
    A father is one who's there since ur birth.
    A father is one ,due to whom
    Your existence exists on earth.

    A father is one who holds your hand
    And teaches to walk.
    A person who'll lisp with you,
    But will teach how to talk.

    A person having presence like sun,
    If together then sparks.
    If absent,
    Then only leaves the darks.

    He's a person having
    Dreams for his children.
    All men can't be father
    But fathers are the real men.

    A father is one
    Who kills all his dreams.
    But if gets hurt by children,still
    Keeps calmness on face and internally screams.

    A person who teaches like a teacher
    And understands you like a friend.
    A person who can't be explained
    And for you whose love has no end.

    A father is one
    For family, who earns,
    A person helps and heals
    His kids at every turns.

    A person with the unconditional love,
    With a personality versatile.
    Never will show, how much tired he is,
    For his kids he will always smile.

    He is one,
    Who never leaves you alone,
    Has a total warm heart,
    But from outer shows like a heart, stone.

    Whatever he did for you,
    You can't even pay.
    So,Just dedicate this poem to the most dedicated person,
    And wish him a Happy father's day..

    @mirakee @writersnetwork


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    Happy Father's Day

    Read the caption..

  • enakshmi_1324 55w

    A daughter to her father

    I won't say you've been my paladin,
    But you have a place deep in my heart.

    I won't say you are my best companion,
    But you are always sensitive to my needs.

    I won't say you have influenced me most,
    But feel protected and I'm sheltered by your care.

    I won't say you are the sun, beaming light of my life,
    But you had been my first teacher,
    Who taught me right from wrong.

    I won't say in my world you are the bright shining star,
    But your wisdom and knowledge have shown me the way I live by.

    I won't say in my world you are the paragon of my life,
    But it's you who instilled in me the values,
    How to believe in myself, instructing me without controlling me.

    Yes, you have always been an honest,
    disciplined, upright religious person.
    Alas! there you had to struggle stretched wistful hand.

    I must say your steadfast love is nothing but my anchor in any tempest.