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  • princessfuzzy 1w

    Happy Birthday Jiminie

    Serendipity had occured for me,
    In the form of a beautiful angel,
    Jimin with a natural yet godlike filter
    A worthwhile promise
    Without any lie;
    You're my universe,
    Smooth like butter,
    You light me up like dynamite,
    Though life goes on,
    I need you,
    You are my idol
    And yeah, you are bulletproof.
    Happy B'day to my ultimate bias-wrecker❤️

  • bitrus14 1w


    Joy dictated my fort
    As I played around on the court
    Though she prayed I could not
    Grow up without having fought
    Indeed, I was not that sort.
    On my heart was marked the quote
    "The easiest way, the better."

    At first as I could remember
    My heart felt just like a soft amber
    Your presence mattered no more like a slumber
    And your importance began to crumble.
    Alas, never could you let me stumble.

    Yes it's a blessing
    To have you in the belonging
    For it hampers any other longing
    And adjusts the behaving.

    I was taught courage
    I was taught hardwork
    Endurance became my shell
    Patience was all to tell.
    When life striked the hardest
    You smiled the brightest.

    I recall you liked to say;
    People are the most precious possession on this planet
    But first furnish your finances
    So that you won't rely
    'cause nobody will cast you an eye.

    You brightened my dreams from ambitions
    Helping me make decisions
    Even in the toughest situations
    Your word beared all but no accusations.

    Nevertheless, I am blessed
    While others think I'm stressed
    Your care is everlasting
    And your love, evergreen.

    Aging may be aching
    For the years and burden it's adding
    But on this day I'm praying
    That your path may be amazing
    And your future breathtaking.


  • bishnucharanparida 2w

    Today I'm Sixty

    Thanks To You All On My Birthday

    Fifty Seven Years from today ,
    I came here on this Gandhi day...

    My gratitude to all you, in sincerity,
    O , my beloved friends and worthy teachers,
    My reverent relatives and cordial colleagues...
    Who have so far sustained ,
    My ego effects,
    my guilts,mistakes and shortcomings all....
    And have forgiven me thereby..

    Unless of what..
    Could not have I come,
    As I am ,
    where I am, today...

    I am grateful to Almighty,
    Who brought me on,
    To this world of beautiful people,
    Where Sun is beset
    To dawn a day
    As wind rustles in Autumn joy.

    Flowers in my garden
    Fragrantly bloom,
    And sweetly the birds in my backyard sing,
    A celebration of my life is rhymed..
    As I step out on the first day
    Of Fifty Seventh year on this Earth's stretch...

    Again I convey my obligation
    To my late parents , family,friends dear..
    Unless of good will of yours all,
    Could not have I been here at all...
    ©® Bishnu Charan Parida..

  • meyohwrites 3w

    A letter to me

    I am so proud of how far you have come
    All the highs and lows that life threw at you
    You survived, you are here today celebrating yet another year
    For the goals that you set and achieved, congratulations
    For those that you did not achieve, this is another chance to work on them
    I wish you better physical and mental health this year
    With love
    From me

  • shivranjanibhati 5w

    U are a wonderful person I hope your special day is the beginning of another amazing year ❤️
    #bts#rm#happybirthday RM ��
    Our God of destruction ����
    #rm iconic lines
    Jim's pink slippers know it too ��
    Jimin u got no jams ��
    Rapppp monstarrrr ��������
    Jk eng.is soo cute
    #hbday president namjoon ����

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    Happy Birthday RM

    This is the best month of the year.
    Do u know why?
    Because it's someone's magical day today.
    Do u know whose?
    It's a person who we all love from the bottom of our heart?
    My dear, it's u
    Wish u a very Happy Birthday

  • jenish_dar_raval__ 8w

    Happy Birthday Mother Teresa :)

    She is special for us��

    #motherteresa #spreadlove #happybirthday

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    Not all of us can do great things.
    But we can do small things with great love
    - mother teresa

  • my_book_my_words 9w

    Birthday wishes

    I wish you a very healthy, bright & Joyful life ahead.
    Warm Wishes to the almighty for making your birthday special.
    Have a lot of chocolates, sweets, junk, icecream because you have become one more year older.
    Always keep smiling because you look bueatiful while smiling.
    I wish you happy birthday :)
    -Mayuresh kallani

  • stankyryfol 10w

    August 11th, on this day. Happy birthday to pain

    Every year I try my best
    One year I felt pain in my chest.
    Another year passed, the cops had made their arrest.
    Another year came but only for tests.

    See every year for 5 years all I had was bad luck.
    On a day where I shouldn't even give a fuck.

    Every year I tried forgetting the rest
    But those days I'll wear it like a vest

    The pain haunts me like the grudge coming out of the TV screen
    I'm screaming and shouting but noone can hear me scream.

    See On this day is my worse day
    Depression hits like back in the day.

  • vinaypandey84 10w

    Happy Birthday

    वो अक्सर केहती है के कुछ बोलते नहीं हो।
    सिर्फ एक टक निहारा करते हो।
    अजीब बात है कब से केह रहा हु
    तुम सुन ही कहा रही हो।
    ये जरूरी नहीं के जुबां से ही कहा जाए।
    समझने वालो के लिए आंखे भी जुबा से
    ज्यादा बोलती है...✍️ विनय पांडे

  • officialhimanshu 11w

    आज अपने जन्मदिन पर अपने आने वाले एक उपन्यास की कुछ पंक्तियाँ साझा कर रहा हूँ जो प्रेम की व्याख्या करती हैं। प्रेम हर व्यक्ति के लिए अलग अलग रूप में आता है लेकिन उसके भाव एक से ही रहते हैं। आप क्या भाव अपने हृदय में लिए बैठे हैं वो आप बताइये।

    #HappyBirthday to myself

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    प्रेम पहाड़ से गिरते हुए किसी झरने की तरह है। जो कभी रुकता नहीं न ही कभी थमता है। उसके आवेग में भी कोई कमी नहीं आती। वो अनवरत गिरता रहता है और अपने आसपास के वातावरण में शीतलता घोल देता है। उस झरने की शीतलता को महसूस करने के लिए उसके पास जाना होता है। दूर से सुंदरता महसूस हो सकती है लेकिन शीतलता झरने के पास जाकर और उसकी बूँदों में भीग कर ही महसूस की जा सकती है। प्रेम रूपी झरने में भीग कर आपको दुनिया की अन्य व्याधियों और गर्मी से राहत मिल जाती है। इसलिए प्रेम रूपी झरने को दूर से मत देखिए। उसके पास जाइए। खुद के मन को भिगो दीजिए।

    (मेरे आने वाले उपन्यास की पँक्तियाँ)

    - हिमांशु श्रीवास्तव

  • alldonara 12w


    "It's My Birthday"

    Birthdays used to be fun and innocent but as I age,
    I realized that birthdays are far from being fun and innocent.

    We used to be excited when this day comes because we get to eat a meal with people whom we care the most, the people we call family.

    We used to get happy when this day finally comes because we were given various types of gifts and greetings from people that are close to our hearts.

    But that was years ago. On this day I celebrate another milisetone of being alive, or should I say after being a year closer to death as my dear old friend would say, birthdays are nothing but the biggest scam on earth to force to be happy.

    It forces you to be grateful for something
    You did not even wish, it is to be alive and to live.

    It forces you to be happy, to pretend that you are fortunate enough to hit another finish line, a step closer to wards death.

    It forces you to be with people that you resent the most. These people that gave you biggest scar from a massive haearbreak that you could ever imagine, your family.

    It forces you to be that person that society
    dictates you to be when this day of the year arrives at your door.

    Birthdays used to be fun and innocent.
    But we should not have to pretend being
    happy or being okay with the people we hate.

    We should didn't be grateful for something that is given to us without our consent, hell one would say that maybe I am just an ungrateful person but I am not.

    I was given this life and no one should
    ever dictate me on how to live my life.

    No one should ever forces me to pretend to be
    happy event if I am not.
    Not event during my own birtday

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    "It's My Birthday"

  • youareonyourown 12w

    Your Birthday

    God Created world in just 6 days
    The moon, the night, the sun and its rays
    Then he created us with hope to have something to do‍♂️‍♀️
    And then he took out his heart and for love he made you.❤️
    He though of the sky️ and make your eyes️️
    Then looked at the petals of Rose & created your Nose,
    To listen the sweetest of sound it took him years
    When he found it, he made your Ears,
    For ending pain and imparting hope & Joyce
    He imparted you with the most amazing voice‍
    To combined all the taste in just two dips
    He gave you the most gorgeous lips
    He thought of high mountains
    & Created ….. well you can call them fountains
    I don’t know what he thought when he kept you away from me
    As for you I pray to him all my life, and may be that’s what he needs
    I thank him to made you and keep you in my life time
    I can honestly call you my lifeline
    I wish you a very very happy birthday today
    Wish you love yourself as I love you everyday.


  • kasishakespeare 13w

    An ode to Miraquil

    From generation to generation
    Writers have been named as
    Alien species on Earth's precious biosphere
    They moved from one planet
    To another finding no place
    They can name as their home
    Till they found this precious world of their own
    A place they called their own Heaven
    Where streams of words make floods
    And animated themes make folktales come true
    Like they say dreams come true when you live them so
    There's no other place in existence that will let you live your worded dreams like Miraquil will do
    Come and join us !

    © Kasi.shakespeare_49

  • _igeno 13w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill #happybirthday
    The best thing i did this year is to find you

    Miraquays for Miraquill rays

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    Darker than the moon’s surface
    It shines by the touch of
    Sun rays, and me?
    I only shine by a touch of
    Miraquill’s daily verses


  • pallavi4 13w


    A hidden gem among so many pebbles
    A haven, a great source of joy
    For writers, poets of all kinds and
    Those who the written word employ

    In writing tales both small and grand —
    A place where they can just be themselves
    Writing stories of happiness and sorrow
    Of lands of fantasy, of pixies and elves

    A supportive environment that helps one flourish
    And find one’s own individual voice
    A place where like minded people can
    Communicate without the needless noise

    A word becomes a thought, that thought an idea
    And that idea a full fledged poem here
    It is comforting to know that someone somewhere
    Is reading you from afar but is still near

    A space filled with wonderful people who
    Support you in the good times and in pain
    A home for everyone who wants to simply
    Express themselves without expectations or gains

    It is tough for aspiring writers to put things into the void
    While some write to vent and think
    What better is it than to write to Miraquill
    And turn thoughts into drops of ink

    Thank you for being there for each one of us
    At times for being the only one providing a stage
    A spotlight, an identity and the courage to
    Rise above the discouragement, unhappiness and rage

    Sometimes when we were lost in you we found
    The strength to write and to carry on
    Thank you for being a shroud of comfort
    For listening when everyone else was long gone

    Happy Birthday Miraquill


    18th of July , 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Hear yourself” by Anka Zhuravleva

    Thrilled that you liked the poem , thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

    #happy_birthday #HappyBirthday #odehomec #ode #dedication_poems @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_wnreposts

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  • victoria_west 13w

    Happy birthday miraquill
    Happy 5th anniversary����
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #Happybirthday @miraquill #mondo #pod #wod

    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork

    ~We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves~
    Bernard Baruch~

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    You're generous, tolerant
    And noble in spirit
    You give poets the understanding
    They deserve

    Well-known and respected
    Your past achievements have earned you
    Worldwide recognition
    Highly admired by all poets alike

    You shine brightly
    Even in the midst of dark clouds
    And hate speech

    You're like dawn in dark emblems
    You're a brilliant display of bright metaphors
    You shed light in the life of poets
    Accepting their metaphors
    And imageries wrought from hearts

    You're special
    Of perfect quality
    The ultimate medium
    For pouring ou of emotions
    And smoothing of emotions
    You're a web of safety

    Fearless, indomitable, steadfast , gallant
    Audacious, courageous, valiant
    You remain firm in the face of adversity
    And hate
    Your undeterred nature endures the haters on this platform
    You're peaceful in the era of turbulence

    Astute, intelligent, alert, sharp, shrewd, perceptive
    You show creativity and inventiveness
    You create wonderful prompts
    To further probe the minds of poets
    You take your time to appreciate
    The works of incredible writers
    Shining brightly, radiant, dazzling,
    Coruscating, scintillating, lustrous
    You shine bright,
    With a certain gentleness of spirit

    Abiding, ageless, continuing
    Enduring, date less
    You endure, you effect changes
    That make the world of miraquill a better place
    Your prompts and challenges
    Further enhances your sense of continuity
    And longevity


  • rochand 13w

    Happy birthday bestie

    The joy you brought with your birth,
    One day celebration is not enough,
    You must give party everyday,
    I wish I could do that for your birthday.

    I could see your beautiful smile
    And the excitement you are ready with
    I may not be around you
    I wish all the love suround you.

    May the cherish and laugh of yours
    Freeze with you till the last day.
    I wish you feel special,
    Just not this day but everyday.

    You are my best gift
    And this day is a reminder
    Of how fortunate I am
    To have you all these year.

    I thought of countless gifts,
    But the most precious is nothing
    in comparison to you,
    At last I'm left with these few lines
    And happy birthday to you.

  • poetik_world 15w

    Happy Birthday

    मैं भुला नहीं मुझे याद हैँ
    जन्मदिन तुम्हारा आज हैं
    तू लड़की बड़ी खाश हैं
    तू ज़िन्दगी मे कुछ बड़ा करेंगी मुझे विश्वास हैं
    नादानियाँ करती हैं
    तू एक अच्छी बहन, दोस्त
    और अपने मम्मी-पापा की प्यारी बच्ची हैं
    तू चुलबुली मगर सच्ची हैं
    सोचा सुभकामनाये तूझे आज बहुत मिला होगा
    मैंने सोचा मे भी कुछ खाश करू
    कुछ अच्छे शब्द हीं मेरा पास मिला
    उनको मैंने एहसास के धागा मे पिरो के सिला
    तेरा आज दिन बड़ा खाश हैं
    तेरे मम्मी-पापा से आज हीं हुआ था तुम्हारा मुलाक़ात हैं
    मैं भुला नहीं आज दिन तुम्हारा खाश हैं
    Happy वाला birthday तुम्हारा आज हैं
    मेरा सुभकामनाये हमेशा तुम्हारे साथ हैं
    ©रohit Raऊत

  • anonymous_143 15w


    The day has come!!! Yes,her birthday!!!
    He was very excited to celebrate on her birthday...thinking this year, this birthday month, will be as happiest as it used to be before...!!!

    Finally ready with presents! Planned something out of the box that no one can imagine her birthday could be so amazing!♥

    But something is eating himup, someone is pulling from back & he can hear something loud & suddenly he wokeup that was his morning:
    Yes, it was his dreamnight which is only a dream that never come true...


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  • obietechinonye 16w

    Dear Sis,

    Life is precious
    When it finds expression in a being

    You've and continued to express all the beauty and kindness that is twisted in life's form

    Your perspective of seeing things is always amazing
    Smiling at hurdles where we've seen barriers

    You've always been there when thoughts of life seem too big for the head to carry
    And your comforting words, had comfortably taken us out of our comfort zones
    Arming us with wings to see the world from another angle

    It will be difficult to compound all you are
    In stanzas or verses, lines and spaces and even paragraphs
    But the sum of it all
    Is that you are special for God to have
    Put Man in a deep sleep to make you

    On this day, that your cry brought joy to the world
    May you find the Grace
    To fulfill that which was hidden in the breath of the creator