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    Hey guys!!!! How are y'all??? Hope everyone's doing great !!! I was just scrolling through my old account and suddenlY felt like penning something, so I did lol, anyways hope y'all are having great day/night !!and don't forget to STAY SAFE. BYEE ❤️!

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    Just as the autumn wind brushes my hair,
    A new chapter unfolds before my tiresome eyes,
    Hoping that this time it'll be very rare,
    That my mouth utters lies,
    Just so that I can be truthful for a while,
    Before I start spitting instant lies like Eminem spittin' bars,
    Trying to be optimistic just like Kyle,
    Just trying to hide my scars,
    From all the injustice that happens to me,
    Finding new ways to prevent every bad situation,
    Being responsible was never my cup of tea,
    Trying to do everything all at once just adds more to my frustration,
    Hope I'll learn to stop manipulating every situation to be in my favour,
    And start to let things be how they are,
    Tired of adding new elements to my lies just to lift it's flavour,
    Wanna start living without lies one day , hope that day isn't far

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    Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know and capable of more than you imagine.


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    Happiness on her face and my heart is like everything i need.


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    Find happiness in every moment of life.

    © The Secret Writer

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    It was a horrible evening. A little light of sun was scattered but the tress became the guard. I was roaming,cursing myself and screaming hard with that loud music which was played a kilometer far. I was alone in that path.
    I was scratching my head with my long sharp nails continously as I saw the angel of happiness leaving my hand. She started walking away from me with the bright silver shine she always had. Well,I got afraid. I decided to run towards her in order to chase her. I didn't wish her to leave me all alone in this lonely path. I tried to move my leg but then I felt an energy resisting me to move forward. I couldn't move my legs. It was Irritating ! In a great hurry and confusion I turned back to find the resistance and I saw the demon of loneliness grabbing my legs with his one giant hand. He pulled me towards him and packed me up in his thorn-ful and uncomfortable arms. I was trying my level best to break the power of his hands. I used my hundered percent potential and energy to get out from the prison of his negative arms.
    However,I was failing everytime. I was losing hope with my every attempt going in vain. But I still continued trying to reach the angel of happiness. I was shouting,calling her,asking her to come back but she wasn't listening. She was stealing her eyes and wasn't turning back to look into my hopeful heavy eyes! She was just moving on! I looked above, the demon of loneliness was laughing at my worse condition.
    I screamed a more loud in horror this time with the continuation to free myself,
    " I trusted you! You can't leave me like those humans! Don't leave me! Angel of happiness please stay! Please!"
    I burst out in tears and the laugh of demon was increasing with the flow of the water running down my cheeks into the bare and dry land. I looked down all lost from hope,tired of every attempt. But then I felt the vanishing of the thorn-ful arms from my little body. I tried opening up my eyes which I closed tight in fear. I found myself free from the prison!
    I looked back,I couldn't find the demon. I started investigating everywhere to find him but couldn't ! Then,I saw the angel of happiness smiling at me from a distance and flew away in the sky! I was completely confused 'cause I was sure that smile meant a message for me!
    And instantly my eyes fall on an individual in the lonely path. I started running towards him at fastest pace and utilising all the energy left in my blood. I hugged him instantly almost falling but he was strong enough to handle me!
    "Hey,don't cry! You ain't alone!", he said in the most sweet tone.
    I felt myself in the most comfortable place ever! May be, he is the gift of the heavenly world from the angel of happiness!

    @egnimaticwizard you're the one!

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    The demon of loneliness and the angel of happiness

    Sometimes,some Souls are the gift from above from the angel of happiness!
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