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  • __adiroy__ 31w

    Our meeting was a coincidence.
    I didn't know him,
    he didn't know me.
    It all started by chance
    but soon turned into a habbit.
    The meeting place remained the same
    and we used to gaze at each other like insane.
    We didn't know the reason why
    but this never made us feel shy.
    The most amusing thing was that
    he didn't know I used to see him
    and I didn't know he used to see me.
    But pondering this, we both felt glad.
    Lovely were the days,
    bright were the rays,
    Our hearts secretly fixed the time
    without letting the things cling on our mind.
    The days passed on,
    but we remained the same.
    Suddenly my mind realised
    this world was completely virtualised.
    He couldn't be mine
    and I couldn't be his .
    I was destined to be leaving the town,
    My academic career was planned elsewhere.
    This fact always made me frown.
    As my heart wanted to stay there.
    Finally my farewell day arrived
    To see him,the whole day I strived,
    I couldn't find him anytime,anywhere.
    I left for the station thinking I lost him forever.
    But destiny had planned something ,I couldn't imagine ever.

    My parents were waiting for the train
    but somewhere else was my brain.
    Suddenly I saw someone talking to my father
    It was none other than he and his family who had come to leave his brother.
    It seemed to me that life gave me everything.
    I was silently sobbing as well as laughing.

    He looked at me,
    I looked at him.
    Our eyes met secretly,talked silently.
    The train arrived and I had to leave boldly.
    Outwardly,we didn't smile and talk as well
    He carried my luggage and bid me a farewell
    but the farewell didn't bring an end.

    I come home occasionally
    We still look at each other lovingly.
    We don't know why,we don't know how
    but there is something which has tied us by now!!!!!

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    The never-ending happenstance

  • heenajoshi 137w

    Killing For Love

    They say,
    love is the outcome of happenstances.
    But they forgot people like me,
    who are abided
    by lust's circumstances.
    For us,
    loving is tracing oneself
    out of the maze of
    one's own soul.
    To be loved
    is an emotional overhaul.
    To be loved,
    is like being a poetry,
    to an illiterate.
    We are never read.
    Just flaunted.
    Though meant to be well read.
    So I read
    all the poetries of the world.
    Half alive, half dead.
    But not even a single poem
    reaches my bed.
    My bed is made
    of those metaphors,
    which scream and shout
    only to murmur,
    the shrieks of death
    into whispers of denial
    to my ears.
    I have not slept
    with any poetry on my bed.
    Because the metaphor's bed
    will cling them hard
    and destroy their hard part.
    And poetries are made,
    On hard bones of heartbreaks.
    But I have dated few sagas.
    They sucked out my pen's ink
    As if all they were waiting for
    Is to get a river to be drown.
    So I drew the picture of their farewells through my blood in pen
    and ate those poetries.
    So that the taste,
    the malice, the memories,
    the disguise.
    All come to a full stop
    and no more play I spies.
    And I hope,
    That it is ok to dope,
    On the pyre of those dead sagas,
    Whom once I loved,
    But later stabbed.
    All for love,
    All in love,
    All by love.

  • __intense_scribble__ 137w

    We became friends maybe because of happenstance
    But we fell in love because of our fate


  • just_another_voice 154w

    "we were total strangers.but bump into each other every now and then, here and there. we exchanged glances, felt an unusual familiarity,but never got connected and walked away......lord always give unexpected surprises.Today we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary...life is full of crazy happenstances..."
    She laughed while narrating their love story.

    "Thousands cross your path,but only one single person will hold your hand and take you through your destined path...it's the magic of love and life"....