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  • quarantinistani 52w

    Happenstance happenings
    happen to happen



  • te_fascinate_scribbler 95w


    Don't fall in love. One or someday you'll float without knowing the destination.



  • theemopoet 103w

    Often times, I find myself dwelling in trenches,
    A million feet below the surface of existence.
    No cries heard, no tears seen,
    Underwhelmed by mere happenstance.


  • chibu_ishu 131w

    You think meeting you was a happenstance?
    Nope. I call it destiny.

  • sparklingreflection 134w

    Duniya ki thokron se kya darna jab Apne h sath dena chod de...
    Geron se kya umeed rkhna jab ghrwale hi smjhna chod de...
    Chup rhna ek adat si bnalijiye janab
    Ab Kisi se bh kya ladna jab ghrwale h Sahi bolne pr sath dena chod de...
    Jeb m ho jab dam tabhi rkhna duniya se ladne ka wahem..
    Pyar p kya guroor krna jab waqt ane pr Sacha pyar hi sath khade Hona chod de...
    Mol aj insan Ka Kuch na rha,To Usk jazbat ki kya ehmiyat...
    Ladki Hun Kuch sapne Kuch abhiman Mera bh he duniya ko kya batau jab Ghar wale hi isse smjhna chod de...
    Ladki Hun isliye dard ko shabdon me dhalna Sikh Liya h mne,Kyuki Inhe aawaz bnane ke liye to ladka hona zaruri he ye aaj sikhliya mne...

    ………………………………………Tanushree Yadav

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  • sanyukta 134w

    The more you prepare

    The more you'll be tested !


  • sanyukta 135w

    Universe has it's own way
    To ruin things you planned for
    To ruin things you put even before your life and everything you had .
    So stop with all those plannings and aim to live the perfect life .
    For life's never gonna be perfect.

  • arya_ballal 137w


    A beautiful passerine sitting on the birch,
    Singing a song better than the church,
    A reflection of beauty and elegance,
    Meets a forlorn night by happenstance.

    Wondering which place is this, so cold,
    Not a single life in the sky to behold,
    Not a single star covering the horizon,
    Like all of the forest happen to wizen.

    Slowly her heart starts to turn black,
    Suddenly , her soul is taken aback,
    Her body dries and so does her breath,
    Thus, she unknowingly waits for her inevitable death.

  • khadija_yusra 137w

    "We often fall in love with what we can't have,and keep hoping for some happenstance."

  • jazbaa 137w

    I woke up this morning grinning at the ferocious sun
    He roar at me Don't you look at me that way!
    Don't u fear me petty one?
    Well I dare say, I don't!
    While you Shine your pride out,
    You do get outshined by someone!
    What creature thinks of
    Facing the Mighty Sun?
    "I do!" said a voice
    Squeaking off a squirrel
    Haa! Is this a joke?
    "No sire.. it isn't.. you cannot do what I can!!"
    What is it that I can't do a tiny munk as you does?
    I crack nuts! ..Can you, the mighty one?
    At this the Sun lost his pride, surely had it in his mind...
    He had learned his lesson
    But wait,
    Was it a happenstance,
    Or a mere dream?

  • anathreek_jey 137w

    "..Superstitions are sketched out of black happenstance.. "

  • scintillatingsolitude03 137w

    It was strange to think
    That the most influential pieces
    ever written
    Could’ve been a result of
    continuous efforts
    Or just mere happenstance.
    The future unknown
    to its creator at the time
    Just a chance in the wind.


  • tpp_art 137w

    On my path to self-discovery
    I found out all I needed was within
    The skills and its price was all mystery
    Stumbled through self-doubt
    That almost weighed me down
    Then took a leap and found talent
    It wasn't by happenstance
    I took my chance.


  • phoetryst_me 137w

    It was some crazy nights out there.

    Two months into my postgraduate studies and one month into my first job, I was overcome with this intense desire to travel to someplace new on my journey of discovery and self-love. Then comes the call from a girl I hardly talk to or hang out with, asking me if I was interested in a trip to Milford Sound. I asked her how much it would cost, clearly knowing I had absolutely nothing with me to go with, even after living a miser's life. Without thinking any further, I said yes to her and went on to make plans to earn some money and go on this dream trip with this classmate I hardly knew.

    Within the next one week, I made my first record number of sales from door to door promotions and asked a pre-pay as well as four days off from my employer to go on this trip. Since second hand shops are not unique here, all my camping gear and winter clothes came off cheap as chips. And then, just two days before going off, I left the home I was staying for an issue of pride. Once I told I'd leave the house, I'd been stubborn enough to not stay even a night under the roof of people who back-bitched about me. And so, I became a refugee in the hostel room of the girl I hardly knew. Whoever thought that'd be the most fun two weeks of my life.

    Anyways, I've been diverting a lot from the topic. So, we woke up at 4 and packed our stuff to catch the bus leaving at 6. Being a wet morning, we were walk-running in the rain and cold, with lots of luggage trailing behind. Just in time we caught the bus. Little did I know running would be the highlight of our trip. And after another hour, we caught the next long route bus for our journey of 11 hours or so. Our destination was Te Anau. And waiting for us there was a boy from our university with our hired car, who'd just finished his woofering. I had obviously never talked to this guy before as I've heard stories about how much attitude he showed towards people from his own state. Oh! How wrong I was!

    After the initial awkwardness of being with people who were hardly my type in my usual sense of 'my gang', I realized how foolish I'd been to trust the judgment of others and pass a person for not what he really is. The attitude boy turned out to be a shy one, who couldn't actually start conversations with new people unless they approached him. The girl I hardly knew as she hardly talked turned out to be a crazy adventurer like me, but she talked only when she felt at home and the three of us, different as we were, made a great homely company.

    Though man makes some plans, God has better plans for us. Our Milford Sound trip got canceled on the day we booked because of snow and the glowworm caves that we planned to book was out of reach due to flooding. After some brooding and a brief period of hopelessness, we decided to head out to Queenstown, the most famous tourist destination of New Zealand. On our 2 hour road trip, we got to see some of the biggest rainbows ever! I'd never seen a real rainbow before, other than the sun's light creating tiny circly rainbows through the pinhole of the door on my pappa's shirt.

    In Queenstown, we didn't do any of the exceptional adrenaline sports that people come for. We met a senior who'd just passed out of our university and went on a short cruise on a steam boat, The Earnslaw, one of the oldest boats, which still runs on coal engines. It was the time for photographic sessions on the deck! Endless photographs of the lake, the land, the people. It was getting colder and we went inside the boat, introducing ourselves to the tourists who ended up taking photos with us.

    After the cruise, we went to a warm and cozy restaurant and was surprised to see shops open even beyond 6pm, which is quite a rarity in NZ. We had our dinner and sat and talked a whole lot of time, gathering the heat of the fireplace. Saying a goodbye and thanks, we left for our backpackers hostel. En route, the realization hit us that we'd forgotten to pay and they'd forgotten to give us the bill. Off we ran, lest they'd close, to find that one restaurant amongst that honeycomb of a town. Somehow we landed on their doorsteps, as they were trying to pack up for the night and paid our bills. Another one of our running sprees went off well.

    At the backpackers, I heard for the first time about "Carpe diem". Being one to jump on my feet anytime, I went and asked our roommate, a stranger with a motorcycle helmet, whether he'd take me out for a ride on his hero. He apologetically denied my request as he didn't have another helmet for my safety. I don't know whether it was his denial or my happenstance asking that got my adrenaline pumped up. I could hardly sleep that night, too excited about the day that passed and the day that was yet to come.

    Next day, two of us went off early to find a place to book another Milford Sound cruise. We were running from shop to shop, being on a very tight schedule and the road to Milford still being announced as blocked due to snow. Without even a cruise booked, we all decided to head off to Milford Sound without wasting further time. Checking for road opening, calling for cruise availability, checking, calling, checking, calling - this was how the first half of our trip passed. Finally, half way down, we heard the good news that the road was finally opened, the snow was cleared and we got to book a cruise too.

    We parked our car in Milford and ran off along the wooden path, with just five minutes left for the cruise to depart. Once we entered the cruise and went on deck, we were lost. Just lost ourselves in the beauty of the natural world. The green mountains, the hundreds of little waterfalls, the thousands of rainbows, the fog looking like infinity, the beautiful water, the dolphins, the baby seals, the small rocks and rolls of the cruise as it was heading further close to sea. We hardly remembered to take any photos as the sight before our eyes was so overwhelmingly wonderful. That strong was nature in the Sounds, preserved and proudly protected.

    On our way back from the cruise, again it was another run to our car, being strictly constrained by time, to make our Queenstown friend catch his bus back home. I'd so much wanted to play in the snow and my every attempt to make them stop for a while failed. Well, there also luck helped me. Since we'd been the first ones out, we reached a tunnel signal just as it started off red and had to wait for 5 minutes. Off I jumped out and smothered myself in snow, fresh and soft. Those 5 minutes were another dream come true for me. I'd gone crazy out there and frozen once I got back inside the car.

    Safely reaching the bus stop, we left our friend on his journey and surrendered our car. With nothing much to do, we went on a walk along the Te Anau lake. We could see the stars without looking up at the sky, the lake was a crystal clear mirror of the night. I decided to play in the lake and removing my shoes, headed for the sand-pebble beach. The water was freezing cold, but when out in the water it didn't really feel so. After fulfilling my heart's desire, I stepped out onto the sands and that's when the freeze hit me - hard, cold and sudden. I couldn't put on my shoes with the wet sand on my feet neither could I walk much in the sand.

    The dewy grasses were quite a welcome for my wet sandy feet. They were soft, but still a bit chilling. Tired of walking, we all decided to do some star gazing and just lay on the grass looking up at the sky. That one moment was so naturally beautiful in itself. I tried finding the planets with my Sky view app just to show off a bit. From my new found friends, I found out that all moving objects weren't comets or meteors. Those that moved in a flash were, but those that traversed in a line for a while were satellites, our artificial satellites. When the night sky had her heart's fill of admiration, we left for our beds, the last night of the trip.


    Pic: Avon Riverside lit up for Chinese Lantern Festival

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  • jayrin 137w

    You won me
    In the game of
    Sheer happenstance.

    I won you
    In the game of
    Bribed circumstance.


  • writingsforheart 137w


    Clashing into eachother was a happenstance
    It was a bright day, a bright unforgivable past
    I was unsure of how long will tonight last
    It never gave up on me and neither did you
    Your trust was there to back me up
    And smile was there to keep me busy
    Watching you all the time which swayed
    Away in no time and turned into memories
    Which can never be washed away or altered
    I am stuck still here looking for flaws
    Which never came to existence in you
    Moments flood in and with every moment
    It flooded my self love away forever
    As i look in the mirror to my new self now
    I realize that she turned me into someone
    Who thinks about her more than anyone.

  • aynam_ 137w

    She is so much in love with materials
    That while studying she think of it
    While calculating numbers
    She think of the fabrics and their mix match
    She is so much in the depth of it
    That she can't happenstance this!

  • japsjk 137w

    Those pearly drops covered my pillow
    Gateway to reminiscences of the past
    When we met by happenstance
    Now this pain........
    Tearing my soul into shards
    I came back to reality
    Dreaded darkness, silence so ghastly
    Emptiness consumed me completely


  • smart_ghost 137w

    #happenstance #lovestory
    PC: Pinterest

    First time I saw you was luck
    Second time I saw you was fate
    Third time I saw you was happenstance
    Fourth time I saw you was hope
    Fifth time I saw you was destined
    Sixth time I was you was magic
    Seventh time I saw you was destruction!

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  • sumana_chakraborty 137w

    Those words of yours
    Which touch my heart
    Leave me dumbstruck
    Make me elated
    Make me glad
    Are so unique
    Full of warmth
    For aeons they rule my heart
    But happenstance
    They are
    So rare .