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  • subhamrizal 17w

    Today, materials hold happiness.
    Money is known as its seed,
    And the worst part is-
    Drugs too come in this category.
    There has been two types of happiness:
    One that is worst and other,
    the that is the best.
    Worst is often the one that lasts
    Before a tragic aftermath,
    Drugs, heist and fate can match it.
    The best is money, for many
    Sex, materials, for most.
    No boy, that's not true happiness.
    If you think it's money, than
    Your happiness is absurd.
    If it's drug, than
    You're not even close to it.
    Sex? No that's overrated.
    Let me tell you what it really is-
    You can relate to it,
    if you've stood on the top of the world,
    If you've been faster than an eagle.
    At least for 2 seconds.
    You can come near to it if you've seen death.
    Have you seen the sky painted with six colours ?
    You shall feel it in bones
    when your name stays immortal,
    Despite of the rotten body in the coffin.
    When you get most from love and least from tragedy.
    You can feel it in your bones
    when you reach the bounds,
    Of freedom and liberty
    Money is cheap, more cheaper instead.
    It's cheaper than fear.
    But true and best happiness is
    Twenty thousand times more expensive
    than the biggest mansion.
    It is higher than the flight given by a drug.
    It's more pleasurable than
    the best sex you ever had.
    It's so picky that it won't choose
    All from the crowd.
    Don't disguise your mediocre pleasure
    To ultimate happiness.
    That's a sin.