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  • june_margot 14w

    When we look at successful people, we always see the spotlight, but forget the arena of darkness surrounding them.

  • june_margot 14w


    You are flawless. You are perfect.
    I love everything about you except for one thing, that you don't exist.
    Maybe good people are just a beautiful illusion.
    Kindness in this world is another intitution
    We thrive for moments
    to which we can return
    When times get hard,
    to acknowledge how far we have come.
    We live recital
    these little islands of hallucination
    Some become real,
    some remain imagination.

  • cosmicpoet 19w

    May be that place is an illusion of my mind. Illusion of a place that looks perfect but is not heaven.
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    Last ray of the sun...

    I wonder where the last ray of the sun falls,
    Is that place known to us or not?
    Is it the land of humans or something beyond,
    Can I reach there or not?

    I wonder if that land is a subset of heaven,
    Where no havoc prevails, no war occurs,
    no victory is celebrated alone.
    There's peace and harmony all around and
    no one fights with none.

    I wonder if there's no gender barriers,
    no religious conflicts, no rich and poor.
    No one cares who men who women,
    No casteism and racism.

    I wonder if there love exists and not just
    bodily lusts,
    two birds fall and forever ends the warmth (love).

    I wonder bout' the place where no children die of hunger,
    No street dogs are kicked and shooed by stones,
    No human puts another in danger.

    I wonder where the last ray of the sun falls,
    a place that really exists or is in my mind forever?
    This time I'm not hallucinating but the Illusion is
    clearly visible.


  • uttkarsh_15 20w

    Just realised that at the hills ...��
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    It's good to be Paranoid when you're in a dangerous situation or place,
    It keeps you safe

  • surrealepiphany 23w

    My perfect hallucination

    If angels don't exist then you're all in my head

    And if that's all you are,

    An illusion that my mind has created 

    You are such perfection 

    And you are so beautiful

    Though there is nothing feminine about you

    You are all masculine

    From your scent, 

    To the strength of your arms

    And right up to your warm beautiful golden eyes,

    That seem to be filled with stardust

    My beautiful flawless angel,

    Leave your golden stardust on my flesh

    So that I may become like you.

    And if that's all you are, a mere hallucination,

    A figment of my broken imagination,

    Then remain in my head,

    I won't let go of you.

  • cosmicpoet 27w

    All of me

    All of me is hiding from me,
    somewhere in the dark or
    may be in the middle of
    the woods.
    where no birds chirp in the
    no stars shine at night,
    no neighbour go for a
    morning walk,
    no children waits for their
    school bus.

    no friends go to a momo
    stall together,
    no Jesus is worshipped in
    the church.
    no moon is stared by one
    sided lovers,
    no sun is prayed and
    believed to be God.

    no farmers bow seeds in
    their green fields,
    no siblings fights for a single
    no mothers feed their baby
    by hand,
    no father buys balloons
    for children.

    May be I'm still hallucinating
    all alone,
    whatever I wrote above are
    false words.


  • pisces_corner 32w

    A perfect model will be having
    all the imperfect slice
    around the wood.

  • light_ofthe_heart 33w

    Hypnotized Hallucination

    Everyone told me to open my eyes wide
    To see what they are seeing
    And understand what they had understood
    How will I be able to do that?
    When your love had hypnotized me
    I keep hallucinating about us
    About a future we would build together
    About how beautiful our love story was
    Little did I know it was a hypnotized hallucination
    One you gifted with your wordings of love

  • mystical_writer26 39w

    #hallucination #ceesreposts #writersbay @writersnetwork

    Please do say what you think about that old man, cuz we haven't yet discovered this mystery...

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    This is a true poem out of my experience,
    although I do not know how this became so mysterious.
    We were in the town of Shantiniketan,
    me and my school friends were taken there for fun.
    Teachers and students, we all were gone,
    for a three-day trip starting from December's dawn.
    The first day went well,
    it felt like we were in heaven (although the hotel was more like a hell).
    the second day is what my poem speaks,
    because on that day colour faded from my cheeks.
    we went to a place called "Kala Bhavan",
    and surprisingly one thing in my friend and me was common.
    we both saw an old man's reflection,
    or maybe we guess it was hallucination.
    He sat with an "Ektara" instrument,
    playing beautifully beside the monument.
    Beside him were his black slippers,
    then something happened within a blink if you'd consider.
    As soon as we blinked,
    he was there no more but just his slippers were linked!
    We were perplexed,
    thinking how could it ever have happened.
    we blinked again,
    and there he was staring at us then.
    This was perhaps our hallucination,
    but could we both hallucinate in the same situation?


  • miadarcy 46w

    I don't know you

    I don't know you
    I saw you
    I saw you at my dream
    I don't remember your face
    I touched you
    I felt your touch
    Longing to see you
    Searching you
    Waiting to hear your voice
    Searching for your lap
    Bcoz ,
    It is my safest place
    I need to see you
    I need to bite you
    I wanna touch you
    I saw you in my dreams
    I like to see you in reality
    I like to hear your heartbeat
    I will wait for you

  • jenaroaragon 46w

    Bah! Humbug.

    Retrospective, introspective, so depressive, not elective.
    Nightmares of you, so comfortable, dust and rubble, all I have left.
    Feel accosted, by the loss of the mirage we saw so often.
    Apparition, future Christmas, new years eve, the ghosts still torment me from heaven.
    Preach the lesson.
    Forced confession: need your presence.
    Bit of beef still undigested, mind still prone to be receptive. Sensitive.

    But unresponsive.

    Bah humbug! I'm so obnoxious.
    Yes I know, but it's subconscious. In my heart, a long dead promise wakes me still with visions monstrous. Name still hung above my office.
    What else can I be but cross living in a world of merry Christmas?

    Open hearts that once were shut up. No right nor reason, poor enough!
    Family speaks to me with love I haven't felt since I was young, so all I have to say's good day, as I put out the coals and fuss.

    I don't make merry at Christmas. All my work goes to establishments I'm forced to pay through taxes. Put the poor into the prisons. Can't afford to give what I wish to those who are badly off.

    Decreased population surplus.

    Sat in mournful meditation, fog-like smoke obscures the egress.
    Bells chime for what seems an hour then, dragging chains he comes to visit.

    "They come at midnight!" spake the phantom. "Father son and holy spirit."

    Hands in pockets, thoughtful habits. No peace. No rest. No reverence.
    Humbug. I say you're fictitious.
    Charity, mercy, and forbearance are but a drop in the comprehensive ocean of a business ended.

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  • pranalishah 50w

    - Trance -

    A state of hallucination,
    A state of ambiguity,
    A belief of nothing ill has happened,
    A will to forget everything one remembers...


  • lalitha_l2 60w

    Only our #strong #emotion, causing the #hallucination, a #world of #appreciation, with the law of #insane #attraction.

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    Only our strong emotion, causing
    the hallucination, a world of appreciation,
    with the law of insane attraction.

  • dipsisri 63w

    Everything is fictional in this story.This story is long but it took hours to write it,stay and read this.Thank You !
    Inspiration by a short film about hallucination.

    14 MAY, 2017
    On that day there were some functions & programs in college for "Mother's Day".I was feeling very exhausted and was having a headache.I used to live in rented house only with my husband,he wasn't there that day.He went on a business trip for a week.

    Then I came back home and with laziness I woke up and made a cup of coffee.After having the coffee,I lay down for some sleep.Didn't knew when I went into deep sleep.
    *Doorbells ringing*ringing*
    So i woke up with lil blurry eyes and heard some voice of a little boy crying.I went to open the door,what I saw there was shocking & got terrified at first.I saw that innocent face again,the face of my beloved 5yr old son whom I had lost an year ago due to his health issues.So, i left all these thoughts and asked him "Beta aap itti raat me yaha ky kr rhe ho"?
    He didn't say anything and weeping continuously.

    And he just said a sentence with his teary eyes & shivering body "मां, डर लग रहा है".My heart trembled when this sentence hit my ears as it was the last sentence of my son which he whispered in my ears in the hospital that day.I didn't thought anything and lifted him up in my lap and took him to my room.While dabbing him on his tiny back i asked him calmy "Aapka naam kya hai beta"? He said "सृजन".
    Then he hugged me tightly and fell asleep.I stared at him for a while and didn't know when i caught my eye.

    *Phone ringing*trin trin trin...
    My sleep got disturbed again.I lazily looked at the wall watch its 10:25 A.M,the boy wasn't there i felt terrified again.As soon as i wanted to tell this to my husband again the phone started ringing i picked up the call as soon as I say something,my husband started speaking *Hello where are you, I have called you 10 times..."Have you taken your Anti - Hallucination pills yet"? Hello..hel...oo*call declined".

    Was that hallucination or the love connection of son & mother.What was that?Was that not real?Was that just in my head?Was i just hallucinating?

    "When you carry a life in your body and its there.
    If its gone a part of your soul dies.Again I trapped myself in the cage of questions".

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    #hallucination #life #son #mothersday #love #motherslove #horror #thriller #miracle #stories #story #thrillerstory #fictionalstory @writersnetwork @mirakee @odysseus @darkerthanblack

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  • peedeedeshpande 71w


    Most of the fears are in fact our hallucinations.


  • twaritamahato 73w

    I could see her!!
    Yes ,it was her sitting right beside my bed.

    I remember it was an exhausting day and dad was out on his business trip... mom and I had a fight that night .
    Things were abruptly abnormal,but it happens sometimes.

    My granny (AMMA ) loved me the most and it was my general attitude to talk to her after any terrible day. But I knew that day I couldn't because she was in coma for the last two months (after accidentally I pushed her down the stairs ).

    Many at times after that incident I hallucinated and was under consultation of a doctor ( and for sure I was taking my medication without fail)

    I slept crying but all of a sudden at 3:03 o'clock my eyes opened and I saw my Granny sitting right beside me on her rocking chair and smiling (as if she was enjoying seeing me asleep) . I couldn't say a word but was constantly looking at her. My eyes widened when she started singing " So jaa meri rajdulari .... kahe nindiya n aae " I stepped down from my bed and put my head on her lap. She started making a pony of my open hair ( which she usually did coz she believed sleeping with open hair was a bad omen ) . And then I remember her fingers moving all through my hair .

    I was fast asleep on her soft lap ... I could feel the smoothness of her silk saree on my cheeks .

    I woke up with my mom's shout but I was sitting on the floor in the same position with my head on her rocking chair but my granny (AMMA) wasn't their , she usually never left me asleep like that.

    I went to my mumma's room where she said that granny was dead and doctors informed that she died in the evening itself.

    Trust me it was her!!
    I could feel her tender hands and silk saree...
    And I definitely don't sleep walk.
    What was it ??
    I heard her singing but she was dead long before .
    Did she come to bid me farewell??
    Or was cursing me for being guilty for whatever she was going through.

    #horror #hallucination

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    What was it ???
    Hallucination or Reality???

  • behindface 74w


    He mentioned that he likes her voice
    along with the situations her head ploys.
    Said that she is just the one he wanted
    oh, that sentence kept me 3 nights haunted.
    But then he said something about cornerstone
    and nobody said that road is danger zone.

    Then someone is moulding wrinkles of the black casualshirt
    and getting anxious everytime his shoe get a little dirt.
    Once he was a person wearing uniform at every civil days.
    People change over time ,and that's all my mother says.

    Then for 12 days things weren't at my best
    so he turned and ran right back to his ex
    My bff said darling give up this and take some rest.
    can't u see what all of his actions reflex.
    She made me consider some tinder profiles
    and talked me through to give it a try
    Luckky me,i got a date within 4 miles
    but what the heck i was doing with that guy.

    My reaction was exactly like cotton candy,melt to nothing
    Here I'm holding onto the memories,they may have meant something.

  • _janedoe_ 74w


    I'm physically, mentally and emotionally wreaked.


  • adarshjamuaar 74w

    I was watching a music video in which there's a scene of a riot and swat is flashing the lazer pointer guns. For a moment it looked like edm show lights. So here I'm depicting a person getting lost and hallucinating during a riot that he's in a show, later realising where he actually is.

    I know it is super weird but I just wrote this as it printed on my brain.

    #lost #mind #realisation #hallucination

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    The fire was crackling in front of the stage
    The audience was loud
    Lazer lights all around red, green and blue
    The song drop was coming and the audience excitement grew
    It was a physical impulse and threw me back
    I hit the road, covered with ash and dust
    Cars flipped, set on fire
    People fighting, everything chaotic
    Lazer lights flashing from the guns
    Someone threw a grenade, it dropped with a boom