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  • another_hill_ahead 19w

    Passing days

    The cloudy huge sky
    The moist wind and the wet soil
    The sound of the noice killing my inner silence
    The empty mind beginning to overthink
    Water droplets running on the glass of my window
    The rain finally slows down
    When it didn't rain for days we realised the monsoon is gone
    The leaves in autumn holds different beauty
    Yellow and orange blends at sunsets
    Pumpkin at halloween seems perfect
    Fairy lights looks aesthetic
    November winds feels cold
    Thanksgiving dinner makes life right
    With the people drinking and promising of eternity
    And soft music to sing along..

  • lefthandblessed 21w

    A blood red moon pulls at the sea
    And stirs the wolf inside

    A silver strike in the dead of night
    The beast we know has died

    The body drowning in the waves
    Now on the crimson tide


  • miss_poetess__ 23w

    Sorry ek din late wish krri!!!
    Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!
    #halloween #halloweenspecial

    Tere hone se meri zindagi kitni haseen thi
    Jab se tu gya h ye Halloween si ho gyi hai!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    तेरे होने से मेरी ज़िंदगी कितनी हसीन थी
    जब से तू गया है ये Halloween सी हो गई है

  • officially_ray 23w


    The words you spoke
    landed like arrows on my body ,
    leaving deep wounds .

    Your words
    were temporary,
    but pain was permanent.

    Your apologies were not
    visible but the scars are.

    Your chiseled face was beautiful,
    but the facade you masked
    was darkest of all.

  • prishan_writings 23w

    Ben is a cute, little kid who loves Halloween a lot and woke up with an uncontrollable excitement on 31st October. He opened his room door and was shocked to find a lady dressed in a black cloak, gazing through the window. He took a step back and stammered, “Who…Who are you?” She turned back and gave him a broad smile.

    Ben now came closer to her and uttered, “I know who you are. You must be one of the participants of my Halloween contest. It’s very early for you to be here. But still, you can help me in dressing up as a scary ghost”.The lady in black tried to cut him there and said, “Hey! I’m Tessa. And you’ve got to listen to me”.

    Ben was overjoyed that the guests have started arriving very early and was in no mtood to listen. He screamed in joy, “Okay Tessa. Come with me and meet my mom”. He ran down the stairs to the living room.

    Something strange was lying down there, wrapped up in a white bed spread and his parents were sitting next to it. Tears were flowing down from their eyes incessantly. Ben shouted, “Mom! What happened? Why are you crying?” But she didn’t respond to him.

    Ben was puzzled and questioned Tessa, “ What is happening here?” She bent down, caught hold of his hand and whispered, “Sweetie, You don’t have to dress up as a ghost anymore. Because you are a ghost now. And I’m Tessa, the reaper”.

  • lanremadiba 23w


    More than just a night
    of horror, Halloween had
    me begging the sun to stay.

    Screeching owl
    Squawking moon
    made our hearts crawl
    under the blood red moon

    Courtesy of Lanre Madiba

    #poetry #writing
    #haikupoem #fullmoon
    #writersnetwork #writerscommunity
    #text #shortstories #halloween

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  • miguel93 23w

    Dilo otra vez

    Su nombre era David para mamá y para la gente de fuera de casa, mientras que para papá siempre se había llamado "basurilla". Él no tenía claro cuál de los dos era su nombre verdadero, pero ya le daba igual. Le había hecho daño a mamá, mucho daño. Eso decía papá, y lo que papá decía era verdad siempre, eso lo sabía bien.

    Mamá siempre le había dado mucha pena, casi siempre estaba llorando. Y siempre que lloraba era por su culpa, por culpa de "basurilla". La mayoría de las veces él no entendía qué había hecho mal, y por eso no sabía qué comportamiento era el que debía corregir. Pero sabía que cada vez que oía los gritos enloquecidos de papá contra ella, y cada vez que ella abandonaba la casa entre lágrimas, la mirada furiosa de papá se volvía hacia él. "Has sido tú, basurilla, tú has provocado todo esto". Y entonces llegaban los golpes, pero eso no era lo peor. Lo peor era saber que su sola existencia podía provocar tanto daño a mamá y a papá, y que él no era capaz ni de darse cuenta de cómo hacía ese daño.

    A mamá ya no le haría más daño. Nunca, jamás de los jamases. Y a papá tampoco quería hacérselo más. Por eso, cuando él ya había hablado con los policías y les había dicho varias veces lo que papá había querido que les contase, cuando papá todavía estaba hablando con ellos en la puerta de casa, David/basurilla fue a la nevera y cogió la botella preferida de papá y se la llevó a escondidas al despacho de papá, donde él se suponía que no podía entrar bajo ningún concepto. Abrió el cajón de las cosas prohibidas de papá y sacó el frasco de líquido transparente que una vez le obligó verter sobre la leche del gatito que el abuelo le había regalado en Nochebuena. Papá le había dicho que estaba demostrado que él no era capaz de cuidar del gatito, que por su culpa el gatito no paraba de sufrir y que iba a tener una vida de mierda, y que lo mejor era que echara ese líquido sobre el cuenco de leche que el gatito bebería, que así el gatito sufriría por última vez por culpa suya. Él no quería hacerlo, pero papá tenía razón siempre, y su palabra no podía ser discutida.
    El gatito comenzó a vomitar poco después de beber la leche, se retorció en el suelo y pronto se dejó de mover. Papá había tenido razón, ya no sufrió más por su culpa. Mamá tampoco iba a sufrir más ya. Y él tampoco quería que papá siguiera sufriendo, no quería seguir causándole sufrimiento.

    Cuando hubo echado suficiente líquido en la botella preferida de papá, esa que a él tanto le gustaba a pesar de que siempre acababa poniéndole de mal humor, fue a hurtadillas a la cocina y la guardó en la nevera. Sabía que papá bebería de ella en cuanto los policías se hubiesen ido. Todo lo que él quería era no causarle más daño a nadie.


  • ziegler 23w


    When witches go riding and werewolves keep howling, when the black cats prowl and the pumpkins gleam , may luck be yours on this Halloween.
    Well it's obvious ,with the moon's laughing
    and gloomy clouds staring us with eerie eyes is normal this Halloween.
    So Happy Halloween
    Go ,Trick- or- treating!!

  • sadar_ammar 23w


    Halloween is here for the spookiest time has come
    Trick or treating you may do or you may be just mean
    You may fall asleep and wake up hearing kids knocking on you're door
    You may go to the spooky haunted houses and knock on the doors
    Knocking you may be looking for something to be scared for

    But all you're fears are in you're imagination, or is it?
    You may have bags filled with candy and imagining how you'll eat it all
    You may be waiting by the door for the trick or treaters to come
    For you can give them a trick or a treat but either would be a great laugh
    You may be baking the spookiest treats for one can only dream of eating
    You may dream of the screaming inside the haunted houses

    Halloween is here
    You may just be staying at home doing work or staying with loved ones
    You may be holding them tight as you're watching something scary
    You may just be taking photos and looking at the spookiness and beauty halloween holds
    For its beauty and spookiness will make you in awe
    For it is a sight so rare it only comes once a year for you to behold

    The sight of the night sky, cloudy but beautiful as ever
    The houses filled with beautiful and spooky decorations
    For there are spooky haunted houses but there's nothing spooky
    Just the quietness, you may be seeing for as you're walking by there may be party's as well
    You may be doing many things for i shall not guess them all
    For I just wish you the best and greatest spooky day ever

  • medusas_child 23w

    Body Horror

    Do you feel it?
    That slow painful ache
    Your limbs coming undone.
    Your bones dissolving within.
    Your skin peels and out pops
    Something else.
    As your eyes protrude with terror
    I watch while I am making it happen.
    I let your guts swim on the outside,
    As I bowl with your organs.
    You ask me to let you die.
    I say" what if I get bored again".
    And u scream in cries
    You beg and you plead
    A ragdoll torn all over my floor
    My creation, my work.
    As you long to breathe
    I kiss your lips.
    I say" hail hath no fury"
    Thee end.

  • lanremadiba 23w

    Haiku poem: The Night Before Halloween

    The night before
    Halloween, got me scared of
    a bleeding moon

    So scared the moon will
    bleed out into the ocean–
    the stars will follow

    Courtesy of Lanre Madiba

    #halloween #poetry
    #fullmoon #poem
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    #writersnetwork #haiku

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  • pepper_16 24w

    ����Happy Halloween ����

    #writersbay #halloween #ceesresposts #poem #mirakee

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  • sasikrishna 24w


    Walk silently...
    Don't mind the blood dripping from the tap.
    It is an usual building with stones and bricks
    But God knows that the bricks
    Are well cemented with the blood
    Of these humans.

    The house of the demons dances at night
    But you don't want to get that sight, do you?
    For it is just a house, but
    A strange one at that.
    Strange for the guests, not for the inmates
    But we welcome the guests with
    A delicacy at heart.
    We breed on the filthy mud left behind.

    The worms that crawl in my head
    And the flies that prey on the dead,
    Oh yes, they're all properly fed
    As the house does not run short
    Of blood and bones.

    Oh dear, Come dine with us,
    We'll make it feel like home.

  • yoitsleohere 24w

    Ok this is my attempt on making a short horror story!! Feel free to comment your opinion and if you have any ideas on how I could improve it!!! All likes, comments and reposts are appreciated!!!!
    The broken mask

    By @yoitsleohere

    Ok so I live basically in the middle of nowhere, the closest house from ours is 3 miles away. So the only thing around our house are fields. I live in a bungalow and my room is the last room on the right. Just above my window is a motion censored light so whenever a car drives by it will turn on.

    Now on to the story, I was 18 years old, it was a cold November night, I was in my bedroom working on some documents I had to finish for work. I finished at around 11pm. I was about to get into bed when I saw the motion censored light come on. I thought it was weird because I didn't hear anything go past, so I.went up to my window and opened the curtain slightly. What I saw shocked me. There was a figure staring back at me wearing a black mask.

    The person ran as soon as we made eye contact, I ran and grabbed my phone and called the police. The police arrived 15 minutes later and never fount who was outside my window. All they found was a broken black mask.
    #depressed_bean #yoitsleohere #horror #scary #story #stories #broken #mask #Halloween #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee

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    The broken mask


  • in_fragments 24w

    "I spotted the lady in red at dawn,
    drifting down wintry backroads.
    Caught her wandering
    beside a dark barn;
    stalking her eternal
    sepulcher of hay-
    black knots begrimed her head
    like spider legs,
    her dress creased and stiffened
    against the stale morning air.
    She was to the landscape
    like dry blood
    across porcelain skin.
    The morning delivered fog so thick
    the countryside seemed
    made up of ghosts, with all
    their eyes on me-
    the lady kept staring
    from beyond the fields;
    for a moment she
    was looking right through me,
    like I was the specter instead.
    I could not see her eyes,
    but the longer they lingered,
    the further they pulled me
    from my own body.
    With every exhale
    I felt my cells turn into atoms
    'til I fell dizzy
    with dread in the cornfields-
    and I felt her
    coming closer still.
    I had no head to preserve,
    no body to protect-
    my veins screamed to run but my bones
    never moved,
    cries dissipated in the wind-
    catatonic until she covered me,
    looming high above
    like a hellish ray of sun;
    her phlegmatic gaze
    set me on fire,
    burning my mind with the flames
    of a billion torturous truths.
    She finally closed in
    and the nightmare took over;
    my vision faded to black
    as I seemed to reach
    a brief moment of clarity-
    The lady in red was a lookalike,
    and there would be no mercy
    from this monster
    who had the same face as me.
    She stole a look into my soul
    and smiled
    as she siphoned it for herself,
    leaving me
    a barely breathing, frozen husk
    on the dark side of the forest
    at the foot of an old
    and rotted barn-
    and I can see myself
    walking away now,
    across the road."

    We're in the final few days of spooky season now �� and I am trying to hold on to the vibes for a little longer ��������
    #pod #poem #ghost #story #narrative #halloween @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Lady in Red
    (Ghost Story)

    I spotted the lady in red
    at dawn...

  • sullen_sage 24w

    (Those Who Know)

    Do you know what tends to go, buh-bumping, in the night? The heavy mass what creaks the slats, the eyes which conjure fright?

    Do you know what seems to speak through fingers on a glass? The psychic spy what reads the mind and drains your essence fast?

    It may be so that you would know, the thing beneath your bed, with taloned claws and razors jawed for ripping flesh to shreds..

    Well if you don't still rightly know
    The creatures absent light,
    The ones you can't imagine yet, the one's evading sight, these gentle words of wisdom might assist to set you right,

    Those who know of beasts below,
    Those who know, those who know,
    Those who know would never go,
    Disturbing silent nights.

    #halloween #monsters #demons #ouijaboards
    ��������☠️ @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Those who know of beasts below,
    Those who know, those who know,
    Those who know would never go,
    Disturbing silent nights.


  • anetita 24w

    Thank you, kindly, for the reposts! It's such a pleasure to share my work with so many other talented individuals on here. ❤

    #poem #poetry #creepy #halloween #sleepparalysis #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Sleep Demons

    While I succumbed to a solitary slumber,
    Senses now warn me that company looms.
    Something observes me intently from the corner of the room.

    Eyelids sealed, I see nothing but black,
    While every hair stands raised on the back of my neck.
    Mouth sewn shut, I couldn't scream if I tried.
    "You need to wake up!" my panicked heart cries.
    No movement in my muscles, I lay chained to the bed,
    Praying for mercy from this unwelcome guest.
    Goosebumps dot my flesh as darkness dances before me,
    My body held hostage in this homespun horror story.
    Breaths turning shallow, my throat constricts.
    The entity comes closer. Alarm bells ring.
    I lie numb. Helpless. Unbearable weight crushes my chest,
    As the demon draws me into its famed devil's den.

    Its presence proliferates, feasting on fear.
    Perched beside me, merely an inch from my ear,
    Violently, it whispers, "You are trapped down here."


  • bluemoonlight44 24w

    My story

    My mother told me not to play with magic
    But I didn't learn
    I cast a spell once or twice before I even know that I had the power to change my future
    People started being distance with me before I even know time will tell
    Mother and father stated to worry about me they loved me for all the years that I can remember before I could walk the earth with one single word
    People started an angry mob outside my home
    Before father and mother yelling back saying what if it was your own child that made spells from scratch and disappeared at nights when your worried for they're safety would you do what I'm doing protecting them before it's to late
    I had to protect my own family from an young age I had to fight the bloodest battles when my family was counting on me I use my spells for good
    A new moon has risen in the western side some day will be different nobody will harm us no more
    My mother told me not to play with magic
    But I didn't learn
    I cast a spell once or twice before I even know that I had the power to change my future
    People started being distance with me before I even know time will tell

    © Bluemoonlight44