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  • sikdar 3d

    Addict with a pen, aye?
    #blunders #guilt #thought #pain

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    As the sun surrendered to the night,
    Darkness overwhelmed the sky.
    Orion ruling it like a tyrant.
    As the moon paves it way and reaches zenith.
    Some demons creep up my bed, into my head.
    These demons are ruthless.
    As I wonder around my memory lane,
    These creatures swamp my heads.
    Sinful thought of utter agony,
    Groped my minds as if a creeper to it’s host.
    Narked notion of ill beauty persisted for a beat.
    My mind resentful and ugliest.
    Hated myself for being me.
    Turning into one I have been running from.
    The home I craved for and I myself flaming it to ashes.
    My mind playing tricks now, my heart follows.
    Flooding with dopamine but of sickening thought.
    My mind’s not empty but it’s a devils home ground!!!!

  • rasberry 2w

    You can't feel the pain of a heartbreak untill it happens to you....

  • angeldollmarie 2w

    Guilt,gone never to be missed

    GUILT has been a part of my life for quite some time. In fact, he was born right about the same time I started to understand life. Our relationship grew a bit more casual than I ever thought possible. He followed me throughout my life, influencing every decision.

    He was there when I didn't get As on a test. He was there to remind me of my imperfections as a human through out my childhood. He hovered above me as soon as I held my baby in my arms reminding me that I was selfish for being so anxious. He scolded me when I refused to take on an extra 12 hour shift on top of my 40 hour week. His condescending glare, whenever I said no to someone, burned holes into my soul. He even encouraged me to overextend myself when I had no give left. His most significant moment in my life was convincing me that I deserved the toxicity of the worst relationship I have ever been in. He really knew how to paint a picture in my mind.

    A few days ago, he got into a scuffle with self-love. That altercation was to be his last.

    His brothers self-loath, anxiety and self-doubt preceded him in death. He leaves behind scars that will heal with time, self love and a new appreciation for the freedom of choice.

    He will be remembered but the time has come to bid him adieu. Farewell Guilt, you were a worthy opponent.

  • distilled_thoughts 2w


    With shining bars self-made,
    I wrought a cage
    Round my heart,
    Binding myself in.

    The crime was not grave,
    Not even worth discussing,
    Pardon came easily,
    Yet, my imprisoned heart
    Prefered it's cage.

    There inside, in an exile of
    My heart spent days and nights,
    Adding flaming rods of self loathe,
    Fortifying my prison.

    A clear blue sky,
    Inviting me to spread my wings
    Lay abandoned, ignored,
    While I languished in a cage
    Shining bright with my guilt.

    Today, I've decided,
    To break free at last,
    After years spent on bondage,
    I break out of that stygian gaol.

    One by one, I tear apart
    The bars that stood around me,
    Self loathing, self pity,
    Worthlessness, all shatter,
    As I decide to break free, at last.

    As I flap my new found wings,
    I turn back one last time,
    There lies the remains,
    Debris of my gilded cage - shattered.


    #stygianc #guilt #free #cage #prisoner #heart
    #ceesreposts #reposts

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    Guilt, my Gilded Cage


  • shreya_seth 2w

    अपने नाम की इमारतें खड़ी कर दी है
    अब और क्या दिखाई दे।
    जिनकी वजह से तुम सुरक्षित हो,
    उनकी चीखे भी ना सुनाई दे?

    #शहीद #sorrow #guilt #administration #manegment @hindiwriters @writersnetwork @hindinama #hindiwriter #writersnetwork #hindinama

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    ज़ख्मी के ठीक होने की कामना करते हो।
    इनकी सुरक्षा के लिए क्या करते हो?
    एक बुलेटप्रूफ जैकेट तुम दे ना पाए।
    बस सहानभूति वाले ट्वीट किया करते हो।

    कितने ही घर का लाल, अब शहीद बोला जाएगा।
    फिर उसको चंद पैसों में तोला जाएगा।
    इससे ज्यादा उम्मीद हम करते भी नहीं।
    4 दिन की राजनीति, फिर वो भी भुला दिया जाएगा।

  • witchwithwords 2w

    2-4-21 ~9:50 AM ��

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    He sings a song of sorry and guilt
    I could scream stories of grief.

    I ' M A F R A I D ,

    His songs would rain the tulips
    on my tombstone
    But my scream will end the world!

    ~WWW | Sorry and Scream.

  • zainab_saeed 3w

    So, this was a spur of the moment kind of poem about ✨feelings✨


    This emptiness inside my chest
    Plagues me—suffocating tendrils of bitter desolation
    Crawl up my oesophagus—
    Forgive me,
    I had left you too soon.
    I know now I am my own regret.
    I am my own mistakes.

    Sweet Tragedy of mine,
    I cannot breathe with this hole
    Between my ribs
    As I drown beneath this cascade
    Of salty tears and bitter words
    I can never say out loud
    So I say them here:
    I miss you.
    I miss you.
    I miss you...

    I'm sorry,
    I gave up too soon.
    I am my own guilt.
    I am my own sorrows and despair.

    Would you hate me
    If I wrote you this letter, spelt my guilt
    Across white paper and smeared ink,
    And told you, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    I miss you. I'm sorry."

    Would you hate me
    If I said nothing at all?


    Tis late, but I hath been inspired. Here's the result of that.

    #poetry #guilt #regret #loveletters

    Image: Pinterest

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    Sweet Tragedy of mine,

    do you hate me?


  • bisola_ajayi 4w

    Could not
    Say 'no'
    I loved him
    Could not
    Say 'no'
    He duped me


  • precisel_unheard 4w

    Stained portrait

    I tainted her beautiful
    portrait of love
    with a stain of guilt

  • truthkeeper 6w


    for i had a flair for failure
    that estranged me from the high
    i grappled with fear
    manifold perjuries of mine
    jostled me down
    brandishing guilt at me
    vanishing the valor
    emanating rampant laments
    pain hard to elucidate
    made me its vessel
    unravelling the mysteries


  • conflicted_ 6w

    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Two little demons called guilt and regret whisper in my ears, to look back,
    I can't look back cause I know if I turn back I'd fall down and if I fall,
    would it be like a pack of cards or dominoes,
    Either ways my wings weigh,
    And I can't see ahead cause it's uncertain,
    It feels like there's more than gravity,
    That's certain,
    pulling me down,
    all the people who I once looked up to or looked for,
    I can't look back, no way,
    Neither could I see or know what's ahead,
    'Close my eyes, o lover,
    Make me walk above the clouds,
    Make me reach the stars above,
    take me higher,
    Hold my wings, o mother,
    I'll keep you safe till the last of my breath...'
    Incomplete piece.
    Let's see if I could complete this later or if anyone of you could, that'd be great.
    #vent #rant #demons #walk #mother #wings #fall #hope #guilt #regret #uncertainty #shame

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    It feels like I'm walking on a tight rope,
    I can't see but
    I can feel the tension that lies in my hope,
    My mother, I keep her safest above my arms,on my wings..
    My allies on my shoulders and
    My lover lies like a crown on my horns,
    while I walk this test,is this a
    Walk of shame or a leap of faith?
    Continued in the caption.

  • battleofminds 6w

    Guilt is such a useless emotion.

  • tulipkaira 6w

    Guilt and regrets

    We always thought how much pain people put us through........
    But I just realised that the anger we carry are the result of guilt and regrets that the pain we put people through.......

    © Kairatulip

  • girlnextdoor477 7w

    How did it get to this ?

    Laughter. Joy. Commitment. Perfection.
    I love this man, how did I get so lucky?

    Overdue bills. No shows at work. Missed calls.
    There’s always a reasonable explanation for all of this. I thought I got him to pay that bill, maybe I forgot to tell him.

    Anger. Annoyed. Controlling.
    Silly me, I walked into a door….and a table….and his fist but I shouldn’t have made him angry. Its not as bad as it sounds, it was really my fault.

    Guilt. Depression. Sadness.
    Why am I like this? I always fuck up one way or another. I miss how things use to be, I miss him.
    Missing for long period of times. Phone is off. No one knows where you are.

    Pain. Humiliation. Put down.
    I question you and where you’ve been. Rumours are going around and your boss…my dad, hasn’t seen you at work for days, he asks if everything is okay at home because he’s getting friendly with girls at work and being inappropriate. I reassure him everything is okay , but it’s not.

    Have you ever seen a wild dog cornered? They become aggressive, growling, and snarling just waiting for his chance to snap at you to get away or if it thinks it could overpower you, he will.

    Well, when he came back it went like that.

    Next thing I knew I was sitting in the back of our closet crying, cowering, putting my face between my legs and covering my head.
    He made it seem like he was doing me the favor of being with me.
    How did I believe it ?
    “ You’re worthless, no one wants you, I don’t even want you but yet here I am. You’re so controlling and nosy. I’m going out with friends and MAYBE I will come back home but who knows maybe I’ll go fuck whoever I want”. It wasn’t a job complete until you completely crushed me, you wanted me to feel exactly how you made me look.

    Fighting to be with him changed into fighting to get away from him.

    How did broken promises turn into broken bones.

    How did it get to this?

  • loftydreams101 7w

    Caught in their Gleaming and Merciful Stares

    I’m still their frightened son
    Age twelve
    In the rustling trees
    Behind grandmother’s house
    Where Georgia would sing
    Forcing twilight to blush,
    Feasting and thriving
    On the wails of forefathers
    I’m still the boiling brat
    On the edge of nineteen
    Bursting with light
    Swallowed whole by tomorrow
    By a desolate dream
    Despite the faithful villains
    That live in my shadow
    All the evils I reap
    Flee the lights in their eyes

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr

  • sayen_writings 7w

    I think there are many others who feel the same and realised that they were not bad after all.
    #guilt #guilty @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    I was in guilt, for all the pain and sufferings,
    Sad and sobbing I blamed myself for it,
    In the heat I was burning alone,
    And yet was cold hearted,
    I pushed myself away from every moment,
    Covering in shadow, I was feeling hollow,
    In confusion I accept all the bad deeds I regret,
    I wasn't part in some of them but convinced me that I'm,
    In anger, frustration I'm turning away from everyone,
    Living alone was the only option for me,
    For years I was in this burning guilt,
    But I realize that I'm not,
    Just a small part of it....

  • cynba_writes 8w

    Shortcuts in life
    are a path
    taken for guilty pleasures

  • feflourflowers 8w

    Does it ever

    Does is ever hurt not to be seen

    Does it every hurt when you have to tell a lie

    Does it ever hurt when the truth is said about you

    Does it ever hurt when you love and that person doesn't love you back

    How does it feel in general to get hurt

    When you know you did this just for the liking of someone else be honest how does it feel

    Well for a second those feelings disappear because your no longer hurt.

    Getting hurt ,hurts a lot.

  • ashwinraja 9w

    I tried and failed.. It’s alright.
    What if I cheated and succeeded ?
    The guilt would have killed me.


  • crazyintellectual 9w

    Your silence is killing me more than
    my confession of guilt.