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  • julie__ 29w

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    I feel the warmth upon my face as I enter the land of God's good grace,
    Friends and loved ones gone before, waiting here beyond the door.
    With open arms they welcome me, amazement in my eyes they see.
    They look so well and at their best, beauty beholds them now they rest.

    I walk across the grass so green, the greenest grass I've ever seen,
    I jump and skip and bounce on air, it's almost like there's nothing there.
    A sky of blue, not a cloud in sight, perpetual day no darkest night.
    Every flower is in full bloom, undefined colours of every hue.

    The streams and rivers crystal clear, no rubbish or decay found here.
    The sea is calm and turquoise blue, I long to test it, wouldn't you?
    The softest sand beneath my feet, at the water's edge where they both meet.
    The warmest waters gently flow, bathing me from head to toe.

    A city built of alabaster walls, where translucent light illuminates the halls.
    Theatres of music and concerts too, magnificent galleries for all to view.
    Amazing sights for me to see, I just wander in, there's no entrance fee.
    Libraries stacked with books galore, history, science and many more.

    The celestial sun does forever shine, it's a perfect temperature all the time.
    Orchards here overflow with fruit, a taste in itself that is quite exquisite.
    I'm told it will help my soul to restore, pick what I like, there is plenty more.
    This ethereal plain is a pure delight, it's my new home, my God given right.

    There is nothing here to cause me fear, the Lord protects within his sphere.
    An infinity of perfect peace, from the toils of earth I am now released.
    I have landed on a higher realm, in perfect harmony to forever dwell.
    So believe when I tell you my dear friends, you cannot die, life never ends.

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    " Through the ashes,
    Fallen in heaven. "

  • word_peace 31w


    Love is my religion.
    And you are my guardian angel❤️

  • thefloatingverse 33w

    She evades my mind;
    Even as she lays in front of me weeping.
    I yearn to erase those signs of her despair,
    But alas forgive me love, my shortcomings restrict me;
    I'm only a soul without a form to take,
    Not seen, nor heard, just recalled sometimes on a varied assortment of days.
    The composer to my heartstrings crumbles there, just a few inches afore me,
    Her hands grazing over my photo since the day I left.
    Agonizingly I can do nothing but hopelessly stare
    After all what I am, comes with rules obeyed by all deites and realms.
    At least once everyone has wondered,
    Where does one go when they have exhausted their mortality
    And so here I'm to answer your question,
    Death comes like a long awaited old foe,
    It greets you and takes you for tea while you anxiously wait for what comes next
    Though dismal your soul, you can't help but ponder
    Will the antagonist of every life ever, take you to the haven his twin oversees,
    Or will the sadist keep you for themselves to add to their anthology of sinners
    Sipping his tea in a poise only the grim reaper can master
    He smiles devilishly and breaks the news
    That everything you ever conjured about death in your finite imagination was not a bit true.
    Voice flowing like sweet poison, deadliest of them all
    Wisdom dripping with each word the ancient one says
    "Now that you're no longer burdened by the notion of existence,
    I shall tell you the enigma of afterlife.
    Listen clearly and swallow the truth I bestow upon you,
    As you exit from the lives of your loved ones, in charge of their survival you will be, Choose one for once and all; So for eternity their guardian archangel you would be.
    You will see them, You'll hear them
    However they won't know your presence in the slightest bit.
    You will be there every second of every passing day,
    Their shadow you shall be, concern of yours will only be their life's longevity
    Furthermore if you dare misuse your might, stripped of them, you'll beg for mercy
    So Child beware not to expose your presence nor try to reach what isn't within your limits.
    I must now tell you this sincerely,
    If limits are crossed, you will be banished to my personal care
    And then you will never meet in eternity as the original script entails.
    The foreboding moment is now here, tell me which one you'll choose
    The dearest of your dears."
    And for a moment I had a choice to make,
    But my conflict resolved when I remembered mum was there for dad as well.
    At that thought a smile sprung up on my lips,
    Though soon vanished when the devil broke my hopes
    "No, you can't meet her," he said answering my thoughts, " Your mother and you will reunite only after you've both fulfilled your jobs"
    That's alright I thought at once ,we've got time and the wait is a whole lot of worth.
    The answer was clear as I determinedly looked at him,with a smile I announced
    "I'll protect her, the bearer of my promises of eternal love, till the sun sets on her time on earth and to the time she's ready to join me,
    In the place where the Sun and the moon share the same space
    Where we could start eternity together and never to separate again."
    And then as I finish those words, I'm spiralling downwards to the place I belonged
    As I look up, I see her, silently whispering in her ear,
    'I kept my promises of loving you till my last breath , now it's time I promise you forever and ever again'
    And so I became her guardian spirit, her being so close to fingers but farther than lightyears it feels
    Its a bittersweet circumstance,
    Seeing her all the while, knowing someday we'll encounter again
    Instead of the goodbye I never got to say, I'll sing her songs of infinity
    But Knowing that someday he'll come for her just as he did for me
    And then I'll fail at my commands and he'll take her where time's not a thing.
    We'll be together and thats a hell of an epilogue
    But there's something alluring about impermanence of humanity
    That I'll always regret not spending with her and the memories that never got to be.

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  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 43w

    I dedicate this post to my father❤
    and all the fathers
    of daughters who treats their daughters
    as free spirits and whole humans
    allowing the freedom
    to be themselves in all their rights.

    Mostly its seen as well as experienced
    The very society is full of inhibiting weeds
    throwing their so called norms of do's and don'ts
    for being a daughter and being a daughter's father

    To every father and fatherly figures
    who stands apart from such ignorant crowd
    to support their daughters' freedom

    Rounds of applause unto them��

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    He carried me within his consciousness
    since he came to know
    I would be coming unto his life

    And when I came into his world,
    his love started growing in strides

    As a gardener he kept taking care of me
    from a bud to turn into a flower

    He didn't solved my maths homeworks
    But yeah he did prepared my English notes

    Everytime I needed one pencil
    he brought for me a bunch more

    He brought for me dolls
    He treats me as his little doll always

    He always accompanied me to places
    when I couldn't go on my own

    And He let me go out on my own
    when I grew up

    He kept checking on my safety
    when I was out from home

    When I went outstations for studies
    I was time and again on cellphone
    and friends would teased me as
    who's that crazy boyfriend

    That's my dad and he's like that

    Everytime caring for me
    Am I back home
    Did I ate proper
    That's his only concern

    When I don't feel well,
    He comes to put his hand upon my forehead
    to check my temperature and then
    he would bring lines of home ready
    to make me consume


    Anytime I wish for sweets and
    he would bring a bunch more of it

    I would say Dad I need this
    Even if he sometimes scolds
    yet he would bring for me that

    Sometimes it's a human thing
    that we have had and do have
    our ideological differences

    Yet whatever I wished
    he allowed me to my free will

    That's the freedom
    he gifted me always

    In the long run
    I find him always standing as
    mine caring and supportive shield

    Being loving in real to me

    Letting me be myself
    unbounded and free

    That's the first man of my heart

    My caretaker

    My guardian angel

    My father

    My superhero

    I love you Bapi


  • eniarahblack 54w


    You picked me from the claws of destruction and led me through a tunnel of light.
    You were born with the heart of an infant forever compassionate and pure.
    You mentor me through the journey of life and led me to a throne of bliss.
    I found myself when you found me and in you I found home.

    Dedicated to my parents:
    Janet and Julius Boyi

  • signedbysquiggle 58w

    #family #love #loss #grief #comfort #guardianangel
    This started out as a poem but it evolved as I wrote. I thought I would make Granddad's note rhyme and flow like a poem but the main bulk just be written as a story.
    This is something I think we can all relate to in some way. Grief and loss is a traumatic and awful thing to face. There is no time limit on grief and no set way to get through it. We may never full get over the loss but we can learn to live our lives in their memory.

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    Just reach out your hand

    Jessie and her Granddad were the best of friends. They laughed and played and sang all day. Jessie would hold Granddad's hand and he would hold her heart. Granddad would give the best hugs and Jessie felt so very safe and warm. He gave advice, he led the way and taught the best lessons Jessie would ever learn.
    He was Granddad, he was BFF, he was a teacher, he was a guide to life. Jessie thought he would always be there, for a chat, for a laugh or to gold her tight and tell her everything will be ok. She couldn't imagine life without her Granddad, he was everything she needed, her hero!
    As Jessie grew older, so did Granddad and Jessie noticed he was slowing down. Grandad became more and more unwell, in his time of need Jessie spent time looking after him. As greatly as Granddad had cared for her and comforted her throughout her childhood. Now she would do the same for him.
    Until one day, as she sat by his side holding his hand as she had so many times before. He slipped away slowly, quietly and peacefully into that eternal sleep.
    Granddad was gone and Jessie was lost without her best friend. She felt there was nobody left to hold her hand. To hug her and lead the way. Where should she go? What should she do? Who would be her guiding light?
    Granddad had taught her so many things but living life without him was not one of them. Just when Jessie felt her most lost, as she slowly and solemnly cleaned out her Granddad's home. Emptying the precious place which held so many memories and had been the scene of some of her most treasured moments. A place, now so quiet and cold.
    She came across a small wooden box she had never seen before. On the lid had been lovingly placed a photograph she had long forgotten of her as a child sat on Granddad's lap. He was holding her tight and they both smiled from ear to ear. Inside were a number of trinkets and keepsakes from her life. A bracelet she had long since outgrown, train and bus tickets from some of her favourite trips and even more photos. At the bottom was a folded piece of paper, she recognised her Granddad's handwriting as she unfolded it. She sat down in her favourite chair and began to read, just like the many times as a child she had sat in the very same chair, climbing into Granddad's lap with one of her treasured story books and he read to her...

    My dearest, darling Jessie, I love you more than words can say.
    You've been my world, my all in all and I would not change a single day.
    I've held your hand and hugged you tight, I've guided you along the right path.
    We've shared so many laughs and great times, if anyone dared upset you they would feel my wrath!
    Now let me tell you what you have meant to me.
    You've helped me live my life, you were MY guiding light!
    You've shown me love, you've shown me fun and ever day has been a delight.
    Please try not to be too sad and don't ever feel alone, you will always have me by your side.
    If ever you're lost and feel stuck in one spot. Just reach out your hand, I will hold it tight, I will be your guide.
    All my love always and forever, just like you always had.
    Your guardian angel,
    Granddad xxxxx


  • mehak_vishwakarma 76w


    I don't know how you feel about guardian angels and stuff like destiny and more so I can't say if it's fictional or not. Personally I do believe in that a superior power do exists. Enjoy the lines...

    _MY GUARDIAN ANGEL- a story about spiritual power_

    It was a dark night
    Moonlight was shining bright
    My bed sheet wad held tight
    I had a secret fright
    I wanted to switch on the light
    But I didn't wanted to enable my sight
    To open my eyes I had full right
    But to my conscience I felt something not felt right

    I wasn't scared of darkness, but somewhere I was
    Something may happen to me and become my wound's secret cause
    I gathered courage and sat up feeling kinda engrossed
    I saw a lady in all white...and I stared her in shock
    The sight was scary but the vibes was not
    I wanted to know the purpose so I asked her what it was
    She shivered and haunched...and smiled
    She told me,"Am the guardian angel and you are mine!"
    I screamed,"SO AM I DEAD!"..chills ran through my spine
    She replied," no dear..calm down..I'll explain the purpose of mine..
    She told me the words I always wanted to hear
    If I conclude..she is my guardian angel along with the secret keeper before I share

    That night I got to know a secret never told before
    I got to know, no matter what, you never walk alone
    There is a superior power attached to us..unknown
    For them we are the kings who already has his throne
    This might seem unusual but is the powerful reality
    Always guiding us to our destinations is its speciality
    This spirit helps us not to have regrets or feeling of guilt
    This has the power of making us have superior mighty
    We all are here to create our destiny
    Somethings might be pre decided but what we'll create will last beyond infinity~

    -Mehak Vishwakarma

    PS:It may seem different ...
    I mean the last para might seem to be totally different from the 1st 2 paras but it is slightly connected..

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    _ Guardian Angel _

    She loves you the way you are
    She is always beside you
    To many of the people...
    The presence is yet to be felt

  • rantings_of_a_distressed_soul 86w

    I don't need a guardian angel as long as I know the Moon is keeping watch over me ❣️

  • chimera_spells 95w

    Visit me, will you?

    You've been gone too long.
    Busy in your new abode, perhaps...
    Pay me a visit; I'm anxious;
    I need to speak with you again.
    The last time you frequented my dreams,
    I stayed sane and sober for weeks.
    Your words were like
    a mandatory dose of wisdom,
    showing me the mirror,
    inspiring me to not give up,
    asking me to mend my broken cup
    before I pour any love...
    Those words still reverberate in my ears,
    and to them, I hold dear,
    but that's not enough...
    Too bad, I can't just summon you
    in my lucid dreams,
    in a snap, on my whims.
    But, you're whimsical too
    or maybe just struggling, I guess,
    to transcend the boundaries of heaven
    for finding an egress.


  • chimera_spells 96w

    Let me be your conscience

    When you can't decide whether
    to hold on or to let go,
    When you want to express
    but can't find the right words,
    When you get lost
    in the intricacies of life
    That the bigger picture gets blurred
    and you're losing your mind,
    Just call me once, and I'll be there,
    There, to sort it all for you;
    Let me be your angel, your saviour;
    Let me be your conscience anew.


  • saumya_ 107w


    I think,
    You are my Angel,
    In disguise.
    Sent by God
    To keep me sane,
    As I fall and rise.

  • mariateresa 115w

    Tonight as I gazed up upon the stars, a deep purple vision presented itself growing out of the brightest star in the sky. It was a phenomenally powerful experience. When guardian angel's appear in different colors, purple signifies mercy and transformation. The Universe's sign to me that I am on the right path and all my wildest dreams are about to come true. Keep believing, manifesting all I desire into my world. Something big is on the horizon ��

    #stars #angels #guardianangel #madewords#empathsbelike#empath
    #spilledink#mylifeasanempath #writings#writinglife
    #creativewriter#poems#poetry #lovewriting
    #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram

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    Star's light

    Gazing up upon its light suddenly twinkling and so bright
    At first I thought my eyes had been deceived
    As it unfolds growing ever wider, rose petals drawing from all sides now
    Then the wings did so appear as my heart felt so warm, shedding all fear
    Bold and beautiful bathed in deep purple
    The universe has come full circle
    Giving me a peek inside
    My guardian angel's all knowing eyes

  • kp_singh 122w

    एक मां ही है जिसके लब्बो पे कोई शिकायत कभी नहीं आती,
    दुनिया कितनी भी बदल जाए, इस रिश्ते में मिलावट कभी नहीं आती!
    घर से निकलने से पहले जो मां का आशीर्वाद लेता है,
    सुना है उसके रास्ते में रुकावट कभी नहीं आती!
    वो चुप चाप रह कर सभी तकलीफ सहती है,
    मां के चेहरे पर थकावट कभी नहीं आती!
    वो साथ देती है हमारा हर हार जीत में,
    हमारे बुरे दौर में भी मां के प्यार में गिरावट कभी नहीं आती!

    Only mother is the one whose lips don't know how to complain,
    No matter how much this world changes, this relation always remains pure!
    Who takes the mother's blessings before Leaving home,
    I've heard he never face any obstacles in his path!
    She silently bears all the pain,
    The Mother's face shows no sign of tiredness ever!
    She remains with us during our defeat and victory,
    Even during our worst time, there's no decline in mother's love! -kp©2019

    #kpspoetry #kpsauotes #mother'slove #mother #purelove #motherhood #godonearth #guardianangel #quote #stories #qotd #quoteoftheday #wordporn #quotestagram #wordswag #wordsofwisdom #inspirationalquotes #writeaway #thoughts #poetry #instawriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub

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    एक मां ही है जिसके लब्बो पे कोई शिकायत कभी नहीं आती,
    दुनिया कितनी भी बदल जाए, इस रिश्ते में मिलावट कभी नहीं आती!
    घर से निकलने से पहले जो मां का आशीर्वाद लेता है,
    सुना है उसके रास्ते में रुकावट कभी नहीं आती!
    वो चुप चाप रह कर सभी तकलीफ सहती है,
    मां के चेहरे पर थकावट कभी नहीं आती!
    वो साथ देती है हमारा हर हार जीत में,
    हमारे बुरे दौर में भी मां के प्यार में गिरावट कभी नहीं आती!

    Only mother is the one whose lips don't know how to complain,
    No matter how much this world changes, this relation always remains pure!
    Who takes the mother's blessings before Leaving home,
    I've heard he never face any obstacles in his path!
    She silently bears all the pain,
    The Mother's face shows no sign of tiredness ever!
    She remains with us during our defeat and victory,
    Even during our worst time, there's no decline in mother's love!

  • vedaaa 124w


    Oh my foolish little brain,
    Why did you allow heart to rain
    Warmth, Love and what-so-not
    On that woman, spoilt and rot!

    Are you appreciating this 'Holy sin'?
    See Heart's shady grin!
    Now irony will have a laugh,
    When heart will have internal wars, that duff!

    Why I chose to have a sister?
    Not by blood, by her words: Blistered.
    My faith, my love, my hopes? She broke.
    When Time told me of the lies she told.

    She needs to hear words screaming hurt.
    Find me a dictionary! What is the worst word?

    She pulled the string that'd hurt me the most.
    C'mon darling! It's not a sister's job.
    She broke my trust. She broke my hopes.
    But I loved her with depths, I can't elope.

    Dear Time, oh mighty, you've been ruthless
    On that heart which the sister calls worthless.
    Can I read the sacred texts
    Where it's written to kill who loves you the best?

    My sister, my Guardian Angel, you were once my Pride
    Until you left me teary-eyed.

    I wish to scratch my skin, cut my wrist.
    Hurt every part touched by you. Pain must exist.
    Yet cuts, scars, bruises will only result
    In self harm- That crime! That assault!

    Sister, why you brought me the cloudy nights?
    Aren't we supposed to be each other's Knights?

  • soul2ink 125w

    Me & Star

    I'm walking with nowhere to go. One foot infront of the other trying not to think, focused on my breathing as the cold air escapes my tortured soul. Alone in the middle of a field I pause. No more walking just stuck in the moment like that light in the sky that seems to stalk me everywhere I go. Hello friend, is it me you're looking for? Lol but really who are you? I know you see me. Are you God? Or are you my true home and is this why I feel so calm when I look at you? Thank you for shining down on me in this darkness so that I have enough light to write this. I know you can hear me and I don't even need to speak. You're always there even when I can't see you like a ghost in the daylight. My guardian dare I say angle, so far but so close to my heart I can feel you beating in the distance. You're beautiful my star and for this moment I feel no pain because I'm lost in your existence.

  • lifediariesndreams 134w

    Far away...

    Far away in the clouds,
    I see you singing with the stars,
    Your smile shining up there so bright,
    It reaches me through every ray of sunlight!!
    Those eyes sparkling with glee,
    Makes my heart skip a beat,
    Up there someone must be recieving a pat on a back
    Or a lovely advice treat!!
    I weave my emotions around each vibe,
    And send them to you every day,
    You are my guardian angel forever,
    And forever you shall stay!!!

  • embodiedlove 143w

    My Guardian Angel

    Today, I remember you
    Just like I do everyday
    I remember you in songs I sing
    And the breeze that touches my skin.

    I miss you and it doesn't get easier
    I wish I could lie about feeling better
    Because I still miss you and the laughter
    And all the days we shared together.

    If only I could turn the hands of time,
    I'd go back to the day I first called you mine.
    For on that day, all the promises were sweet
    And everyday that followed seemed the first we've met.

    That's how you made me feel, my love.
    I could never have asked for anything to have
    But a day with you I could spend
    To share a dance to a song that won't end.

    And as I remember you today,
    I painted a smile to go your way
    I know someday, we'll be together again
    I'll wait for that day, my guardian angel.


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  • romen81 148w

    As, I watch your silhouette, in the moon's glow,
    your eyebrows supine, like a river's flow,
    I whisper, squeezing softly, your hands in mine
    "Darling we are going to be, just fine."

  • tracyb 152w

    Independent spirit

    Here i am all alone, dragging my feet in the mud. The struggle is real, free me, so I can feel loved. Loved by the universe, loved by my father, loved by the wind that passes and caresses me like my mother. I'm still at the beginning, I've only just begun, but this storm is a brewing, look, look down the road it comes. I want to be independent, but I do need some help, I do need your guidance so I can avoid hell. I want to show you that I can be strong, but I know that with out you things could go wrong. I try, and try again.. my laces are undone that's why I keep tripping over the moon into the sun. This is why I need your hand, you give me wings and tell me to jump. I'm scared, I scurry in circles I'm pacing in fright. You look at me gently, with loves smile, you say son let go and look, you're already in flight.