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  • anne_verse 3w

    Under the blanket of the night sky,
    The little sparkles of hope scattered in the darkness,
    Illuminated my cold night.

    It all began with one tug of why,
    Then trailed into an echo of uncertainties of what ifs, the surge of emotions gathered, drowning my logic of reality. It clouded my vision and brought me to the black hole of truth.

    The truth of pain and misery that's been there all along, that I cant escape, I cant hide from and run away from it.

    Yes, it is there,
    It exists,
    It calls itself uninvited,
    It traps you,.confuses you,
    But it gives you choice
    So, what is your choice?


  • anne_verse 7w

    Hello Dear!

    I pray that you'd finally feel the warmth of the morning sun hugging your skin,
    More than the coldness of death in your soul,
    I pray you'd finally wake up loving the hues
    More than the intensity of your blues

    My dear!
    I hope you'd finally feel the love of life
    Presenting itself in every beat of your heart
    Love! I hope you'd finally see your smile more than the strife
    I hope this time you'd treasure the lessons and not your hurts

    This time my dear, I pray that you'd grow more into loving yourself
    This time, you'd see more of your self worth
    More than others worth
    This time, you'd blossom not only in spring time but with resilience your beauty sparkles in winter time
    This time you can walk Freely, strong and more beautiful all by yourself.

    My dear this time!
    Is your time!