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  • moleundertheye 2w


    I see myself
    these days
    It's been so hard
    My emotions keep
    fluctuating like my

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    I want to believe myself
    Keep trying keep going
    But I don't know if it's worth it
    In the daytime I'm happy
    As the night approaches
    My state of mind glooms

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    It pains so much
    How do I even stop it?
    When I don't even know
    Why it starts..
    I keep crying for no reason
    And yet I hope

    And yet I hope
    I will heal
    I am healing
    But it always fades
    I don't know if I am healing
    Or just lying to myself

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    I say I will change
    But I keep going back
    I see I'm better than before
    But is it enough to make it?

    I try to live but am I living
    What is this spiral
    It keeps happening
    Am I afraid of feeling
    Or do I feel too much?
    Or am I just numb?

    These tears, they just flow
    as if waiting to roll down
    the moment I'm alone
    I'm not even alone honestly
    Just lonely
    Lonely around people

    They say I should trust them
    How can I
    When they can't see
    Me crying right beside them
    As if I don't exist

    People tell me I
    should tell them how I feel
    How should I when
    I don't even know how I feel

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

  • angelssymphony 3w

    Little Pieces of Life

    She had pain in her eyes, but no one ever knew because she hid it with a smile.
    She wiped away tears with her dirty shirt.
    She was her only friend walking in her own direction with no end.
    She could see that every day she turned a new leaf to find that the rose that she was given grows a new thorn every day she was given and it poked her in the heart and made her bleed.

  • angelssymphony 3w


    I was seeing clear for a little while, but sometimes I lose my sight.
    Doubts try to cloud my mind.
    But they can't get in this time.
    I built a wall just for them, with a gate so I can leave, so they can try, and try, but they still won't get in.
    Oh no, how did that one get in?
    I must've forgotten to lock the gate when I wondered off again.
    A doubt must have followed me in.
    But I have no room for it.
    Toss out that doubt, and don't forget to lock the gate.

  • charfire_m 4w

    303 am 100% mothers inside charging
    I feel at my lowest level, I feel like I know I have to use this time to really see who I am and what I want, I can get their; You're only as strong as your weakness link.
    305 a.m. 100%

  • in_fragments 6w

    "I know how the flowers feel
    on sunny spring mornings
    as they reach their stiff stems up
    as close to the clouds as they can get,
    opening up their skin to receive
    the potent warmth of synergetic sunlight.
    They eagerly unfurl for it
    and bask in the unabashed delight
    of its nutrients, never taking
    too much or too little,
    always ecstatically absorbing
    exactly what they need.
    They notice not
    the passing of cold clocks,
    they live only to wake up, to grow openly
    and make electrifying love
    to the sun.

    I stretch out my body
    like the flowers do,
    holding open palms up to the sky,
    letting the heat and brightness graze
    every cut and scar,
    every hidden section of skin.
    I allow them to dry my tears
    and soften my frozen bones,
    releasing lashings of massive tension-
    I let out a receptive sigh as my anxieties
    evaporate on sun beams."

    Most of the time I hide away in the dark. This spring I want to change that. More sunflowers and bees in my life.
    #pod #poem #spring #flowers #growing #life @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I Know How The Flowers Feel

    I know how the flowers feel
    on sunny spring mornings...

  • hersilenteyes 11w

    Autumn and Love- II

    Arrival of the Spring
    New leaves
    New petals
    Growth and rejuvenation
    Starting the new phase
    Glowing and growing

  • mariateresa 11w

    Life lessons learned when relationships end. Some people come into our lives to awaken us to our own song. My partner provided me with so many moments of truth. To see myself through his eyes. Priceless. Grateful ❤

    #liveyourtruth #lifelessons #relationships #mystory #truthbetold #learning #growing #soulawakening #reflections #writerslife #writersnetwork #mirakee #writingcommunity #newbeginnings #startingover #iwillalwaysloveyou #gratefulheart #heartandsoul #souljourney #healingjourney #divineessence #divinegrace #whatwillbewillbe

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    Here I stand

    Clearing away the ashes from the past
    Soul's spirited essence becoming more bold, fiery blasts
    Echoes from yesterday's lessons propel me forward
    No regrets, love's offerings present a million words
    Expressing my truth, holding on to what I've learned
    Grateful for every moment
    We laughed, cried, and held hands
    You've taught me so much, at times I didn't want to hear
    Now those words ring loud and sing in my ear
    Your absence is felt deeply, I feel cold in its darkness
    Light appearing shows me the strength I must now harness
    Life's a series of songs and dances
    Some are not understood until the moment our heart is ready to take chances
    Leaving you hurts yet I must press on
    Deepening my soul's purpose by this new beginning, leaning into the unknown
    Learning more about myself
    Comforted by my own song
    Here I stand ready for it all
    Never forgetting what you gave to me
    Knowing your love
    Provided fuel for the faith that hope drives solo

  • thewet_lotus 12w

    A Real Girl

    All I want, is to look like how I feel inside.
    And be comfortable in my own skin.

  • sayaliparkar 14w

    [Four things I should have already told you ]

    I. Every thought of
    You warms my
    Heart/like the
    Memory of the
    Sun/ on the day
    Frozen in the

    II. You don't have to
    Hide the debris of
    Your destruction/
    From me/It
    Adorns you

    III. We gave eachother
    Too much /it made us
    Feel empty inside /it's
    Time we learn to tend to
    Ourselves first

    IV. We haven't grown
    Apart/we're growing /
    At a distance /so that
    Our shadows don't
    Conspire to stunt
    Each other's growth

    -Sayali Parkar

  • sillysadar 14w

    Growing up

    We grew up as children seeing the world with rose tinted glasses
    Only being in the shade when the sun is bright
    Usually playing till the evening passes into night
    We never had to fight, fight all the bad that we never saw nor what people never told us about
    For they painted it as a magically world that nothing ever goes wrong only right
    Who knew they were such great artists enough to make us believe what they say is right

  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 16w


  • aleesa 18w

    Darling you loved the moon and sky
    With their imperfections on,
    The moon with scars and sky with clouds
    Then why couldn't you love mine?
    Remember the days of azure and laughs
    When we ran through sand and smiled
    Oh! How hard are these bitter truths
    And how comforting were those sweet lies
    Like a bud blooming into beautiful and thorny rose,
    Every single promise you made turned into sorry
    And I forgave you for everything, for I deserved peace
    My days are now gloomy and the sky is dark
    There is no crimson shade or twilight
    Just fragments of me scattered in faint light
    Waiting for healing, growing and blooming
    People say my face glows with liveliness
    Little do they know how every single night
    I lie in bed and hope to fall asleep before falling apart

    ©Aleesa Khan

    Feb 9'21
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Inspired by one-liners

    #healing #blooming #growing

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  • _annonymous 19w

    Underestimation is first step of loosing things

    There's a state of mind where you underestimate yourself, the falling spirit. We see people being privileged with everything & when we look at ourself we got nothing. Our heart starts screaming inside that why did GOD being so tough with me & why only me.

    Brother, we need to understand that "tough isn't the situation but we are tough enough to handle the situation"

    God has put the stomach inside us then definately he had thought of our hunger. More we hustle and bustle more tastier the pie is.

    You actually compared things which others are privileged with and you are not. You didn't compare things which you've conquered/acquired.

    Always learn from your mistakes instead of getting off & cursing your fate, develop the hunger to conquer your esteem.

    Best example I could give is KARNA from Mahabharata, inspite of having ugliest fate, he had conquered his respect & became the toughest warrior.

    Believe in yourself & be you. Harsh the situation, more tough you'll become. And believe me every problems is temporary &it will be solved soon.

  • _aakanksha_ 19w

    #growing up teaches you alot

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    Then we use to cry a lot in front of every one
    Now we use to cry alone ,only the pillow knows
    Then we use to afraid of darkness
    Now we prefer to be in that darkness
    Then we love to make friends
    Now we are afraid of loosing friends
    Then we use to trust each and every one quickly
    Now we think to trust a person
    Then we use to solve problems by saying them to our parents
    Now we are running away from the problems
    Yes we are grownup, from immature mind to matured mind
    But we still love always to be a person with immature mind

  • sayaliparkar 21w


    Healing knows no
    Smooth road/sit
    With the hurt/make
    Some warm drink/
    Let it teach you
    Everything you
    Need to learn /
    Afterwards part
    ways with
    It/don't make a
    Home out of it /
    As you take one
    Step ahead /healing
    Meets you halfway

    -Sayali Parkar

  • justscribble 23w

    I'm a nobody.
    I'm a cipher,
    And I cipher
    If there's one
    To read.
    But I'd vanish and
    Even so nobody
    Notice my faint be.

  • myriad_fervour 23w

    #growing is crucial

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    We tend to live for the days where we are winning,
    Not for the days where we are lossing,
    We should actually live for the days where we are growing,
    Every single day,
    Then, winning and losing would seem just a part of it not whole of it.

    ~Aditi Banerjee~

  • in_fragments 23w

    "Trying to heal
    in the same place you got sick
    is like a plant trying to flourish
    while its roots are drowning in water.
    Difficult, painful, not impossible-
    but harder than it was ever
    supposed to be.
    Deep-seated currents
    are constantly pulling me
    into the depths of my own bad habits,
    the flashbacks to trauma my body gets stuck in,
    the ideations running through my veins.
    I feel death and lost memories here,
    lingering always, and all at once,
    yet I can never catch a grasp
    on either of them, and split my mind
    into pieces trying.
    The toxic tides, still rolling at my feet,
    but I stretch outwards, up to the sun,
    taking in the water as it rushes me
    and continues to rise and fall.
    The pressure is uprooting me,
    sending me downstream, and I have
    no choice but to float along it now,
    to adapt to sudden movement and find
    safe soil to sink back into.
    I wonder where we are going.
    What will I be like when we get there?"

    I don't know. I have no choice but to go. I've already been on my way a long time.
    #pod #poem #water #plants #growing #life #thoughts #inspiration #selfcare @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Drowning Roots

    Trying to heal
    in the same place you got sick
    is like a plant trying to flourish
    while its roots are drowning in water.

  • mimi_ayaneh_ 26w

    Wherever the world may lead you,
    just go with the flow.
    Keep going.
    Keep growing and glowing.


  • purposeandpleasure 28w

    The best way to prove your deep desire to unleash whatever is taking so much space in your mind is to take just the first step. The creative powers of the universe will take it up from there and see to it that you see the end.
    #life #start #firststep #universe #growing #dreams

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    Just start.
    When you start, don't stop
    until something bad stops,
    or something good starts.