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  • serenarose 2w

    Mourning Dew

    I write my wrongs in muddied ink
    Scoured from sole of my shoe-
    the only remaining remnants
    of the path I walked with you;
    and when the morning silhouettes
    cast their Grace around the room
    I cleanse the verse
    with tears that f
    and claim it morning dew


  • jkemac 3w


    Death changes everything.

    I watched it change my mother
    I watched it change my brother

    I feel and live the changes in me
    So swiftly,

    The day we went from four to three

  • thepoeticunicorn 8w

    10:18pm Tears

    I just needed someone to talk to.


  • tenderkisses 20w

    To fall in love is beautiful
    To withhold the truth is ugly
    To lose them is agony
    To miss them is torture
    To know you are walking chaos and destruction and brought devastation to their life and heart is unbearable and heartbreaking to live with..


  • zephyr_of_fire 26w

    Better Left Unsaid

    Some things are better left unspoken

    Like the things you said

    Those words that you left in my head

    They've left me dead and broken

    You left me here alone

    You've taken my closure, my solace,

    And you replaced it

    With an absence of empathy.


    I'm right here

    Exactly where you and I used to be

    Only this time, the difference is

    That I'm the only one who's here.

    Your words have exiled me

    You abandoned me to feel everything we lost

    You left me to deal with it all on my own.


  • alittlegalaxia 26w

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    you appended blames
    in the grieving
    wishing the dead
    to be alive in misery
    tell me, is that really love?


  • justaju 28w

    What scares you the most?
    The fact that people generally don't always mean what they say..!


  • aalletterr19 36w

    Sing the blues

    My eyes have the sorrows that i slept within

  • movsworld 46w

    I Can't

    I wish the world would stop when mine did.
    I wouldn't go far
    Just to where you used to be
    Where we used to be.
    I'd pour over every photo of you
    And gently place every last memory
    in the deepest safest place in my heart.
    The clock could freeze
    And I would take my time
    To truly except your absence.

    But it doesn't.
    And I can't.


  • deepflowsoul 49w

    Tale 3

    A peculiar feeling grieving what you never had,
    A heavy weightless void screaming at dad.
    Darkness envelops and hides as we gallop,
    An adventure against cliff sides pushing betrayal the more we develop.
    I grew into a butterfly you wanted to hide,
    But my perseverance forced us to glide.
    You snipped my wings, and we both fell.
    My love caught me, and you lost yourself.

  • afamiliarvoice 54w

    Ill be ok.

    Here I am, at the end of my ways.
    Here I hold in one hand a slow beating heart halfed while the other is missing.
    In the other a knife as a replacement to a soluable vexation.
    Should I finish the job, and kill what's left of this shrunken lifeforce that beats but rarely throbs.
    Trying to convince myself through insanity that I should finish the job.
    Or would you like me to continue closing these shutters, to drown out my sobs.
    To record and play fake music for one to listen to the lyrics of my alternate reality.
    Whether you are guilty to know the truth, or not.
    It's not my job.
    But it must be such a delight to not see in, but to hear fake laughing that has been robbed from tonics that are distilled from the finest of cobs.
    This. I know I should not.
    Then again, a sign is displayed on my front door that states " Disturbed lives here, so please do not"
    To this, I'll take another shot.
    While I scream a thousand pains as it reverbs until I cannot stop.
    Until my liver rots away with everything else.
    Until my pictures are displayed next to the honorable and fallen.
    Even though I am not even worthy enough to have miseries foot pressed against my back while I'm crawling.
    Yes. I may be "comfortable in my own misery" as you state.
    While Ive preached chapters to anyone who tried to fathom, while dubiousity overstayed and displayed to my dismay a million times.
    In the midst I never expected an answer, or anything for anyone to say.
    While I knew there might have been a chance.
    Or it just maybe might have been too late.
    While your more than welcome to come visit, open arms with respect will be gracefully paid.
    To feel bad or sorry just for fake masks of clarification and false hope for a hungry snake.
    Sure ok, whatever you may.
    For my sake, it is not to obfuscate.
    But to educate at the end of the day.
    Like a committment without tieing the knot.
    Promise me that you wont end up wanting to stay.
    As long I am here.
    You'll be ok.
    And if I am not.
    I'll be ok.

  • afamiliarvoice 54w

    On the way home.

    Il look out the window, wanting to bring up my fears.
    Knowing one day il be all alone, and you won't be here.
    No matter how much you tell me your spirit, will always be near.
    It must be scared to know your dieing.
    To put on a smile, when I know inside your crying.
    To lie to me and say your doing ok.
    When I know, your really hurting and getting worse each day.
    We're both dieing, just in different ways.
    And the sad thing is. we can see it on each other's face.
    But I want to scream and tell you to stay.
    I know that'll break you, and cause you more pain.
    Of me losing you.
    And you losing me.
    Having to look up at the sky, and wondering if you can see.
    When I'm walking down a grocery lane, seeing your silhouette in front of me.
    I dont know how hard this is going to get, or going to be.
    You wont be able to see, how much I've grown.
    Not being able to tell me how much you love my poetry that I wrote.
    I won't even be able to conversate with you over the phone.
    I'm sorry momma.
    I have soo much I want to bring up, and say.
    But this is the only thing I can think.
    On the way home.

  • afamiliarvoice 54w

    The basement.

    Oh lord. not again.
    I have go back down and get something from down in.
    Flip the light switch and head right in.
    Into the twilight zone of nostalgia.
    Why do the these memories turn into a form of psychalgia?
    Its wierd, and it's more common than you think.
    But more than I'd ever care to feel.
    Or tell.
    Well. I have pictures Down here, that are priceless.
    That could never sell, way too valuable memory wise as well.
    Painted when she was in her own hell.
    Knowing she was dieing, covering her face of pain with a veil.
    And she did it so well.
    You would never know, or could tell.
    she'd give you a laugh, and a smile that would melt.
    Then give you a kiss and hug, and bid you farewell.
    But who knew It would be the last.
    It came out of nowhere, and she headed down really fast.
    And I was too slow.
    To show.
    To tell.
    How much I loved her in person.
    Instead of sending it by mail.
    To have guilt about your shortcoming demise, to no one's avail.
    I should have been there more, but instead I chose to hide inside a shell.
    Hiding away from the possibility, that time would tell.
    Death would come by, and that I could smell.
    Cornering my beloved mother, and swooping her from beneath.
    Setting one last sail.
    Never again, having the chance to tell her one last time.
    "Trust me, your going to get well."

  • afamiliarvoice 54w

    The room.

    I always find myself inside your room.
    But my mind is locked always outside the door.
    Your possessions are here for me to claim.
    Should I post all your work, and keep them in a frame?
    So everyone would know you, and I could speak your tale?
    I question myself if I should just throw it all away.
    Or burn them all to a roast, and give my last farewell.
    I've been also thinking about putting this house up for sale.
    Start over, to try to move on again, and again each day.
    But both questions, and answer's seem soo I'll-defined and vague.
    Kind of like holding you in my arm's when I begged you to stay.
    As you closed your eyes, breathing your last suffocating breath away.
    Whether to open your eyes and try to wake you up, with a "hey!".
    Or to keep them closed, and curse God again.
    And again.
    And again.
    And again.
    Yes. I know it's a sin.
    To curse my God from within.
    But you could have just taken my, flesh and skin.
    To cast him out, and challenge him, so I felt like I'd win.
    Because to me there is no end.
    A unforgettable statement, that will never end.
    Praying with promises, and devotion, with a AMEN.
    Just remember we'll have to see each other.
    And I cant wait for redemption.
    It's only soo far away.

  • afamiliarvoice 54w

    This home.

    Was once alive and bursting with energy.
    Not once was anyone against each other as enemies.
    This house remains dormant.
    With no hope of ever coming back to the once happy place that was well established.
    Dirty dishes left uncleaned on a rack, dirty and over stacked.
    Blinds left closed for the sun to never enter.
    T.v. guides from last year, and junk mail scattered claiming "Lotto winner."
    Man I wish I was.
    But instead I'm a loser.
    Reaping what god says I've sowed.
    The grass remains overflowed, never to be trimmed, cut, or mowed.
    Day's are passing and I'm starting to get thinner, and old.
    Depression has been the constant dinner, and I can never get full.
    My friend says it's all in my head, and it's bull.


    If they could only understand the effects of losing someone you loved to the very last end.
    Then they would fully comprehend.
    It would be such a godsend.
    For someone to help me put this to an end.
    Because I am the man in the box.
    With a gun that is always fully loaded, but im only half cocked.
    Waiting for the moment, to drop the hammer on the pin, then I stop.
    Why not.
    Hell I don't know.
    I'm still trying to figure out who's pulling the curtains to this show.
    Canceling the devils ovation.
    Delaying this sensitive situation.
    I dont know how much longer I can stop, and go.
    Its not like I can go anywhere else.
    I'm already in a hole of a home.
    That is empty, with not a ring or a tone.
    And it's not going to leave me alone, nor let me go.

  • quotescribe 54w


    Deep inside heart ❤ something hurting
    In darkness of night I am grieving
    My eyes are crying & I am trying ✊
    Breath the peace & put the sorrow flying


  • infiniteconfusion 66w


    My sense of reality is warped.
    If I stare out into space long enough, there's a moment in time when it all goes silent where I can actually feel you.
    Sense you.
    Hear you.
    Am I on the brink of insanity?
    In denial?
    Or is it really you trying to comfort me?


  • wespadeshere 69w

    Sometimes my resolve
    Resembles steel
    Stainless untarnished,
    In unwavering zeal,
    Until the sky sobs
    In thick black snow
    Then comes the pain,
    And, oh, the pain.


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    And, oh, the pain.


  • autumnbreeze 75w

    These redundant hollow breeze
    resemble a sheer voice of defeat.
    It's stillness at obscure pauses
    murmur a name that I feel have been mine.
    Gloomed air trespass words of silence,
    alike a gesture knitted for disposal.
    Shallow flares of deemed sun still ask,
    a question illustrated for arcane truths.
    The coffined room tend to
    verbalize pain today,
    recklessly urgely my wails to activate more.
    I'm barely knowing the mild pounds of heart,
    conscience been at a plight for reassurance.
    These winds try to make your escape
    a moscot of burden,
    plausible rant for a hindering great perhaps.
    I sit here doomed by presence of my own being,
    awaiting for the night to shimmer it's validation.
    Tonight when the moon arrives alongside faint stars,
    a doomed act of condolence will be performed.
    With a sense of your torment words
    about veracious agony,
    I'll see you reside on the moon,
    a home where you'll always prevail.

    P. S.:- A poem l penned today to dedicated the sudden death of an aesthetic actor Sushant Singh Rajput. May he prevail admist the stars he admired the most.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @senden_k @sangfroid_soul @soulfulstirrings

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    These winds try to make your escape
    a moscot of burden,
    plausible rant for a hindering great perhaps.

  • anthonyasylum 78w

    Letting Go

    Stand close and cauterize this pain
    Each touch surrenders flesh unto smoldering flame

    Streaming blood gives way to channels of blistering ease bubbling from underneath years of scarred tissue and mindless release

    Carry the smoke from charring bones into your lungs and choke on the memories released from beneath

    Burn me away until there's little left

    With breath like a blow torch I ask that you keep your voice in my ear
    I need to hear it while I fall away from a life I never wanted to be anywhere near

    Now break away from my curling and sickening shrinking skin

    Run from the sight of my last smoldering sigh

    Go outside and let my rain wash the ash from under your stinging eye