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  • writing_solace__ 3d

    ~Silence is a cure to grief~ Arabian proverb

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    I sat in the dim light,
    Filtering through,
    The curtains of my window,
    Cold shivers broke on my skin,
    As the mountain of unspoken inside,
    Unfolded to trickle in my blood,
    Drip by drip,
    Like a meal---to the knot,
    I used to keep closed in a box,
    Feeding it,
    To thrive and fill out,
    Every speck of my skin,
    Tearing through my flesh,
    Like a snarky cat's paws,
    Going again and again,
    While that knot rose,
    Like a turbulent wrecking,
    My veins and sanity,
    Until there was none left,
    And silence just sat there,
    Watching me fall and crumble to pieces


  • the_euphoric_writer 4d

    The Stars had promised a Quiet Night

    The stars had promised a quiet night,
    They lied, I knew,
    They flicker when they deceive,
    They flickered tonight,
    I had hoped otherwise,
    Dread describes existence,
    Half-lit eyes, passionate,
    Yet the night is clamourous,
    Abounding stories of grief,
    Overabundant cries of plea,
    Seldom let me sleep,
    Tonight is no different,
    It's the same old page waiting,
    To be turned over,
    Yet the story never proceeds,
    Rather it fades,
    Into memories, into reflections,
    Scrambled, waiting to be solved,
    And somewhere amongst the pieces,
    I belong, of my own will, of my own accord.


  • anupriyachauhan18 4d


    You become the most powerful when you learn to master grief. When you dont let it come in your way of achieving heights that you dream of.
    When it feels like the entire world is deaf and you are the only one screaming, remind yourself that you have got your own back.
    You are smart , beautiful , intelligent and emotionally independant that is all a person wants.

  • ssunayana 4d

    Day and Night

    Day and Night. Salt and Pepper.
    Two contrasting ends of color.
    And yet so many different shades exist 
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Joy and Grief.
    Two contrasting ends of emotions.
    And yet so many different emotions exist
    In between the two ends.

    Day and Night. Hope and Fear.
    Two contrasting ends of your state, dear heart.
    And yet so many possibilities exist
    In between the two ends.

    And I want you to remember that.
    It never is "The End".
    That's the thing about Possibilities,
    They always exist.

  • the_moon_kid 1w

    Lately, my life has been like that
    messed up woollen ball rolling on
    the floor, with it's end somewhere lost
    and not in a mood to be unsnarled neatly.
    I remember, knitting patterns on my white
    solid sweater with some colourful wool,
    especially blue, my favourite colour.
    I love the sky when it turns blue too.
    With the clouds mimicking white cotton
    candies sauntering all around the blue sky
    while the sun and moon play peekaboo,
    it's beautiful.
    I love admiring how the colours of the
    sky blend among themselves and they
    don't even need a brush for those extra
    dark shades.
    But these days, it feels like although the
    sky changes colours but now my life has
    not been a rainbow anymore.
    I can only see the dark blue and black
    shades of the sky where it seems as if
    the clouds are frowning at me.
    The daisies I've planted once now has
    stopped giggling and shaking their petals,
    when I water them.
    Earlier, they used to narrate their stories
    to me about how once just because of
    them, a love story started and how
    they've also been laid on the graveyard
    of someone's beloved.
    I've some photo frames fixed on the walls
    of my room.
    They've photographs in them of some of
    my really close people who are now just
    like that zephyr which comes and goes in
    seconds and make you feel like it wasn't
    even there.
    The frames now threatens me to fall down
    and break into pieces.
    That vintage diary kept on the table besides
    the scented candles has stopped calling me.
    With a rusty colour on their pages and a
    smell of the past, the dairy now doesn't
    sings me lullaby at nights anymore.
    Every story used to be a way for me to
    fall asleep, dreaming how happiness is
    now like those withered leaves of my
    favourite daisies.
    Dried petals of roses inside my cupboard
    and crowns of their thorns, pricking my
    fingers, now just don't hurt me anymore.
    Memories disguised as tears, smeared
    on my white pillows now create art every
    Golden arrows of betrayal are now been
    thrown at me and they don't even miss
    a chance to hit my heart just at the right
    place, making a wound there which
    oozes out pain in the form of verses,
    just like you're now reading one.
    A jar, which reads in bold 'Reasons to smile'
    filled with some cheats, kept on the window
    pane above which a dreamcatcher is
    hanging, now mocks me because I pretend
    to smile all the time these days.
    The thread embedded with roses, decorating
    my ribcage has started tickling my insides.
    Twists and turns of the hurt feelings
    makes me gasp from breaths now.

    The scarlet hues of the sky during the
    late evenings and the early soft twinkling
    of the stars, along with the moon when it
    starts getting a bit darker heals me with
    kisses of solace.
    Tinkling of the bells due to the wind, with
    gazhals playing in the background has
    started helping me untangle that woollen
    ball, my life, and start knitting.
    May be start with just a little pansy or a
    sunflower ?
    Anything, but everything in a way.


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  • loftydreams101 1w

    A True Love's Deep Slumber

    Laughter sails into the mist
    Giving way to church bells
    Ringing over silent acres of stone
    Cold and bloodshot stares
    Live in warm summers past
    Turned away from the agony
    Of their desolate march
    The trail sways in song
    Toward the earth’s black wound
    Slow and steady in denial
    Of their truest love lost

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • wespadeshere 2w

    Two grieving men
    Lay in the sand
    While waves of seafoam
    Crash onto the land
    One turns and asks
    "Can you hold me
    Till it's over?"
    The other replies


  • nazishnazir 2w

    I long to become something vibrant
    To grow into something
    That can glow against
    Darkness encasing it
    I am trying so hard
    To hold the stars in my teeth
    Without crushing them

  • _archita_mitra_ 2w

    Wish I had a Brother

    Penned with a heavy heart
    a feeling which tears me apart
    A grip of strange irritation
    Every moment is a suffocation

    Nobody to call your own
    Yes, a story of being forever alone
    No shoulder to weep
    a grief etched down deep
    Nobody to go to, nobody to tease
    No stopping me from doing as I please..
    Nobody to pamper , no body to cheer
    Nobody to guide , nobody to push for being better

    I hide my tears, when they ask about brother
    For me , it's always a blur figure
    A void nothing can replace
    Sometimes life seems so meaningless
    Inked "Bro" promising to be loyal
    For someone who would never be available

    Although I smile and seem carefree
    There's no one, who would always ask for a brother
    More than Me...


  • deepikasarma 2w

    Ghosts no longer scare me. All thanks to my thoughts, for they have horrified me in a way that nothing else have.


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    The night scares me
    it brings into my life
    all the monsters
    I thought I had killed.
    The nights breaks me
    into fragments that
    become more dismal
    with each cut.
    The night feeds me
    with all the gruesome
    agonies it grew in the dark.
    The night attacks me
    with claws of silence
    and bites of loneliness.
    The night shatters me
    it polishes all those weapons
    that I can't resist to use
    against myself.
    The night haunts me
    it grows the wild
    that sucks all off me
    The night chases me
    into an unending spiral
    that has no way out.
    The nights eats me up.
    it swallows me
    second by second
    bit by bit
    until I forget what
    the day looks like.
    And all I do
    is deeply wonder-
    "why cant it just kill me instead"?

  • lossletters 2w

    Since One Day

    Since you're not here
    I'm not anywhere

    Without my only one
    I'm not anyone

    Since one day stole everything
    I don't have anything


  • toothpicksandjokes 2w

    Soul of a friend

    I wander in thoughts of who you would have been. With my head resting on your silent chest I made the promise to keep living so you'd never be forgotten. A promise I won't break.. So much that you are missing my friend, care for our fallen while I nurture those that remain.
    I miss you, yet I know.. that in Nangijala you wait.
    The soul of a friend.
    We will meet again.


  • missveen 3w

    Heard my phone beep
    A text message " She is no more"
    Deep down my heart was rending

    I know
    We seldom meet
    We seldom talk
    But u was never out of our mind

    Today when I was bidding you the last goodbye
    A flashback of my childhood having you in
    Kept playing in my mind

    Daddy always talked about you
    I still remember
    He calls you his big sister
    You meant so much to him

    Decade ago daddy left
    He took a piece of us with him
    Today I do still miss him so much

    When we used to bump into each other
    At a celebration or prayers
    I always saw a little glimpse of him in you
    That always make me a little happier
    I felt him even when he was not among us

    And now you too left
    Am numbed
    Am I too late to tell you
    Thanks for taking care of us❤️
    You was such an amazing soul❤️


  • veesthoughts 3w

    You've stayed this long, you made it all the way here.
    So keep staying.
    Keep staying.

  • loftydreams101 3w

    Icy Marrow

    Raindrops coast on the coldest breeze
    When there’s nothing more to say
    And the silence wrings out
    All the air from your lungs
    When the torch is passed
    From the frost-bitten night
    Pushed forward from the tempest
    To a calmer day’s embrace
    Raindrops paint the pavement
    In even darker shades of grey,
    Their tears chill the marrow
    But the warmth before is forever

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • m_ozed 3w


    How long is too long to grieve you?

    I'm told I've been given enough time to miss you.

    7 months and counting since I lost you.

    A year or more since I kissed you.

    How many more days before I join you?

    Heaven knows I'll be blessed to find you.

    Death is but a dream without you.

    And with my last breath I'll bless you.

  • myinkispoison 4w


    Have you ever felt like a piece of your soul got ripped out because they are no longer here?

    They linger in the walls, like ghosts that refuse to cross over.
    The space they left behind has now become warped with memories of what once,
    And never will be again.

    They may lay dormant for a while, but when they awaken they bring with them the memories that you have kept in the back of your mind.

  • surajsanu 4w

    Akhri saans toh nahi le rha hoon
    Jam ke mehnat toh karna hi hei
    Halat kaise bhi ho manzil tak toh jaunga hin
    Sabko nahi khud ko khud dekhna hei

  • _clara_ 4w

    He used to read her books at night,
    Now her frightful loss, he fights
    She's a star that no longer shines,
    Only that she now decorates the sky
    With her beautiful sparkles, she flies
    He needs time with his sorrow,
    Since he doesn't know how to grief
    The one he once held so dear
    He fears the distress and the anguish,
    Cause he didn't learn them in any language
    He fears the torture and the pain,
    And the thought of him being forsaken
    He used to take her to church every Sunday,
    But for him it's no longer a fun day
    It's just a day filled with desolation and despair,
    Along with the monstrous heartbreaks
    He used to bring her flowers everyday,
    He still does...just now to her grave.


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    He used to bring her flowers everyday,
    He still does,
    Just now to her grave.

  • samanthaharper 4w

    I can't explain all the pain I feel inside. See you wither away to nothing, helping you walk, seeing you slipping away from me. Knowing I couldn't save you. I'm haunted by the memories of seeing you that morning reaching out in fear not being able to talk. I still hear dad yelling.  I still see the fear in your eyes. Though I treasured every moment we spent together, cuddling while I rubbed your head I still hold regrets wishing that I was by your side more. I couldn't expect that you would ever leave. I lived in denial telling myself you would win this battle again just like the last time. If only I had known that it had spread to your brain I would have done anything to save you. I prayed, begging God to spare you and take me instead. I can still hear you telling me to promise you I'd keep fighting that I'd love for you" I laid on your chest asking you to do the same but you told me that you didn't think you would be able to. I sobbed holding you as you rubbed my head telling me you loved me. Then the next day you left. Your fight was over and there was no more pain. But you left such a big hole mom. Nothing's the same. I'm not the same. I feel like a large piece of me died with you. I feel so numb, mom. I'm on autopilot but at night when I'm all alone I feel everything and I can't help but cry and ask why? 

    Why you got that awful disease and why you were taken away when I still needed you. You were my mom, my best friend. But now I feel the emptiness inside as life feels unreal without you here. Colors aren't as bright as they once were, foods don't taste the same and I can't seem to stop the tears from falling as I cry myself to sleep.