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  • vintagepneuma 5d


    Do you know how it feels
    to be stuck in your head ?
    To be paralysed
    of any emotions you once were able to feel ?
    Not getting a taste of euphoria,
    nor the moments
    of savouring melancholy.
    All you feel is numbness within you
    and the discord between
    your inner-self and the outer world.
    You start liking colours like
    Black and Grey,
    mirroring the vision through your eyes
    of anything and everything.
    Your face devoid of any emotions
    resembling your animus,
    that once was filled with vivid colours,
    now being discoloured.
    Your words being short and profound,
    You transforming to a quiet and agitated person.
    This is not I what want.
    This is not what I imagined my life to be.
    I don't want to visit the fair
    and not enjoy.
    I want those feeling of ecstasy again
    when rain poured on my features,
    and I let out a sigh.
    I want to sing along the songs
    when I bath,
    I want the contentment of nature
    hugging my profile.
    I'm tired of living like a dead.
    I'm lost, can't find my earlier self.
    Can you imagine existing
    without feeling anything?
    I rather feel misery then nothing at all,
    Cannot be a living corpse a second

    Feel free to point out mistakes in my writing:)

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    Can you imagine existing
    without feeling anything?
    I rather feel misery then nothing at all,
    Cannot be a living corpse a second

  • pensouls_eden 4w

    Some calm and a little heat
    Distance, reluctance & fear defeat
    Craving for the love unsure
    Life greyed and mind impure


  • faerie_fox_poetry 4w


    When grey clouds
    Are always spilling over
    With the ebb and flow
    Of their seas
    Those with soft hearts
    Will soak it all in
    Only to pour it back out
    A greedy catharsis
    Under overcast skies


  • life_delights 5w

    Love and light

    Light Is the heart that is filled with joy,
    Not with sorrow, definitely coy
    For those who live with a moon to shine
    Will be a light for those who end up in twine.

    Darkness in the heart full of love,
    Eroding, evading from above.
    For when we forget who we are,
    The path to the star may lead from afar.

    For when we rise, the path will clear,
    From desires, dreams and all that is dear.
    The future arises, the path laid bear

  • mrgrey 5w

    Finale to friends

    Always carry your head up high,
    Never look down for anyone,
    Don't be discouraged by the stereotypes of the world,
    When you feel like you don't fit in,
    There's always room in my heart for you,
    When pain comes too much,
    There's always love for you,
    When life seems too heavy,
    There is always me wanting to lift that weight off of your shoulders,
    Don't take the easy road because it seems easy,
    Don't have regrets live out your dreams,
    Because some people have a chance,
    And failed to realize,
    Don't be that person,
    Know that if all I can give is an old write that I leave on my page,
    Then I give it to you because it's all I can give in This moment,
    Trust me if I could give you the world I would,
    Because that's my heart that's my spirit,
    If I could be your smile everyday,
    Then I would be that smile,
    If I could dry up all your tears then I would,
    If I could mend all your pain then I would,
    If I could give you a hug that you yearn for your whole life then I would,
    If I could take away all of your fear then I would,
    Be that one thing in life that you never had I would be that,
    I would sacrifice myself just to see someone else be the happiest person on the planet,
    Then I would know,
    That I gave someone a fighting chance to be happy I gave someone a chance to live,
    I gave someone something that they needed,
    Something that didn't fail them,
    I gave them a reason to wake up every morning,
    And be the happiest person in the entire world,
    If I could I would be that for everyone,
    Just so they wouldn't have to feel like life is just grief,
    And no sunshine,
    Million smiles to you all,
    And may your days be the happiest moment that I've ever felt in my life,

  • mrgrey 5w

    Good bye

    It would be rude of me not to say goodbye,
    I love you all sincerely,
    But I'm done with writing,
    And moving away soon,
    Keep smiling be free,
    Love like it's all you got.

  • mrgrey 5w

    Big Problem

    If the first thing you do in a response to a crime is victim blame,
    Then you may be a bigger part of the problem than the problem itself..

  • mrgrey 5w

    Odd lesson three

    They will hate me for this,
    But the root of all evil isn't money,
    The root of all evil is man,
    Why you ask,
    Who's been in control all of this time,
    Who's been dominant,
    Power will seed destruction if not used properly.

  • mrgrey 5w

    Odd lesson two

    Parents can be wrong in the right situation,
    But also can be right in the wrong situation.

  • mrgrey 5w

    Odd lesson one

    Respect can be shown in more ways than one,
    Something I try to remember.

  • mrgrey 5w


    Use your own creativity,
    Be your own individual,
    It will shine above all Fame,
    At least you won't be a carbon copy.

  • mrgrey 5w


    All the friends that tried to control my life,
    Or tried to direct me in the most obvious decisions,
    Never were there to help me pick up the pieces,
    They were only there to shed light on my failures,
    Only then I'll begin to make my own path.

  • geanette 5w


    One of the best things about the epic Mahabharata is that it shows that
    -humanity revolves around different shades of grey.
    -Some people can be likable to some and absolutely unlikeable for other
    -And most importantly you WILL have to face consequences of your actions.
    I may not be spiritual enough but sometimes I am in awe of the knowledge of the people back in the day.

  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    I can tell a thousand stories of people before me,
    I could tell a thousand stories of Hollywood Glory,
    But none could live up to the one I'm living right now,
    And if it was ever written,
    I would never want the glory,
    I will just say I'm happy how it turned out,

  • mrgrey 5w

    #grey #love #queen #king

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    Nothing compares to you,
    I guess my life wasn't a waste after all,
    Because it led me to you,
    The purpose of my purpose,
    You have my loyalty and my honor,
    And everything extra,
    My love you deserve it,

  • mrgrey 6w

    #grey #love #queen #king

    You have always had my attention,
    My eyes wide open, if I didn't mention,
    From the way you pinch your knowledge from the tree,
    To the way you educate my heart in your soul college,
    Sometimes I find myself mesmerized looking deep inside,
    But appreciation for the cute outside,
    that beautiful skin tone profection,
    Your eyes are my personal heaven,
    Every crumb of your being is like me dreaming inside of a dream,
    Finding myself only yearning for more,
    With hunger straight from the core,
    The sound of your soul is like an instrument of my life,
    I can never get enough,
    I'm always starving for another bite,
    Join hands with me and let us dance through the night,
    Runaway away at sunrise,
    Rest a full day,
    Do it again and call it life,
    Because days with you are happiness,
    And that's enough for me,
    Nothing more nothing less,
    Your name is like a brand across my chest,
    Worn with love and deeply etched,
    Every minute of this life I feel you,
    hear you ,need you,
    you are ,and forever will be my balance.

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    Some of you


  • mrgrey 6w


    Do good,
    Be good,
    Be kind to "all"

  • mrgrey 6w


    A man with no responsibility will enslave himself,
    No, parents don't live forever.

  • mrgrey 6w

    State of mind

    Always know the state of mind,
    And the situation of your philosophy heroes at the time of their writings
    Before you fully agree,
    Because just like you and me,
    They also live life,
    And they bleed love pain while living in Flaw.

  • mrgrey 6w


    people have all answers,
    But never share the answers to their own questions because they don't even believe in the bs answers they give everyone else that reflect their own complications.