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    Sweet hyacinth boy.
    Burned to ash by wind and sun.
    A reborn flower.

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    Innocent, chaste, lowly
    Didn't succumb to the praises
    men and gods offered to her beauty.
    Heart as pure as fine gold
    Blessed with glorious hair which was the most wonderful of her charms.
    Born an angel from a loin that created monsters.
    Mortal amongst immortals
    Surrendered herself to the service and worship of Athena

    Mortal men instigated Athena's jealousy
    Poseidon stole her virtue and chastity
    Betrayed and cursed by the very one she ran to for refuge
    Her gaze which once sparked the hearts of men
    Now left all men who stared on it petrified.
    She who was light in darkness
    Became the greatest darkness of all.
    Men, gods, mortals, and immortals alike
    sort for ways to end her.
    But none could conquer a heart that bled like hers did.
    Until Perseus!

    With Hermes'winged sandals
    Hades'helmet of invisibility
    Athena's shield and
    A sword that could cut through anything.
    Perseus ended Medusa
    Her head ripped from her neck.
    But even in her death her magic lived on
    In a Kybisis did Perseus keep her head
    Used in battle to defeat his enemies.
    For her stone gaze neither died nor dwindle in it's strength
    Her blood used to take lives and raise from the dead
    The lock of her snake hair used as an amulet to chase out demons

    In birth Medusa was an angelic guardian to all men
    And in death, an evil to repel evil.

    © Blackdee

  • sighborg 30w

    Icarus's Final Glance

    "Fly away, fly higher than the clouds,
    But don't fly too high,
    For I only gave you the feathers,
    The wings were always mine."
    Icarus heard his father's screams which were now a distant noise.

    He glanced at the endless blues above him,
    Wondering if the clouds could ever suffice for his sufferings,
    Wondering if the stars would be as endless as the tears he shed.
    He wondered what freedom tasted like,
    And how endless were the skies,
    If he'd ever get the promised paradise.

    He took a second glance at the Sun he loved so dearly,
    He straightened his little wings,
    Reached for the heavens above.
    But soon, there were eagles staring at him,
    With eyes red as blood,
    And beaks sharp as knife, ready to cut him into pieces,
    Powerless and with dread in his eyes,
    He soon realized, all those promises,
    Were just lies.

    He took a third glace at the Apollo he had so much faith in,
    After all the torture and tempest,
    And all those empty promises of beauty and bliss,
    Apollo sat back,
    And kept laughing at the sight,
    Kept laughing at his lover's fright.
    His feathers started melting,
    Tossing and turning,
    Each breath suffocating,
    Icarus wanted nothing more than to kill his yearning.

    In a brief spur,
    He was drowning in the waters,
    Wings cut off and ribs broken,
    He took a final glance at the Ether he loved so much,
    He would never see dusk and dawn entwined,
    And like all lovers,
    Would soon become an old myth in new rhyme.

    His molten wings did not kill him,
    They set him free,
    From that absurdity of an unknown melancholy,
    From his endless misery.
    This was the savage nature of the reality,
    He outlasted his fathers morality.
    He knew they'd always applaud his father's claim to fame,
    Mask Daedalus's selfish act with sacrifice,
    Icarus knew he'd always be the one to blame,
    History would always call him "a shame".

    Now that his disappointed father was nowhere to be seen,
    And Apollo had left the scene,
    Icarus knew he'd never be able to see his favorite stars at night,
    And the myths would always say,
    "He was too coward to fight."
    Spitting blood and gasping for breath,
    Dying was the most alive he had ever felt,
    Smiling through his broken jaw,
    He knew he'd always be his father's biggest flaw.

    The Sun has set,
    And the colors in the young boy's eyes had faded,
    His body was left to decay,
    Shooting stars led the way,
    They said, he had, "no origin, no purpose,"
    Nothing changed, it was again the same silence,
    Of an indifferent universe.


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    “They never let you be famous and happy”

    - Madeline Miller (The Song of Achilles)

    #greekmythology #greekheroes #thesongofachilles

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    Name one hero who was happy

    - Madeline Miller

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    Achilles Come Down

    The self is not so weightless
    Nor whole and unbroken
    Remember the pact of our youth

    Where you go
    I’m going
    So jump and I’m jumping
    Since there is no me without you

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    A Poem Draft that I am never able to proceed and put an end to as reckless as I am.

    'Thou my Adonis, I Aphrodite thine.
    What shall the heart opine?
    'tis reckless, foolish and Blind.
    for it has entered forbidden love's shrine.
    thy lies are pious, thy truth is atheist.
    Am I lie or a truth told and doth it bind?
    An esoteric axiom_for love is honest,
    But Man is often stony, All is too unkind.'

    Photo Credits: Pinterest(Antonio Canova (1757-1822); Aphrodite et Adonis)
    This was originally Created on: (February 12, 2021)


    ● Adonis and Aphrodite: In Greek Mythology Adonis(Who was a very handsome man and in present time we use this word in order to Symbolize or Describe a Man's Beauty) the mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite or often also called Venus.
    ● Esoteric axiom: a hard principle/dictum

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    Thou my Adonis, I Aphrodite thine:

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    Add a little bit of, greek mythology!

    #birth #mirakee #greekmythology
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    And I Was Born

    I was born when
    they dug me out from my hole
    where I remained in hiding
    with all my potential
    with all I possessed
    when my voice failed
    to lift me from the dark
    I wove the words in song
    their thread glowing golden
    unknown courage surged
    the monster of restrains
    I finally had left, perished
    like Theseus I followed
    my way to the surface
    and I was born again


  • recapturingsky 40w

    Lightning Angel

    Lady of Athens,
    She rides Alcippe.
    She was like brave like
    no warriors could ever be.
    Her attire was a full armor,
    Her shield could turn the foe
    Into stoes.
    Goddess of wisdom.
    On the battlefield,
    She was always on the front.
    Divinity proved there could be
    Beauty along with Bravery.
    Triumph in every war,
    She made every girl
    Powerful and deliberately.
    She is the goddess of war,
    Who showed women
    The Power they never had before.

  • eterna_sorto96 40w

    We sat upon the top
    Basked in our tunes
    And sang in laughter

    Not a moment went by when one of us wasn't whistling a melody
    Or strumming the Earth and making her dance
    We inspired those below with joyous phrases
    Made them tap their feet
    And helped them to keep time

    They had no time to look up and applaud;
    Our song was never done
    For forever we tune our souls
    And forever we carve our poetry into walls
    To be remembered for years to come

    We took not a second to dally
    Wrote line after line and never ceased
    "Begin and never cease! Begin and never cease!"
    So we didn't

    And now, after our long, long song
    We start anew
    We sing a different tune
    We dance yet another dance
    Yet we ford on
    And beckon those to play along
    "Sing with us if you can!

    "We'd love to hear you sing, if you so dare!"

    #TheMuses #Muses #GreekMythology #MountOlympus

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    We sat upon the top
    Basked in our tunes
    And sang in laughter

    "Begin and never cease! Begin and never cease!"

    "Sing with us if you can!

    "We'd love to hear you sing, if you so dare!"

  • orfayus 53w

    Gather Ye Rosebuds

    It is upon
    A beating dawn that I play
    My lyre

    From the peak
    In the mystique of

    Echoes your name
    Infame- heartache
    Your ashes breeze the fields

    Of Elysium
    An addendum
    Of you seers my memories

    O' Eurydice, wonder
    I am the offender
    Did you know my love?

    Could you see it in my horror
    Struck eyes, as the buck
    And beat of my chest died

    As you did again, falling
    From my hands
    O' Eurydice

    A sorrow, a tomorrow
    Of never after and ashes
    And embers of remembrance

    O' my sweet summer
    Sunshine and light of life
    O' Eurydice


  • a_gentilischi 58w


    Hushed whispers , deliberately softened treads
    Multiplied by thousand
    In to the perpetual breeze
    That roams the Temple of Delphi

    The ceromonial robes of the high priestess
    Weigh heavily on my slender frame

    I take a deep breath from the burning brazier
    The offerings to a vengeful god within it
    The fumes envelope me. Choke me

    I slip in to the sacred trance

    When I speak, it is not my voice
    But the voice of Apollo

    The Pythia (/ˈpɪθiə/;[1] Ancient Greek: Πυθία [pyːˈtʰi.aː]) was the name of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who also served as its oracle, also known as the Oracle of Delphi.

    From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythia#Priestess>

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #mirakee #trance #wod #greekmythology

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  • roshnisultana 59w

    I contradict my existence
    As if the fruits from Persephone's
    garden aren't sweet enough
    And hades is scared of fire
    For the cosmos inside me is getting cold
    And pillars are starting to stumble
    Let me breath again
    With dreams and a new Despair .

  • __icyflame__ 60w

    Lord Apollo and his Acolyte

    At the break of dawn rose the Sun
    as gallivanting across the cosmos was Apollo,
    singing of his eternal glory and charm.
    Miles afar, sighing, awoke a kyría.
    Enshrouded her mind was, by stygian dark clouds
    for Eros had struck her
    with his barbed golden arrow
    and her inamorato with the blunt leaded one.
    Chasing after her were the Arai of her past,
    Oh the sin to desire a kýrios so fine
    who set his heart upon another shrine.
    However, baffling was her persona,
    a stark parallel to that of Apollo's.
    Bestowed she was with a searing passion for poetry,
    a flair for healing
    and dexterity with the keys.
    Alas, similar they were in ways not but one.
    Lost were Daphne and Hyacinthus to Apollo
    owing to his pride, greed, envy and inability to yield
    and deprived she was of her ándras
    trudging in his footsteps.

  • melchizediek 66w

    Sti Mními Tou (In Memory Of)

    Even the great Oracle of Delphi,
    Pythia, could not foresee
    His life was a bunch of bad poems, you see
    Even the poetry god, Apollo, would agree
    The Fates weaved his death with a blue thread, they used
    That might even leave the goddess Athena utterly amused
    But despite of all these, he lived his life well
    And he is now as free as a wondering gazelle

  • eden_with_eve 73w

    A snakes tongue behind her teeth.
    Polished in perfection, her pearls gleam.
    Gorgeous is this gorgon as she gorges in her garden.
    Beauty in bountiful harvest, but the world calls her heartless.
    A shame a heretic should have such lovely lips.
    A mouth lined with poison kiss cuts to the quick.
    The world swears she is careless, made of chaos, too cutthroat for cultivated conversation.
    They have no idea how careful she is, God forbid she ever be so fickle as to truly be unkind, for the world would never know her only as Medusa.
    Instead they would fear her as the Mother of Monsters, Queen of Devils, Bringer of Battles, Goddess of Ghouls, Snake Whisperer...
    How gracious of her to give you gossip alone because rumors won't rend you in two.
    Take your words and worship warriors who couldn't stop her should she truly wish to wreak her vengeance.
    In her garden she leaves you alone, she allows the veil of mystery to grow, a true monsters mistress would maul you leaving no words for whining mouths.

  • the_acataleptic_ 77w

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    #ekphrasricpoem #greekmythology #lovethatneverdies

    Poisé..Poesy.. Paramour!

    You were Pan, the great god,
    Herd of the wilderness,
    in this dream I had, it was almost
    a trance that lasted longer
    than my sleep and the Nyx's spell!

    As you called, came the high winds
    soaring down, flying low,
    into the hollowed reed you held, just as swiftly,
    a song started with an inherently mellow tune,
    that spoke of an old sadness that would last forever;
    It fluttered across the lake, from where you stood!

    You slid down slow,
    looking long into the distance,
    and sat amidst the green
    where hooved herds
    heard your flute and there they headed
    to heed their herald's call!

    Your hands touched and
    felt hardened brown earth
    beneath the soft cold grass
    and that luscious mouth
    cracked a crooked smile
    and your dials digged into the dirt deep!

    You closed your eyes,
    and fell into an enchanted sway,
    meditating and manifesting,
    calling out to that one,
    your comrade and kin, then the winds
    changed, carrying forth hints of purple mirth!

    You smell the bottled poetry
    and nodded into the air, respectful
    of that Dionysian magic
    as your hands materialised
    above ground, with them emerged
    a crystalline decanter of the South!

    You enjoyed with your eyes,
    the colour of deep sangria,
    and the sun lit up the glass,
    they glinted and glittered in your grip,liquour
    tinted with liquid gold and pressed rubies
    then glided down your throat easy!

    I could almost hear a rhyme start
    thrumming inside your chest,
    your tongue swirled around
    the bubbles and bouquets of the grape, and
    the music your sharp teeth made
    clinging against the crystalware, reached me!

    You were reminiscent
    of the days we had spent;
    in your playful drunken stupor
    with my raw indulgent kisses,
    immune to the worldly woes
    as immortal prey to the cupid's bow!

    Your hands had trembled
    when they first touched me,
    as my heart shivered then rose to fall; and
    you hummed a song, par amour,for hours at length,
    to the pulsating highs and lows of my breath,
    we had lain in an untouching embrace, starry eyed!

    You drank deep from those memories
    as the wine sting your lips red,
    you shed your essence of a God,
    and evolved into something more divine,
    a man who has tasted a love so indelible,
    intaking that ambrosia alien to most!

    Then you heard a sound so poignant,
    it was a faint murmur from an epoch lost,
    trodden on and turned obsolete and taught to be silent, like a poised sigh even whilst in torture,
    delicate yet so profound, it huffed and puffed
    but you mistook it for the gushing breeze!

    That was me, my precious;
    I was Achyls, the usher of eternal night
    shrouded in a veil of darkness and a mist of shadows,
    cast away by light, always placed beyond your reach,
    abhorent to the day you were born to seize, therefore
    removed from the vale of your reality!

    I was the provenance of death
    and you were a patron of life,
    a wistful paroxysm takes over me,and
    I whelve into a state of mindlessness, in jamais vu,
    I take in the new from that same old sight,
    an ephemeral epiphany transpires inside me!

    I discover or rediscover the picture of that love
    which we had shared, that which I had come to see
    in the days of yore, and often wished I hadn't;
    The truth is that we are always at odds, it's paramount
    that our love was always almost immaculate,
    but even in my dreams, we still remain ill-fated.

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    You were Pan, the great god,
    Herd of the wilderness,
    in this dream I had, it was almost
    a trance that lasted longer
    than my sleep and the Nyx's spell!


  • pathways_of_words 83w

    Greek Mythology tells of a group of warrior women of Asia Minor that successfully fought.
    Said to have been the daughters of Ares and Harmonia, whom their greatest desires were a life of war.
    Cities and temples named after them include, Ephesus, Smyrna, and many more from that lot.
    When it came to fighting and victory, all that they wanted was more.

    They lived in what was known as Asia Minor, respectively.
    They surrounded themselves as a group of only women.
    Obviously, they mated outside of their communities, and sent their sons to the fathers, hesitantly.
    Forming bonds of a unique unity with stories that are read today, the legends never ending.

    Biased men of the past have said that these were really men that shaved and had long hair.
    I don't believe that this is true.
    Like the shield maidens that fought with the Vikings with fire and flair.
    Going against them was a task that was not easy to do.

    So, I write this with respect and in honor of the fighting ladies of olde.
    The libraries and internet of today can grant us so much knowledge.
    Reading and learning of the legends of stories told.
    Stories of life and love, bondage, deception, and the bold.

    #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #greekmythology

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    The Amazons


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    Beauty is a curse that's how she felt
    When she was worshipped for
    appearance that was perfect
    Tho being a human,
    regarded as venus's incarnation
    And humans were too intimidated
    Couldn't even think to approach her

    Abandon your daughter on a rocky crag
    Oracle guided her father and provided some help
    She was abandoned as adviced on the rocky crag
    Waiting for her cruel serpent like husband to take her away
    All of sudden Zephyr the west wind came
    Delivered her gently in front of a palace
    "This is your home" a voice came
    "And inside the palace your husband awaits."
    She asked him who he was. But was stopped right there
    Establishing the one question which should never be asked.
    And If she loved him dearly there should be no doubt

    Night after night the visits began
    And not long before she was pregnant
    She was rejoiced but was also conflicted
    Raising her baby with a man with face well hidden
    Her husband was sleeping, she approached with a lamp
    Shocked from the knowledge she burnt Cupid with the lamp
    Gods and human could never love as equals
    This was cupid thoughts, a thought that destroyed her

    Encouraged by the unseen voice, she set out to find him
    But Venus hated her and that's why she made conditions which she will never be able to comply with
    A series of three impossible tasks if she wish to marry
    Call it luck or God's grace but she was able to succeed in
    Just outside Venus's palace she opened the box of Proserpina's box of beauty
    Little did she know it was filled with sleep and not some beauty

    Cupid all recovered from his wounds
    Came to his sleeping wife and for reasons that are good
    He regrets his decision and is ready to right her
    Gave her Ambrosia and made her immortal
    Shortly after she bore him a child
    They named her Pleasure and lived a happy life
    If you think this is over then you are naive
    As they together are still complicating people's Love Life.

  • clearer_than_the_sparkles 90w

    [Medusa, Girlhood, Beauty♀, Female Rage]

    Immediately I recall Caravaggio's painting of Medusa, feared by the male heroes of Greek Mythology. I remember being sixteen, standing in an art gallery, marble floors shining and my breath echoing around the room:
    Medusa has her mouth open in bloody hysterical scream, her head decapitated; it is silenced by the glass separating the painting from me. It reflects my face over her own- a mirror.
    I'm eighteen now and I want to scream. Rage. Cry. We are told not to. My head firmly attached to my neck, writhes with snakes of questions about this. I've no snakes for hair, yet my own contentious relationship with the concepts of beauty and ugliness seems to explain my having some sharp edges.
    When girls are weighed on the scales of beauty, of worth- am I not allowed to simply exist? -the scale places rage on the negative end. Medusa is given trauma, has it forced down her throat and into her lungs; Medusa is given a blade to her neck for daring to be mad about it. Girls are given trauma and they are given no place to put it down.


    →image credits to the rightful owner.

    #Medusa #Femalerage #beauty #society #Greekmythology #mythology #pod #mirakee #miraquill

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  • bluewordsforbluebirds 91w

    I found myself believing the Greek mythology in my early years
    The goddess Pistis ( the embodiment of faith) made me believe
    They aren't the all powerful beings we presume them to be
    They're all our emotions, fears, demons, place we go to, everything..
    But with separate faces

    In my growing years I saw a patron in Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon,
    Her eternal maidenhood struck me
    She needed nobody to complete her which fascinated me
    (okay she's still my patron)
    Everytime I looked at the moon, I imagined her
    In her silver chariot, riding the stars

    Next was Athena, the Goddess of wisdom
    Her everlasting knowledge and she besting her fellow gods,
    I wanted that, I still do,
    But I, a mere child, having no recognisable talent.. was stumped,

    Poseidon the lord of the seas
    Has always had a special place in my heart,
    The blue waves, calm waters, the land unknown,
    Impacted me in waves which can't be told.
    I started to identify myself with the unpredictable and untamed waters.

    As I grew up, I met Achlys, the Goddess of misery and pain,
    She made me encounter demons
    worse than those from the depths of Tartarus
    They attacked me, tried to kill me
    And there were times, I gave in

    Aphrodite, the Goddess of love bestowed a curse upon me
    I thought I found my Eros, and my life came to a standstill
    But it was Thanatos, the God of Death in disguise
    And my whole life was torn apart
    For death and love aren't so different

    But the God I still believe the most in-
    Philotes, a minor goddess, not much recognition
    The first I heard of her, I learnt
    This was all I needed all along
    The Greek Goddess of friendship, provided me with a living Elysium
    I was no longer in the Fields of Asphodel
    Walking, crying alone.. No.
    I might have even reached the Isles of the Blessed
    Now I could even have even roamed the
    endless pit of Tartarus without giving in
    The demons were still there, Yes.
    But now they were afraid to touch me
    And I haven't looked back since..

    #greekmythology #friendship #love #death #greekgods #poseidon #artemis #athena #pistis #philotes #tartarus #thanatos #eros #achlys #elysium

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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