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    If you decide to read this poem of mine, a lil bit of context would do good. So the myth goes like this:

    Lycaon was an early king of Arkadia. He sought to test the divinity of Zeus by serving the god his own slaughtered son Nyktimos. Zeus was furious and overturning the table, destroyed the fifty sons of Lykaon with lightning-bolts, and transformed the king into a werewolf/wolf. Nyktimos was later resurrected by the gods.

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    The Great Wrath

    "διαρραγείης!" ("May you split!)
    "Thou art gaged to Hades f'r the bloodsh'd of thy blood!"

    She gazed as she hurdled curses at Pelasgus' seed
    All Enraged and in an attire that was rugged and freed

    And it's disheartening for all the colours she did grapple,
    Folded to surrogate the tan that her face lost ample.

    Her love was red and his souvenir's naught but guts
    Even as she bathe in the red vestige, her lover rots.

    And as the God of Gods learnt of that forbidden meal
    Lykaon and his nefarious scions, witnessed wrath and zeal.

    "Trial of Divinity endues corporeal peril." Zeus offended.
    Taking the reins from Notos, the mighty Aeolus descended

    As the Titan's Chariot announced the heavenly halt
    The sombre sky tore itself, for divine light striked a bolt

    A blink of an eye and lifeless bodies piled up in Trapezus
    Sunny skin, flaring flesh, now all burnt by the mighty Zeus

    Behind the altar, yet a loathsome character of filthy flesh
    Knelt in terror for Lykaon's fate still had much to thresh

    A curse was spun, his bones collapsed and flesh was torn
    From the King of Arcadia, the first Werewolf was born.

    And If you may enquire of the fate of the poor slaughter
    Rest assured, for resurrected he was
    Ages before the one who walked on water.


  • rudrakshachandel 4w

    Labors of Mortal Man (Inspired by Hercules 12 Labors)

    I am nothing but a mortal man,
    Who is tied with the labors of Hercules himself.
    But I, who is not the mighty Hercules,
    Tries to compete with him,
    In my own little existence.

    I get over a hill to only climb a mountain,
    I cross over a river to only cross an ocean,
    I walk a thousand miles to only walk a thousand more,
    And after a few dozen times,
    My soul can't do it anymore.

    The vengeful Herra,
    The prideful Eurystheus,
    Couldn't kill the hero Hercules.
    But the sin of love,
    Did the deed.

    Now what will happen to us mere mortals,
    Without any superhuman strength,
    Who are born with our own labors,
    That we must contend,
    To become Hercules himself.

  • swarnav_ 5w


    I wish death to the Anemone--
    A fate far less agonizing, than being
    A testimonial to the gut-wrenching sight
    Of her parched petals and withered sepals
    Bidding farewell to her scents of evanescence.
    Relieving her thorns of years of raid repulsion.

    Without your tears Aprhodite, my beloved
    I reek of vanity and my blood is scanty
    Mon amour, how can I nourish this flower of amour?
    With your absence, the inception of fall
    Disregards a century of eastertides,
    It pursues the throat of Persephone beyond repose.
    And as I bleed and stain the earth red
    I learn about the blemishes of mortality.
    I am made aware and I blame not the abhorrent fates
    Nor do I onus this on Ares
    That the forbidden romance with divinity
    Yields naught but incessant grief
    To mortal bodies and timeless souls.

    Dear me,
    The fault is within the flaws I bear
    Not with the one that ripped my flesh open
    I wish death to the Anemone-
    A fate far less harrowing, than being
    A souvenir of love that never did recieve
    Its beloved's drops of sorrow.


  • todd_towers 9w

    He who holds wreath
    Did not bequeath
    Rest unto grave,
    Rather time gave.

    So too the soul
    Need be consoled
    With time to sleep
    Or death do creep.

    Sisphean task,
    Did the king ask?
    Why boulder
    Grew heavier?

    Sisphean or
    Which heart am I?
    oft do I sigh.

    Take holy rest
    Heart in my chest.
    Now cease anxious
    Toil pious.

    Let Christ be He
    And take for thee
    Solarean sleep.
    And find thy task,


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    So too the soul
    Need be consoled
    With time to sleep
    Or death do creep.

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 7)

    Pain searing through my body, gold coursing outwards
    Blinded by the swagger, humbled by betrayal
    My heart seeking an answer for this outcome
    Was I to blame perhaps for what my daughter had become?
    Memories come flooding of times so blissful
    There she was! Her peals of laughter reverberating
    Chasing after her sisters in the Hesperides
    Unmindful of the sorrow that was to follow
    Curse the Fates for my eternal damnation
    Curse everyone for corrupting the mighty Titan that I was
    I shed a tear in repentance for my action
    Losing the trickle of humanity left, in this annihilation
    I gaze upward and long for a final moment with my dearest
    Maybe a few apologies, a final bid farewell
    Before I transcend into the unknown
    Disintegrate to infinity never to return
    She descends slowly, a picture of grace and disarray
    Weeping inconsolably for the deed she performed
    She falls into my arms in regret and repentance
    Only to see me in acceptance of my fate
    I am at bliss embracing my long lost daughter
    "It is alright my dear, it was never your fault
    I shoulder the blame for your action
    And from the depth of my soul accept the consequence"
    I wipe away her tears with the last of my strength
    "Forgive me mother Gaia for this massacre
    Protect my innocent daughter from my sin
    Let me sleep, set me free from the curse of Atlas"
    A final gasp of breath before the transit
    Into the pits of chaos and emptiness
    With the image of my daughter on my breast
    I close my eyes and give away to the darkness

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 6)

    I let out a cry loud enough for her to hear
    Of angst that would the seven seas obliterate
    Endure the wrath of the curse of Atlas
    To lose hope after climbing the ascent
    Agony turns to pure rage as I turn myself
    To face the demon and award his peril
    But my greatest desire was my weakness after all
    Struck his blow when I let down my sight
    Blood spurts forth but so does my rage
    For pain is my ray of light, my will to fight
    I charge forward with an undeterred stride
    Hands banging past his flashing strikes
    Severely unmatched he turns to his brothers
    Poseidon and Hades arriving to pompous fare
    Perhaps a hasty move in his part to take
    In a blink they lay dead as I returned their fire
    "Is that all in your mighty arsenal, O Zeus?
    Shame enshroud the Titans who fell to your blows
    Let me end your miser-" was all I could say
    As pain struck me blind from the attack behind
    I turn to see the perpetrator of this fiendish scheme
    Jolted by the situation that lay at hand
    For bewitched is the curse of mine name
    To watch his own daughter reduced to maim
    There she stood, her eyes smeared by tears
    Hands quivering yet holding still onto the blade
    A sight of absolute melancholy is all she was
    A daughter in distress, a mother in chaos
    What led her to this gruesome act I ponder
    Perhaps a bait, or rather an illusion to misguide?
    Maybe led to conspire in return for her dead son?
    "You too my dearest?" was my silence breaking utterance
    I stumble from the sky
    I tumble towards the ocean
    Left in agony over the fate played upon
    Hitting the ground with a thud to rumble Rome till Avon

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 5)

    A trickle of gold teasing along the sides of his face
    His feature weathered by bruises yet alert
    Yet he manages a look full of complacence
    "I must thank uncle for this exercise after all these years
    For thousands of years have the Gods awaited
    With bated breath for a challenge like this
    I pray you pose a challenge that suffices our thirst
    Until the next lamb for slaughter arrives on our porch"
    "My dear nephew seems to be presumtuous of his victory
    Let not mine previous defeat give you the rush that it does
    I arrive after slaughtering your younglings in war
    Unlike your conceited scheme killing my young in cold blood"
    He stirs for a moment over the sudden proclamation
    Perhaps in shock but he recoils almost immediately
    It is no surprise for he tried to kill his own himself
    A cold-hearted entity lowly than the lowest evil
    His grip tightens and the impending war looms in sight
    I let my focus around to scout for hidden surprises
    I now realise that the sky has not fallen since I let go
    I turn towards the hill and gasp in utmost horror
    There she was bright and tender as the day
    I saw her last before leaving for the war
    Her hair swept by the winds along the north
    Her petite frame burdened by the sky's weight
    Our eyes meet, father and daughter after eternity
    Her appearance portraying a tale of pain
    But more so of melancholy, of separation and heartbreak
    Years of sorrow tearing down my beloved Elektra's face

  • hearts_to_ink 12w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 4)

    No more this burden on my shoulders lay
    Let worlds collide as I lay ichor to waste
    Hero or God, hellhounds or sea nymphs
    Any soul that dares Atlas' might shall sink
    Skies turns ochre as the Gods slowly fall
    Lands that bleed of every hero's corpse
    Let mine fury strike fear in your hearts
    A flamboyant Titan fighting his old cause
    Appollo, Artemis, Ares and Athena
    Sincerely futile attempts to control my pace
    They lie at my feet, all blood of my blood
    Decimate your beloved and let seas flood
    We meet at last, Oh nephew and nemesis!
    Thunder claps and lightning bolts in service
    Know the might of the all-powerful Titan
    His mere presence shall annihilate his victims

  • hearts_to_ink 12w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 3)

    Never in the least to guess what ahead lay
    Thread the Fates chose to spin around me
    A moment of haste was all there could be
    To stab my father and snatch his place
    Oh Kronos! You vile fiend, who poisoned
    My soul to slay mine own blood for power
    Was I perhaps human, to err and later repent?
    No I shant sway from the path of vengeance
    But my dear Elektra, how I wish you were here
    A father may never love any daughter more
    A blot it may be for I favoured you the most
    How I grieved as you were taken by that imp!
    That thug who calls himself King of the Gods
    Who laid his hand on my child and left her
    For many moons you grieved over the battles
    How I wish I were there to wipe your tears!
    Zeus!! For long have I bore your fornication
    No longer will tyranny thrive in Gaia's bosom
    Lord Ouranos' will coursing through my body
    My bare hands to rip all the gods shall suffice

  • hearts_to_ink 13w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 2)

    Of deceit and charlatance, jealousy and greed
    Till the brim filled as to rip the soul of his kin
    Stranded from my blood for all eternity
    The curse of Atlas I endure in silent agony
    Millennia has passed since the war ended
    A guard over the purgatory of land and sky
    Stand the test of time, witness man's ascent
    A life of pleasure within reach yet so distant
    T'was a time when repentance came flooding
    Perhaps my trial by fire, of penance resolute
    Rage took over for amnesty overlooked
    Await with bated breath to turn over the tide

  • seaweed 18w


    It was getting late in the evening. The wind was getting stronger. My hair went on defying me more and more. You stood beside me, calm and composed, unaffected by the fact that your head kept turning in to that of a buffalo, and turning back. You resembled different animals at different times. I had the impression that you're a chimera with a human body. You kept growing taller and I kept feeling smaller.

    You sat down on a bench by some bushes. I acted like I can't see your buffalo head. I said I had to leave and I thought I heard you say "hmm", while looking straight ahead. I didn't wait much for a reply and started walking towards the sunset without looking back at you. The light was fading and I hastened my pace.

    I came to a halt at crossroads. I knew one road led to the sea and another one to the jungle. But I couldn't remember which was which. So I took the one straight ahead. I passed the sunset and walked for three hours that felt like eternity. And I started seeing a bench by some bushes ahead of me. You were there, exactly how I left you, but a little bigger.

    I realized that I've been walking in circle... and that all the roads would lead back here. Then I remembered that I knew this all along. I sighed. At least, I can stop walking now.


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    Ephialtes: Nightmare (rare); Greek demon who is the personification of nightmares.

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    God of the dead and of the underworld
    My name is synonymous with the “unseen”
    Called pitiless, loathsome and monstrous
    Brother to Zeus and Poseidon, I am Hades

    As a fierce ruler of those in the unseen realm
    I watch over the three judges of souls
    Charon ferries the dead across the Styx
    Under my supervision and my control

    By not letting mortals escape my kingdom
    I rule with a deft and stern hand
    King of rivers of woe, fire, lamentation, hate and oblivion
    I am feared and universally panned

    Persephone, my wife stays with me only partially
    Her stay causes gloomy winter on the ground
    Considered an aspect of sadness and mourning
    Planting and harvests are therefore done in rounds

    Kept occupied with ruling the underworld
    And keeping a check on the souls of the dead
    The very mention of my name causes apprehension
    Fills the living with great dread

    The spoils of the ground both vegetative and mineral
    Are part of my dominion and reign
    The universality of death is my reality
    I am the god of the dead , riches and gains


    7th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Celebrating my 400th post with both pod and WN repost ..... yay 🎉

    Thank you so so much @mirakee (I’m still in a state of shock after reading your comments) and @writersnetwork ... you’ve truly made my day, thank you !

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  • stuck_in_wonderland 20w

    Hades wept.
    His flower had left him
    Once more.


  • stuck_in_wonderland 20w

    What the tales hide
    Is that Icarus smiled,
    As he fell.

    As wax burned his flesh,
    And feathers flew around him,
    He smiled.

    The Sun was hot,
    And blinding.

    But she was beautiful.
    She was warm,
    And she burned so brightly,
    While the world below was so dark
    And frigid.

    So as he fell,
    He turned his face to the Sun,
    Watched the feathers fall upwards,
    Welcomed the burns and the blisters,
    And he smiled.

    For the Sun,
    For just a moment,
    Had smiled back.


  • pallavi4 30w


    Born from the forehead of Zeus
    I am the goddess of wisdom, war and weaving alike
    Worshiped as a symbol of freedom
    I wear a helmet and carry a spear -a spike

    Owls and olive trees represent me
    While snakes define my very being
    A divine councillor to Odysseus
    As Medusa’s transformer I am seen

    As a warrior goddess I was said to lead
    Men into great battles and wars
    As the patron and protectress of Athens
    I guard and oversee Greece’s shores

    I won against Poseidon by
    Creating the first olive tree
    As Ergane I bested the mortal Arachne by
    Transforming her into a spider who could weave

    The Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis
    Was built to honour me
    The Trojan War was started by a fued
    Between us goddess three

    Known as “Athena the Virgin”
    As a goddess of classic learning I am seen
    Even in the modern day my being
    Is seen as a symbol of democracy


    20th of September, 2020

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  • eden_with_eve 32w

    A snakes tongue behind her teeth.
    Polished in perfection, her pearls gleam.
    Gorgeous is this gorgon as she gorges in her garden.
    Beauty in bountiful harvest, but the world calls her heartless.
    A shame a heretic should have such lovely lips.
    A mouth lined with poison kiss cuts to the quick.
    The world swears she is careless, made of chaos, too cutthroat for cultivated conversation.
    They have no idea how careful she is, God forbid she ever be so fickle as to truly be unkind, for the world would never know her only as Medusa.
    Instead they would fear her as the Mother of Monsters, Queen of Devils, Bringer of Battles, Goddess of Ghouls, Snake Whisperer...
    How gracious of her to give you gossip alone because rumors won't rend you in two.
    Take your words and worship warriors who couldn't stop her should she truly wish to wreak her vengeance.
    In her garden she leaves you alone, she allows the veil of mystery to grow, a true monsters mistress would maul you leaving no words for whining mouths.

  • thoughtsofafracturedmind 39w


    Xenas with a
    Xany appeal was performing
    Xenismos in her
    Xanthic hotel, being
    Xenial and sharing
    Xenodocheionology in


  • auburn_falls 52w

    Be Icarus.

    Be Icarus.
    I want you to feel the sun
    On your back
    Be Icarus.
    I want you to feel success just as everybody else has for half the work
    Be Icarus.
    I want you to feel that
    You aren’t Karma’s crash test dummy
    You will not always live in misery
    Be. Icarus.
    And even though your wings are made of wax you will still be in the sky
    And even if they melt
    There’s a trampoline that will get you twice as high
    Be Icarus.


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    She's like a drug. They call her Molly.
    I think I'm in love.

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    Across the Room

    They say her name is Molly.

    She's a kaleidoscopic vision
    Against a concrete jungle backdrop.
    She's a dream beyond the imagination of Salvador Dalí.

    Disco ceilings envy her.
    Tendrils of spectral smoke aim to mimic
    The tender wilderness of her hair.

    It wouldn't suffice to say
    Darkness falls in love with the way
    He can't drown out the essence of her spirit.

    She is ethereal in countenance, for
    She dons the rings of Saturn like a halo and
    Wears the magic of his moons like perfume.

    Music seems to sparkle in her presence,
    Like the iridescent stars that have descended
    From the heavens just to find their place
    In her eyes.

    Oh, and how I yearn to belong in them;
    To live upon those honeycomb sighs
    And fill her heart with kisses upon her thighs.

    I'm convinced Sappho once spoke of her
    In prophecy and reverence.

    Her body is Venus incarnate -
    A beauty outdated, but the swing of her hips
    Reminds you love is ageless.

    I obsess over the way her imperfections
    Manage to oppress figures of beauty.

    By the Gods..
    How can you miss a person you never met?

    She looks at me and smiles..
    How has my tongue revived a dead language
    Yet to be discovered?

    If I don't say hello,
    My sheets will never feel warm enough.
    My heart might freeze.


  • boundlesshatefyou 58w

    Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)

    Priyanka rajput