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  • _the_soul_writer 4w


    Greatness arrives once you refuse to buy into
    what others see as impossible.

  • cherish312 6w

    You don't have to be great
    To do great things
    You may not become great
    By doing great things

  • parulsetia 6w

    I hope you are making a lot of mistakes.
    I hope you get your heart broken.
    You can't win at life without losing so I hope you are open to losing a lot.

    I hope you remain beginner forever.
    That you are a participant.

    I hope that you see the beauty that is in everything.
    I hope that you feel lost sometimes.
    That you enjoy your own company.
    That you are the one that loves more.
    That both trusting and forgiving comes easy.
    That you can see competition is a fallacy and that you are enough.
    That you ignore fights and drama and know how to stand up for yourself.

    I wish all these things for you, because I know no other way to win at life than this.

  • _bikash_k 8w


    The birds sang the lullaby
    And trees waved me hi
    The wind enthralled my soul
    And the sun shone on me bright.

    I look around and found none
    I searched and they're all gone
    It was me, only me
    All the time and times to come on

    I'm lonely and I'm alone
    But not a grin on my face is shown
    As I'm addicted to it
    And being a vagabond I roam

    Roam across the paddy field, down the street
    And up in hill, sometimes I rest and I chill
    I read books and I write poem
    I sing a song and dance and humm.

    I feel me, and I feel my vibes
    I maybe raw now but I'll ripe
    I sense greatness and so I'll thrive
    And then at god's place, I'll feel alive.

  • cleopatra_verse 9w

    Stand Tall

    The mountains,
    stand tall in reverence;
    They say, "You are one of us,
    Stand tall."

  • enchantedmedium 11w


    Position yourself to do great things. They don’t have to be grandiose, they don’t have to be witnessed, they just have to be honest, have integrity, come from your heart and be without ego. These are the elements for which greatness is born.

  • allen2377 12w


    The summation of all great things that existed.


  • beensn 19w

    Being tough

    Yes people say I am tough,
    It's because, the path I walked was rough.
    I believed in myself more than others,
    The rough path taught me many lessons.
    People remembered me only when they wanted a favour,
    And once done, sidelined me forever.
    Being honest and hardworking are my greatest weakness,
    If people don't understand, I call it their greatness!
    Many have enjoyed the pleasure of seeing me suffer,
    I take it as a great social service, who else can offer?
    Being tough is not an act by choice,
    It is the only way of life for people like me to trace.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 22w

    Greatness is when you are with great hearted.....

  • jpwriter 26w

    When we doubt our Capabilities, we build our own mental road block on our path to Greatness.


  • prachiagrawal77 27w

    एक महान शख्सियत

    क्या लिखे हम इन महान शख्सियत के बारे मे
    जो बनकर सूरज चमक रहा है
    जो धर्म-जाति के भेद भाव से परे रहा है
    जो तारा बनकर आसमान मे जगमगा रहा है
    जिसने संबंध की घनिष्ठता को नया संक्षेप दिया है
    जिसने अपनी नींद खोकर जगाया हमको
    जिसने आँसू पिकर हंसाया हमको
    जिसने महिला के विकास का महत्व बताया
    क्या लिखे हम इन महान शख्सियत के बारे मे
    जिन्होने समानता और भाई-चारे सीखाया
    जिन्होने हमारे देश का संविधान बनाया
    ये वो सितारा है जिनके कारण हम आज किसे के गुलाम नही है
    जिन्होने मनुष्य को मनुष्य का सही दर्जा दिलाया
    जिन्होने एक नया इतिहास बनाया।
    इन महान शख्सियत को मेरा शत् शत् नमन
    आप सभी को अंबेडकर जयंती की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

  • ladywillow 28w


    I'm at the pace of this turmoil
    It seems like I'm going to clutter
    In this waves of commotions and alterations
    Slowly drowning on this hurricane of thoughts
    Saving myself from myself
    Focusing to be on that shore
    Those winds whispering "you can"
    But I breath "how sure?"

  • ecstaticallylost 30w

    Set backs to backstage

    When you fail,
    You should realise, you at least had the courage to start,
    Think, imagine and start again, the universe is vastly undiscovered!

    Syed Abdul Rahman

  • _annonymous 31w

    Tandav !

    Is kaale andhakar mein,hu mei netra se dhritarashtra,
    aayega prakash kyuki hain mere mastak pr Kishan ka hath.
    Dekhi parajay par swikar naa karu apni haar, krunga har prayas pr chodu naa kabhi aas
    Rakt me ubal, man mein bhadas, mila yeh tajurba, jald hi milegi prashansa

  • eden_with_eve 32w

    I have grown.
    Grown gargantuan. Grown gorgeous. Grown for the good.
    I have grown strong and proud and kind.
    I have grown better because of great women.
    They have given me roots to know. Ground to walk. Helpful gains.
    In a world of games I am made glorious with gifts abundant.
    For my part I am grateful.
    Grounded in greatness and in the name of a glory I am blessed golden.

  • microcosm 39w

    “When Do You Think People Die? When They Are Shot In The Heart With A Pistol? No. When They Are Ravaged By An Uncurable Disease? No. When They Drink A Soup Made From Poisonous Mushrooms? No. It’s When... They Are Forgotten!”

    - Dr.Hiriluk

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    The Will of D. _!!!

    Profanity, they recalled terror,
    low-lives kneeling, in due regard,
    there comes a day, every fall,
    when blood takes over sanity,
    to pardon even the behemoths,
    it takes courage to stay still,
    the valiants might descend,
    abyss will claim the resolve,
    the entirety, pinned, perished,
    a lineage got paved, hereafter,
    the chosen ones will breath,
    ones with liberty and courage,
    the blood will tell, they yelled,
    justice will come to cinders,
    behold, the worst generation,
    only the hour will unfold.

  • rebeljones777 44w


    The diversity of my thinking
    is a hurricane within,
    confusing to those
    whom are sleeping
    with eyes wide open...

    A storm is coming,
    like a big old
    ominous cloud
    in my periphery...

    Reaching out to the one
    that can't be found
    unless you delve deep within...

    My focus is now
    on a higher level
    of thinking,
    truly awake now
    no longer dreaming...

    There's a love of strength
    that I won't surrender,
    this I know to be my destiny...

    There's a thirst for truth
    that will not be quenched
    a force of emotion
    I just can't seem to refuse...

    But it's been a long
    Journey to get to this point,
    where I can confidently
    admit I am Greatness...

    The spirit inside
    keeps telling me the
    world is mine
    and I have the power
    to shape this...

    Manifestations and
    universal attracting
    10 fold as karma
    giveth and taketh
    all that we hold,

    I'm different,
    yet I am the same,
    The poet of my soul
    has a sweet reason
    for expressing these feelings...

    So listen up those of you
    not far behind me,
    fore this is Greatness's song
    and the natural design of me...

    The natural blueprint of we,
    As we were sent and meant
    To discover the greatness
    Forgotten and buried deep
    inside of humanity.

  • sakshi_saxena 51w


    The only mantra to a happy and prosperous life is don't look back and just keep moving in forward direction while keeping your focus only and only on your goals and blur the rest distractions.


  • morozco11 54w

    Source Of The Son

    Came into my life like a lightning bolt
    Ignited my flame, doused me with rain
    Emotions like light, fast, bright ,unable to hold
    In a switch,he intensifies, an energy felt tenfold
    Body like the sands of egypt
    Pyramid bone structures
    Statuesque, worthy of worship
    Body be a temple, he is the luxor
    Mind like galaxies,explode with every thought
    Ideas, creation, feelings and motions
    You are the brightest star,forever unsought
    Far away,unattainable,a mystery like oceans
    Radiate your warmth from a divine force
    Encompassed within a pure sun source
    Darkest of valleys and ditches flouresced
    Angels present, we are all blessed
    The greatest gift thats been given to me
    Unlike others, spontaneous at best
    A devoted being I'll forever be
    For a light like yours is above all the rest.

  • fatema_tavkir 57w

    Music is emotion flowed in tune
    Music is feeling felt by soul
    Music is friend in loneliness
    Music is Life for You and Me