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  • ciara1 72w

    Great America

    I miss all the summer days going to Six Flags Great America. 

    I miss going to Six Flags as a child with my family, friends, teachers, and my YMCA counselors. 

    My mother used to always tell me every time I went to Six Flags is to not get on high rides.

    I miss going on the high roller coasters.  

    I miss the Batman ride, the Superman ride, the demon ride, the Ferris wheel, and the drop-down ride.

    What I do not miss about Six Flags is the boat ride, water ride, and the Merry Go Round ride. My mother always informed me that I should just go on those types of rides. All of those rides were not exciting like the roller coasters.

    I miss Six Flags's food. I miss the cotton candy, bread pretzels, restaurants, and drinks.

    I miss everything about Six Flags Great America.

    My last time going to Six Flags was in my senior year in high school in 2012. Now, I am 25 years old and my boyfriend and I were planning on going to Six Flags Great America this summer, but all the park sites are closed now.

    I am really praying that this pandemic virus and the looting rioting is going to be over soon so I can go to Six Flags and game arcades every summer again.