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    We Love You We Miss You.

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    When I go into the ground,
    I won't go quitely, I'm bringing my crown.
    When I go into the ground
    Oh, they gotta bury me, bury me face down.

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    He hugged him knowing full well that he won't be able to do so for quiet some time. Knowing that he won't be held so gently by any other living soul. There he was the young boy who turned into a young man now right in front of his grandparent's eyes. They do age so quickly don't they thought the grandpa as his trembling arm rested upon the head of the young one. "Come on now dear, he's here just for the night , tomorrow he has to travel, let him get some sleep." As always her words were the final verdict of the household. Over the night the grandson explained his fear of moving to the big city. After all at heart he was still a village boy. Often he'd hear stories about how most of them found it difficult to adjust to the big city , return empty handed with nothing but misery and on the other hand there were those who were swayed by the charms and lost themselves completely . He wanted to be neither of them. The old woman simply smiled ." Don't worry my child I'll accompany you till the station and everything will be fine, you'll see". The following morning as he got ready his grandmother asked him to do something unusual, "I want you to go by the lake and get me a fish , make sure you have a bowl". Now he knew his grandmother was a smart woman who never asked for anything unnecessarily so he didn't question her request, he went to the lake quickly. After reaching there he remembered coming to these waters with his grandpa, how he loved to spend hours and hours reading books and fishing. He practically saw his entire childhood play right in front of him as the wind gushed across his body and he let all of it sink in. Finally he decided to take care of the task in hand in a minute or two he got hold of a fish and was on his way. Now, they began with the usual travel. They lived rather on the outskirts of the village so it was a long journey from their place to the station. The entire ride he kept thinking of this unusual request of her's. He kept looking at her as if she'd explain but there she sat holding her hands tightly around the bowl with a mysterious smile spread across her face . After some time she asked the driver to stop the car. As he got down ,his curiosity increased ' Why would she stop here? In the middle of nowhere?' He kept thinking to himself. The old woman simply kept quiet and continued to walk towards the water. It was a low tide so the water had withdrawn itself. The weather was perfect. There weren't that many people, just the clouds the wind and the sand gently brushing up at his feet. But his mind was still confused. He raced behind his grandmother and followed as she took her time to reach to the water. Finally they were there. That's when she spoke. "I want you to pour the bowl into the water." "But... why?" He hesitated. He still wasn't clear as to why they were there in the first place. "Come on get on with it..." He followed her instructions and emptied the entire bowl into the sea. In his mind still confused of what it has to do with him. When he returned he found his grandma lying on a blanket peacefully enjoying the sunset. She gestured him to take a seat beside her. For a minute they both just enjoyed the beauty that stood before them. "You and the fish have quiet a lot of things in common you know. " She said mysteriously. "How so?" the young man questioned. "The fish is habitual of gently swimming by its regular waters, just like you are with the village . All your life you are subjected to a particular environment , you don't really know anything beyond it because you never really have experienced it. Now when you poured the bowl into the sea. What did you think the fish did?". "It swam it's way through the water?" said the poor boy. She laughed and continued, "My child a fish in the lake does not know the depths of the ocean. It is very cautious. It first swims very close to as what it swam in the lake. It explores it's way through the new waters but very caustiously. I understand that going to a big city seems difficult , it's quite literally a sea full of opportunities. You must choose wisely but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy the current. You would face many challenges but you should always test new waters as does the fish". Hearing her words he understood what she wanted to convey. He took some time and there spread a smile across his face. " Thank you grandma I needed that but there was no need to bring me all the way over here to tell me this, I could've understood all of this back at home too you know." "Well, I do know that...." She said playfully. "But I didn't want to miss the view...."

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    Grandma talks life part 1

    Change , new challenges , moving to a new city can prove to be difficult which is why it's always soothing to have an experienced elderly person guiding you through this vortex of turmoil.
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    A little something I wrote for one of my newborn grandsons.
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    Welcome Letter to Newborn Grandson

    A few things to remember as you grow and grow in the years ahead

    Be kind to others
    The kindness you show will come back to you tenfold

    Pray often and then listen
    God will speak to you in your thoughts and in your dreams

    Forgive even more often
    The grudge you hold will hurt you more than them

    Listen to your parents
    They love you more than you’ll ever know

    Never Lie
    An honest man has character and is worthy of trust and friendship

    Never Steal
    Anything you really want is worth working for

    Never Ever hit a girl
    God made you strong to protect them

    Follow your dreams when you are a young man
    This is the best time to develop your true self

    Always respect your elders
    Especially Gramma and I because we love you and wish you a very happy and fulfilling life

    From our Heart to Yours
    Gramma & Grandpap

    Kerry Patrick

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    I'm just a bottom feeder
    I ain't never been a keeper
    Love her then I leave her
    And if I were you, I wouldn't love me neither

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    He mimics his parents, makes us smile
    He walks with the handset all the while

    He talks as though on conference call
    He walks up and down the dining hall

    He wears a serious look on his face
    He mouths words pulling up subordinates

    He cannot pronounce alphabet r
    He can however point out a star

    He is all of two our little grandson
    He keeps us amused, life is fun

    He brings back our lost childhood
    He will alas grow up all too soon
    © Snigdha Agrawal

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    Eyes of a Doe

    Big deep brown eyes
    And lashes that fluttered
    Grandpa grumbled
    Frowned and muttered.

    White baking powder
    And Kool-aid galore
    Chocolate fingerprints
    All over the door.

    The toddler was covered
    From head to toe
    A toothless grin
    And the eyes of a doe.

    "Gettin' away with murder
    Is what you're lettin' him do,"
    The old man laughed loudly
    As he looked at the goo.

    "There's no possible way
    You can get mad at this,"
    Granny waved her hand
    And blew a nice kiss.

    Standing unsteadily
    On legs made of chunk
    The aspiring chef
    Dropped his spoon with a clunk.

    Granny didn't care
    If the room was a mess
    'Cause of her grandson
    She truly felt blessed.

    --Melissa Andres

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    Old and New

    Both, were brittle and weak.
    Both, had a dim sight
    Both, had no control over their bowels
    Both, without a single tooth to show

    Still something made them different.

    While, one laid in a cradle the other in his death bed.


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    Oh what a cute little boy
    Playing so nicely with his toy
    Brumming here and brumming there
    Lost in his world without a care

    Now he’s munching, never stops
    Round the garden slowly hops
    Look at that butterfly, landing there
    It doesn’t seem to have a care

    Everything is new and exciting
    With his brother sometimes fighting
    Pretending they are Pirates there
    Don’t get hurt, please do take care


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    The only piece of clothing for warmth they had was an old ragged quilt.
    The old woman readily wrapped him in it.
    As the chilly winter night on the streets made her shiver under a tree, slowly she fell asleep seeing her grandson sleeping at peace.