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    The following piece is lovingly dedicated to my youngest son, who is currently living in an unpredictable daily hell, as we await proper diagnosis and treatment for what ails his mind.
    Consequently, my loving husband and I are right there in that hell with our son, because that's what it is to be a parent.

    You are far stronger than you know son. I just really wish you didn't have to be. ♥️

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Chaos and panic
    Decidedly manic
    Sanity ran out the door

    Mind's on a bender
    I hereby surrender
    I really can't take any more

    Distorted delusions
    Unwanted intrusions
    Taking up space in my head

    And a menacing voice
    That leaves me no choice
    Than to think I'd be better off dead

    Wild ideations
    With unknown causations
    Leave me in doubt of what's real

    And I say that I'm fine
    But it's merely a line
    'Cause I no longer know how I feel

    Though it's dark and it's deep
    There's no solace in sleep
    Now that demons await me at night

    Nowadays all my dreams
    Start with blood curdling screams
    From the moment I turn out the light

    My own eyes now deceive me
    Though I doubt you'd believe me
    If I try to explain what I mean

    And the scars on my arm
    Bear the truth of self-harm
    Done to cope with the horrors I've seen
    I'm wired and unfocused
    As I head toward psychosis
    Reality warped and obscured

    As I hide in my room
    Filled with terror and doom
    Due to the voices I heard

    Some call me crazy
    While the rest say I'm lazy
    But I'm asking you please to be kind

    Before you misjudge me
    Berate or begrudge me
    Come spend one day in my mind.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 11/17/2019

    *Title credits go to Kay Redfield Jameson for her novel "The Unquiet Mind," which I read many years ago. All other words (aside from the title) are solely my own.

    *The chosen artwork is called "The Scream," by Edvard Munch (circa 1893).

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