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    Is education a commodity to be sold?
    Produced and supplied in mass and deliberately pushed?
    In earlier days, education was not everyone's cup of tea,
    Only those who are fit and worth could sip it with or without a fee.
    It was one of the most luxurious possessions,
    And used to command all the respect under the sun to the owners.
    Education should not be marketed with
    It is not a basic commodity to be traded in all markets.
    The learner must go to the learned to quench his thirst,
    And not the learned keeps it for sale to make a profit.
    Let us have a clear demarcation between literacy and education,
    Literacy can be tested by examination but education is above graduation.
    © beensN

  • mrspectacular 32w


    "I will be a fool not to recognize how lucky I am to have a friend like you," Tommy says. Knowing how much Nuella does for him on a daily basis to help him be the best he can and most especially in the way she would always do whatever it takes to make him, he is not prepared to lose her for any reason. This friendship they share does not feel like the regular one as although they are opposite sexes, they would spend virtually everyday in each other's company. The relationship does turn heads. Whenever they would walk into a room, people would stare, some wishing they could be just like them, others imagining that the relationship would end in tears. Some would go as far as warning Nuella to be careful with Tommy because like all men he has a pole dangling between his legs and once he is done getting her oil using the pole, he would abandon her like an old refinery and move for the next available lady but she would debunk the suspicion with the position saying,
    'Tommy is not capable of such and besides we are just friends. I mean if we would be more, that would be in the marriage circle and environment so there is no hassle'. Her greatest fears suddenly begin to come through, on one Saturday night after a little outing with Tommy and it would turn out to be the worst night of her entire life and existence. Having gone out in celebration of Tommy's birthday, they are both so spent.
    'Wow, happy birthday once again. Good man', she says as they make their way back to Tommy's apartment in Nuella's SUV. She had earlier insisted they used her car for the day's outing considering the fact that the occasion is Tommy's Birthday.
    'Thank you so much Nuella', Tommy says. 'I really do appreciate this gesture. I mean you really made my day. I had a swell time today. Thank you'
    'Don't mention', Nuella says with a wide smile.
    'Won't you come in?',he asks. 'Just spend at least a few minutes. Maybe we could watch a movie or something with a bottle of wine or a pack of juice as you prefer before you leave. I mean I cannot just let you drive me home and I would not at least say thank you even in the littlest way possible'
    'Oh. That does not sound like a bad idea....Let me park the car somewhere and we can go in.'
    'Why not you just drive right in?'
    'Oh that would be most expedient'

    Nuella expertly operates her vehicle, speeding into house as though the house is a mile away then promptly hitting the brakes as soon as she is into the gate to avoid ramming into Tommy's car before turning off the engine. She lets herself down easily out of her vehicle to follow after Tommy into his house.
    'Alright, alright...Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back with a pack of juice for your entertainment. You can equally help yourself to some television.' Tommy says as he leaves Nuella for the kitchen. Returning a few minutes later with the pack of juice in his right hand alongside to glassware cups in his left, he extends his hand towards Nuella offering a glass with which to hold the juice he would later on pour for her.
    'Oh thank you my good man', she says with a smile as Tommy takes a seat on the third seat on the three-seater sofa living a vacant space between them while pouring a portion of the content of the juice pack for her and later himself. There is an awkwardness building up as they sit alone watching some random movies. Two hours into their unplanned movie night, they both begin to steal periodic glances at each other. They did earlier make an agreement not to allow their emotions get the best of them and lead them into temptation but in the next hour, all of that would go up like smoke.

    Catching each other's glances, the moment becomes rather tense. Right there, they could feel something more than just platonic friendship but would later swear it was a crazy error of the moment. Unplanned and rather spontaneous, too spontaneous, they lean in for a kiss. A young man, very cute and innocent and a young lady, beautiful and seemingly naive. They both thrill themselves to the joys of kissing and like a twin effect, the sex also comes along rather unknowingly. Almost into the sex after some intense kissing, Nuella suddenly remembers what her friend had told her earlier about Tommy being only interested in how she tasted and how he would live immediately after so she quickly stops the festival and demands that Tommy promises one thing,
    'Have you only been with me all these while as friends only in a bid to get in my pants as you are about to do?', she asks curiously and seriously.
    'No...What makes you think so? As a matter of fact, I'm only doing this because you want it. I promise you if you were not down with it. I would not dare'
    'So we will still be best friends after this? No shading....No sidelining.... Nothing or such?' To this, Tommy gives a nod. 'That's beautiful'

    A few moments later, they have had their fun and sit quietly naked under the sheets. Nuella waits on Tommy to say something but he remains as silent as can be. Unsatisfied with the earlier assurance, she moves for a more tangible assurance.
    'Today's your birthday right?' she hands him a gift-wrapped box. 'It is a wrist watch. Oh I ruined the surprise right? It's just a token to let you know you'll always be my best friend forever till time itself fades'.
    After she gives him the gift, she begins to get dressed so she could drive herself home to reminisce the moment she has just had with Tommy and have a good night sleep. Getting home, she quietly goes for a shower and rest for the night.
    The butterflies she picks from the experience with Tommy would not let rest. She keeps thinking of all they have done together even to the point of dreaming about their future of four kids, at least Tommy had given her such an assurance and made her believe they would be together but even Tommy does not know such would not come through.
    . Unable to sleep, she goes on a joyride around the city between the hours of one and five in the morning, some early joggers find her in a coma with her head having hit the steering wheel with a great force upon ramming into a tree,
    'Oh my Gosh. Please help me take her into the car so we could get her to the nearest hospital immediately', Ferdinand Clark, one of the joggers screams having flagged down a passing vehicle.
    They manage to get her into the vehicle with a 45-seconds combined effort before the flagged driver zooms off to the hospital determined to save her life.
    For sixty full days, Nuella does not move a muscle nor does she speak a word but remains as stiff as a stiff. On the sixty-first day, the doctors decide that she is most likely dead and decides to shut down whatever treatment they have been doing and take her to the mortuary but 8am, she moves one of her fingers to the shock of the doctors who then decide to examine her once more and are thrown off their horses by the fact that she is alive.
    Two days after she is out of the two month coma, she is discharged. She thinks she knows who Tommy is and that he will wait for her to return and hopefully marry her. A young lady, she thinks he loves her in that manner.
    A mutual friend who had been at Tommy's wedding in England, Marriet is who she runs into while trying to fix things up at her house seeing it had been left unkempt for the past two months. Bumping into her at the mall where she goes for cleaning supplies, they begin talking about the trending events she had missed while in the coma.
    The wedding of Tommy and Emilia.
    She goes on and on about how it was the talk of the town for a full month. As she goes on talking, Nuella is infuriated and feels very betrayed by Tommy.
    'I will see you later, Marriet', she says to Marriet as she storms out of the mall enraged and pissed to the astonishment of Marriet.
    Infuriated, she drives over to the Tommy's new home , almost ramming into the house, getting out of the car and stalking to the door muttering some bitter words while letting out some tears momentarily. She rings the door bell,
    'Who's there? Come in.', Tommy answer from the couch where he is seated with Emilia resting her head in his lap.
    As soon as Nuella strolls in to viewing range, Tommy springs up to his feet astonished at her presence in the house. Scared and shocked, Marriet follows suit wondering why he had jerked up so abruptly.
    'Oh so she is the lady you threw our promises of forever over', she asks almost in tears.
    'Everyone thought you would not make it out of the coma. I did not know what else to do in that scenario'.
    'Oh really?', Nuella pulls a gun at the couple. 'What happened to waiting? Oh yeah I forgot you are an impatient dog'.
    'What do you mean?', he asks surprised. 'You said you wanted it too'
    'Yes I did but not a fling', Nuella responds. 'I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you but I guess I was foolish'.
    'C'mon. Come off it. You know I....', he attempts to clear the air. Before he can finish his statement, she pulls the trigger letting out a bullet from the Beretta pistol she holds which meets Tommy in his neck killing him instantly.
    'No', Marriet screams as she falls down to her knees beside Tommy shaking him vigorously in hope that he is still alive but he is lifeless, cold and stiff.
    Nuella makes a run for it and is never seen again.


  • lavanya_velpula 46w

    Isn't it irony that people who say that boys and girls should be treated equally are the same one's who question a boy about his career and a girl about her marriage, just after the completion of their graduation..!!


  • scribbled_pieces 59w

    #OneLastTime #Exams #Engineering

    The "Kitna padha?", "Paper Kaisa tha?", the "let's meet soon", the hugs, the nostalgic tears, the joy of last exam of engineering, after exam travel plans, the beautiful promises, and the nostalgic flashbacks of all these 4 amazing years!
    Maybe it's not the exact same right now, but the feelings are just the same, or perhaps even stronger and deep..
    Physically nahi to virtually hi sahi, let's run down those beautiful memory lanes together ❤️❤️
    #Exams #OneLastTime
    -Supriya Bhide

  • rodney 62w

    My graduation poem.


    23rd September, 2020.
    10:00 p.m.

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    The seat that I left.

    The seat that you sat.
    Where did the pat on your back stack?

    The days your heart sunk so deep.
    Your eyes and far fetched dreams weeped.

    The seat that you sat.
    How many people did it change before your arrival?

    How many more after your dismissal?

    The seat that you sat—
    Little more time to talk to you.
    Little more time alone to say—
    I've grown with you.

    But I too have to leave you.
    For today came after years of getting sculpted here.

    The seat that you sat?
    Beneath the facade of technical training.
    Underneath the place's brotherly bonding.

    You've made me virtuous and look beyond most of my blues.

    My seat that I've left—
    In 1, 2, 3, 4 and another 5 of your colourful hues.
    By your reminiscent hooking of my dues.
    All the days you clamped onto my shoes—
    I'm breaking loose.


  • meganlawrence 63w

    Idk I’m sad and haven’t written poetry in a year, only songs #sad #graduation #end

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    Kindergarten was just yesterday
    How did everything end this way
    Is this all we’ve been working for?
    That’s it?
    Thought there’d be more


  • jhunax 66w

    After Graduation

    How I love the ol'days,
    The days that we laughed,
    Sharing everything we had,
    Between us there was no space,

    But now?
    I feel all alone,
    I know that we have our own lives,
    To go out separate ways.

    I hope,
    You feel the same way,
    "Lonely without you",
    But still cheering you on.

    My friends.

  • shadab___khan 69w


    meri chahat ka ek lafz na padh sake tm

    main kaise maan lu
    ke tumne gradutaion kiya hai...


  • the_crescent 72w

    My dad naturally forgets my birthday.
    But, this time he asked me my plus two result.

    'But dad! I graduated last year!'


  • the_unheard__voice__ 74w

    All the memories we made and fun we did ,
    Each time when we behaved, just like a kid .

  • peterpan104 76w

    can't believe i'm here
    can't believe it's nearly the end
    we've been through all of this to be here now
    they've been preparing us for this for almost 12 years and now we're here
    i don't know what to say or how i'm supposed to feel

    they say it's a bittersweet feeling, but why does it feel only bitter?
    i know i should be happy that we finally made it and now we're near the end and about to start a whole new life but why doesn't that feel great to me?
    i hate thinking about it to be honest and i'm always escaping from it

    it's really overwhelming
    thinking about all those years i spent with these people, thinking about all the memories and fun we had, including the bad parts, honestly hurts

    we're not gonna have that anymore, no more joking in class, no more making fun of each other, no more screaming and yelling in class, no more laughing, dancing and singing for no reason,
    no more eating secretly, no more pranks, no more nothing.

    i've always been scared of the unknown and i guess that's why i hate for this to end, because that means starting a whole new life i know nothing about,
    it's like starting all over again and leaving everything behind, it's so fucking hard

    but maybe what hurts the most is the thought that i won't have those people in my life anymore
    they've become a big part of my life these last few months and honestly i can't imagine losing them but i know i will because life goes that way,
    we can't have what we want everytime

    all i can do now is have the time of my life with them and enjoy it while it lasts, but i know that no matter what happens i'll always remember them..


  • mariateresa 78w

    Congratulations to my nephew Nick who graduates (virtually) today from high school. The rest of your life is ahead of you and your future is so bright. So proud of you, love you so much����‍������‍������‍��

    #graduation #graduation2020 #classof2020 #proudaunt #family #lovemynephew #bestwishes #congratulations #youdidit

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    Driven hard work and determination paved the way forward
    Solidifying a bright future and momentum onward
    Dedicated support combined with pride
    All of us so pleased to have watched you on this ride
    Witnessing such growth, my heart beams with love
    As you step into life now you're an adult
    Armed with the knowledge to achieve a successful result
    Congratulations nephew on this, your commencement day
    Never looking back
    Time to fly, you're on your way‍

  • theexplorer 79w

    The days you spend in college are indeed, the most memorable ones of your life.

    #college #farewell #thelasttime #graduating #graduation #life #collegelife #mirakee

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    The Last Time

    4:00 AM, 3 friends,
    2 minute Maggi, 1 blanket,
    Completely random yet so routine,
    And yet so familiar,

    You keep moving forward,
    You never see it coming,
    That one night, as you lay awake,
    4:00 AM, all alone,

    It hits you, all at once,
    The last time,
    The last time you stayed up all night talking,
    Just cause you ran into each other,
    The last time you binge watched movies together and ended up falling asleep anyway,
    Just cause you were out of things to do,
    The last time you all went for a walk around campus,
    Just cause the weather was gorgeous,
    The last time you yelled at each other through walls,
    Just cause you didn't want to get up,
    The last time you all walked out of the mess again,
    Just cause one glance at the food was enough,
    The last time you sang songs for hours in ugly voices,
    Just cause you heard your favourite song come on,
    The last time you ran to the other's room,
    Just cause you wanted to gossip or just even cry,
    The last time you planned cooking exotic dishes, and ended up with Maggi,
    Just cause you were broke and lazy,

    The last time you felt so free,
    Just cause you could,
    The last time you had such fun,
    Just cause you could,
    The last time you were simply yourself,
    Just cause you could.

    Those moments never felt like the last time,
    Afterall they were so random,
    Yet so routine and yet so familiar.


  • mimi2235 80w

    Congrats to the entire class of 2020.��✌������
    As a class of 2020 high school senior, I encourage you to never let this crisis get to you. We will get through this. #classof2020 #congrats #graduation

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  • tiethethought 105w

    1) Sugar coated sagas are nice but blunt meet ups are the ones that groom you as a person

    2) You meet people, some leave, some stay connected : which does break you initially, but will eventually make you realize not all people deserve all your attention.

    3) It's cool to bunk a few lectures (to be honest most of them) but at one point, you ought to be serious and focus on your exams and crack them good.

    4) College gives you enough opportunities to discover your true self and your hobbies.. and you should never ever leave 'em.

    5) You should never disrespect anyone's opinion, you never know how much courage the other person has put in to be a part of the conversation.

    6) He who thinks colleges are all about clubbing and night outs - needs to re-evaluate the perks of late night talks and frequent get along sessions discussing stuff about future.

    7) It's pretty normal to gel along with new people; essentially not breaking the bond with your homies.

    8) Fests are a thing to enjoy but are obviously not a place to get drunk and create a scene.

    9) You must always participate in inter college competitions or at least get involved in what's happening to know what this place, where you are spending the three most beautiful years of your life, beholds for you.

    10) Lastly, people will always remember you for what you are.. so the early you quit being pretentious, the better it would be for you.


    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @wordporn @mirakee

    #college #collegelife #threeyearsofgraduation #graduation #lessonsofcollege #people #collegediaries #sagas #opinion #lectures #respect

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    Top notch lessons given by college

  • words_from_mystik 107w


    In the moment you arrived
    I saw perfection with my own eyes.
    The time has come to turn the page
    Very soon you'll cross the stage.
    Never been one to follow the crowd,
    You've made me extremely proud..
    Son you're greatness and it shows.
    And now I'm not the only one who knows.
    Austin, two things I'll forever ask of you
    Always dream big & make em come true!

  • apeksha02 107w

    We create grades and then grades create us
    We follow our passion and then World follow us

  • danaha 111w


    4 years already since
    I had this 1st degree to become
    Who i aspired.
    My soul seeked it throughout time
    My mind and body followed the steps
    Which were guided.
    I fulfilled this dream and it took me
    4 months to have a new one.

  • theinkmagic 114w

    Here It Starts!

    Field of dreams
    And stars strewn over
    As you gaze at the far to be
    The future's endless sea
    Every wave becomes your story!

  • educated_tout 114w


    Finally I come to an end
    An end that births a new beginning
    4-5 years of educational rigors
    Several weeks, months and years of struggles
    Time spent, money spent and even inputed labour
    Faced fears of cultism, strike and various troubles
    There were days I even begged for food from the neighbors
    Oh indeed so far I have overcome many hurdles
    I have also learnt to succeed you cannot depend on favour
    But whatever life and people throw at you, give them double
    Whatever this new phase brings, I shall not crumble
    I shall stand tall and rigid as a lion in the jungle
    Greater heights shall I attain