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  • bad_habit 2w

    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork :)

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    But how do you say goodbye when your heart still wants to hold on...

  • giridhar1529 3w

    I hate goodbyes...
    I just hate them...
    not because they mean something but , the person behind means the most...


  • blinganshu 6w

    Smoke rising from the burning fire
    Tries to hide the warmth and the light
    Dims the spirit to fight
    The fears grip the heart tight
    The courage doesn't come in sight
    The walk for happiness takes you
    Through dark, gloomy night
    Not every choice you make is right
    Broken hearts are often void of might.

    But the darkest moments are the goodbyes
    A few even leave you without that last goodbye
    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving
    Drains you of all your love and faith.

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.

    #smokec #combination #wod #walk #goodbyes #blinganshu

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    Smoked light

    Once you get over dark moments
    You know that the smoke is not enough
    To keep you from lightening the world.

  • scarlet_gold 12w


    Sad hollow eyes,
    Bidding tearful goodbyes?!

    © Ifra

  • avivek 14w

    I live you, when I'm alone

    “Still believe it was a goodnight kiss,
    Don't know why sunrays never came back”

    “But your absence still wakes me up,
    Never thought someways my love would lack”


  • purplewriter 15w


    One of the toughest word to say,
    One of the toughest thing to do.

    Leaving someone behind,
    With whom you spend the magical time,
    You laughed and cried.

    Seeing them going apart,
    Leaves you in tears in your heart,
    Having some memories in your mind,
    Having a picture of yours and them with a smile,
    You miss every moment with them,
    Yes, you literally cheerish everything from them.

    Not wanting to leave those beautiful memories,
    You move on in your life with the picture in you hand,
    Texting them everyday, seeing their pictures everyday,
    You smile, seeing the stars or sunsets in the sky,
    Yes, indeed,
    Goodbyes is the hardest thing in the life.


  • sp00ky_rain 18w


    I hate goodbyes.
    I'd rather say:
    See ya later alligator.


  • _shattered_soul 19w

    An unsaid goodbyes

    Often hurt throughout life

    You never knew

    How and when one flew

    By the time we realized

    The damage has been done

    For lifetime

    Then we keep cursing fate

    Why didn't it give us some extra time

    Where we would have hugged and looked

    At each others eyes with tears and smiles

    Before saying goodbyes

    #GoodByes #Broken #LostSoul #ShatteredSoul

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  • easy_to_type 20w


    Unsaid goodbyes hurt the most.


  • mrspectacular 21w


    Everyone in the family of the Debachevs loves Uncle Wilson. He is the senior brother of Emmanuel Debachev. He is a little too opinionated and believes whatever belongs to Emmanuel belongs to him as well except Emmanuel's wife which he, Wilson, believes is the only area he has no jurisdiction or right over.
    He loves his nephews and nieces so much that whenever he would come visiting, he would always come with bedtime and free time stories for them alongside some other tangible goodies but this traditional routine would soon be queried and ultimately cease too soon.
    'Welcome, Uncle Wilson', Emmanuella, his 13 year old niece screams with joy as she opens the door, giving Uncle Wilson a brief hug before leading him into the house to meet the others.
    'Hello everyone', Uncle Wilson screams as he sees the rest of the family all seated in the sitting room having some family time before the television. Hearing his voice, his twin 6-year old nephews, Franklin & Ferdinard come running to him for a welcome hug while his other 17 year old niece Brittany watches on amazed, waiting for him to relax so she can just pop in and say 'hello, Uncle Wilson' and he will whisper 'there's my senior lady' and gives her a kiss on the back of her hand.
    Days run into weeks and suddenly the wonderful Uncle Wilson everyone seems to love so much has Angela, 30 year old wife and mother of the Debachevs wondering when Wilson will be leaving the house back to his own apartment wherever that is. They feel it would be too crazy to ask him to leave so they decide to wait a little longer enduring what they term to be migrainous excesses.
    'He is driving us crazy too', Mr. & Mrs. Debachev would say to the kids when they come to them with complaints of how they would want him to leave.
    'First it was wonderful to see him after so long a while but right now, I cannot deal with him anymore. Can he just go already?', Brittany asks with some atom of disgust.
    'I do not like Uncle Wilson anymore. When is he going back?', Emmanuella grumpily asks as she walks into her parents' room in a tantrum.
    'Don't worry Emmanuella. It'll be over soon okay?', Angela says to Emmanuella softly and Emmanuella nods her head happily as she flashes a smile. 'Now can you excuse us. I want to have a little talk with your dad?'
    'Alright mom', Emmanuella says as she walks out of the room to go meet the other kids in the sitting room.
    For a few minutes, there is a deafening silence interrupted only by the wall clock ticking. Then Angela and Emmanuel say at the same time, 'So...:' They both want to start the conversation unknown by the other, assuming that the other was unaware of the import of the discussion. But when Emmanuel realizes that Angela has something to discuss, he allows her have the floor believing that her issue may be more weighty than his own discussion and on the grounds of the fact that he had been brought up to always put his lady before himself no matter what,
    'Ok. You go first, my love', Emmanuel says with a smile.
    'Thank you for always being a gentleman, baby', Angela replies. 'It's about Uncle Wilson's
    'Oh wow. We are really made for each other', Emmanuel says with a loving pride. 'That's exactly what I want to talk to you about as well'

    Emmanuel and Angela talk for a few minutes about how they might have made an error being so welcoming of him in the first place.
    'Ok, now we are not happy with his visit anymore. What shall we do to get him out?', Angela asks as they round off their debates and talks on the 'Uncle Wilson' matter.
    Emmanuel strokes his chin and looks up for two minutes and a few seconds as if asking Heaven for direction on the matter and listening for a feedback.
    'I've got it', Emmanuel says as he turns to Angela abruptly shaking her gently by her shoulders. He tells his plan to Angela is a whispery tone and she surely likes it because she would not be directly involved in the plan. It will be all Emmanuel's actions from here on out. Uncle Wilson still has his character in him when Emmanuel approaches him so it makes it quite easy and difficult at the same time to execute the plan. He is aware of the fact that Uncle Wilson may feel hurt and heartbroken by what Emmanuel would say to him but it is for a greater good so he does it anyway.
    'Uncle Wilson, You know I love you right?', Emmanuel asks trying to give a soft landing to the bomb he is about to drop.
    'Of course I do and I love you all too so much and that is why I have decided to....', Uncle Wilson is still talking when he is interrupted by Emmanuel.
    'Uncle Wilson you have to go', Emmanuel blurts out surprising himself.
    'You did not let me finish, Emmanuel', he says defensively. 'I wanted to say that's why I have decided to leave so I can keep things fresh but you did not let me finish. Anyways, I will be leaving this evening. I will miss you all'
    'We'll miss you too, Wilson', Emmanuel says quietly and somewhat emotionally.
    In the evening, Emmanuel drives Wilson to the airport with the rest of the family have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Yes they want him gone but watching Emmanuel drive him out of the compound and to the airport, sort of, makes them want to jump in front of the sedan he is being driven in by Emmanuel and beg him to return to the house but he is already on his way and it would be awkward to turn him back at that moment. They therefore decide to save the longing for the next visit which they hope will be soon.


  • breadcrumbs 23w

    Mellows and memories

    Would still play you my favorite songs
    And hope your heart would dance and love me to them
    Or find some favorite lines to remember me by
    I'd play them even more after goodbye
    Just to hear you in every line
    Until your voice takes them over,
    Your eyes the cover and touch instrumental
    And when the very last has played
    I'll hate the day for ending so fast
    And I'll start feeling sick a little
    Knowing it might never come again
    All I have is mellows and memories
    And a very happy sadness...

  • _veive 23w

    Cope with GoodByes

    We could never really find a way to cope with goodbyes
    Such as the thought of even losing people who hold pieces of our hearts.
    For their memory still lingers in every place, book, or music...
    Alive in every room, pages and melody, with us.

    We can never really find a way to cope with goodbyes
    When we were so lost as we gaze into their loving souls, but still they find us and hold us with their warm hands, reach for a hug then go for a kiss.
    Those moments so true but siezed to exist.

    We could never really find a way to cope with goodbyes
    Dealing with the thought we weren't able to say it at all,
    unable to accept the fact that we are moving forward without them by our side
    Leaving us with memories we treat as treasures and served as our guide.

    We can never really accept goodbyes ,
    only to be struck by the painful truth that we will never be able to say hello again,
    For we still expect them to open that door and greet us with a smile, still hoping for something that impossible to happen....

  • khalid_writes 25w

    The day is coming.

  • khalid_writes 25w

    Why I Should Let Go..

    1. You treat me like I mean nothing to you.
    2. You choose other people over me every time.
    3. You change your mind about me quickly
    4. You have no time for me.
    5. You push me away.
    6. You make me cry.
    7. You hurt me.
    8. You never know what i want in your life.
    9. You complicate things that don't need to be complicated.
    10. I'm tired.


  • thefloatingverse 27w

    She evades my mind;
    Even as she lays in front of me weeping.
    I yearn to erase those signs of her despair,
    But alas forgive me love, my shortcomings restrict me;
    I'm only a soul without a form to take,
    Not seen, nor heard, just recalled sometimes on a varied assortment of days.
    The composer to my heartstrings crumbles there, just a few inches afore me,
    Her hands grazing over my photo since the day I left.
    Agonizingly I can do nothing but hopelessly stare
    After all what I am, comes with rules obeyed by all deites and realms.
    At least once everyone has wondered,
    Where does one go when they have exhausted their mortality
    And so here I'm to answer your question,
    Death comes like a long awaited old foe,
    It greets you and takes you for tea while you anxiously wait for what comes next
    Though dismal your soul, you can't help but ponder
    Will the antagonist of every life ever, take you to the haven his twin oversees,
    Or will the sadist keep you for themselves to add to their anthology of sinners
    Sipping his tea in a poise only the grim reaper can master
    He smiles devilishly and breaks the news
    That everything you ever conjured about death in your finite imagination was not a bit true.
    Voice flowing like sweet poison, deadliest of them all
    Wisdom dripping with each word the ancient one says
    "Now that you're no longer burdened by the notion of existence,
    I shall tell you the enigma of afterlife.
    Listen clearly and swallow the truth I bestow upon you,
    As you exit from the lives of your loved ones, in charge of their survival you will be, Choose one for once and all; So for eternity their guardian archangel you would be.
    You will see them, You'll hear them
    However they won't know your presence in the slightest bit.
    You will be there every second of every passing day,
    Their shadow you shall be, concern of yours will only be their life's longevity
    Furthermore if you dare misuse your might, stripped of them, you'll beg for mercy
    So Child beware not to expose your presence nor try to reach what isn't within your limits.
    I must now tell you this sincerely,
    If limits are crossed, you will be banished to my personal care
    And then you will never meet in eternity as the original script entails.
    The foreboding moment is now here, tell me which one you'll choose
    The dearest of your dears."
    And for a moment I had a choice to make,
    But my conflict resolved when I remembered mum was there for dad as well.
    At that thought a smile sprung up on my lips,
    Though soon vanished when the devil broke my hopes
    "No, you can't meet her," he said answering my thoughts, " Your mother and you will reunite only after you've both fulfilled your jobs"
    That's alright I thought at once ,we've got time and the wait is a whole lot of worth.
    The answer was clear as I determinedly looked at him,with a smile I announced
    "I'll protect her, the bearer of my promises of eternal love, till the sun sets on her time on earth and to the time she's ready to join me,
    In the place where the Sun and the moon share the same space
    Where we could start eternity together and never to separate again."
    And then as I finish those words, I'm spiralling downwards to the place I belonged
    As I look up, I see her, silently whispering in her ear,
    'I kept my promises of loving you till my last breath , now it's time I promise you forever and ever again'
    And so I became her guardian spirit, her being so close to fingers but farther than lightyears it feels
    Its a bittersweet circumstance,
    Seeing her all the while, knowing someday we'll encounter again
    Instead of the goodbye I never got to say, I'll sing her songs of infinity
    But Knowing that someday he'll come for her just as he did for me
    And then I'll fail at my commands and he'll take her where time's not a thing.
    We'll be together and thats a hell of an epilogue
    But there's something alluring about impermanence of humanity
    That I'll always regret not spending with her and the memories that never got to be.

    #death #guardianangel #soulmate #promises #afterlife #eternity #love #goodbyes #hell #heaven #mortality #sun #moon #tedtalkswithdeath #truth #oldfriend #restricted #wait

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  • sisya_frida 27w

    Depature Gates

    Before the departure gates
    Ones who leave and
    ones who stay
    only separated by
    transparent walls and waving hands

    Overwhelmed by the circumference
    of farewell
    Anxious by the possibility
    of estranged
    We looked into each other
    as if looking for answer
    all of the 'when will' and 'what if'
    And there was standing a silence of obscurity

    Then the glitters in your eyes
    turned into glistening beads
    Rolling down your cheeks
    into my core of fragility
    We held each other tightly
    ran out of words
    for futile, they would be

    Sudden realisation came as of late
    That time and space without you
    Never could be filled
    Before I knew it
    A hollow inside myself
    has already been built


  • jak_artist 27w


    Hearing the engine coming to halt. I look down and prepare myself to make a grinning face, looking up i wave a final good bye.
    I peep out of the window, wondering who will now put their feet in my tiny compartment.
    The journey goes on, station by station, people getting in and out.
    Some people I meet, i wish them to stay a bit longer. While some I yearn to stay with till I reach my destination.
    Every passenger i met, shared a part of their adventure with me. They make my quest beautiful, worth remembering.
    The ones in my room right now,will also have to leave. With few promises and goodbyes, we will fall apart.
    So in life, year by year just like station by station, people come, they stay, create memories, make few great changes ,sometimes nothing and then they pack their bags.
    Only difference, they never have a perfect good bye.They sometimes fade with time and are long gone before you cherish old memories and want them back in life.
    Sometimes if you are lucky enough, with guts and courage you can fulfill those long forgotten promises, say the words unsaid and choose a better ending to your story.
    And sometime faded means gone forever.

    Dear reader,
    This happens with everyone, if you remember a friend while reading this grab you cellphone and talk to him maybe you can change the way you parted.

  • seenuinfent 28w

    Good byes...

    Good byes hurts but you know what hurts more, the realisation that you never even deserve a good - bye from that person who have been a special one to you in your most saddest days. That moment hurts even more than the thought that they might leave with just a word of bye. Yes, good byes are really hurting and soul drenching ambush but you at least have the chance to meet that person for one last time. You can converse with that person about all the vices and virtues of their character, their favorite things and families, or about anything and everything in this whole world. But imagine that moment when you never even have a chance to meet that person for one last time. For the rest of your life, the only thought that stays with you when once the name of that person pops out of nowhere will be that they left without a good bye.

    So, yeah the good byes hurts like nothing but it's far better than being a person of not even deserving one last chance. A sorry or a hug in your last meet is your decision but the chance to make is decided by the fate. So when someone ask you what hurts more,
    Tell them, it's the least importance that someone special of yours' gifts you, when for you, they were your whole world. Your deserving chance is never the last until you met with a beautiful good bye...

  • lovesunflower20 28w

    To my beloved

    Hallo love,
    How are you doing?
    It's been really long since i heard anything from you
    I hope your doing..just fine without me
    That's why you never respond to my latter's..i wrote you hundreds of letters all this time but,
    Today is the last time I'm writing to you so read carefully my love
    It's a last letter from me to you.

    It was midwinter,
    Streets covered with snow..the sky look beyond beautiful that day for some reason,
    It must have been my imagination but i could hear the wind
    howling across the street..i was fifteen at that time it was just me,
    when i had nothing to accompany me,
    i couldn't know what future holds for me..and then you came,
    like a prophetic angel thrusting your hand at me with confidence
    that was my first time encounter with you..my heart thumped running towards you with deep intensity,
    in that moment i couldn't take my eyes of you..as you walked away like a warm sun that i would follow to the end of..universe's it was when i realized what,
    "Falling in love" meant
    it was cold midwinter day but in that freezing moment my fast
    unrequited love bloomed like spring,
    but you pretend not to know anything it's make me more curious to know what you feel through me,
    you can resist my love and behave very well in front of me..,
    as well as makes sing that you had feelings for me?
    your every single gesture they float in my heart..and now I'm standing in ashes of unrequited love of mine,
    maybe it is simple for you to not dig deeper inside my heart,
    cause no matter what i do..my love it's can't reach you at all
    and now the pain i got from loving you become my everything..but your millionaire away from me,
    all of this time i spend waiting for you..my youth passing by me..still i couldn't get angry at you for some reason,
    i cried, i cursed myself..but it's been really long time since I've seen you my love,
    so it scare me a little..cause your the first person whose close to me yet your like a stranger who seems so far away...,
    i write this goodbye letter to my beloved..who may i never met in future,
    if i surrender now maybe it doesn't hurt like before, all or this emotions..that i thought had hardened up inside me,
    suddenly weakened...and now i want to end all this..instead of your an significant other i want to go back to being..a person who never knows you,
    i can do that right?love
    it doesn't matter now where you are..I'm not going to find you this time,
    it's okay even if hate me..for this
    just don't be hurt love now that I'm writing you this later..it seems the feelings i have had for you are gone..the nameless love of mine..end's here,
    and i don't think i need your love in my life anymore
    not yours anymore

    #goodbyes #wod

    P.S: sorry I'm not good at this ��

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  • _expressioninsilence 29w

    A Stolen Heart

    ...And we said goodbye to each other with a smile and a heart of steel.
    We both started to walk away from each other, with a big smile on our face, burying the tears beneath the mask, is one more minute with you too much to ask? I turn around once again, to get the last look at you.
    And in the crowd, I finally spot your eyes, looking through the chaos, the last time, for mine. As we found each other, our eyes locked, suddenly a thought crossed my mind, would everything be so meaningful if we knew it wasn't for the last time?
    Although I despise knowing the fact that I wouldn't be seeing your bright smile, or not hear your laugh and not listen to your stories and telling you mine, for a while now, these downs in the goodbyes make us value our bond more, somehow.
    And we said good to each other with your smile in my heart I knew I'd always steal...