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    New Year: New Beginning

    Part 1

    Happy New Year Buddies ��

    Another year passed and we have successfully fought and survived corona. I hope this year goes well too. In sha Allah we'll be able to complete this year successfully too. I also hope RM, Suga and Jin get well soon. In sha Allah they will.

    New Year is my fav day of the year. I like it more than my b'day. It helps me forget and leave the painful past behind and start a beautiful future.


    My new year resolution is to complete my story anyhow by 2 months. I have been too lazy last year but I surely won't be procrastinating this year.

    I also want to be better at my studies so I'll try to concentrate on school more.

    Goodbye 2021:

    2021 was a really special year for me. Lots of good things happened to me this year. I don't know why but after Corona I started having the most precious moments of my life.

    The year was full of joy and family interactions. I got a lot closer to my family than I was before. I would talk to my cousins literally everyday. They're my best friends.

    I also started stanning bts last year. I don't remember how long I've been stanning blackpink but last year I was an amazing blink as much as I remember.

    I also started praying regularly and stopped skipping prayers thanks to my sister. I also started learning Arabic and thus I felt myself getting closer to Allah.

    I even made new friends and also met a bully for the first time at school. Although she didn't bully me yet but I know she's planning to bully me after school starts again. I hope I'll be able to ignore her.
    I also met a very precious friend. He was really fun to talk and it was fun to prank him. I miss him now as he went to hostel and they don't allow phone there.

    I also wrote my first story in Wattpad last year and it was my 1st ever kpop ff and also bts ff. It's name is 'Mrs. White and the Seven Heirs' . I would appreciate it if you read it in case you use Wattpad. If you don't find it then simply search:


    I hope this year also has beautiful memorable moments like last year.

    Happy New Year����

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    New Year

    New Beginning

    Part 1

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    " नव वर्ष "

    नव वर्ष की हर्ष बेला है आई
    जन जन मे नव चेतना है जगाई ।

    जिन्दगी हर्ष व उल्लास से भर लाई
    नव वर्ष चारो तरफ खुशिया छाई ।

    दिलो मे राग , रंग, उमंग है छाई
    देखो खुशि का पैगाम है लाई ।

    बिछड़े दिलो मे स्नेह व प्रेम है जगाई
    नई सुबह नई उमंग नई है ऊर्जा लाई ।

    मिल कर रहो अब न कोई है, तन्हाई
    करो स्वागत नव वर्ष नवंरग है लाई ।

    2021 वर्ष अपना रंग दिखाया गम्भीर घाव लगाई लगाई
    दे दो 2021 को अब बिदाई ।

    देखो देखो नव वर्ष नूतन हर्ष लेकर आई
    करो सब स्वागत देश के बहन और भाई।

    ज्योति परमाले
    रायपुर छत्तीसगढ


  • tortoise 3w

    #color #goodbye2021 #grateful

    This year was a huge mess. If i would say in a sentence. And like lot many people, who convince themselves, and others, specially towards the end of the year, to believe that they had a rocking year, sorry to disappoint you guys! I didn't had a rocking year, it was tiresome, and hustling! I am not complaining about it, but it is what it is. I'm grateful for the good part of it, the better ones, and the few best moments too. Largely this year was more into love and friendships and care and kindness. There were so many Deja Vu moments, where life saved me, and frankly i met so many marvelous people, in real life, those who taught me so much. It indeed was a learning year, and i explored a lot about myself. And i feel, I've grown into a better writer this year, with my two novels, and receiving even POD and multiple WN reposts. More than that, I've found so many faithful readers, and I'm grateful for them. This year gave me chills, and i was forced to work even when my body ached in pain. And with this year ending, I've one thing very sure in my head, and heart, that i regret nothing. And i guess, that's the best way to say Goodbye!

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    2021 Year review

    The Yellow January

    Yellow was bright.
    Yellow was new.
    Yellow seemed right.
    Yellow was due. ~~

    The Purple February

    Purple was abandoned.
    Purple was mess.
    Purple felt shattered.
    Purple in guess. ~~

    The Silver March

    Silver was shiny.
    Silver was feared.
    Silver seemed scary.
    Silver was geared. ~~

    The Orange April

    Orange was mild.
    Orange was free.
    Orange turned wild.
    Orange in spree. ~~

    The Black May

    Black was tired.
    Black was pain.
    Black felt fired.
    Black in chain. ~~

    The Pink June

    Pink was blossom.
    Pink was smile.
    Pink seemed awesome.
    Pink in style. ~~

    The Red July

    Red was happening.
    Red was rain.
    Red turned loving.
    Red in train. ~~

    The Green August

    Green was lazy.
    Green was hustle.
    Green felt hazy.
    Green in rustle. ~~

    The Brown September

    Brown was hurried.
    Brown was wrestle.
    Brown seemed worried.
    Brown in shuffle. ~~

    The Golden October

    Golden was aching.
    Golden was care.
    Golden felt shaking.
    Golden was rare. ~~

    The White November

    White was fun.
    White was chill.
    White did run.
    White in drill. ~~

    The Blue December

    Blue was silent.
    Blue was low.
    Blue seemed violent.
    Blue was slow. ~~


  • biha_soundarya 9w

    DEAR ME,
    Isn't it weird what we went through.
    We made it at some point!
    Look at us! I'm so proud of US.
    We Know that hurt, that abuse, that trauma, that spiralling emotions we go through daily was such a handful.
    WE KNOW many days we refuses to wake up!
    But guess what?! We did wake up!!
    We did it!
    We KNOW that endless time at night when we sleep,
    when our body jolts in pain, way too many times.
    Where our body keep reminding our subconscious pain
    over and over again.
    We KNOW many times we wanted to dissappear.
    We KNOW we wanted to just END it.
    Near the balcony, on the open road, at the sea,that sharp knife slashing our wrists...,
    We just wanted to let go. Because its just too tiring.
    We were angry, infact we still are!
    We were dissapointed!
    We just wanted to vanish in thin air!
    But DEAR ME,
    We will be OK
    We will continue to grow gracefully
    We will continue to be kind to US
    We will continue to face the world and fight
    We will change the world
    We will get better
    We will fight together
    We will end this year with a blast
    We will hold our hands together and walk into 2022
    We have US
    We WILL

    **She will be ok, She will and will walk out of 2021 with grace and walk in 2022 with high hopes and faith**

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