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  • misteveous 15h

    the downfall

    why does it have to be so hard?
    why does the absence makes you blind?
    why does it make you lost into the infinity of thought?
    why does it feel like a stratus cloud sitting on your chest?
    why does it make you ignore the present and remind you the past?
    why does it make you laugh while with everyone and sob while alone?
    why does the feeling of sorrow while closing your eyes still exist even when you wake up the next day?
    why does it be so freaking hard???

  • itsmaanvi 2d


    "Goodbye are not that hurts, but the memories that follows."

    -Maanvi Bisen

  • buzzie_bee_writer 2d


    I hate goodbyes.
    I'd rather say:
    See ya later alligator.


  • khan_tanzeela 2d

    New Beginnings


    My dark past, akin to nightmare,
    Intruder chokes me, like a Snare.
    It keeps me up all the night,
    Burning my eyes like a Lignite.
    Weeping galores of rain like a cloud
    Recalling all the vows that we vowed.
    But today I decided to vanquish it all,
    And Conquer my fears that led to my fall.
    All the pain and agony I've been through,
    Which is trapping my soul like a sundew.
    Sewing all the scars that I've got,
    Smiling through pain and a broken heart.
    For sure it will be a hell of a ride,
    With just me and no one by my side.
    Yet I know I will be able to surmount
    Even if I have to pay a hefty amount.

  • ib_kotun 3d


    Waking in the morning, feeling the sun on my face.
    I was yarning, the sky is clear in this place.
    Treading softly down the street, hoping for grace.
    Demons in my head are warring, thoughts I can't erase.
    The cars are horning, today is busy in this commonplace.
    I see people talking, I have to go to someplace.
    A place where I can chase all these dreams without being a disgrace.
    A place where I can be the ace without picking up pace.

    Looking up into space, I have to win this race and pass the lace to the next.
    This world is a case of feelings in the west,
    The east and North aren't exclusive either.
    But I have to find a way in this weather.
    Because my soul feels light like feathers.
    I have to find my way before the cloud gathers.
    Even Right now, the sun is scorching,
    While I'm searching for a way, my head is burning,
    The clouds are forming while people are talking,
    Others are mourning,
    The winds are storming and I just stand there adoring the view.
    The view of a confusing world while my life is ending.

    I guess I couldn't get to my destination,
    Just as the predictions have said, my expiration is here before the world ends.
    While *AM SAYING MY FINAL GOODBYE*, I pray the day doesn't passby before there is realization, by those close to me, of the indication of my end.
    Anyways, Goodbye World,
    It was quite a run.


  • anautumnleaf 4d

    Now i am friendless, forlorn and loneliest soul
    To hold back tears in eyes is out of my control.

    Sitting alone in the corner your absence rips me apart
    I look at your pictures hanging on wall to console my heart.

    I have no existence in the world without you
    Since when you died, a part of me died too.

    Your memories kill me inside out and i yell
    If i imagine you in heaven, can i forget i am living in hell?

    Billion times a day i pray God for your return in my life
    Your goodbye was more painful than piercing my heart with a knife.


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  • sagar_varma 1w


    Komu came to my life one day in summer, like a star that fell on earth.
    Like nothing I’ve seen,
    Like none I’ve ever met,
    She was funny, smart, moody, madly and beautiful.
    She was my Chashmish…
    And I loved her… so much…
    And I ask her everyday in my dreams, why she left, why we had to part our ways? And I get no answers..
    She took those answers with her when she left,
    Leaving behind angry, empty and confused “me”
    And there’ll come a day where I’ll not feel it every minute. That urge of holding her, seeing her for just once, and other feelings about her will fade away. I’ll be left with love.

    A good friend once told me,
    “You can love them and still let them go”

    So, Komal.. I love you.. and I let you go..
    And I’ll miss you…

    And I hope wherever you go next,
    You feel peace,
    You feel safe,
    In a way you never did with me..

    Wherever you go next,
    Hope you know I love you and will always do..


  • porcupine 2w

    Definition of loss

    Saying one more goodbye
    Knowing this time it is final

  • althea234 2w


    I wait for the end I wait for the goodbye of edge

  • jpdiya 3w

    Trust me I'll never say goodbye but...

    It's okay if you forget me.
    I'll try it too.

  • poesybird 3w

    How strange is love,
    From a goodmorning to goodbye
    In a matter of moment
    We don't even realise
    The switch can flip anytime!

  • drawyourlife 3w

    Thank you for being happy.
    Thanks for the grief.
    Thank you for being the part that will make me yearn.
    So long and don't good-bye.


  • sruthikaliyaperumal 3w

    Everything comes to a full stop (.)
    But we have a choice,
    To leave it as such.
    Or extend it into a comma (,)!

  • sagar_varma 4w

    Someday I’ll be gone,
    Away from you to not return.
    Now that I know you’re happy,
    It’s my time to find peace.

    Stay happy love ❤️

  • dreamer_4 4w


    I'm sorry i wasted your time..
    And I'm sorry that all the love you put in me..
    Is now going to waste..
    But there's really nothing more we can do..
    But to let each other go.
    And i hope you understand..
    That when a heart doesn't feel something..
    You can't make it..
    We both tried to make me love again.
    But my heart won't love you.
    Even though my head tells it to.
    All the time.
    Every day and night.
    But it fails everytime.
    We fail everytime.
    And you know what..
    That's kinda okay..
    Cus some day..
    We'll both be fine..
    Even if we're apart.
    We'll be fine.
    Yea. We'll be alright.
    But "fine" doesn't need me to be with you.
    And you can be okay with somebody else..
    Who'll love you in ways you've always wanted..
    But my man.. that woman is not me.
    I hope you can let go of me..
    Cus I've already let go of us.
    Of you and me.
    And I'm desperate for you to understand now..
    And stop trying..
    Cus i think its time..
    That we've both had enough..
    I know you hate to say goodbye..
    But we've got to..
    To be alright..
    To be fine..
    To the one who taught me how to smile..
    After such a long while..
    That i had forgotten how to be fine..
    Goodbye to the one..
    Who tried and tried..
    And never let go..
    And i hope you know..
    That it's not you losing me..
    But me losing you.
    Cus while you are perfectly right for me..
    I'm perfectly wrong for you.
    Cus I don't love you.
    And probably never will.
    So I'm letting you go.
    And i hope you can let me go too.
    Cus it's time..
    To be alright..
    Even if I'm not by your side..
    Therefore goodbye..
    To the one who made me alright.
    While i only managed to leave you broken in pieces.
    I'm sorry.
    And goodbye.
    And i hope you can be alright.
    Even when I'm not by your side.
    And if you never need someone
    Know that you'll always have a friend in me who'll always be thankful..
    For all you've ever done for me..
    And if you're angry..
    Know that it's me who's to blame..
    So hate me.. not you..
    And pour all the love you put in me.
    On to you..
    Cus you deserve it..
    So please be okay..
    And stop trying to make me stay..
    Cus what's meant to leave will leave anyway..
    So let go..
    Of all of the hopes.. dreams and memories..
    And move on..
    But this time.
    It has to be..
    Without me.

  • the8specky 4w

    At Last

    When the moon kisses your lips and leaves them with a fading blue, crimson light;
    I realise.
    I can't ever aspire to be day, as you are the night.

    When the moon kisses your lips as
    leafs fall, out of the nothingness;
    I realise,
    I must finally learn to say one last goodbye.


  • nickoleconnolly18 5w

    ♡The last day of love♡

    Before you say I lost you, remember i asked you go,
    and tell the truth or say nothing, dont lie to everyone you know.
    most nights while i am home sleeping,
    your out cruizing the streets, or somewhere that you shouldnt be messing up someone elses sheets.
    then you come back here annoyed probably with yourself,
    so you start picking at me until i hate myself.
    you find it funny to say everything ugly that you let slip from your face,
    you tell me all about the other girl,you tell me how easy i was to replace.
    well sinve its so easy to go out almost every night,
    take all your things here with you and say to me your final goodnight.
    dont treat me like an idiot or say that im all those horrible things,
    make your nee girl wash your clothes and put up with the drama being with you brings.
    let someone else listen to how not good enough they are,
    and remember that you said your going to be happier so just stay right where you are.
    when your lonely and tired and scattered beyond repair.
    dont knock or call or message because now i no longer care.
    You will see how much i put up with, and how little respect for me you had,
    youll remember how much i did for you and how you treated me so bad.
    you wont want to know im smili g and doing things ive always wanted to do,
    you will feel replaced when you see me moving on like you.
    well dont dare say one word or make me feel like im in the wrong,
    whats wrong is the fact i waited around for you for so long.
    ive spent to many years feeling left out, alone and depressed,
    for you to keep on treating me like i was second best.
    yeah right now i may feel saddened but hey eveyday almost i do,
    and all because i made a mistake by falling in love with you.
    see my heart it was given from me to you to protect,
    not to break, and hurt and have you throw it away, its warmth you only want to reject.
    you have made me realise something and that is that im stronger than ever knew,
    if you would have told me id get through all of the hurt and hatred years ago id nevwr have believed you.
    but look here i am, even if its only just
    , i survived through the hell of it all and its time to readjust.
    to find the me ive been hiding and to get back to being myself ,
    its time i let go of whats weighing me down and stopped being made to walk on eggshells .
    yea we may have had some good times ,not all about you is so bad ,
    but the bad outweighs the good a million to 1 and it makes me sad.
    what do i need to say to you so you stop only caring how things affect only you,
    because you dont listen to what i want and this time im being honest i can no longer stay with you.
    dont think after you read this that you can come back again some day,
    because for ys this is it, i need to go my own seperate way.
    you cant be angry and tell me that im being stupid for wanting to be treated better than i let you keep treating me.
    you can no longer decide for me if im allowed to be happy ,because now im finally FREE..........

  • seized_by_stardust 5w

    I miss Walking with you...
    Let's meet soon.

    #Home #Missing
    #Goodbye #Soon

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    Walk You Home

    It would be nice
    If the stop was a little further

    For some reason
    The stride length gets smaller

    With every passing tree
    While watching your shadow
    I cherish these moments
    It's here, Your Home, Go back in, Goodbye
    Let's meet tomorrow...

    For a few hours I wait
    Then call and ask whereabout

    Spending some time together
    I realise, We have to again part

    With every passing cloud
    While watching your face
    I memorise these moments
    It's here, Your Home, Go back in, Goodbye
    Let's meet tomorrow...

    Then this afternoon came
    That I especially didn't like

    I want to feel your presence
    Make it longer, This embrace

    With nothing more to say
    The moment I turn around
    I already miss you
    It's here, Your Home, Goodbye
    Let's meet soon.

  • mequreshi 5w


    Why is this night so long?
    Longer than the usual ,
    I can't stop thinking about us,
    I have become so delusional
    I'm pushing the good ones away
    Seeing your face in them,
    They say I cry out just for you,
    How you became that girl and when ?
    I suffer this way
    And you don't even address your wrong
    Waiting again for my apology
    I wait for it but you take so long

  • krynaria 6w

    Alone again

    I know this was written in the stars
    I know this is going to happen
    But somehow it still drew a scar
    On my cold heart, I'm anxiously fallin'

    The memories we shared will flow with the
    As time passes by I hope you will remember me
    If I could stop the clock, I already did
    Cause without you, I can't live

    You know I will miss your handsome face How you brag about it in different phrase
    I will miss your unique and quirky laugh
    I can tie you up, but still it's not enough

    To stop you from leaving me behind
    As you walk to the door, I bitterly smile