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  • rochand 1d


    My life is falling apart,
    Trying to live with a broken soul,
    Trying to love with a broken heart,
    Loss my will and goal.

    My tears has been over,
    Bleeding it day and night,
    I get murdered everyday,
    While in a unwanted fight.

    Can't explain how I feel
    Can't say to anyone
    All I know is one thing,
    My life is done.

    Living between life and death,
    The desire to live is no more.
    Slowly lossing grip from this world,
    I'm about to open the dead door.

    All I left to say goodbye pal,
    I had my best time with you,
    Let me live in your memories,
    Now I have to go.

  • abi009 2d

    A boyfriend's experience of saying goodbye to his beloved lady. #goodbye #writersnetwork #wod #mirakee

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    With a heavy heart;
    I bade good bye to her.
    Felt like crying,
    But stopped;
    When saw her up to scratch.

    Slowly but steadily the pain advanced,
    Not knowing how to express;
    I isolated myself amongst the crowd.
    Time passed by;
    So did the memories of been departed;
    But bidding good bye to her,
    Still hurts.

  • dr__aditi 2d

    How I wish to disappear,
    disappear from it all,
    without saying goodbye,
    no goodbye to anyone.
    Because it's the hardest
    and it's hardest to think about,
    so I will skip.


  • pragyaverma 2d

    Another day goes by
    The evening sets fire to the sky
    A quiver runs in my nerves
    As twilight hangs nigh
    And this trivial world
    Lost in its feigned light
    Unmindful of the things it has forgotten
    Goes on through the night

  • hymnofthewind 3d

    Inspired by 'Ocean Tide' by When chai met toast.

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    Spun into nights lullaby
    Are heartbreaks and goodbyes,
    Words that never left those lips
    Echoing in this silence exist.
    Blues glistened in the tidal waves,
    Not a single tear fell from sky
    Yet, like moon memories circled,
    Hiatus to her smiling horizons.

    A river must leave
    The zenith of her love,
    It's the course of nature
    Banks are meant to stay apart.
    Their songs forever flow intertwined
    In waves printed on her dress.
    She picks the meshed seams,
    An ocean bent on swallowing itself.

    My mother reprimands her daughter
    Whenever I say the word, goodbye;
    Telling my younger self
    That the river which ran away,
    Rains back to her home.
    Maybe that's why my feets run
    Like the despair that flows
    To bury itself in the depths of blue.

  • boddobodes 3d

    I ponder and wonder,
    How could something "good" have a "bye" to it!
    Is that a warning that nothing "good" last forever?
    So should we avoid "good" because it doesn't last?
    Or enjoy the "good" while it last?
    Why don't "good" things ever last?
    Why do "good"people always "bye"?
    We shouldn't be saying "bye" to "good" things,
    We shouldn't be saying "bye" to "good" people,
    We shouldn't be saying "bye" to "good" love,
    We shouldn't be saying "bye" to "good" moment.
    Anything "good" should stay forever.
    I hate goodbyes.

    #writersnetwork #goodbye #mirakee

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    I hate goodbyes

    How could something "good" have a "bye" to it!

  • love_whispererr 3d

    A letter for SUMMER to welcome those hot breezes with some sour mangoes.

    I was clueless but then Jelsa says "if you choose to write writing would come back to you definitely." @fairytales_

    #letter #goodbye #wod

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    A summer morning mailed by the spring night who melted away recently

    Chewing a loaf of bread from the mist of spindrift
    and crumpling some bluebells & daffodils under heels
    those blueish-green veronicas
    try to thaw inside me a little more this time
    neither so jumpy nor vague,
    they look like the adorned buds
    on the ringlets of queen Cleopatra.

    Slating with those blueberries and cherries
    those beams of morn look purple sometimes
    and look a dark red when I jump to grab those rays
    but I fail once more
    and they whisper "you can't cage
    a giant tiger prawn inside a creel again and again."

    Slurping the half-ripened jamun,
    that hubristic parrot throws away it towards the river
    and gawns a brown turnip with its beak
    and my mom stab the stomach of a jackfruit
    to make my favourite curry ; exciting enough
    some twirling marigolds ripple around the balcony
    & I pose for a photo with hashtagged sun-kissed
    like never before.

    Holding some daisies in a big bouquet,
    my sweetheart waits for me near three am of night
    with some dreamy stars and some warm sonnets
    and my tired metaphors look at his arms
    to rest for next three hours
    welcoming a new day, new hour, new smile,
    dreams bid a snug goodbye,
    with some sour mangoes on its way.

    ~Hello Summer

    メ bidya

  • shayanaaaaa 3d

    The last Goodbye

    The hardest thing to say. “I hate goodbyes I shouted at him”, he calmly said “beb don’t worry I’ll be back as soon as this situation will be calmed”. I was crying hopelessly because it was the first time we were unable to see each other for months. I was at my home and he was at his but the constant fear of having COVID was so panicking. I use to call him at least 3 times a day to check weather he’s going out or not. For me my morning started with a “good morning love” and ended with “goodnight beb”. The feeling of being in love is so special, the understanding, being in love very deeply and not letting both egos to clash. I was indeed the luckiest girl because I had him and I knew for a reason I’ll always have him in my life because he was everything I dreamt of. I was very grateful for the person I had and I guess he was too. The lockdown was very harsh though we use to have phone calls we weren’t allowed to meet each other. But little did I knew that 2020 would take everything from me. He came here finally (the place where I’m staying with my family) because his relatives were also here. Sadly we couldn’t meet each other. That was okay though, because slowly the lockdown was about to end so I was extremely happy. He came here on 25th of June and was going back on 29th I called him and told him please don’t go, your this week horoscope is horrible love please I beg you stay here (I use to believe on horoscopes) but he didn’t listen to me. I told his sister she told him as well but now he had to prove me that horoscopes weren’t real. He became stubborn and there was no other options for anyone than going with him. We had our fight on 28th June at 9:47 pm because I was constantly telling him not to go but he was being stubborn. He switched off his phone and didn’t turn it on. I was worried I didn’t sleep whole night. The next morning it was 29th June he called me at the morning saying that he’s going back to his home and he’ll prove me that horoscopes weren’t real. I was crying and I told him if the horoscopes which I have seen will be fake then I’ll be the happiest human and I promise I’ll never check them again in my life. He said for sure but right now I need to leave ok bye love I’ll video call when I’ll reach home and yeah today please drape a saree It’s been so long since I haven’t seen you in saree. I said okay because I always knew saree was his favorite. I got ready he had told me he’ll be home till 6, I got ready at 5:45 and started to wait for him. I called him several times the phone was off. I was worried because I was unable to connect, my hands were trembling, my heart rate was extremely fast, I was sweating but the call didn’t came. The next morning at 8 am, my phone buzzed I thought it was him, but that was unknown number I picked up the call and that call made me numb. That was his sister who was calling me she was crying very badly I asked her why was she crying and after 4 min 47 sec she told he is no more. That phone call made me numb, my tears were rolling down my eyes, I didn’t had any word to say. But I thought that was a joke because they were about to prank me. I asked her once again, “Is this joke?” If yes then I’ll never talk to you she said Shayana this isn’t why would I joke on something so serious. My chest was paining but I wasn’t supposed to cry because every one was outside. So I decided to hold on, I did it the entire day but after that when I came to my room, I cried my heart out. We didn’t had chance to say last goodbye. Since that day to now I’ve never been happy like I use to be, never saw horoscopes ever again, never moved on and never stopped crying. As he left, he took a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a chunk of my mind and all of my happiness. I miss you🥺❤️

  • somiee99 3d

    My mom said goodbye to her youth, the happy and vibrant young soul she was before she met my father.
    Now all that she knows of is abuse everyday, so good-bye to my mom's freedom and happiness.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 3d

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #goodbye #wod
    11 April 2021 2. 05 am

    Goodbye Kiss ^_^

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    Let's just kiss for the last time

    My lips on yours would sing 
    All those ballads of longing

    My hands holding you so close
    A thousand tales unwritten

    My heartbeat whispers to yours 
    One single truth untold 

    I've loved you, always and forever 


  • ajthewriter 3d

    I've got a #goodbye for ya

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    What Do You Mean By Goodbye?

    "I don't think anything pisses God off more than..."

    What gets me most is the notion that
    There is no world beyond these screens.
    Who am I to pull my face out of the artificial world
    And to question the existence of birds?
    Or to look down at my wooden countertop and
    Not see the many years the trees have worn In all their rings,
    The lives they've lived.
    Their bushy hair, breathing for us when we cannot even
    Offer a small token of gratitude to the unseen God.

    We are a spoiled flock of wanderers.
    Either that or technology conjures up way too many ghosts.
    Technology- the mechanical bull which
    pulses through the wired wilderness.

    We have some damn nerve,
    Thinking Deactivation synonymous with death.
    Thinking the last post equates to a last breath.
    Technology has us much too willing to disconnect from life
    And upload ourselves into a false body,
    Into a false world.

    To choose to live Inside that big machine is
    a big hard slap onto the face of God
    And a spit into the wind, into the face of mother nature.
    So why not let us all be faceless?
    Since we cannot honor our true mother and father,
    Why hold onto the blood inside our veins?
    Why not peel our eyes away from the light and see
    Nothing but the cold of darkness,
    Or let the watch dogs off their leashes long enough to
    bite our noses off instead of nuzzling them...

    Why should I fall into the dramatic art of
    saying goodbye When hello makes the heart race?
    Is tomorrow not enough to save us from wandering away,
    To save us from wasting another beautiful today...

    What gets me most is society's attention span
    And you, with all your updates and reboots,
    With all your cyber sex and backspace marketplaces;
    Wearing the insatiable attitude of what's to come,
    You don't even know what it is
    but you're already bored with it.

    I can tell by the way you scroll so quickly by
    what has for so long been right in front of your eyes.
    I can tell by how no one knows what's funny anymore,
    Lest someone else be quietly hurting in a roast.

    When will enough be more than enough?
    You will never truly know
    Until you know...


  • siyahiii 3d

    Goodbyes can be both painful, beautiful. Sometimes it just clears your vision towards life and sometimes it resembles a dark cloud veiling life. Some unsaid Goodbyes can change your life upside down. Those unsaid Goodbyes mainly wake you up from the dream you are living beautifully. Goodbye is a feeling that needs to be mutual to be right. But when a person exits from another person life without saying a proper Goodbye it makes thing more difficult.

    One thing about Goodbyes is that there is nothing good about it exist. But sometimes some Goodbyes need to happen to let you meet a renewed soul. The effect of Goodbyes falls the way you want to take it. You just have to carry Hope in your heart and make the Goodbyes memorable.

  • sproutedseeds 3d


    Good byes are parting words
    at every level of life.
    Every level has new experience.
    Keep moving to understand life.

    Goodbyes are an indication
    of getting connected
    to the future
    from the present
    with the memories of the past.

  • gaurangig 3d

    I stopped being me
    The day you said goodbye

    You took a piece of me
    The day you said goodbye!

    I was lost in the shadows
    The day you said goodbye

    I was sent to the gallows
    The day you said goodbye!


    #wod #goodbye #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    When goodbyes end everything!

  • preetkanwal 3d

    Memories do not leave me,
    how hard I try to say goodbye to them
    they keep clinging to me;
    like creepers entwined to a tree,
    like wounds which never got healed,
    like sounds that keep echoing,
    like shadows always following me,
    like emotions bottled up deep n’ deep,
    like seeds sown in soul without yield,
    like sand sticking on soles of time’s muddy feet,
    like the clouds floating beyond reach,
    like the unshed tears drowning me in dead sea,
    like ebb n’ flow of waves in life’s journey,
    //For me they are like those flowers
    which never died in poetries//


  • sanika_maisara_zaheen 3d

    #goodbye #wod #mirakee

    This creation of mine is truly dedicated to my very lovely one and only late grandmother. She passed away last year when no one expected it. And due to this pandemic, it was in my fate that that I could not catch a last glimpse of her. She was my only grandparent ever since I was born, the only parent to both my parents................. “Nanu” I hope you are listening to me and I know you are here.....I want to remember you not with my tears but the happiest moments I’ve ever spent with you...🥲🥲❤️❤️

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    You came too late
    But why you left so early?
    You were halfway with me
    But why your path left mine?
    I held on to you tight
    But when did your hand slip from mine?
    You wanted to see me smile
    But your abandonment made me cry
    I wanted to laugh with you
    But why your silence silenced my laughter?
    I wanted to hug you tight
    But why your hands didn’t wrap aroud me?
    I wanted to feel your warmth
    But why your desertion left me cold?
    You were there when I couldn’t sleep
    But why did you go to sleep forever?
    I wanted to see your platinum smile one last time
    But why you were snatched before that?
    You came too late
    But why you left so early???


  • wilmaneels1 3d

    We don't always get the opportunity to say goodbye
    Whether it be death or a relationship ending
    We sometimes walk the road of what if
    Like it will change anything
    It won't
    It doesn't
    You will still feel that lost
    You will still feel that missing parts

    We have this illusion that saying goodbye brings closure
    I ain't sure about that
    We say goodbye at funerals
    We sometimes say goodbye when relationships end

    I still say treasure the good memories
    Living a what if existence will just rob you of spending time with people who are still present
    One day - someday they will be gone too

  • paradoxicalpenman 3d

    For all it brightens, love often casts long shadows.. For all it darkens, hate surely instills some bravados.
    Love and hate both can consume you whole. Once you have indulged in either, say goodbye to the YOU that was before.

  • dhanak_meena 3d

    Good bye

    Never thought I would bid farewell to you
    In your absence my life would progress
    Initially the Idea was weakening me
    But one fine day firmly I decided
    Might spot you often somewhere
    Yet wouldn't come closer to you
    Saying goodbye hurts for sometime
    Certain ends are must for a new start
    No more of your toxins I will allow
    New freshness and haleness I find .


  • hanshika_handral 28w


    It's not the Gudbye's that hurt..,it's the flashback's that follow..!!☺️