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  • patiencemagara 26w

    Farewell soldier

    Allow me to write away my grief,Allow me to shed the last tear as I drop this pen that scraps on a heavy heart. Allow me to pay my last respect as we leave room for the perpetuation of your legacy
    Allow me to concuss this dejection that navigates in my blood stream distributing to each component a portion of angst. Allow me to sink my sorrows in a pot of aqua regia.
    If I may be allowed to sing the last melody saluting a legend,to utter what I couldn't speak when you held your breath in your hands. To extend and express my deepest gratitude and bid a belated appreciation for your persistent fight for independence and amendment of certain issues that required intensive problem solving skills. The actions you took that you saw fit,even while mumbling became our national anthem. Farewell soldier.


  • joybirdpoetry 65w

    I Will Pause and Think of You

    When Christmas comes and the tree shines bright,
    and the children can’t sleep on Christmas Eve night,
    when the family is gathered for the traditional fare,
    and we reminisce of years past and wish you were there,
    I will pause and think of you.

    When Mother’s Day comes and the flowers are in bloom,
    and the sweet scent of roses fills the room,
    when my children make me my tea and toast,
    and ask me which present I love the most,
    I will pause and think of you.

    When Sundays come round and I’m having a lie in,
    and I’m wondering what pleasures my day will bring,
    when my children jump all over me in bed,
    and my morning paper doesn’t get a chance to be read,
    I will pause and think of you.

    When my telephone rings on a rainy day,
    and I’ve got just about a hundred things to say,
    when I want to share all my thoughts and views,
    and talk about all things exciting and new,
    I will pause and think of you.

    When a good friend pops in for some company,
    and we’re sitting enjoying a nice cup of tea,
    when we talk of things silly and foolish and fun,
    and we laugh so hard that the tears start to run,
    I will pause and think of you.

    When I sit alone quietly to reflect on my life,
    am I a good daughter, a good mother, a good wife,
    when the answer lies so easily within my reach,
    and I know it is because I had you to guide me, to teach,
    Yes Mum, I will always think of you.


  • parvathy_nayana 67w

    Sometimes when it's late at night,
    and I find the courage to look up at the sky.

    I can find a faint outline of your smile.

    Looking down at me with encouragement,
    to face the next morning with hope largely false,
    and strength I didn't know I could've had.

    All because of your kind blessing
    showered upon me from up above.

    From the land only ever seen in dreams.

    #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten

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    When it's late at night and I find the courage to look up the sky

  • parvathy_nayana 67w

    These poems I write
    Are odes to your life
    Your hopes and dreams
    And twinkling eyes
    Still haunt my days
    With restless spite
    I want to cry, I want to grieve
    Yet all I do is hope you lived

    Every sunrise, evey sunset
    Every moment since that fateful day
    Feels like a mirage
    Blended horizons

    I'm mad and sad and still in shock
    Thinking about all that
    You could have had

    Every breath today is like a crime
    I feel I owe it to you somehow
    Something I have yet to figure out

    In a world that is too far away
    I know the lullabies are pleasant everyday.

    #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #westillloveyou

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    Poems I write are odes to your life

  • parvathy_nayana 68w

    How can I forget
    When all my heart whispers
    Is your name

    Every morning I wake up
    And like a prayer
    Your name
    Crosses my lips

    Which is funny or ironic

    Because all that time
    You were alive
    But never chanted your name
    Guess that makes me a hypocrite

    And Regret hits deeper than any expression

    #SSR #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #SushantSinghRajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #westillmissyou

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    How can I forget

  • parvathy_nayana 68w

    You were fascinated by the universe
    Maybe the feeling was mutual
    Maybe the universe was fascinated by you too.

    Now that you have,
    evanesced into the blue sky,
    Your legacy will shine forever,
    As bright as the star you were.

  • parvathy_nayana 68w

    When the clouds sailed
    And the sky cleared
    The air around
    Felt like your hug

  • parvathy_nayana 69w

    Jab engineering acha chali raha tha
    Aadhe raasthe chod diya.

    Jab dance aur theatre acha tha
    Chodke aage chala gaya.

    Jab TV ka Maanav raha har ghar ka raja
    Phirse tumne chod diya.

    Apne sapnom ko kaaghaz par likhkar
    Unhe bhi adhoora chod diya.

    Ithne sab ke bhaavajhood bhi
    Dil nahi maantha
    Ki jisne sikhaya
    "Zindagi mein sab se important hota hai khud zindagi"

    Usne apne zindagi,
    Aadhe Adhoore Chod Diya.

    #SSR #SushantSinghRajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #wewillalwaysloveyou

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  • parvathy_nayana 69w

    I'm sure if you were with us today, you would've spend the whole day with your telescope pointed at the sky. I hope your view was better today. ��

    #eclipse #solareclipse #eclipseseason #ringoffire
    #ssr #sushantsinghrajput #gonetoosoon #gonebutnotforgotten #wewillrememberyou

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    I wonder what the eclipse looked like,
    When you watched it today,
    Amidst the stars.

    Without any need,
    Of your beloved telescope.

  • rosebudz 111w

    Lost in the memories
    Memories down in history
    Life without you is such a mystery
    A piece of my heart forever taken
    Seeing you everywhere I go
    Missing you more than you know
    My best friend over the years
    Even your name brings me to tears
    Connected like electricity
    Going through everything together
    Together is how it always stayed
    Visiting your grave is not the same
    Wishing that I never even came
    Realizing you are now inside of me
    An irreplaceable reservation
    inside a piece of my broken heart
    Your memory will always live on
    Up until the moment I am gone

    Dedicated to the best friend that I ever had.

  • drtjeckleburg 117w

    The Abyss of our Love

    Are we just going to stay like this forever, floatING?
    If so, my heart can't bear much more of this.
    We're stuck...
    Revolving around each others negativity.
    Leaching and sucking ourselves dry,
    Because this town of this relationship is only big enough for one of us.
    Our egos won't allow us to share.
    We never really learned how to coexist,
    Perhaps no one has pulled the ripcord yet, because neither of us wants to start over.
    We're shellfish in that way.
    That we can agree on.


  • mommared 119w

    Never Far Apart

    Staring blankly into the fire
    Watching the orange and yellow flames
    Dance freely across the logs
    So wild and untamed

    Drifting into her own world
    Wishing he was there
    Instead of up in Heaven
    His death was so unfair

    He always knew just what to say
    Turning her frown into a smile
    What she'd give to hear his voice
    Or his number she could dial

    As the flames begin to slowly die
    Becoming ash and embers
    A thought races across her mind
    Something she needed to remember

    His arms are wrapped around her
    And he lives inside her heart
    Even though he's dead and gone
    They're never really far apart.

  • sharyn 127w


    I hate goodbyes,
    Having to hug you a final time and i can still feel the warmth of your embrace.
    I can still smell the scent of your perfume on me.
    I can still remember how the plane flew off with you in it.
    Departure doesn't mean forgotten.
    Departure doesn't mean lost love.
    For i will always remember and love you even after you are gone.

  • creschke 182w

    Today is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School Mass Shooting. I was in 5th grade, and remember the seeing the footage of High School students running out with their hands on their heads, of the pain on their faces, hearing the horror of what they experienced. My brother's best friend was shot in the face an survived. This day was one of the worst in Littleton Colorado's history, and the wound remains fresh, open and bleeding, but we stay strong, we survive and continue to live life through tragedy and horror. Keep your loved ones close, be friendly to each other and never treat others poorly.

    #weareallcolumbine #remember #rip #gonebutnotforgotten

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    "We are all Columbine"

    Through our bleeding scars
    We remain strong
    Never will we forget
    Innocence lost.
    Love one another
    Always be inclusive
    Live and love
    Survival of heros!


  • gemmiegem91 185w

    Rest Easy

    Rest easy now,
    Though you will be well missed.
    Rest easy now,
    Through dreams we will reminisce.
    Rest easy now,
    You time came way too soon.
    Rest easy now,
    In the Lord's handmade cocoon.
    Rest easy now,
    For I shall see you again.
    Rest easy now,
    That Heaven is your new playpen.
    Rest easy now,
    My love for you still grows.
    Rest easy now,
    Within these words- my love is enclosed.


  • blissful_nomad 207w


    These stories are written for them.

    Carving in stone what we carved in bone, these letters were meant for the strangers.

    Here, lies letter the euphemisms strong, Here lies the merchant of my nightmares.

    Why then do I weep for my brother.

  • teekty 242w


    I stepped unknowingly
    On shattered pieces of glass
    My wound 
    bleeding invisibly to the naked eye
    But its sharp sting burns my eyes
    Yet they don't twitch

    Rain pours on my face
    My lips taste of salty water
    My heart is pounding
    Can't this be a dream?

    My heart cries
    Then the brain whispers
    You will breathe again

  • coffeeandcigarrets 261w

    I needed you most when I was balling my eyes out because of your sudden departure.