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  • sumita_panigrahi 65w


    There were days when we used to wait for each other to go to assembly, to eat tiffin together during recess, to go to playground holding hands together and gossips that were endless.. even after coming home talking nonsense on call was a must..��

    But now after years when we got in touch, you didn't care neither did you ask once how things are going
    We have moved on in our respective lives but that beautiful bond which could be kept is no longer left.
    I am just another person on your contact list lying just like that whom you don't give a damn☀️

    But still after trying several times to be in touch with you, when you pull yourself out and stated me that I am no longer your friend, I agreed. ����

    Still sending you memes just in order to make you laugh and remember our bitter sweet moments from school, but your replies have now left me shattered this time with forced one word and emojis.��

    I concluded that you have moved on with new friends and new life with zenith succes but still a question is haunting me, Is it ok to abondon your best friend who was with you through your thik and thin??��

    As you climbed the ladder of success you forgot me like anything else that don't matter to you..��

    So I have decided,

    Even after many years of effort, if you say me, you don't care and don't wanna be my friend, it's fine, I will leave..��

    You have just left me in a dilemma whether to keep your contact or delete it!!��

    I tried insanely to delete but I couldn't and even I tried to keep it I couldn't ��

    So what should I do??

    If you assess people on behalf of what you are now after climbing those ladders on my back...and now you think that you are superior and beyond all with your ego and getting limelights and putting my moral down by treating me this way.. I am sorry.. I cannot be your friend anymore, goodbye.. ����

    My old friend has lost that aura and is no more the same.. you are lost into the world of ego enchanting you..now I barely know you and you barely know me.. ciao ��

    Cheers to those amazing goofy days and carefree smiles..♥️

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    Gone are the days when we were best friends
    Keeping each other head high was the trend,

    Now you no longer care about me even at bay,
    Then for what shall I be pondering about you all day..

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  • sumita_panigrahi 67w

    From those days to these days,
    We ever had any knowledge of doing and behaving like this.��
    Waiting all day to talk to that single person after a very hectic schedule to listen that enchanting amazing soothing voice,��
    To that of looking horrendously whether to pick the call and wait for it to cut automatically..��
    And then in a regret to call that person back with mixed and hard feelings,
    pretending everything is ok.��

    We all have now grown up.��

    Gone are the days where there were smiles, now there are deserted peoples with fake smiles trying to fix themselves ��

    #mirakee #life #love #lost #smiles #nevergiveup #keepsmiling #gonearethedays #odd #call

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    From desperately waiting to pick that one call
    To starring, if to pick that call..
    We all literally grew up!!

  • varunpandey 93w

    Gone are the days
    when we were earning in pennies and spending in berries
    Now we are,
    printing our notes and spending in Fararies

    Gone are the days,
    when we were walking in sweaty and running through parties
    Now we are,
    sleeping in ACs and running through diaries.

    Gone are the days,
    when we were dreaming of fairies and playing with nannies
    Now we are,
    Crying for women who just got married!

    Gone are the days,
    when we were eyeing the friendship and that amazing camaraderie
    Now we are,
    Eyeing those competitors and this ugly rivalry.

    Gone are the days,
    When we were scared of schooling and proud of bunking
    Now we are,
    Faking in office and laughing on "what the life is!"

    Gone are the days,
    When we were children and babies and eyeing our twenties
    Now we are in the twenties and dying to seventies.

    Kudos to this society!

    #gonearethedays #worldwelivein #missingchildhood

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    Teenage: Gone are the days


  • mesinnerreflexions_alekhyasana 143w


    Gone are the days
    Where love blossomed through heart and could be seen in each other's eyes...

    Gone are the days
    Where two people would stand for each other no matter though how hard the situations were but mutually talk, understand and compromise...

    Gone are the days
    Where love was treated with ultimate respect, pricelessly pioneered amongst all...

    Gone are the days
    Where sacrifices had valuable meaning towards those soulmates who existed with bliss United strongly together till their last breath and fall...

    Gone are the days
    Where couples cherished lasting smiles
    Shared everything, glowed with pure happiness and confidenly travelled long in their love miles

    But now are the days
    Where people crave for real love
    Flooded with lust
    Minimalist trust
    Less patience
    More nonsense
    Being fake and half-hearted
    Turmoiled realities and hopelessly left cheated...
    Shallow Minds filled with egos risking life at what cost?
    While they don't even bother when actual feelings are lost,
    Changing generations
    Lack understanding but evident complications ..
    Lastly left with temporary memories
    And, With more tons of regrets and sad stories ...


  • krishna93 180w

    Gone are the days of childhood
    Never to return
    Leaving behind happy memories

    Gone are the days of hide and seek
    Never to return
    leaving behind naughty memories

    Gone are the days of family trips
    Never to return
    Leaving behind the photographs

    Gone are the days of trust and friendship
    Never to return
    Leaving behind only traces

    Gone are the days of innocence
    Leaving behind
    The ugly truths of life


  • garimaarora 193w

    Are you really gone ..?

    Are you really gone ..?
    We were the best ..or at least that's what I thought..!
    I miss you dearly , and wish you were by my side too .
    You are a genuine person and I hate not having you here ..!
    Never being able to see you or talk to you would be my greatest fear ..!
    I miss you , will be able to laugh again ..?
    We had so much fun together ; thinking of it makes me sad .
    I miss our silly talks ; I miss our bond of trust .
    You are a great person and o have so much respect for you , I wish we could still laugh and joke like we used to do