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  • paranoidismarie 3d

    When I'm gone

    why is there so much recidivism in this home
    yet some how I find myself hopelessly alone
    is it me? Futilitarian you are
    I can't help but see, this is my brainchild
    that is in which I do believe
    I'm never listened to, I am never truly heard
    I am left empty, broken, and alone
    noone takes the time to understand me
    they will never truly know
    when I'm gone, they better not care or cry or pray, I told them I was breaking and noone gave me the time of day
    ©Candice Ballinger

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  • hiral_here_14 5d

    Standing alone in my mind,
    I still call your name, breathing heavily,
    To the roots and strengths of my eyes,
    I still search of you in my crying eyes,
    Rogued my heart acheing, striking effectively,
    Crawling over the body, I founded you,
    Crying over the pain, I founded me,
    Hurting myself, in the name of your love,
    Find me through skin, and tell me
    I am still beautiful, to my rouged skin,
    I'll find you underneath, and tell you,
    Our love is still beautiful.

  • markus_ 1w

    Should we believe in soul mates?

    For those who read my poems I'd like to say hey and that I'd like to get to know you all better and write something that would aid or inspire you in anyway possible. So I'd like to hear your thoughts on my question about soul mates and love and if possible let's connect ��

    My ig account - markus_poetry

    @mirkaee @writersnetwork
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    Despite how difficult things could get.
    We never broke, harmed or left off the set.
    If we left we were bound to have met
    Because this small world can't hold two lovers apart
    Two lovers who would have a new start.


  • purrrrr 2w

    She's Gone

    The woman who nurtured me

    Is far gone

    Lost among the twinkling stars

    Of the glorious sky.

    Her sole breathing in this world was 

    ample to have me at peace.

    But she vanished just like a shooting star

    somewhere far far away,

    where I could never reach her.


    I could sense her perished body's

    yearn to say goodbye to her loved ones

    One last time.

    The swollen veins turned blue,

    visible to the eye of every spectator.

    but the indifferent nature of Humans 

    made her felt helpless,

    With just her own ~ Body and Soul

    which were not even hers to say

    After her last breath.


    She fought for the damn sake 

    Of everyone.

    But, was unable to combat 

    her own Demons.

    Her vibrant life was dwindled

    to a somber pit of Dark secrets

    And foul games being played

    On her.


    She didn't give birth to me

    but the bond between us 

    Was inexplicable.

     She was my Hope,

    my sorrow, my joy

    And the urge to live. 

    To carry on amidst the

    mist of Darkness.

    Her words were a soothing balm

    to my crippled soul.


    Now I am all alone

    sitting under a starry night

    Waiting for her gleaming eyes

    to meet mine

    One last time.

    I just want to soak her

    blissful sight in every pore

    of my living being

    To cherish for eternity.


    She left me hanging

    without a adieu 

    And made her way to Heaven.

    Like a Ghost in the Wind

    She departed from this world.

    And the night felt lifeless;

    The very reality made my

    heart tremble.

    The Sky daunting upon me

    looked as frightening as ever. 

    My soul shattering into a

    million pieces from this

    Unanticipated event.


    The chills left my body

    leaving burning sensation 

     of regret,

    That coarsed through my very Spirit.

    Making me want to

    volatilize my very existence too.

    That woman was tougher than

    any man I know.

    She was my Living Lighthouse,

    Who always gave me the courage

    to surf the gigantic waves.


    I could never get her back.

    Even if I offer my soul

    to the Devil. 

    I long for her, I really do 

    But, somehow, I feel 

     it was best for her.

    Because this horrid world is not

    worthy of her.

    I wish her Godspeed.

    My Everything

    Is now gone.


  • cosmicpoet 2w

    I'm gone years ago

    May be I'm gone years ago,
    left over are the ashes.
    I can't feel myself right now,
    may be I've lost my senses.

    All of me is extended everywhere,
    shattered, hammered, spitted.
    I'm awake all night alone,
    still couldn't feel the loneliness.

    All I see is a universe in my mind,
    and I'm stuck there as in a web.
    can't even roam coz I'm tied,
    whoever promised to help..lied.

    I couldn't find a way to home,
    neither I would be able to.
    I think if mom and dad are still
    waiting for me,
    standing at the door.
    My little brother still making fun
    of me,
    As I have a long nose.

    May be I'm gone years ago,
    I'll never go back home.
    If I'm still lost in dreams now,
    I'll wait till I wake up seeing mom.


  • sonoftheword 2w

    Death melodies 2

    Blood, water, raining blood
    Tears, pains, painful tears
    Anguish, agoning, mixed emotions
    Thousand and thousands of voices
    Can't hear well, can't take it anymore
    Oh wait, is this hallucinations?
    Or a delusion?
    Broken hearts, homes
    Raining tears, as we flood in our miseries
    Drowning in our ocean of blood
    Wait, is this illusions?
    Or a misconception?
    How long are we going to hold on to powers and let many dying?
    How many lives are we going to lost to cherish a soul?
    Have we think about the bloods we shared?
    How many names has gone down to history books and some forgotten defending their nations
    Are our nations worth defending?
    Wait, am I going insane?
    Or this accusations?
    Truths hidden in religion
    Facts manipulated in politics
    False knowledge in schools
    Military, corruption
    Misjudgement in courts
    Mislead in authority
    Wait, is it an adjudication?
    Or a perception?
    If we could turn back the hands of time, are we going to undo the errors?
    Why can't we do it now?
    Why let others pay with their lives for one's mistake?
    Are ourlives really worthy?
    Or death the better option?
    after all death is honest and open to truths than us
    Is death just an exit?
    Or portal to a world of truths?
    Are we going to live on forever?
    Or embrace the same death we usher many to?
    Forgive my conception
    and comprehension.
    #gone but not forgotten
    #Seek the truth
    #Stand for change and peace
    ©Son of the word (Hijo de la palabra)

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  • eiichiquoteslife 2w

    When I'm Gone

    When I'm gone
    Don't be upset

    I told you when I was hurting
    I told you when I needed a break
    I told you when I couldn't sleep
    I told you when my parents were fighting
    I told you when my friends left me
    And I told you when I didn't want to be around any longer

    But after all that, you left like everyone else
    When all I needed was a hug

  • raman_writes 2w


    रमन ये तेरी रज़ा है तू मुझे रोके या जाने दें ।

    भला तेरे आगे मैंने कब अपनी मर्ज़ी चलाई है ।।


  • markus_ 3w

    What if we were together?

    If we were together
    We would have made a nest of our love
    I would not lose hope
    I would not let my moral down
    But now that I'm sad
    The night is yet again dark
    And the bright moon is no where to be seen
    An opportunity to rekindle brightness in my life I ask for
    I lost the earlier one
    I ask for another chance
    For you to be my moon again


  • unbeknownst 3w


    With a beautiful smile on your face, just choose to remain silent.

    Coz I know they'll hear your spoken lies instead of understanding your unspoken truth.


  • giamay07 3w

    Even do your Gone gone forever, Days im with you last forever in my heart.#Love #gone #memories

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    Those Day's

    I miss those day's
    When you hold my hand
    Cuddle me to your chest
    Kisses on my forehead
    So sweet and gentle
    While you uttered those magic words
    "I LOVE YOU"
    But now your gone
    Gone forever
    You leave me in tears
    Yet made me strong
    You left me behind
    But in my ♥ you live Alive
    And hold a special spot
    With those memories we have

  • dreamer_4 3w

    Love in the dark
    Song by Adele

    Take your eyes off of me so I can leave
    I'm far too ashamed to do it with you watching me
    This is never ending, we have been here before
    But I can't stay this time 'cause I don't love you anymore
    Please stay where you are
    Don't come any closer
    Don't try to change my mind
    I'm being cruel to be kind
    I can't love you in the dark
    It feels like we're oceans apart
    There is so much space between us
    Baby, we're already defeated
    Everything changed me
    You have given me something that I can't live without
    You mustn't underestimate that when you are in doubt
    But I don't want to carry on like everything is fine
    The longer we ignore it all the more that we will fight
    Please don't fall apart
    I can't face your breaking heart
    I'm trying to be brave
    Stop asking me to stay
    I can't love you in the dark
    It feels like we're oceans apart
    There is so much space between us
    Baby, we're already defeated
    Everything changed me
    We're not the only ones
    I don't regret a thing
    Every word I've said
    You know I'll always mean
    It is the world to me
    That you are in my life
    But I want to live
    And not just survive
    That's why I can't love you in the dark
    It feels like we're oceans apart
    There is so much space between us
    Baby, we're already defeated
    'Cause, ah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
    Everything changed me
    And I-I-I-I-I don't think you can save me

  • mar9iech 4w

    Here I am darling
    Three a.m. in the morning
    Even after you're long gone
    I'm still trying
    to find the words
    to say to you

    Hear me darling
    Free me from dying
    Prayers be the songs of mourn
    I'm still singing
    to bind you close
    to my own rescue

    Dear my darling
    Beloved, my everything
    In a world's so wrong and worn
    There's nothing
    permanent and simple
    as my love for you.


  • hiral_here_14 4w

    Yeah, they still asks me ,
    If I am in love with you?
    I'd totally say no,
    But a thought of you thousands in a day,
    I'd love you till the last breath,
    Oh man, I just can't stop thinking that one day I'll stop loving you,
    Never in my whole life,
    I'd be able to do that,
    Even you're not here,
    You are still mine,
    I'd still love like I did.

  • hiral_here_14 5w

    Even if I broked down,
    You'll still remain the best memory I had,
    Even if I torned apart,
    You'll still be my best man in love,
    Even you're not here anymore,
    You'll still be my favourite choice I had.❤

  • sameen_ 5w

    For those who are gone from this world are not really gone. They are there, alive, in a better place.
    #gone #wings #soul #hope #heart #shine #smile #patience @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Gone Wings Shine
    For they know the love
    That you need right now
    Stealing the moonlight
    Gathering it in their arms
    Showering all over you
    The light that reflects within
    The light that brightens up
    Your world of sadness.

    Gone Heart Smiles
    Looking down at you
    As you cry for it
    Blowing a spell on you
    Enchanting and magical
    Where you find tranquility
    Where your eyes are calm
    In a turmoil of the emotions

    Gone Soul Reunites
    In a place far away
    Where no worries reside
    Where you are sure to meet
    And everything turns right
    Every longing ends
    Every anxiety stops
    For you always lived in hope
    And never questioned why.

  • erics_girl 5w

    Why Didn't You Stay?

    It's Wednesday May 12th
    Crying less but I still cry
    I keep on asking myself
    "Why?" Why did you die?
    Why didn't you try to stay?
    It's been 6 weeks today..

    What didn't I do that I should have
    What wouldn't I do if I could have
    Needless to say, the day you left
    I've been this way, just a hot mess

    I'm not angry with you or myself
    Just hurting, & I think I need help
    Can't seem to unsee what I saw
    In the worst way it has me in awe

    Why didn't you do what you were
    Supposed to? Instead of deciding that you were apposed to it? Now
    You're not here & I notice it. Now
    I have to learn how to go with it.

    I'm sure you knew I did my best &
    I knew you didn't get enough rest
    I'm just glad I got to be with you
    & I'm sad cuz I love you & miss you.

    wishing we could be together at
    Least you'll stay here in my heart

  • markus_ 3w

    Moving on

    Looks like it's really time for me to move on
    After all the love we had, the memories we created and the happiness we had are all gone
    I hope you once again find the love you seeking
    I think I've been the problem ever since the start
    You've always been with me, right here in my heart

    Its the thorny subject of loss
    Something we will always tend to come across.
    Most of us learn the means to deal with it somehow
    We get better at it anyhow
    And we move on too
    My happiness lies on the decision
    But a world of hurt too lies on the path I take
    Its a difficult road, designed to slow me until I break

    Its a hard decision
    The most painful experience
    But a much needed fresh new start
    To fix my throbing heart

  • heyoka_warrior 156w

    Live in the present.
    The past is gone.
    You don't have to live it again.
    The future is not here yet.
    Don't run.
    Live in this moment.
    Live in the now
    And make this worthwhile.