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  • mrspectacular 17w


    He had maligned a destitute,
    Bashed him in a manner that was rather astute.
    Refusing first to understand the element that did, his predicament, constitute
    Little did he know he played misfortune's flute.

    With that single act,
    He had issued Karma a contract
    To make sure that his repercussion was issued intact
    A freehand action as a matter of fact.

    Karma sits on his matter in a referendum
    To understand if there is to his repercussion, a subtraction or addendum
    A few hours after the mental hum,
    The Karma comes down on him, leaving him glum.

    Blinded for a day after an accident with a knife
    He is schooled in the pain of the Gabriel's life
    Realizing his error, he feels remorse so rife
    And now compassion is his second wife.