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  • technocrat_sanam 3h

    Never underestimate your importance.. ��

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    ग़र किसी एक चेहरे की भी हँसी की वज़ह हो तुम
    मुबारक हो - फ़रिश्ते हो या फिर इक ख़ुदा हो तुम

  • mohua_leo 7h

    #god'sgrace#blessings#family& friends

    God has given us everything depending on our deed
    Not that what we wanted but that what we need
    He has given us love when we are deceived by hate
    While we choose to live in Hell
    He has opened the Heaven's gate
    And when we harmed our relationship that led to our perish
    He has given us friends and family and their love that we can cherish
    He is kind and the saviour of all human race
    We must thank Him for His love and wholeheartedly acknowledge God's grace...

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    God's Grace

    God has given us everything depending on our deed
    Not that what we wanted but that what we need

  • yashashwani 15h

    "Make a way where is ray".

  • keithallencovell 21h

    We don't need nobody to help us find the Truth but God Itself, the Source of all Creation.

    © Keith Allen Covell
    © All Rights Reserved

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #spiritual #god #creation #truth #source #life

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  • wind_in_the_hairs 1d

    Please God, I know you will always protect me and help me help myself.
    Please help me keep myself out of troubles and disappointments.

    #god #faith #life #surrender #temptations #expectations #prayer

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    Dear God,

    Please give me the strength to do what I know is right for me,
    and to avoid temptations for anything,
    and expectations from anybody.


    Your sincere child,

  • ogboleagala 1d


    An eraser for all errs
    Devoid of an axe to grind
    The anchor for all precious virtues
    The "why" for the great atonement
    That exchanged
    A King's crown for thorns
    And a purple robe for bloody stripes
    It forced nails into sacred palms
    And broke unbearable yokes off man's shoulders

    Now, wrinkled faces
    Are revived with wide smiles
    The dead bounce back to real life
    Darkened hopes receive bright light
    The long lost are forever found
    The very blind embrace crystal sight
    Infirmities give way for great might

    No mind is large enough
    To fathom the length, breadth,
    Height and depth
    No theory can help mortals
    Understand the 'why' and 'how'
    No script is good enough
    To present a perfect description
    ...God's fiery love
    Is beyond comprehension.


  • rafellomedia 1d

    God : A Royal Friend

    At the time of my sorrows
    He sat behind me as a friend

    At the time of my tears
    He wiped away my tears

    At the time of my rejections
    He accepted me the way iam

    At the time of lonliness
    He loved me by his true love

    At the time of my brokenness
    He build me by his grace

  • vickyreals 2d

    I smiled at the innocence dancing on the lips of a hundred kids as they fought over God's undiluted love
    "He love the boys" "He love the boys"
    "He love the girls" "He love the girls"
    I imagined being that old
    The age where all you care about is knowing that God loves you and you wholly love him too
    That age of purity
    I miss being a child
    That level of innocence is unmatched

  • umarmaaz 2d

    The Play

    A lots been said we're not born ready,
    But stand for something and be steady,
    The thrones are real and unable to bear,
    For path be uncertain and death be near.

    Pain and death we feel but we got to deal,
    With the past be done future look for zeal,
    For in insecurity lies the security,
    And learn from it for it may lead you to maturity.

    Prayed to God but he refused to hear,
    The pleas of mine and turned a blind ear.
    And said a day in dreams of dark but clear:

    You have is what you won't in the distant,
    And won't shall you get for life is an instant,
    Yet complain you all that i don't teach,
    But haven't i sent goodness down to preach?

    Naked yourself from the bondage of hate,
    And cloth with love for it is not yet late,
    See around and find the purpose for birth,
    And dance for soon be you'll one of dirt,

    Don't trouble yourself for name and fame,
    For soon you'll realise its all just a Game,
    So laugh and cry and hate and love,
    And your name shall be cheered by the angels above!


  • abhishekkerketta 2d

    Creator Can

    Only the creator can judge you
    Because you are creation
    Of his hands.
    From the emptiness to mould
    He knows everything about you.
    From beginning to end.
    He is a writer and you are his words
    Came into life.
    Your life is a book for him
    And you are his favourite collection
    That's why he replied your pray
    And become shadow and fire for you.


  • dr_amyne 3d


    I think God wanted the world to experience what love feels like, so He sent mother

    My God! Never have I ever seen anyone kinder

    Anyone softer? Anyone stronger? Anyone smarter?

    No! she is simply the master ever

    Difficulties over difficulties, she never retreat nor surrender

    She says "my child no thunder will stop me from giving you shelter"

    "Nothing can stop me from protecting you my dear"

    "From the harsh world come hell or high water"

    One night I heard as if someone was crying only the voice wasn't louder

    I said mama: "were you crying? Tell me who caused it I am ready to commit murder

    She laughed and said: "Your mama is so talented she could make different voices it wasn't real crying my dear"

    " I was testing my talent, now let's have laughter "

    So we laughed at all the night's sorrow

    Until the sun rises she said "Now it's another day yesterday we called it tomorrow

    "Listen carefully my child we all have limited tomorrow"

    "When you wake up that day and mama not there, promise me not to be in sorrow"

    But mama how possible? And can they love me the same?

    Would they help hide my shame?

    Even if I become bigger, without you what use is the fame?

    Who would make magic and provide food with little or no money, then offer me the bigger portion on the table?

    Who would go hungry simply by giving me the only food available?

    Only you give me even your share, then say it tastes in your tongue terrible

    But mama in my tongue it is palatable

    "My child I will be watching over, and you have my blessing, grow up to be a good child and become honorable"

    "There is nothing noble in being horrible"

    "I will be waiting for your last tomorrow when God would welcome you as His noble"

  • uniqueeunice 3d

    How sweet are thy word
    Yes,sweeter than honey
    And the drippings of honeycombs
    Thy word is a seed
    In which i grow
    Thy word is a lamp to my feet
    And a light to my way
    Your word is a shield
    Where i take refuge
    Your word is a sword in which i slain
    Thy word is a devouring flame
    And like hammer who shatters the rock
    Your word is like a still water
    So calm and violent free
    In which i find peace and comfort.

  • jameerahmn 3d

    "I don't need to search you in holy places,why shall I go?? When i know that you are staying in my heart"

  • _shivoham_ 4d

    The biggest basis for attaining God is love.
    With love we can find someone, make us our own.
    We can also say this in another way that we want to get what we want from the depth of our mind or from the true mind.
    If we want anything with a sincere mind, then it will definitely be available.
    If love is true, it does not take long to meet.
    Our true desire attracts objects or situations and makes them accessible.

    सच्चा प्रेम कहने, चाहने और सच्चा प्रेम निभाने में बहुत अंतर होता है।
    दिल से सोचना,
    समझ जाओगे।
    जहां स्वार्थ से जुड़ा कुछ भी हो, वहां प्रेम कभी नहीं होता।

    भगवान का घर देर है अंधेर नहीं❣️

    हरे कृष्ण ❣️

    #mirakee #spirituality #God

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    सच्चा प्रेम

    "जेहि का जेहि पर सत्य सनेहू, सो तेहि मिलहिं न कछु संदेहू।"

    अर्थात् जिसको जिस चीज से सच्चा प्रेम होता है उसे वह चीज अवश्य मिल जाती है। यानी सच्चे मन से चाही गई वस्तु अवश्य प्राप्त होती है।

    ~गोस्वामी तुलसीदास



  • musings26as 4d

    Maybe I've been living
    in my own imaginary world,
    Maybe I've not confronted
    all the hardships and labours
    one must endure for establishing
    a highly reputable character
    and a successful identity.

    Maybe I am not worried
    about my image because
    I never tried to create it,
    I honestly showed who I was.
    Maybe I don't know how to hold
    the baggage of fake reputation
    while you're not the same person
    who you built only to show off.


  • musings26as 4d

    She's an old soul
    with a childish heart.


  • musings26as 4d

    I listen to them
    just because
    I want to know
    what they hide
    behind the mask.


  • musings26as 4d

    your problems
    upon me
    and let the soil
    of my devotion
    the fragrance
    in you.


  • rohitpoet7 5d


    Believe in God
    Or believe in yourself as you wish to
    I believe that life will go on
    Nothing is for sure but as many question marks are present
    Life will go on like this, till life goes on
    Can only have faith in God at the end.

  • litan7 5d

    God knows!!

    If you are suffering with pain , that's because God knows you can endure it .

    Similarly if you are feeling happy ☺ that's because God knows you deserve it..