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  • serrenajoy_ 177w

    ~ I decided to write once again as I realized that there's still some darkness left in me to be released ~
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    Empty glass bottle

    Have you ever felt like an empty glass bottle
    Washed away by an ocean of emotions
    Yet attractive to those who find you
    Hoping to see a message written down
    Deep down rolled inside you
    You - An empty glass bottle
    They seem delighted to see you
    At times you appear to be a
    Shiny glass bottle as the sun's harsh rays hit you
    Or you were colourful with a rainbow reflecting
    Or you once wrapped in a brand of fame
    But deep down You - An empty glass bottle
    You know that there's nothing inside
    Nothing that they want from you
    Nothing that interests them
    You know that You - An empty glass bottle
    Is still filled with that peaceful darkness that once soothed your ocean of emotions

  • nancybellarose 196w

    A Letter To Self

    Glass bottles break each day
    Some are liquor
    Some plain water
    Each making the same noise
    Or do they?

    One gets the privilege
    To be be spread where
    The light doesn't shine
    Noises heard unheard there
    And one
    Gets in the lovers hand , prickled

    How similar are they
    Yet so different the ways
    One became the shoulder to cry on
    Only to be used and then misused
    And the other became
    The start of something new

    Pain both had suffered
    One drowned
    And the other found
    The power within self to turn
    The situation around