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  • princessfuzzy 7w

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    I met him at the masquerade ball,
    Where he caught me when I was about to fall,
    Iridescent blues trapped in a velvety veil,
    His woodsy scent I inhale.
    He was so dishy,
    Not so flashy,
    Charming and classy.

    My mind was a farrago,
    For his lips were so soft like filago
    And I dunno if I'm prepared
    To get my heart repaired.

    His fingers entwined mine,
    Excruciatingly long and fine.
    As we danced,
    I was tranced,
    By the clean-cut phoenix he was,
    Attracting girls, loads of them coz
    He was so charismatic.

    His height blunted my own;
    He was like a crown of thorn
    Made of risks and what not
    I shouldn't have brought
    home a piece of thorn
    Not enough to make me mourn,
    Still enough to make me curious enough
    To go & take the crown as whole tough
    though it was.

    I wore it,
    Not minding how my head split,
    Blood gushing out,
    Huge bruises sprout.
    It was not long before I got ruined
    All 'cause of my desire and lust left unfulfilled.

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  • princessfuzzy 8w

    Armys here?���� Comment below if you are one���� Read this piece of poetry to find out if the male protagonist is your bias����

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    A purple heart �� represents sensitive, compassionate love.
    A blue heart �� represents supporting, deep love.
    A green heart �� represents close bonds, admiration and love.
    A yellow heart �� represents liking and friendship.
    An orange heart �� represents warm and caring love.
    A red heart ♥️ represents flirty, hopeful love.

    But �� is the one I love 'cause it means love will last for a long time✨

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    She stared long at the distance,
    The way he went,
    Yeontan lagging behind,
    In her hand grasped tightly,
    A fresh, red rose,
    Gifted to her by him.
    The only korean word she knew,
    The word he uttered while kneeling down,
    Offering the rose to her.
    The permed fringes that veiled his forehead,
    Assymetrical, yet entrancing twilight browns
    he had for eyes,
    His infectious boxy smile that made her day,
    All seemed so bizarre,
    Too good to be true,
    The only thought that occupied her mind
    Was to hug him tight,
    Her cute oppa,
    Her own bias.

    He had left only after asking her out on a date,
    Somewhere fun,
    Somewhere prodigious,
    Unlike the casual dinner date she always resented.
    She was satisfied that he was weird like her,
    Uncanny like her,
    To assure her that she was not alone in
    Wearing oversized clothes
    Or having a disdain for spicy food.

    He had left only after ruffling her hair,
    Towering over her short stature,
    A wide smile itched on his face
    When she had screamed a yes.
    She was happy to have him,
    And wished passionately that she could have him forever,
    The word she never understood
    for she was not a korean,
    Yet understood its concept
    The moment he proposed to her.
    All days of dreaming him,
    Bearing a wonderful fruit...