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  • wanderer_soul46 16w


    She has a smile,
    That brightens your day.
    But what's bothering her,
    Inside, she will never say.
    She wanna learn,She wanna grow.
    Like a star, she wanna glow.
    Thousands dream, yet no way out,
    Due to reasons society made out.
    All she needs is an open sky,
    She already got wings, she will fly.

  • theshatteredpiecess 40w

    I am not the normal girl next door.
    Normal doesn't exist to me,
    I play on the extremes every second.
    There's no grey in my life.
    They say it's normal and it's okay though.
    But they don't understand one can extinguish a camp fire easily,
    But I'm the forest fire that will burn them.
    I'm the girl, who'll push you away each time.
    The one who'll tell you to stay away because she knows herself.
    I can't shut myself in the anger like everyone else does,
    I'll come at you like the worst thunderstorms.
    I can't be your wound and your medicines.
    I'm not the antidote you search for.
    And why or how can I ask you to stay,
    When even I'm afraid of myself.
    I don't have limits and I'm certainly not tamed.
    Maybe I feel too much all the times,
    Or maybe I'm just numb everytime.
    I can't be the escape you need,
    When I'm constantly begging for one myself.
    I'm not the warmth you crave for in the winters.
    And I'm certainly not the normal girl next door.


  • bleeding__words 49w

    Hey There

    Don't want to put it out here
    But Today is a Different kind of Lonely I can't bear..

    They say there's nothing in the world you can't heal
    Then how come only horrible is the way I feel..

    Relations I always cared for left me with more scars
    In fact made me feel bad for the person I was..

    Everytime I start gathering strength
    It starts getting more intense..

    Once a chirpy girl with love for words
    Fails to live it through without emotions..

    Things aren't looking good from any side
    Everytime I talk it out ,I'm deried..

    I'll never know why sadness looked better with us together
    Nowadays even the happiness makes me cry louder..

    Well that's how things are going for me
    I hope your life has been great after you ditched me..

  • charlieiris 102w

    What You Make of Me

    I am
    Whoever you want me to be.
    I am
    The girl next door,
    The nerd at the back of class,
    The tired and bewildered baby bird.
    I am
    The daughter of the mother who was raped
    By her own brother,
    I am
    The child of the moon and
    Sister of the sun.
    I am
    A suicide survivor
    And an out of tune guitar.
    I am sunshine and
    I am darkness.
    I am sunshine and
    I am rain.
    I am me and
    I am you.
    I am
    Simplicity and mathematics,
    I am a lover and
    A hater.
    A muffin that looks like a cupcake,
    A love letter that's a death sentence,
    A flower that's actually a weed,
    A young boy that's tired of
    Being told to "man up,"
    A woman that's tired of
    Hearing that it's "her fault,"
    A child who's tired of being the parent.

    I am
    Whoever you want me to be.
    So please,
    Make me be a good person.

  • no_kiddin 128w

    I’m proud that my first ever love is really into making her career bright
    But what’s mine is totally yours am I right??
    I’m proud of you being a busy bee
    But trust me doing that you’re ignoring me
    I have my dreams too
    But I like to live in a moment and that moment is you

  • solankchii 150w


    U r under no obligation to do shits that make u feel like "u r nothing"
    Better 'detox'urself from things that no longer serves u ....coz dear, 'Nobody ows u anythin'

  • manu_thewriter 152w

    Girl next door

    Simple and straight, she charms you all along;
    Knowing when to let go, she builds her persona!
    I believe in her, for the honest being she is;
    Tell her your secrets, she operates like a clandestine agent!!!
    Adept and adaptive, she rings in resilience,
    Like the most beautiful flower, she blooms in fragrance,
    Oozing confidence and tenacity, she takes you along in life,
    Empathetic and benevolent, she lends you her hand,
    When you need her the most!!
    She makes you laugh with the weirdest jokes,
    She brings a smile, with her cute innocence,
    Happy and blessed to have her around,
    With her, my bond is never gonna end!!

  • ishan_jajoo 178w

    Girl next door

    There was this girl,
    I used to know.
    She was our neighbour,
    for an year or so.

    Pretty, young, blonde
    with smile on face.
    Used to run with my kid,
    On our street to race.

    My champ used to tell her,
    whatever he needs.
    Untill she was busted,
    with skeletons of kids


  • vo_ankahii_guftugu 188w

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    I crave

    For everything that
    I lack in myself
    And consider it


  • rabiya_masood 264w

    She's all that...

    She knew her flaws,
    She embraced them as they were!
    She was no outlaw..
    But there was no one like her!
    She learnt to keep it together,
    When things go south!
    Strength & resilience is what she was all about...