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  • slaughtered_heart 44m

    Loneliness is the gift you have given me.
    I will retain it till the end, I promise.


  • lunalight 2d


    Old messages
    Pics of ours...
    Time spend
    Conversation we had
    Even though it was not many ...
    Some messages and some pictures of Us
    Was a precious gift to me

  • passionate_prism 3d

    It’s hot outside. Gift watermelon, musk melon, ice cream, sugarcane juice. Make your partner healthy .🤭 #summer #gift #ideas #writernetwork #watermelon #fruit #cutelove #demanding #girlfriend

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    Summer Gifts

    He - I have bought 🍫 chocolates for you.
    She - Go awayyyyyy

    I want watermelon 🍉 only, summer is here.

  • _anaan__ 5d

    Promise is the best gift
    and the worst grief.

  • light_ofthe_heart 5d

    Gift Of A Daughter

    What feels better than this?
    I don't think there might be any
    No words can give meaning to what I feel
    Neither a mind that would understand how I feel
    Even my heart won't do justice to my emotions
    My eyes can't portray what exactly I concealed
    My lips might just play the tune it comes in contact with
    This genuine smile is all I have to hold

    My body tired from the reeks of labour
    Legs feeling numb from what seemed like paralysis
    Abdomen pseudo suffocated from a dreamlike reality
    Chest still beating at the thought of what I went through
    The pain still fresh in my memory
    Of what it felt like to know pain in two forms at a time
    This pain right now is full of happiness
    From the sight of my miniature self
    Happiness in my pain I am glad I endured
    This i tell you is what real joy is
    The gift of been blessed with a daughter

  • insidesarahsmind 5d

    Gift me your heart
    And I'll gift you mine
    An exchange of art
    So we'll never be apart

  • cardelljhardy 5d

    The Blood

    The blood is a gift from the cross
    It poured out red and washed my sin white.
    And while I began to toss and turn.
    It was an exchanged gift I didn't earn.
    A gift that needs no bow or ribbon.
    It was an important part of our salvation

  • preetkanwal 1w

    #gift #fatec #mirakee #writersbay
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    Gift me o’ my love if you can,
    a bouquet of happiness
    adorning with stems of fate
    adding scent of ages
    tied with satiny ribbons of smiles
    wrapped in the joyous pages
    pervading whiff of melodies
    dipped in the unbreakable
    ink blue vase of poetry......


  • anuradha2212 1w


    Maybe it doesn't look right,
    But now that it's all over
    Returning your gifts would make me feel light.
    So here I am with this box, all bright
    and shiny on surface, pleasing to sight.
    But sadly what's inside doesn't excite.

    Why do you say there's nothing inside? Oh silly!
    It's so full with all your gifts to me,
    It's overflowing with emptiness. Don't you see?
    I had been drowning deeper and deeper into this sea,
    But as I return your gift back, I can finally breathe free.

  • manosrija 1w

    The Gift You Unknowingly Left

    I considered you- my greatest gift,
    You wooed my life and left with it;
    Robbing me of all my love,
    Untill now when I saw-
    your truest gift
    of longing words,
    casually left,
    To flow with passion, into poetry.


  • inked_selenophile 1w

    #Apriliners #gift

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    Thank you for EC too ��

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    You walked into my stubborn soul and touched my heart gifting me poetry.


  • inked_selenophile 1w

    #gift #apriliners

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    To overcome my darkness, the sky gifted me stars, and stars gifted me the moon


  • manosrija 1w

    The Gift Of Soul

    The river sets out from ice-capped giants,
    Gallantly moving with new found life;
    Struggling through untrodden terrains,
    You built your way to reach the lands
    Parched and distraught- yet welcoming,
    Applauding the rich gifts you bore.

    Living the youth so lovingly looked
    Cheered on and being applauded,
    You slowly felt the grass and soil
    Change into the rougher sand;
    Did it bruise you-
    Or wear off that prized youth
    Once so joyfully worn.

    Losing your worth, the precious waters,
    Losing your praises and all that you brought
    To the body of the salted vast, did you feel small-
    As you looked at the 'end' while losing yourself?

    What did you feel as you rose
    High above your earthly abode?
    From the darkling clouds proclaiming showers
    Back to the shielding snow;
    Do you reckon how these plains
    Once housing you, was again your own?
    How tough is it to leave this sphere!
    As you near the end to start anew,
    The gift of life, too precious to the soul.

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    The Gift Of Soul


  • thesunshineloves 1w

    Gift me ink, not your heart ♡


  • go_win_the_hearts 1w

    I bring a smile always for you
    You give me bitter tear
    Don't you gift anything else
    is it fair oh, Dear!!


  • hoorbanu98 1w


    He asked:
    How you girls are so freak-?

    Like sometimes you will be charming, outspoken, amazing, lovely, confident, adventurous, elegant, sacrificing, talkative, well-mannered.....

    And sometimes you will too insane for Shocking, mysterious, ordinary, horrible, shy, cautious, graceless, refuse, taciturn, rough...

    And more strange ME you girls are both at same time, how could you girls be?

    Then she replied:
    Neither we are strange nor freak,
    This things in girls are "GOD GIFT" some will swallow it and some will taste it, and some chew it....


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #gift #gifts #wod

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    God Gifts her to twist♥

    She has a magnetic list to attract towards her,
    and thats god gifts to her.,
    Which she shares with others....

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 1w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #gift #fatec #wod #pod
    This is about an unpleasant gift, but certainly special !?
    (line " trauma is never simply one's own" is by Caruth)

    All written rights reserved
    12 April 2021 6.10 pm

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    ~thank the trauma and call it fate~

    Screams echoed throughout the night 
    Soul shattered along with her body 
    She is the new victim of soul crushing pain
    Creamy canvas devoid of blemishes she was 
    Lacerated wounds kept on bleeding now 
    Her canvas overflowing in a fiery scarlet red

    Visible wounds heal, invisible ones continues to bleed  
    Lack of closure isn't just for the body, mind yearns too

    And then one day she heard them preaching about scars
    Scars that narrate stories of the past and paved the way
    She want to ask them, " would you wish for pain like this,
    so you can arise too ?
    Cause you praise it as if this suffering was in my fate "
    She never wants those words to echo in her head again

    " Pain build you up ! "
    " Be thankful for the life lesson you learned " 
    No !!! Pain broke her down and she build her up on her own, 
    When the ones who caused it had the first row in the audience 
    They continued to gift her disruptions, that led the triggers 
    To return and haunt her again, sink into the unspeakable void 
    All she wished for is to forget those unrepresented events 
    They caused it all, " trauma is never simply one's own "

    She would never thank the trauma that derailed her track
    She outgrew the pain, the process made it appear valid 
    Like the one who inflicted the pain was considered godlike 
    She would never call it fate and just decide to live in it 
    Fate is not just an excuse to cover-up the misfortunes
    Definitely not something to let out a sigh and move on

    She went through hell for such a fate
    A hell that isn't responsible for the fire that's burning around
    A hell that is suffering from the pain the flames caused as well 
    Prior to hell, she longed for a heaven but trauma came in
    And She was dropped alive into the middle of the circles of hell 
    When she made it out on her own, why praise hell for that ? 
    The one to be praised is HER, not what Happened to her !  
    She is the one who outthrew the fate and created her own life 
    If she could paint the portrait of her life on her own

    P R A I S E      H E R 


  • inspiring_soul 1w

    #fatec #gift
    Picture credit to its rightful owner ☘️

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  • prakashinin 1w


    The untold stories of a brother's love towards his sister was gleaming through that carry bag
    which had not any other glittering as it's own.A caring brother who clearly understood
    what his sister is in lack of at that time.Ofcourse the cost of the gift couldn't be counted in any currency because it was bought by his own money that he earned by a small job and was his first salary. The sister dropped into tears with joy.she felt for a moment that she was the luckiest girl in the world.When she opened it she couldn't believe her eyes.The precious gift was What She had been longing for.What a choice!!!the colour , the print and the texture was all the same as her own choice.Years passed by.Now she is a grandmother.But when ever those memories touches her heart that old school girl wearing those pair of skirt and blouse would be there in front of her eyes and the cheerful face of her brother by her side..

  • mishti__ 1w

    Mom and Dad, they are the ones who brought me the best gift ever. Well, you might think that I'd get better things in future but no, I won't. Because this gift is sorta the gift which only my parents could bring me and hence, they did. They brought 'LIFE' to me. Who would know that I existed unless they made it happen. I'm inhaling, exhaling. My heart is beating properly at a certain rate important. And who brought me this? Of course my mom and dad. They made me and made sure that I create an influence. I was a beautiful baby, I was brought to life, my parents gifted me that.

    Today, I'm 15 years old. Almost gonna be 16 next month. I've survived today till now because they gave me life. A life which gives me an opportunity to smile and be happy, be sad, be grateful and also gives me a chance to achieve my dreams and cherish every memory in different forms like capturing them into a fine Polaroid.

    Today I can fight for what I deserve, I can make decisions for myself, I can feel things which are meant to be felt and also I can listen,stand, work see, speak, read, learn and think. Only because i was given a 'LIFE' by my folks.

    Everyone has different opinions on life.
    • They say 'LIFE' is a journey. So I'm grateful to say that, I'm here today to travel and explore this beautiful journey which is endless.

    • They say 'LIFE' is a book. See, I'm so glad that I could understand and learn different things from every lesson I study from the book. I can feel emotions of joy, sorrow and dusk in that book.

    • They say 'LIFE' is an icecream, enjoy it before it melts. I'm undeniably happy that I was able to taste this sweet icecream and enjoy it before it melts. I'm still doing, aren't I?

    Life is short. Well I'm thankful to my makers that at least I was given a 'LIFE'. The life which I'm living right now. I personally feel that nothing is greater than the biggest gift which is life. You have a life, this is the reason you're getting gifts. What if you weren't there? Would you be able to follow the tradition of exchanging gifts? Hell to the no.
    Today you're living in the metaphors of every beautiful hue. You're experiencing weird yet beautiful candids. You're seeing that beautiful sky, which changes its color and bless your eyes everytime you see it. You enjoy the different seasons. You sometimes experience despair. But you just survive and you go through this. In present, with this COVID- 19, you should appreciate your life!
    So appreciate the greatest present to you, your 'LIFE'!


    I've used a really fluent language because I just went with the flaw. Pardon my mistakes.��
    #life #gift #gifts #ceesreposts #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

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    Life - The Greatest Gift!