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  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * 9.11.2021; 4.49 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

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    How the light get in? ~

    Thou ring the bells of my soul's door.
    Thus, I cannot ever forget you, my dear.
    There are cracks on my broken-heart.
    That's how the light get in, my love.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • bellemoon99 11w

    Let it

    As my soul touched reality, fresh wounds opened up like blossoming flowers.
    My heart bled, my tears were shed, and I wished I were dead.
    Today those holes in my armor create music as the winds of life blow.
    I've grown, I've learned, and I've been touched by moonlight itself.
    Light pours inside as my heart opens, as my eyes explore the world, and as my mind blooms once more.
    Falling down taught me how to fly.
    Crying taught me how to laugh.
    Darkness taught me to appreciate light, and let it in.

  • wilmaneels1 11w

    It will slip through
    Whether it's through a tiny crack
    Or a forgiven heart
    Light will get in
    When we are willing to see it and open to acknowledge it

  • pallavi4 11w


    Piercing through the darkness
    Through a tiny crack in the night
    Silently warming the souls of the
    Wretched devoid of light
    All it takes is a chance, a possibility
    To brighten up hearts from inside
    Fighting off the ebony with rays of comfort
    Acting like a relentless guide


    4th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • halcyon_sparrow 11w

    Light gets in me
    Like purpleness in a plain paper
    Subdue the white evil
    And introduce dark glamour

  • nirvanabharga0 11w

    How does the light get in?

    By breaking the dark gut
    of a blindfolded soul
    who's enlivening the engrossed
    true myths of a swindled life.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 11w

    #myth #getinc
    All Rights Reserved
    4 Nov 2021 5.25 pm
    #ak_wn_repost #ak_pod

    I made up myths and I'm going nuts
    Anyway HAPPY DIWALI everyone ����

    Thank you so much ��@writersnetwork made me happy !

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POD �� @miraquill Love ��
    Whoa so unexpected and made me super duper happy !!

    Sending Love and Light to everyone, Keep Inking ♡(●♡∀♡)

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    Spring is a Poetic Utopia

    And the womb of Gaia yearned for light
    that stretch longer, post buried-off frore
    In anticipation of gleaming komorebi
    her heart pumped purple prismatic to
    white wintry drops of nepenthe
    While galestorms were sashaying slowly
    to tumultuous cloudscapes,
    from the womb comes crocus flowers
    with the hope that spring is nigh
    Then her daydreams becomes snowdrops
    to welcome susurrus syllables
    as a shield to storms

    Soon snowtides recede and carpets of caespes
    covers the crust nurturing the womb
    for flourishing future of flora
    Her pride and peace became hyancinth
    to allure Apollo, of which
    violescent veils convey forgiveness
    Her spirit accompanies lost souls to heaven
    with budding iridescent irises,
    a sweven of rainbow
    And it's time for the yellow trumpets
    to adorn the solitude of spring,
    when the bellwether of zephyr leads Narcissus
    to tail echo only to end up drooping
    into the shimmering silhouettes of self-love,
    later to reborn as daffodils

    Her love was a poignant poem
    lured onto thorns by mountebanks,
    her heart bled crimson cries and
    grew rosebeds to waft fragrance of true love
    Her perseverance thrived as peonies
    on the crown of floral carpets,
    lending spells of longevity to lorn hearts

    Her notions became the necklace of blossoms,
    golden showers of chrysanthemum
    with magnetic spells of melody
    Her voracious desires became vivid dreams
    in vibgyor hues to give birth to orchids all over
    like an ornament of oath
    Her zest and zeal became beauteous anemones,
    petals of which cradle folklores in flamedrops
    Her reveries and remembrance blooms carnations
    in chromatic colors, her offerings in achromatic
    and her reminiscences as pink-eyed petals

    Her metaphors weren't immortal but moribund,
    they coiled until their casket and their
    undying love blossomed to bulbs of tulips
    Her adoration and admiration for luminosity
    sowed seeds of sacrilege and reaped helianthus,
    whose gaze glides across the welkin tailing Helios
    At last when vespertine vapors swallow the day,
    her tears become leal lexicons rooted in abbysal arcs
    and turns into mellitus lotus and mazarine waterlily

    // Spring triumphs as Lumina oscillates Terra
    Osculant and oracling odes of flowerets
    Serving an Utopian dream of a poet

    ~ Mayhaps,
    Spring is a Poetry Penned in Pollen //


  • penelope_ 11w

    Yes we are blind until we see world and until we listen what it has been trying to offer us, two eyes and two ears, reasonable isn't it? Light gets in when we learn and acknowledge how to use the two stimuli stated.

  • crystalwords 11w

    Flowers bloom in spring,
    Amidst all the vacillation, they do
    to foster and harbour the gleam,
    The nature with its allurance in zeal,
    Buoyant thoughts aligning desires in between,
    The scintillating sun glazing in the sheeny azure,
    Silhouettes figuring themselves into metaphors,
    And that light reflecting in the cavernous waters,
    grasping the twine of fathom promises;
    Flowers bloom in spring;
    To assure that senescence not always sync,
    Unkempt lacerations of pain,
    Do speak the wounds of an insane,
    Reassuring the hope that not everything goes in vain!


    Thanks for the 3rd EC �� @miraquill��

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    By unknown writer

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  • daffodilpearlzz 11w

    #myth #getinc
    Thank you for the like WN �� EC ��

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    Light gets in; spring arrives

    ~every season within us is a version of ourselves~

    It's told; springs and summers reside in people
    Winters are an abode for the despair stuffed in 'em
    In autumn, they give up all the dried thoughts;
    Hopes turn into the shades of healed bruises.


    Sometimes, when the hopes in life turn auburn brown like the autumn maple leaves, people turn their frozen hearts as a submission to the fall; letting all their dried hopes to shed along with all dried twigs, leaves and flowers which wither away.

    They turn to their past as if it had been filled with alyssums of a beautiful spring and daffodils as welkins for every drop of komorebi dripping from the tyndall.

    Though they knew about a winter waiting for 'em ahead in their lives, they moved with the hopes of sunrises welcoming them gracefully.


    With a bouquet of snowflakes and winter pansies
    A winter waited for those who never came its way
    She froze her thoughts in her own white silhouette
    Longing for catharsis did she froze; or for warmth.

    (she : winter)


    But when the unexpected, though known, winter appears infront of their pathway; people freeze and never let their warmth flow into the melancholy of those snowflakes. The bouquet of pansies remains unreceived for winters and winters, until one day when their petals become no more visible through the inches thick snow dressed in white.

    People are guilty for not receiving the wishes and what they do to winter returns to them from their pathways. They could have just shared their woes, pondered upon their journey and self-evaluated to self-heal each time their life freezes at a winter. But they ignore, disguise in joy and pretend to move on; the rage in them turning fiery and frozen alike.

    Once in a year, they finally come across a summer after releasing all their trauma through the teardrops they cried through; raining heavily once a year; or twice for some people. This summer will witness the sunrises they looked for, the epiphany of the fact that some scars are healed and can be withered off next autumn as auburn red coagulum - which the seasons called 'dry leaves'.


    The sun rises every morn to melt the cold scars
    Hopes sprout in their hearts as daisies and roses
    They absorb their shades of life into their veins
    They adsorb the colors into their chambers.

    Their hearts bloom into flora; content in disguise
    The leaves turn green and scars pretend to vanish
    Lips carve smiles and eyelids embark stardom in.
    Emotions - mere costumes and seasons - trends.


    What people awaited for, finally meets their life. Light gets in the form of content and rejoice and all bonds turn into a tender tendril with strong veins and green leaves. Every version of rejoice they stored in their minds takes the shapes of flowers. They spring up and induce colors of their own shades of life.

    But they never realize that seasons come year over year and emotions too and sunrises are followed by sunsets; dawns don't happen unless the sun sets; be it their life or the sky, for human mind is an orchard and there's not just flowers in them, there are bees and butterflies too, which come in spring.

    Every season is a version of their selves. Light gets in and leaves too; not the darkness which always remain. Not always does their happiness sprout and bloom into beauty; probably why we call it spring, when it does and also why flowers bloom only in spring.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Thu 4 Nov 2021

  • mahtobpensdown 11w

    PS : ���������� HAPPY DIWALI ����☀️����

    ���� Become a ����LIGHT���� 4 ��All����

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    A sudden desire, inner fire
    Engulf the darkness, remove the mess
    The switch glows as wind blows
    to support the flame, such wonderful game
    Brightness overtakes dark, you are a Spark
    When you decide, to overcome the wrong tide
    A small minute, lets be a Diya that's lit
    Just when you desire to sparkle & win
    That's when the light gets in!!

  • shruti_25904 11w

    Bouncing the darkness far away
    To a planet really distant from sight
    Sliding the curtains a bit
    That's the way light gets in...

  • writersbay 11w

    Write about the light. How does the light get in?

    Tag and share with #getinc

    P.S. - Happy Diwali to everyone! ✨

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    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

    – Leonard Cohen

  • jlaine 12w

    Moonlight Majesty

    Up and back in the moonlight hour,
    'Pon this lucent stretch of fiber,
    A newly minted climber of veracity clings;
    Be it creeping or scurrying,
    Transcendental is the journey,
    Praise thee omnipotent for rearing such obsequious king.


  • nemesis_here 16w

    Open Door

    After around a year
    and a half
    I opened the door
    to my room today
    Opened all the windows
    facing east
    The fresh breeze rushed
    past my cheeks
    felicitating me
    for overcoming that period
    black black
    which held me back
    for a very long time
    A bird came to sit
    At my doorstep
    where a plant stood tall
    It grew so well
    when I wasn't around
    They smiled at me
    calling for my victory
    Now that I opened the door
    My room looks bigger
    maybe infinite
    I'm no longer
    to four walls inside
    The sunlight heavenly
    danced and reflected
    from the floors
    made my room
    shine shine
    with a yellow light
    everywhere around
    it felt so new
    it felt so serene
    and so warm
    and so cold.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 20w

    My sun still hides behind the clouds,
    My moon vanished after robbing my nights.
    Bring me some light.
    #wod #personification #getinc

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    I won't die for the moon to freeze my fear.
    Nor will I cry for sun to melt my heart.
    The way their melancholy rings their existence,
    stars border my resistance.

    No, I won't end up with stars.
    for they are like the bars;
    between the worlds
    that seprate me and my deeds.
    they'll make me bleed.
    I'll end up and concede
    to the world behind the stars.

    Well, I'm more like a Lucifererian fright.
    Just feed me some light.

    Light that'll reach the corners,
    Light that'll warm my tomorrows.
    Light that'll brighten up my sight.

    I want to harmonize my fear.
    And collect every tear.
    I want to be the curtsy
    of bulletproof society.

    More like Moon and Sun, watertight.
    I want some light.