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  • angels_halo_shines 33w

    Don't Be

    The realization of my actions, you know aren't always me. My mind, it's been lost for a real long time. I put off my mental health for way too long. Don't be like me. If you need help, seek it. Don't be afraid to admit that you need help either. In my opinion, the more you deny help the worse you get. I am proof of those words etched in stone. I probably, in all reality needed help for many, many, MANY YEARS. If not more. Mental health, it's a serious issue within us that needs addressed. Many do not seek help. Like I said, it took me years to accept the fact I needed it. Now I have all these issues at once. Bipolar. ADHD. PTSD. Dysthymic disorder. Bipolar depression. Possibly schizophrenia. What has that done to my mind? Damage. I was an alcoholic. Addicted to cocaine. And so damn lost. I was chasing a high that would never be again. The high I got the first time I did cocaine. After the first time you think you can achieve it again.
    Damn you know, I was wrong. All the money just wasted, on all the 8 balls. All of it I wanted. I know now, what a damn waste. I wish I had just left it alone. It was never for me. Only I thought it was. I ended up stopping it, running out of money helped that. But, I swear I almost died. An aneurysm, I felt it in my head. My heart was pounding out my chest. I felt like death. At that moment, it scared the Hell out of me. I mean scared me. Maybe I had one & wasn't enough to harm me. Well, harm me as in death. My brain who even knows. I am here for a reason. To spread awareness. To tell my story. I am thankful I have a voice. Find. Seek. Heal. Love yourself. The rest will follow.

  • blyatb 43w


    Crimson rivers flowing from the sky
    Lightning shocks the ground glueing the lies
    Knowing the fact they will start the storm the more they buy
    Blades are the addiction they still don't know why
    Drip, drip, drip the red dyed rain falls only attractioning the flys
    The call of the void plunges them deeper in to that dead river bed
    They said
    Only the flowing river keeps their lies far in to the lead
    They all love me they said
    They still wished to see the dead river bed

  • spandanmodi 75w

    Women's Day 2021 - Part 2

    Sometimes the only help and/or support they need is that we as a society let them be themselves.

    Here "let" is not about allowing because one have no rights to allow(or not) someone from doing something, but it is more in the context of not interfering the women from being themselves and/or not interfering with their spaces.

    And if you are on the other side (when facing challenges), then believe me that you are in very safe hands if you don't put in your ego in the way when listening to the advice and/or getting help/support from a woman.

    - Faiz Modi

  • brokengypsysoul 82w

    Trigger warning! ⚠️

    Myth: Children need fathers
    Children need security and safety.

    #microtale #triggerwarning #abuse #domesticviolence #seekhelp #getout #gethelp #abuser #truestory #true #story #mystory #past #mypast #seekhelp #awareness

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    ⚠️ Trigger warning (abuse) ⚠️
    The kick to the stomach

    The couple had just got into bed. You could smell the tension in the air. As the women lay down she rests her hand on her belly. Suddenly the man forcefully kicks her stomach shouting "it's not mine" (stop, it is) another kick "you dirty slut you cheated" (I didn't I promise) kick "I won't stop until the baby dies" (please stop) The women fell off the bed onto the ground from the force of the man she loves and would never betray. Weeping, clutching her stomach. She dashes to the door, she wants to get out of here, fast. He grabs her, holding her back, against her will. He is too strong, she is no match for him. He wrestles her to the bed. Tears still pouring down her face. (God, please I don't want to die)

  • ashleycole 137w


    Completely frustrated
    She's so angry inside
    Her lifeless body on the floor
    While her soul slowly dies
    What's the meaning of hell
    A life just like this
    What's the meaning of death
    Those deep slits in her wrists
    As she takes her last breath
    You all start to cry
    But where the fuck were you before
    Before the day she died
    Slowly creeping into her life
    All the darkness taking her light
    Slowly slicing her wrists
    Like a paper cut
    Not just pulling the blade
    And slicing one time
    Completely frustrated
    She's all alone inside
    Demented by the devil
    As he slowly snatches life
    Your hearts were to blind
    Never willing to see
    While you pretended to care
    Her jagged scars still managed to bleed
    So now that she's gone
    And now you know why
    But she fucked up
    Because now she's living in hell
    Re-living her life

  • tommy_lee 146w

    Silent Scream

    The silent scream hides deep within the heart. Longing to be heard calling for rescue. Loudly it echoes a silent....scream.

  • dreamyc 150w


    what happened to your arm
    what hurt you

    in my worst nightmare
    it is faceless people
    no face but full grin
    and shears in their hands
    the snip snip snip waking me
    making me realize
    I'm not asleep

    and there's this pool of black
    where I dip my feet in
    the accumulation of months
    the cut off beauty I desired
    the pool of black that mixes with tears
    the grins try to comfort me
    coax me coo at me
    wanting me to shut up

    in every nightmare
    she is there and she tells me I'm ugly
    ugly ugly ugly so fucking ugly
    I'm not good enough
    not pretty anymore
    walked around like a circus
    for people to laugh at
    for people to poke at

    so I scream
    so loud that I know it'll hurt tomorrow
    along the way
    I broke a couple of hearts
    I scream every sorrow
    and I cry a couple more
    maybe laugh some time
    because I'm insane
    and the word idiot is on my mouth

    in my worst nightmare
    it is people with scissors
    coming to hurt me
    and they try to understand
    but in real life
    it is her
    the one laughing and crying

    I stare at the purple on my arms
    then the metal rod in hand
    and I know the answer to that question.

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • fearlessinpoetry 154w


    You're gone
    Just like that
    No warning
    I couldn't save you
    I didn't save you
    I should have
    Could I have?
    But you didn't call
    Not this time
    Not when it mattered
    Why didn't you call
    I want to scream at you
    But I can't
    Because you're gone


  • yellekine 160w

    Didn't say a word

    A Boy near his teens went to school alone,
    Anxious and Nervous, he couldn't say a word,
    Going through the halls,
    Walking to his class,
    With scars and bruises underneath his smile,

    Pretend and pretend he couldn't reach out,
    Almost no hope, he pretended it's fine,
    Their laughing at him,
    Their laughter is poison,
    Killing him slowly til' then and now

    One day....

    He went home with a heart ache desire,
    Going to his room with a rope in his arm,
    Putting the rope to his neck til' no breath came out...


    He didn't say a word to his parents or doctor,
    The pain was too much for him to handle,
    His classmates put flowers in his desk,
    Hoping his soul would stay quiet and rest,
    Just like he was before... Who didn't say a word.
    Resting everyday like it's the last day on earth


  • spalymo1002 160w


    Im traumatized and dont know how to deal with it.
    My emotions are uncontrollable.
    I think i have ptsd of sorts.
    It sounds insane I know.
    You arent gone.
    Yet i keep reliving the nightmare.
    I panic...
    I cry out of nowhere...
    I cant sleep right...
    Cant breathe sometimes!!!!!
    Just the thought of life without you...
    Breaks me.
    In two...
    Tommorrow needs you,
    And so do I.


  • nikkiminaj1369 167w

    How many times in how many ways

    I tell people I'm scared and it falls on deaf ears
    You think I'd be used to it after all these years
    What's the use in trying when no one cares about you
    Guess I should say that last sentence is half true

    I ask for help from someone else and they turn a blind eye
    So what's the fucking point when I just wanna die
    How many times in how many ways can I scream this out
    And once again I'm ignored my friend, and that's without a doubt

    I take the drugs I am given so I can keel on living
    A dullness numbs my brain
    I take a long nap, nothing wrong with that because it keeps me from going insane

    When you can't rely on your thoughts but that's all you got
    You look to someone for guidance
    But you quickly see they don't care about me
    Unless I do some type of violence

    How many times in how many ways can you put your faith in someone else
    You throw your hands up and say I give up no one else is here to help
    I'm not gonna lie, I'm tired of trying and I'm sorry I've disappointed you
    But if you put your head where I've been, then you'd see my point of view

    I have a huge heart and my soul is just as feel
    But if I keep feeling like this, it might make you miss who I could be
    I've been trying to hold on for so fucking long
    And my thoughts won't let me be


  • nikkiminaj1369 167w

    Fright night

    I feel like night time is my enemy
    Where the demons in my mind come out to play
    They play with my heart
    Hurting it not to rest
    They play with my soul
    Keeping it uneasy as I lay there

    I toss and turn, up and down
    I feel like I'm falling into a bottomless pit
    Where I can't breathe
    And my chest is tight
    Like the pain in my stomach
    Will fly out of me like a wave of fire

    So I give into these demons
    Letting them keep me up at night
    Because I'm too frightened to fight them
    Afraid I will lose to them
    To the thoughts
    The repressed feelings
    The dark emotions

    In my head I am all alone
    No one can get into it
    Not even I
    To unlock the deepest of illusions

    If this is what is meant to be
    So be it
    I'm tired

    Tired of trying
    Tired of fighting
    Tired of hurting

    I am letting myself go
    Into eternal silence
    Where even my loudest screams
    Cannot be heard because they are
    Locked deep down
    In my mind

    The fortress that cannot be overtaken
    Not by man
    Or God
    Not even myself

    I shall posses the power
    One day
    To overcome these thoughts
    These sleepless nights
    One day
    The fright will stop
    The fight will stop

    And I can go on
    To nights of
    And passion
    For myself
    For another
    For life


  • nikkiminaj1369 168w

    Self harm

    Helpless is all that consumes me
    I thought I was getting somewhere almost free
    Free of the intrusive thoughts in my head
    Free of wishing and praying I was dead

    Now those are the only thoughts I have
    Where can I get help, cause I'm going mad
    I'm trying so hard not to self harm
    But all I see are the scars on my arm

    I remember when I used to cut as a kid
    I wonder if it'll be freeing as it once did
    The pain of my emotions is ripping me apart
    It feels like a knife straight through my heart

    I though I was getting help for having thoughts like this
    Now I can see I won't be missed
    I've been sober for thirteen years now
    The thought of getting high resonates in my head so loud

    What can I do when I have no one to turn to
    Go back to my old ways like I always do
    I'm trying so hard to do things right
    Trying so hard with all of my might

    I scream out to God, I need some help
    But I look around and I'm by myself
    I don't think I'm strong enough to make it another day
    Self harms on my brain and nothing's taking it away

    I find my heart racing at the thought of it
    I enjoyed the release that I felt from that shit
    At first my hand trembled when the metal touched my skin
    In the back of my mind I knew it was a sin

    But this was my way of treating myself
    This union was sacred for me and no one else
    My heart rate got slower with every cut
    Once I was satisfied I sealed them shut

    One cut turned to two and then many more
    Sometimes I didn't stop till I fell to the floor
    The pain was like fire flowing through my veins
    You couldn't imagine how it eased my pain

    I feel like I'm secretly dying with all that I feel
    Feel it with every fiber of my being that I'll never heal
    I fantasize about ways I can die
    But this life is mine, so I'm willing to try

    Maybe there's a future with a happy ending
    And there could be a life where I'm not always mending
    My heart feels constantly broken and messed with
    Its hard to trust when your whole life is like this

  • solwolf 169w


    " It's so surreal. You feel this void. It's like you're actively present, more than anyone else but at the same point your mind feels full and yet blank. Unable to process the race inside you feel like your brain's about to burst into ruptured thoughts. That is anxiety"

  • hayitsme 176w

    Words to Know for this Poem:
    Thereof: of that
    Accural: something that's increased or accumulated

    #depression #mentalhealth #awareness #kindness #choosekindness #writersnetwork #power #alwayskeepfighting #nevergiveup #yourenotalone #anxiety #itsokay #gethelp #love

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    Don't Be Afraid Anymore

    Sometimes I get it.
    Most of the time I don't.
    I want to be loved,
    But get none thereof.

    Sometimes I'm happy.
    Most of the time I'm not.
    The dejection is cruel,
    And becomes accural.

    Sometimes I say it.
    Most of the time I won't.
    I can't hide these feelings,
    They just hang from my ceilings.

    People see them,
    But don't bother to ask.
    'Cause even if they do,
    I won't respond back.

    There's no need for alarm.
    I can do this without harm.
    I don't need help,
    In this cave I have dwelt.
    It's easier in here.
    No need to go out there.
    I may be alone,
    But at least I'm not gone.

    Wait, please don't leave!
    I'm beginning to see,
    That I'm not always strong.
    And a cave is not where I belong.
    Please, help me out.
    I'm managing to drown in a drought.
    This depression has held me,
    But I want to be free.

    I finally realize
    There's no shame in this goodbye.
    Help is out there
    And I've been made aware.

    Asking for help doesn't make me weak,
    I will no longer let myself be beat.
    Depression is a liar
    That can set you on fire.

    Let it all go,
    So you can finally grow.
    Without that burden,
    You'll no longer be hurtin'.


  • nefertiti_nms 180w


    I always thought that why people commit suicide?
    Why they don't seek help from families or friends?
    Why don't they share their feelings with them?
    Why they choose the harder side?
    Now I know. Now when I am experiencing the feeling ,the ugly side of life, the failures ,I know that overcoming these things is not easier. It is not easier for everyone to share everything.
    One simply can't go to families , friends for help because s/he thinks that s/he let down these people.
    But it is YOU . They love you. Before doing something stupid ,we should think about them. May be we let them down for now. But we can make them proud if we live and rise from all bad situations.
    Your existence matters only to them.
    Say "NO" to this thought. Say "No" to easier side.
    Don't run away from nearest , dearest persons because of this toxic society, environment.
    Rise from ashes.
    We all are Phoenix.


  • makelarose 184w

    I refuse to give an apology
    For this thing that’s overpowering me;
    This depression and anxiety -
    This disease in society.

    The words, however, that will escape my mouth,
    Whether I choose to speak it or simply shout:
    "This life is not who I am or what I’m about,
    And that I may not know, but without a doubt,

    I’ll play out of this ‘sorrowful’ hand I was dealt
    And I will be a champion of mental health."

    ©Makela Rose

  • outta_the_blue 185w

    Write not just to express yourself, but for those who carry the weight in their chest and by any means they want to get it out.


  • bribriky 185w


    Help the ones who are indeed Ill
    Look around you see the sickness everywhere
    Mental illness is real and nobody seems to care
    We all have our damage and it feels so unfair
    All this weight some of us carry around and bare
    Meanwhile she's standing in the mirror staring and wanting to cut all of her hair
    Change who she is for she doesnt want this
    We don't choose our pain we get in this life
    Our battles are all our own fight we have to get by and soar to greater heights
    Be there for one another for you don't know when one is running with no fight
    Someone in a blink of an eye can end their life
    So put down the knife and look up in the sky
    Know you're not alone and with little help or no help you are doing just fine
    Keep fighting with all you have and when you feel low and your running out
    Look up at the moon in the sky and count the stars and tell the night how your just getting by
    Wake up to another day and push through how you know best
    One who doesn't give up will only see what's yet to come

  • phoex_arche 186w


    Seething in the rage
    No escape
    From the feeling
    Falling down
    To never get up again
    Is the rage holding me back

    Endless is the seams holding me together
    From bursting out whenever
    A true giver
    The seams burst
    Letting out the monster of life
    Rage is a deep passion of hatred
    It can and will control your life
    It's a contract that has no loopholes
    Expect for one: the dreaded help
    The anger management classes
    Go on and again
    Slowly getting better
    Taking a few steps back
    Longing for the break of this cycle
    When I can be with loved ones again
    Without hurting them

    Physically and emotionally I am hurt inside
    I just want it to end
    This marathon of rage and help