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    Love will find you
    when you cross the street
    for the first time
    in an unknown city.
    And in an unknown language
    they will ask you which bus to take,
    to get who knows where.
    And you won't tell her
    that all her buses have been canceled
    And that she has arrived
    exactly where she should be.
    And she'll tell you her name
    in that afternoon sunrise.
    But her name will be exactly
    as you wanted it to be,
    right there,
    on the boulevard before dusk,
    on the boulevard of broken dreams.
    And you'll nervously hide
    hands in pockets.
    And you won't tell her anything,
    what she didn't already know,
    as she crossed the street,
    and went to you,
    in that afternoon boulevard sunrise,
    while you waited for her
    a thousand years.


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #poem #artistano1#love

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    Love will found you

  • artistano1 38w

    This duet i will sing alone

  • artistano1 47w

    Love will find you
    when you cross the street
    for the first time
    in an unknown city.
    And in an unknown language
    they will ask you which bus to take,
    to get who knows where.
    And you won't tell her
    that all her buses have been canceled
    And that she has arrived
    exactly where she should be.
    And she'll tell you her name
    in that afternoon sunrise.
    But her name will be exactly
    as you wanted it to be,
    right there,
    on the boulevard before dusk,
    on the boulevard of broken dreams.
    And you'll nervously hide
    hands in pockets.
    And you won't tell her anything,
    what she didn't already know,
    as she crossed the street,
    and went to you,
    in that afternoon boulevard sunrise,
    while you waited for her
    a thousand years.


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #poem #artistano1#love

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    Love will found you

  • artistano1 47w

    Come in October,
    when it rains out of nowhere.
    Or come anytime.
    In front of a piece of art,
    I think about your shoulders,
    I think of the country
    in which life begins.
    A hidden secret,
    broken by waves of memory.
    Like the grayness of a cloud,
    Like a day without light,
    Like an October morning,
    Like you and I
    Like white night stars.

    October rain,
    maybe winter is coming.
    Maybe you will come.
    Questions fall from the sky.
    Where are you? Who has you?
    Boredom suffocates crumpled paper,
    as I fade in your pictures.
    Good actors feel other's pain,
    and bad not even his own.
    Like the last drop in a glass
    Like drunkenness
    Like October wet
    Like you and I,
    Like a fish in a net.

    October rain,
    in a train of dead poets.
    I need a dream two thousand years old,
    I need a childhood without fears.
    Like a finished book,
    I close my eyes.
    Maybe I love you to madness,
    maybe I'm just trying to fall asleep.
    Come in October
    Like the last dance
    Like walking on water
    Like a midnight's kiss
    Like you and I
    Like a citizen without a city.

    October rain,
    endless gray light,
    what I eat becomes me.
    And i feel ink,
    I'm leaking down your neck.
    Leaving a trail, small sign,
    which does not fade with time,
    a sign by which you remember me
    while you forget me.
    Like a thrown voodoo doll
    Like waiting for October
    Like love at first sight
    Like you and I
    Like when blind man cry

    Distance, smoke and dust.
    Smell of lust
    Infinite gray light.
    I hate this city.
    Now, really,
    come in October,
    or come anytime...

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #genuinereaders #daadigotyourback
    #october #love #artista #poetry

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    Come in October

  • loveblack_1422 78w

    Looking for JJ - Past

    Only one moment it took,
    For her to strike,
    Letting go, her whole body shook,
    Remembering her past.

    Murdering her best friend,
    When she was ten,
    But in the end,
    It was a mistake.

    From childhood, she craved for love,
    Finally she had found some,
    From her mother calling her 'love',
    All she wanted was that.

    She had been furious,
    When her friend insulted her,
    She had been quite serious,
    But hadn't wanted to murder.

    After six years of imprisonment,
    Her advisor wanted her to start a new life,
    She knew it was difficult,
    But she had a new identity.

    No one knew her real side,
    Her past doings,
    She felt her old self die,
    For a new to live.

    After many years, she had got it,
    To have love, friends and family.
    Her life had been lit,
    To a new journey.

    But her past haunted her,
    Sometimes she asked herself,
    Can she live a happy life,
    After the crime she had done?


  • loveblack_1422 78w

    A TREE gives thousands of lives, in the form of seeds as well as saving every being on Earth by giving oxygen. A FLOWER also sacrifices itself for humans but lasts for a short period of time. A BIRD being an animal fends for itself. It cares only for its family as it faces many struggles of its own.
    That is why I chose to write about a tree. It is a very significant life.

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    If I were a tree

    If I were a bird,
    I would set my limits,
    Sore high through the sky,
    My life I would pivot.

    If I were a flower,
    I would happily bloom,
    Be used by men for occasions,
    Until finally swept by a broom.

    If I were a tree,
    I would bear fruits,
    To feed the mankind,
    Service being my attribute.

    If I were a tree,
    I would sacrifice my life,
    Giving up my entity,
    To fulfill, I'll strive.

    If I were a tree,
    I would be satisfied,
    To be of good use,
    And leave the world after giving many new lives.

    My journey never ending,
    For I leave behind a gang,
    To meet new daylight,
    With a solid Big Bang.

  • loveblack_1422 78w

    Depressed Celebrations

    Sitting in a place,
    People call home,
    Staring out in a daze,
    At the happy lads.

    It was New Year,
    Starting of a fresh chapter,
    Where people mingle with peer,
    Dear and loved ones.

    Kindle in hand,
    Room dark as night,
    Beer on the tabletop with no brand,
    She looked lost.

    Losing her husband,
    Her memories clear,
    She didn't want to celebrate,
    Afterall who could blame her?

    A tear escaped,
    A sob broke out,
    All she had in her mind,
    Was unsettled doubt.

  • loveblack_1422 79w

    Seed Of Love

    As he looked in my eyes,
    With a dreamy gaze,
    I felt my HEART pace rise
    And melt in it's heat.

    Lost in his feel,
    As he WIPED my face,
    Nothing felt real
    In that moment.

    The RAINDROPS kept making
    A soft pitter-patter sound.
    My breath kept shaking,
    And it matched it's rythm.

    He SOWED a new seed,
    Called love in me,
    Created a new rush of need,
    As he slowly removed his hands.

  • zoya_charmz 82w

    As the blue sky fades, our inner feelings
    change, still we hope to P A I N T it again
    with our collection of colors and brushes.

    We get ditched, feel pain, still hope to be
    L O V E D and search for the countless
    happiness to embrace us again.

    So many losses we face, still we keep trying
    more and more to R E P L E N I S H ourselves
    and treasure the golden key.

    Sometimes we feel we look so aged, still
    we try to B E A U T I F Y ourselves wearing
    that sea-shell necklace and earrings.

    We assume ourselves like hopeless beings,
    still we strive to D I S C O V E R the passion
    and handle it with effortless grace.

    But still...

    We call ourselves the failures for we are
    unaware of the N E C T A R growing inside
    us purifying all the filthy trance.


    #gracec #grace #genuinereaders
    @the_frozenn_heart @fromwitchpen @writersbay

    Thank you for the like ���� @writersnetwork

    11th January, 2021

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    We call ourselves the failures for we are
    unaware of the nectar growing inside
    us purifying all the filthy trance.


  • zikra_ 84w

    I know it is way too long :p #genuinereaders

    I don't live with my parents now. I know that it hurts a lot. I've been shifted to the city where my college is going on. I haven't been my home since years. But today is the day. I wanna see how everything is going there. Yes, I talk to Mumma on phone and she tells about the situation of the house without me. I can't wait anymore.
    *knock knock*
    (I reached home safely and met my parents. We all were in tears at the same time. We went too emotional that I didn't even notice the surroundings. And after a while I told my mom that I was going to see my room)

    I entered that room after so many years! Everything is still the same yet so different. I am getting dizzy in the aroma of nostalgia... That bed, those carved walls, my old cloths. Nothing has changed but I am!

    Ah! there you go... My diary. Look at this, it has such a thick layer of dust! Let me get some cloth to clean it and i stood beside my cupboard which has tinted with light brownish colour. I opened the cupboard and was shook... I saw a fragment of my old pictures in which I was just 6-7. In that picture, i could only see shoulder portion of my white knitted cardigen gifted by my daddy. Yes, it was winter. Look behind me, you can see those little snowflakes on my shoulder. I miss those days a lot. And, a drop of tear fell upon that fragment of picture.

    I kept that picture inside my purse and started finding rest of the pieces but i found nothing. I almost forgot that I opened the cupboard for a piece of cloth. When I turned back and saw the diary I realised and just dusted off the diary with my palm and opened. The first page had funny caricatures which I used to draw in my childhood. When I reached the middle page of the diary I found my silly poetries that I used to write when I was a teen. Oh there! ... Another fragment of that picture. In this fragment, I can see my face a little bit. Wait.. Who is that standing behind me?

    I flipped the pages thoroughly really quick but found nothing. I was so curious to know who was that standing behind me. I started searching for it in my entire room creating mess everywhere. And then I found the last piece of that picture. When I joined every fragment of that picture I was thrilled.

    I saw that I (the one I am now) was standing behind me(the childhood me). I was so confused that how can this be possible. In that picture I was looking at childhood me with tears. That picture said a lot. Seeing that picture downpour of tears begun. Sun was setting, I sat beside the window of my room holding that picture and started reminiscing my childhood days. And eventually, I slept.

    Then my roommate started shaking me, shouting, it's 9:00am already, we have to go for college, wake up!! I woke up so quickly and observed my surrounding. I was lying in my bed in the hostel room. I was so amazed! I just asked for a glass of water to drink.

    I became normal after few hours. Yes, I took leave from college that day. Next day, when I was ready to go for college I checked my bag to find the keys of Scooty and I found that same picture in my bag.
    *The End*

    #fantasy #fragment #pod
    @daphnae once you asked for writing something related to fantasy so here it is.

    @writersbay @mirakee

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    Those fragments.

  • officially_ray 90w

    Do you ever feel lonely and empty from inside and miss the times when you were happy, or are you normal ?
    #geniune_readers #genuinereaders

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    “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama.

    #be_humane #genuinereaders #optimism #human #humane #humanity #positivity #stories_of_life #find_a_real_person #pod #the_route_to_humanity @writersnetwork @ashamurali


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    The very mysterious mistake we human make is actually in choosing a right person in our life. Though we aren't aware at that particular time but at some point of time we realise how they affected us and our lives. We are kinda definition of imperfection every time but still we say, we are human with large brain and a pumping heart.

    A wrong person always harm in such a terrific way that sometimes our self-esteem start to ponder over their words and behaviour. Sometimes we feel we're not gonna archive all those emotions but very sorry to say sometimes our temper boils in a horrific way finding no state of peace. It's a harsh reality but as we know, we are after all the human with controversial devastating nature.

    This state of restlessness we observe in ourselves many times. We try to regenerate our inner power to rescue ourselves from the unworthy pessimistic space. Our blood circulates in a way that all the negativity might get washed out through the exhalation. Our skin shed its outer shabby colour and we start to wear a pure fibre of optimism inside out.

    Our lives are always critical and run through an unknown path searching for the tranquil state in every walk of life. Whatever life gives us, we should be thankful for we know we are the tiny pieces of this Universe and this blissful Universe carry us along with our inner deep heavy emotions.

    We are the warriors in our own life and we ourselves are our own saviour. We are the superior animals already gifted with extraordinary organs and potentials so we must be a bit tolerant. We should be genuine as well as compassionate. Why to keep a feeling of enmity every time?? I swear to be humane always. Be humane, be trustworthy because that's what means to be a real human.


  • adithir 93w

    Perhaps they were

    All those picayune

    Picaroons which did

    Bring all shemozzles.

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  • hammondmargaret_writes 95w

    Behind the scenes..

    There are stories,
    Behind the acts .
    Really, there are .
    Just these, you giggled watching.
    Soberly and yelling.
    The regrets you had watching.
    Sometimes when you felt hitting your seat for a waste .
    Or breaking the screens for
    Such a show .
    Not having any glow.
    But wait , it did have in the end.
    At somewhere else .
    Gulping your juice like hungry for centuries.
    You know it wasn’t that, but you needed to .
    To avoid suicide.
    You were actually boiling.
    Fires in the scenes got you .
    Your eyes have their own interpretations .
    Your mind has privacy.
    So just know that was how.

    Same storylines would be boring.
    It was just faring,
    For the loops.
    For the breaks and pieces gathered.
    With hopes of getting near whole .
    Those throats endurance of the strains from the actions and cuts,
    You know nothing about.
    You shouldn’t see the wounds .
    These are meant to heal out of sights .
    Take off your fingers from your hair .
    There are no lice to be fetched.
    A knee on the ground.
    Would have an itch .
    To be written about just another.
    That might get you off .
    It’s no fault of yours.
    Cause it didn’t look so until told.
    It was to be done that way .
    Look no where trying to be best .
    With much patience as means to change.
    Your better has not reached yet.
    Sort out those you’re complacent with.
    The behinds and the fronts can’t abandon to see soo sudden.
    It is what it is ..
    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.

  • hammondmargaret_writes 95w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #genuinereaders #POD “ let’s take it back to yesterday”.

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    Lets take it back to yesterday...

    Just some few hours ago ,
    Not very long ,right?

    Won’t be at a go ,
    Cause not in a hurry..
    To miss tonight.

    Your mind might be joking,
    Thinking my heart was faking.
    At this juncture,
    Lets just venture.

    Into our ways heretofore ,
    When I fought for a stay ,
    Somewhat an abode , in your heart .
    Was it really that?
    Thought as much .
    I could and could have,
    But just those handwritten
    On the wall ,
    Wasn’t clear.
    Steeping in woes ,
    To make words .
    If not much just one .
    Was the goal .
    But at least ,
    Lest I burry ,
    These ashes of the joy you gave.
    Goodness, It wasn’t at this part to stick with vows .
    Whether it was for better or the worse .
    There was an exit .
    If there could be a turn
    Or maybe a flashback, I would have done more and more .
    Don’t be in a haste to say ,
    That I love to play ,
    But this is just the way ,
    I see to be worth .
    You can have a wait , you know?
    Just to scratch memories
    For the do’s and not just the don’t’s .
    To know , how it looks like .
    We shouldn’t ask for any .
    When we know many.
    A break for breath won’t be bad at all ,
    Sighing at those harmless trials I took .
    It was indeed a failure, sabotaging this time .
    I’m swamped, with how I swayed.
    In your slums .
    Not because , I slumped, whiles slumbering.
    I might have just known this ,
    Were one of the days ,
    Like today .
    And not to flee .
    Once at yonder, if you take such ,
    Even if ,for a glance .
    Just keep me in the loop ...

    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.

  • maahiii 95w

    If you don't read books then this best one to start with. I have also started with it only. Read it online it is available for free at many places. You will find extraordinary. .

    Do tell me in comments your favourite part and scenes without any spoiler as I tried to do �� Till then take care everyone and be safe

    #potterhead #genuinereaders #harrypotter #hpfan

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    So lately I have become a potterhead!! Yes you heard me right!! I was never a potterhead before till I watched the first part of Harry Potter.( Yes I wasn't able to read book as I didn't have it and I don't like reading online) so yes. I was told that Harry Potter is just amazing. You will get addicted to it. And yes I am. I still haven't watched 2 parts(or 3) because movie has 8 and book has seven so calculate it yourself. The most beautiful part I loved in Harry Potter was the prisoner of azkaban and then Harry Potter and goblet of fire and the order of phoenix have been my favourite parts.( Do tell me yours in comments) The scene I am not gonna tell you ( it would be spoiler) but in order of phoenix when Harry's dear one loses his life that was the most emotional scene according to me because that person meant a lot to Harry. The way his friends helped him find you-know-who was commendable. Harry Potter is mix of everything. It has laughter , it has emotional content, it celebrates friendship, and overall it has magic, magic that will keep you hooked to it.

    The ones who have read or watched will completely relate to it and the ones who haven't what are you waiting for. Download the book online or find a way where you can watch. I am completely hooked and if you are a literary person you will get hooked to it too.

    Important Disclaimer: If you are watching the movie don't watch in hindi if you do it's your bad

  • hammondmargaret_writes 95w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #genuinereaders #POD . “ fire on the mountain.”

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    Fire on the mountain...

    Fierce ,
    Like that, re-heated the seventieth time.
    Breaching sole like tame .
    Soo hard as teak ,
    Reaching the peak .
    What I seek ,
    Was as sleek .
    Not taking sides ,
    Wished for the tides .
    Yet, it ignites,
    As mites .
    Even as minute ,
    It is a splendid nute .
    Gave no difficulties,
    Rather faculties.
    To make the peace,
    Undoubtedly ace .
    I want to dwell in now ,
    Surprisingly how ?
    This crave ,
    Isn’t one taking to grave .
    Unlike the furnace,
    No burn .
    As lobe ,
    Of the globe .
    Such fire on the mountain,
    Let’s mount .

    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.

  • hammondmargaret_writes 95w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #POD #genuinereaders . “ the sky refuses to fall ...

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    The sky refuses to fall ...

    But wails
    After it gave frowns .
    We had a go to console .
    When even perceived , wasn’t sole .
    It isn’t the usual anticipated.
    So as we make ready ,
    With special vessels and bans ,
    We had prepared for the unusual.
    Not really it is .
    We were told , fell without
    A twist of the face .
    They say “somewhere behind the sea”
    How wonderful there must be .
    Also told, resemblance .
    Eyes blue as it is .
    Skin just like it .
    We know now ,
    It also has reverence to family .
    And we’re to taste just those sweet
    Kept asking for more .
    Not realizing our greediness,
    We kept asking .
    Though, as part of shared,
    Audacity proves.
    We still welcome the scorches .
    It might even consider softness,
    Seeing how enthused we are .
    Or taking a stroll would help?
    But with few pleas
    A drop by ,
    Would be very much appreciated.

    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.

  • hammondmargaret_writes 96w

    Away from home ...

    Leaving our greens for greener ,
    We hop like the grasshopper.
    Avarice wasn’t it ,
    The rains had forsaken.

    To where traces of our steps
    Settling under roofs ,
    Jilting our shelter in muds .

    Waters that oozed out of
    Our bodies,
    Drenched us in stampede.
    As we bundled in ,thousand folds . Tilling another’s with the few in us .

    Carrying huge , to reach some ripened to our hut . In preparedness of infertility of our soil .

    Also to get teeth and tongues
    Dashing out
    Hearing voices of our new .

    Some folks similar not exact .
    Steeping in entanglements.
    Stories unravel .

    Steadily , with just those heavy sighs , we told sometimes, our two ways and phobias of the better.

    As to when we will return,
    To roots not to take any route,
    Maybe ,
    When our greens become the greenest.

    Even with that , our bones must have cried louder . Our hands must have shivered. And our legs tired of trotting.

    But still and always still , our hearts drum rhythmically, towards the entries,
    Home sweet .....

    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.