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    I wrote this because in this world good men are losing themselves because they want to be with someone that say they want a guy like them and never get them and want to open females eyes and let them know that if there a guy that is what you want and he's your friend dont pass that up.

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    Don't be blinded

    Life goes on and things come to mind.
    Why can't a good guy win at anytime.
    Is it because we're not bad enough.
    Or is it because we're not good enough.
    We try and fight but no matter what we're still not good in y'all eyes.
    Always want a bad boy that mistreat you at anytime or say you don't want a man at all.
    But yall sit there and say.
    I want a man that is kind, loyal, and respectful.
    But why can't yall see there one right there in fount of y'all eyes.
    Waiting to be seen.
    But friends that what we are.
    But back in the 80's women knows what a true man are.
    We are a dying breed of men.
    That was once called a gentleman.
    Because guys like me see we have to be different to be with the one we want.
    But i still believe that there's someone out there for me.
    That isn't blind.

  • ekansh_original 16w


    As a child, I ran through fields,
    I was taught and shown, what they yields,
    "Stay on the ground", my father said,
    The crux of stories that I read.

    Then, I left my town, I had a plan,
    My family raised a gentleman.

    The shines and silver I always despised,
    Young blood wished to be recognised,
    I showed my craft, I did failed,
    Yet I never bailed,

    "Go back" , they said, but I never ran,
    Cause my family raised a gentleman.


  • scribbles_of_anonymity 21w

    "Why are men like this?", a common question my female friends ask me when they go through something unpleasant cos of the men they trusted.

    Dear brothers the way you reveal your intentions to the woman who trusts makes her question the ethics and culture your family gave you. You embarrass yourself and your family.

    And dear sisters lions and foxes live in the same forest, it's good to be cautious even to a smiling face.

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    Being Chivalrous

    My fellow men,
    using friendship
    and your sweetness
    as a gate
    for your later dirty intentions
    is not considered
    as "Being Chivalrous"


  • hansika_bansal 27w

    //Gentleman- An acrostic//

    Generous heart, gentle and smart.
    Emotions and endeavours , he manages both parts!
    Noble in thoughts, ripened talks
    Tolerance high, trustworthy and never lies!
    Loyal and spreads love, faces situations tough,
    Enthusiastic in every task, but little do they laugh!
    Misunderstood many times, for him, self esteem is always prime.
    Appreciate others to do the best, takes responsibility and never rests!
    Not in a few words he can be described, a pen can't potrait his whole life!

  • myquerencia 32w

    Star crossed

    You hold my hand
    You lead me away
    I fall in your daze
    You hold me up
    Your smile is the one I yearn
    Your warm smile is the one I love
    Endless talks in the dark
    Your hand on my heart
    Butterflies going crazy
    Apart as day and night
    Don't even know how the stars crossed
    Somehow we end up on the same side
    cheesy mornings making me glow
    Being a tease, red blush ever persistent
    Beauty in all you are
    Yet you never believed it
    But perfection stared in my eyes under the moonlight
    Trust falls slowly became easy
    For your hand never slipped from my waist
    Never like the others
    Cared for me like no one did
    Expected nothing
    Just appreciated everything
    Just like a perfect gentleman
    I hurt you...I probably still do
    But you never allowed me to feel it
    Never felt this before, you say
    That's probably what love feels like
    Sweet baby this is what our love feels like


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  • she_writes47 37w

    I don't know which sort of pain led you to be this gentle
    But trust me man something more handsome than you is waiting for you in future


  • rebel94 41w

    A supportive hand,
    A caring touch,
    Honest answers,
    No demands,
    Minimum complains,
    Maximum efforts,
    That's how he wins your heart
    He is gentleman,
    You truly belong

  • shubham_20 44w

    Bhai gentleman kaise baana hai
    Pehale tu mujhe baata gentleman ka shabd tu ne kaha se sekha


  • unheard_voices 45w

    The man

    Boys learn too late,
    that being 'The man',
    is not the same thing
    as being 'a man'.

  • yours_fortune 49w

    Big or small
    Difficult or easy
    Simple or complicated
    Sensefull or meaningless
    You always contributed your best
    Without you people,
    I will be losing every battle of my life.
    Happy men's day to all the gentleman in my life ❤️
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    My dear handsome, beautiful, skinny, thin, fat, high build up, tall, short, happy, sad, angry, bold, shy, cute, awful, annoying or weird man. I wanna take a moment of yours to say you THANK YOU. Because of you, yes because of you I'm writing this for you. I'm smiling the way I never did before. I laugh, I cry, I dare to dream, and I can now wish for.
    You had filled my blanks,
    Mended my broken pieces,
    Sealed them with unconditional love and support,
    Healed the broken part of mine,
    Never gave upon me and my endless tantrum and my annoying and awful behaviour,
    You always reached to me and stood by me as the strongest pillar,
    You never thought what others will think, you always followed your heart and wish and did good for me. Stay the same with me.



  • yours_fortune 55w

    He loves to make tea,
    But that doesn't make him a girl.

    He knows just how much sugar to add,
    But that doesn't make him a girl.

    He pores and present it so gracefully,
    But that doesn't make him a girl.

    He makes it for both, and serve her with all his love
    But that doesn't make him a girl

    It just make him a gentleman.......whom every girl like or dream of.

  • abhishekraikar_ 59w

    Chivalrous and Considerate all words so strong...
    Yet we got the concept wrong...
    Treating guys and dolls alike...
    A living legend, a wisdom sike...
    Catering others than him is his plan...
    That's what makes a gentleman...


  • raman_writes 63w

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    कौन से लतीफ़े कौन सी कहानियाँ जनाब मुझे तो कुछ भी याद नहीं ।

    मियां आप उस वक़्त की बात तो नहीं कर रहे जब हम मोहब्बत में थे ।।


  • _optimist_ 64w

    Who is gentleman ?��
    You know man has a stereotype..
    There's a big macho hype.
    He will earn for house
    He will protect women
    He never cries and is never weak...��
    I always thought this is not right .

    I never wanted to be a hero , a saviour or a superman.
    I wanted to be the one who could cry , express and protect...
    That kind of a Man.��
    I get emotional in Hindi and I sing in Punjabi ,
    That kind of a Man.
    I don't know how to knot a tie
    but I can cook well ....
    How well do you speak English , I don't care
    Gay , straight , which caste ? I don't care

    I know that the ads have told you
    to play it too cool and
    fathers asked you to be disciplined
    as if you are always in school.

    He said "Be a Gentleman "
    he didn't said that ,
    it is bad for a Man to be Gentle.
    Because you have to save your so called honour.

    You have to wear that magic perfume
    then only girls will fall for you...
    but why will they fall ?
    They should never fall.
    Whenever I am, I should be there support....❣️

    Be it pink or floyd pink ,
    he can choose anything between the two.
    If there is darkness ,
    he can be scared too.
    He has also suffered violence,
    he has also been abused by patriarchy,
    A burden to grow up quickly
    is put upon him.
    He is taught to cover his heart and be strong .

    Please don't put labels on him
    with buses, cars and toy guns ....
    when he is still a kid...

    It's not necessary for him to be a good driver,
    being good with machines,
    The only condition of being a real man ,
    is that he should be true to himself.....

    It's not important to have guitar,
    or passion that looks cool or try to woo every girl.
    I may have a car , maybe each ride is a pool ...

    Sometimes, I take care of the kids , I make tea for Her.☺️

    There are many differences between a boy and a girl
    and this differences are beautiful ,
    I know...
    But I think to discriminate is the biggest sin,
    Maybe that's why I tell my son,
    Rather than pulling chair...
    Or opening a door ,
    Be the first one to speak
    If there is anything wrong .

    A six pack doesn't make a man ,
    Neither by big cheque ,
    Nor by shouting or beating
    Or by hiding the tears...

    In fact , the one who can truly feel
    is a true Man .❤️
    Whether you are sleeping on a carpet or walking on red carpet ,
    let me remind you ,
    You are the most powerful as long as their lives a #Gentleman in you.��

    Bring out the #Gentleman in you!!!

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    Credits :
    Written by Gaurav Solanki
    You tube : The Man Company
    Ft. Ayushmann Khurana.

  • jee_tu 66w

    A fine gentleman

    He is a fine man

    Calm and composed

    In control of himself

    He talks with purpose and confidence

    A real gentleman.. a real find

    There are just few things that are a bit off

    On closer look you will find

    Few places in his house where wall is broken

    Like someone has punched there with force

    On closer look you will find

    Some broken glasses in the dustbin

    You will find ... many unanswered calls on his phone

    You will find a broken mirror in his bathroom

    You will find a broken frame in the dustbin with no picture in it

    You will find many torned below the bed

    But otherwise.. a fine gentleman..a real catch!!


  • smilequeen 69w


    Love your self,
    Don't be selfish
    First duty is humanity.

  • uyirttezhu 71w

    He acted in a movie chichhore where he showed that " suicide is not a solution, instead we should fight and live" .. And today he committed suicide ..
    Life is full of pain and problem ��..

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  • penman_andy 73w

    Dear Men,

    Be with the woman who's patient enough,
    To unravel the true layers of of your soul;
    A woman who want to quench,
    Her thirst for love and lust with you;

    Be with a woman
    Who doesn't entertain other men,
    You deserve a woman
    Who knows your soul is too strong,
    And powerful to be half - loved;

    Be with a woman
    Who appreciates all your efforts,
    You are a man of passion;
    A best kind of lover,
    A woman could ask for.


  • piya_rahi 80w


    Attribute of a man: Flirting with women.

    Attribute of a gentleman:Flirting only with his women.