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  • devilfish 13w

    The Devil

    What a better way for man to hide
    behind this marker modified reflection in the glass with two horns drawn on loosely
    But the very ideas they cast out to be so against were the principles that they were systematically building a legacy of lies upon
    An absolute reflection of what they saw in themselves and what they wanted to conceal from on every level possible

    To condemn generations to an eternity of sightless eyes
    Compressed between the paper hands prayers
    Paper hands burning as they stretch out to the sky in terror
    Only to fill the books with their pages
    And the martyred dry up like the ink did in their story

    Man has immobilized lies to assimilate themselves like dust in between pages containing their fitted words for you to admire their innovations
    The anger and rage that boils into my heart and out of my worried eyes
    When now to us they have lied

    But now it seems to be getting to the core of my contemplation
    and ideas become weaponized like tiny tanks as if to kill off this evil they have rid themselves of
    While they commit wrongdoings under the cloak of a false identity
    “The Devil”
    They fully diminish responsibility and protect their dark affairs they cheapen the people of their truth
    We give people a shred of truth like mangled bait
    Only to rip truth from hungry hands and consume it in a dark obscurity of history books and genocides
    The biggest robbery of all time occurred over generations
    When did we split off from our nature only to be protecting the worst parts of it while leaving the beautiful parts wither off in the sun dried petals turned to blackened ash
    and deem those with a conscience
    The eternally forgiving equally met with the eternally brutal an ocean of desperation
    An ocean of us


  • grotesque 20w

    Covid Deaths. Is it?

    My best friend's mother passed away few weeks back due to Covid. I still remember her desperation, her cry to get her mother admitted to a better hospital so that she could be treated! Neither the hospital, nor the system has focussed enough on our health care system! All they want is vote. We are not fools, we are ignorant, basically! Too much privileged as well, till we are not.

    I can't talk to her again with the same passion because my friend is gone. She is locked in some memory of her beloved mother. We all have lost someone or the other and the pain is unbearable to take in. In this world, nothing comes for free. But what about these sufferings and deaths? Just a nature's fault or we all are responsible for it?

    When I heard her voice screaming for her mother, crying like an insane person I didn't know what else to do. Those cry haunts me. It should haunt us. Why it isn't, till now?

    Can you believe we brought this upon us? THIS! A mass murder or what we call it a 'second/third/fourth/nth number of wave of Covid'.

    Keep you hand on your heart and ask yourself, what could you have done better to avoid this? Do you still have any humanity left? Was my best friend's mother's life that cheap? Did it come for free? Or we made it that free?

    If you can sleep at night answering all these properly? If yes then Congratulations! You have some solution to it. Now you know what you have to do. Do it for a better tomorrow. Do it so that you don't have to lose your loved ones! Do it because you still are responsible enough to be alive.

  • coldhandswarmheart 23w

    Let us learn to identify opression and injustice. Innocent women and children dying, families never waking up from their sleep, people watching their homes turn to rubble is not something to be on the fence about. Shame on the countries that subject humans to such fate and shame on everyone who supports this. Shame on Israel who should understand the pain of being driven away from their home. Shame for spilling innocent blood on the land that is deemed holy in three religions. Shame for spilling innocent blood..period!
    #freepalestine #hatecrime #genocide #palestinianlivesmatter #shame #istandwithpalestine

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    Hate Crime Champion

    Israel's supposed ticket to exoneration
    for their shameful attrocities against Palestine
    has been the horrendous Holocaust and the destruction,
    they suffered being victims of the orginal Hate Crime.

    But I often wonder,
    when you meet Hitler and his army in hell,
    will you sit together and compare your notes
    To see who did it better?

    To be frank, in all reality
    maybe you learnt from the best.
    Oh Israel your modern day genocide call
    has made you a champion with no contest.


  • beautifultraveler32 27w

    #DeathOfHumanity #PleaseWakeUp #SleptTooLong #SlaveNation #Genocide #TooLate

    Rotting corpses strewn across
    The land, the world of the lost
    Bloody, beaten, bruised
    Preventing this is what I tried to do

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    Body Count


  • devilfish 31w


    A lotus flower
    A mathematically created pattern
    By the object that holds creation
    And shadow it's hidden gem
    It's lost in the ocean's drunken
    State of homicidal rage that echoes
    And comes in waves
    She will wax
    She kills when she has whiskey in her Vains
    A murderous moonlit phase of dark watery haze and concealed pain
    Insane darkness that screams her name
    And conducts the charge to her brains
    She's feeling the reigns as she pulses
    Onto the beach
    In hateful waves
    That are settling as it simmers
    To a glimmer
    Shimmering with energy
    It creates
    Mark your dates
    You'll witness
    Her pain
    She aches to remain while you watch her waste away
    Feeding it full of selfishness and hate
    Waste eating at her tectonic plates
    Delicate like the largest organ we share
    We give it no name
    No fame
    And bitcoins
    And bait are the construct of our consciously
    Constructed course of shifted blame
    While they were hit with the flame
    Of karma and unfortunately the tides will swell in our tears
    Our children are our fate
    Our state is not going to feel fake
    When we cannot eat money
    Trees can't be made to flesh
    We're not waste or scraps
    Beginners because time isn't going to tape
    It's endless clock and create
    An unhealthy pattern that wants to overstate its importance and underneath it's urgency
    Is a percepticide of increasing fervently more
    Aggressively to infect the minds
    Of eyes with blinding binding toxic chemical
    Cocktail and an ego cutting edges of crystals
    Weaving pistol
    Trans lives matter
    Black lives matter
    All shades of all colors
    Whether the absence
    Of an important concept
    That's the public has decided to marginalize any thing that will harm their bank account
    As they exercise genocide in exchange with
    The paper's of it's research from experiments that chain patients down and kill them without anything to sedate
    Or create any interference with the infections
    And their deliverance by Japan
    There's mention of its crimes we
    Let the world commit the most vile
    Bribe of an wronged people
    They called logs
    Why are we littered with hypocrisy
    And settled in seeing through fog
    Insisting things are as they are
    They don't run away and jog
    The victim of the place the other book
    The one that barred windows
    And shook houses that fell into shambles
    I'm not waiting for the truth to introduce itself
    I'll pursue it with a scale
    And 3 candles

    And oleander to honey
    Snake venom

  • full_auto 37w

    Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind




  • full_auto 40w


    An inspiration
    Above the desperation
    Never in frustration
    You need preperation
    To make it to the destination
    Out of the hell's creation
    Struggle extermination
    Critical situation
    Over come temptation
    I'm under restoration
    This is a resurrection
    Fact never fiction
    Causin friction
    In the broken system
    A person you can listen
    My words are a prediction
    To those who have been wishin
    For a lead on a mission

    These dummies are too busy
    Playin the blame game
    But they know where the shame came
    The one playin these lame games
    Just to maintain
    A no brain
    Way to behave
    Just plain Jane's
    Fucking around with big dogs
    I'm a great dane
    Allow me to explain
    Um disciplined but untamed
    Balls swinging like a crane hangs
    Sweet like I had sugar cane in my veins
    I'm creative like a strange thang
    But I'm not scared of those who gangbang
    Not my style but we can have a shootout bang bang
    Wild west faceoff it's the same thang
    All I know is these people running things
    No nothing about the struggling people
    Who beg for change hope for change
    They aim for come up but only gain pain
    Between me n you I'm about to go villain like i was named bain
    And burn em all in the same flame.

  • allstaryo123 78w


    A Genocide where many people lost their lives,
    These lives can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where many people lost their loved ones,
    These loved one's can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where deaths turned into ashes,
    These ashes can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where people been murdered for a decade,
    These murdered lives can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide which needs to be recognized by the world,
    So these martyrs will never be forgotten for life.

  • tiwariamit 79w


    प्यार मिले ना मिले मुझको पर देना जीने का अधिकार
    आने दे जग में मुझको देखन दे मोहे संसार
    खुश ना हुए गर जनम से मेरे तो ना करना मेरा सत्कार
    कोख में ना मोहे मार रे बाबा जनम से पहले मत मार
    तेरा ही मैं अँश हूँ बाबा तेरी ही मैं गुड़िया
    तेरे आंगन के उपवन की मैं भी हूँ इक चिड़िया
    उपवन में तेरे लाऊंगी मैं भी कुछ हरियाली
    अपनी प्यारी किलकारी से लाऊंगी खुशहाली
    आने से मेरे महकेगा ही तेरा घर द्वार
    बाबा जनम से पहले मत मार रे बाबुल जनम से पहले मत मार
    मैं रह लुँगी इक कोने में घर के सारे काज करूँगी
    दिन औ रात ना देखूंगी मैं एक पल ना आराम करूँगी
    जूठन सबकी खाकर मैं तो जी लूंगी हँसते हँसते
    जिस भी राह कहोगे बाबा चल जाउंगी मैं उस रस्ते
    एक बार बस बेटी कहकर मुझको तुम लो पुकार
    रे बाबा जनम से पहले मत मार रे बाबुल जनम से पहले मत मार
    मैं बेटी हु तेरी बाबा इस पर तुम भी नाज करोगे
    रौशन नाम करूँगी तेरा ऐसा मैं कुछ काज करूँगी
    जग तोहे जानेगा नाम से मेरे
    आंगन में तेरे लाऊंगी बाबुल मैं भी नए सवेरे
    दिल के एक कोने से केवल मुझको तू स्वीकार
    रे मैया जनम से पहले मत मार रे बाबुल जनम से पहले मत मार

  • chezkeza 81w

    There was a time where,
    Darkness descended upon us.
    Heavy with ominous rustling.
    It tangled some hearts in its web of lies,
    And with no light to guide their hearts
    They saw the rest not as similar beings made of bones and skin and sinew and heart.
    They saw not with God's eyes.
    They brought their own kind to a demise.

    For a 100 days and nights,
    We tribulated, witnessed monsters arise.
    Our fears the only comforting touch.
    We saw death in human disguise.
    Our humanity no longer nonesuch,
    Since they forced us to apologize
    For not being worth much.

    But under God's hand,
    Some decided to stand
    Knowing what they would forsake.
    By choosing to save their homeland
    They broke the carousel of hatred
    Which banished the cloud of darkness,
    And brought forth life to the hopeless.

    We who were once persecuted
    Deemed worthless out loud,
    Turned out to be brave souls,
    Who offered forgiveness,
    Despite the songs of sorrow
    That still resided in our hearts.

    Today we have a choice
    To correct a wrong of the past.
    By fighting for a future with no distinctions,
    A generation with positive aspirations,
    A life with righteous purposes.

  • ibuddy66 122w

    Don't be fooled by the lack of gas chambers;

    Today one merely needs legislation to commit genocide.

    ©Ian Scheil, 2019

  • chai_neek 125w

    To The Lost Refugee

    Where is home?
    Is it my place of birth that
    I've never truly seen?
    Or is it Germany,
    a place,that after a while,
    wanted away with me?
    Maybe it's Florida?
    A place I couldn't embrace fully
    Though it wasn’t conveyed towards me
    Due to racism, it wasnt the place to be.
    If you couldn't already tell
    Im what you call a refugee.
    Someone who gets no option to stay in
    their homeland on their own property
    Someone who spends their life moving
    trynna regain what was taken from me.
    Our house bombed mid sleep
    My uncles, grandpas, and father were taken and beat
    Left my mom aching
    I just can’t shake the defeat
    Lost is what I feel , when I think of the place I would be
    But clarity comes with the definition of Destiny
    To sum it up so gracefully
    HOUSE: a varying base for my reality
    HOME:A stable location I picked naturally.
    For all the refugees that lost their homes
    Due to people thinking irrationally
    May our home be built in Jannah Gradually


  • sparklingteja 130w

    Genocide by Three Musketeers

    Parents who want their kids to be successful
    Teachers who want their students to be toppers
    Society which wants it's humans to be imitators


  • shrutisinha 137w


    It was genocidal for both of us.
    ''L O V E''


  • dbelles_writes 140w


    "How do we live with the shame of generations past?"

    "How do we live with their consequences?"

    "How long will these last?"


  • shwetaanand 140w

    Being an atheist is far better than believing in divinity that leads to genocide.


  • chabala_vii 149w

    History has already repeated itself
    Its just transitioned into different forms
    The atrocities of the past are still present today


  • aarifghaznawi 149w

    Incremental genocide in a slaughter house!
    Who called this doomed land paradise?
    Kashmir is a recurrent Karbala.


  • akarockynorton 150w

    "Humanity deserves nothing. We are a war-mongering race who use love to justify the very worst crimes. We were so bent on destruction that we wound up destroying our own planet and it’s only by the actions of a few true heroes that we didn’t commit the mass genocide of our own race."
    - The Weight of Our World
    Out protagonist, Laura MacPhaid, having a very philosophical moment.
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  • ladyiustitia 152w

    What's left of our humanity?

    This child,
    This agonizing child
    Laying on the naked ground
    Tired and drowned,
    Drowned by an ocean of tears,
    Tears of hunger, tears of fear,
    Tears for the flies covered corpse
    Of his mother,
    His one last shield.

    How can this world,
    So called human world,
    Stay idle and chose to be blind,
    Blind to so much pain
    In a child's eyes?

    If we are unmoved
    By a child's tears
    What's left, tell me,
    Of our humanity?