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  • layered_heartpoetry 6w

    Silent Treatment

    When I was younger
    I pitied you as the victim
    But as I grew older
    I learnt,
    Your silence was a cowardice
    A shield
    A defence
    And you knew when to lay it down and rise up with a brandished sword

    You spoke for those you loved
    You just never spoke for me

  • natanalatress 11w

    Generational curses are patterns that repeat themselves until someone says enough is enough, I’ll change the pattern..©natanalatress

  • natanalatress 11w

    Breaking generational curses is more than doing the opposite of what our ancestors did, it’s digging inside of yourself and acknowledging every hurt we have felt and bringing it to the surface. It’s not easy calling some of your family out on their bs and not everyone is equipped to do so, that’s why generational curses go on for decades until someone has the courage to break them! ©natanalatress

  • natanalatress 80w

    Generational curses aren’t hereditary, the dysfunction is, a lot of people will be quick to say it runs in my family & yes that maybe the case, but I’ll never make that an excuse to live my life in total chaos blaming my ancestors for things that I have the ability and intuitive to change ...

  • natanalatress 87w

    Sometimes our generational curses can be embedded so deep in our souls that if we’re not careful, we repeat everything we despise!

  • natanalatress 103w

    As a child, I always felt afraid. I never felt secure at all and I had a lot of anger inside me. If my inner child was standing before me today. I would give her a hug and tell her that we made it baby girl. You no longer have to fret. Those generational curses that plagued our family for years are coming to an end, instead of ignoring these issues as my parents and their parents did. I had to dig deep within myself. I had to understand that broken things can be healed. Old relationships can be mended or stitched back together, thread by thread, stitch by stitch. The relationship won’t be the same and neither are the stitches that brought it back together, but they can be much stronger. I had to come to terms with, my parents were dealing with their own childhood traumas and that’s why they were present but absent most of the time. I had to grow up fast and, I often felt alone. I have two younger sisters that I felt were my job to protect and a lot of things we went through in silence. Later on, in life, I found out that I failed miserably at protecting one of them. I often think about it and I’m mad as hell that I wasn’t there to hug my sissy. She was frozen and I or no one else had any idea. My mom didn’t notice because she was too busy trying to survive for us I’m sure. My dad didn’t notice because he was still wondering why he felt like an orphan in this world most of his life as he drowned himself with booze. Drinking away his worries and numbing his pain.
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