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    This is just my OCs (original characters) Jared and Maxwell. Comment if you would like to see more content with/about them.
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    King vs. Prince

    "Bu-but you're a prince-" Jared stands, and adjusts his box on his head..
    Maxwell chuckles, "And you're a King."
    "Not technically, it's j-just a small community of people who look to me for guidance."
    "Exactly," He smiles softly at the other and gives a slight bow. "Your majesty."
    Under Jared's box his face is bright, "Pl-please you don't have too-"
    Maxwell looks at the other, "I know, but I want to."
    Jared's eyes dart to the ground, "I-I should get going."
    Maxwell sighs and nods, he hopefully asks, "Alright.. will I see you around?"
    Jared nods slightly and races away without saying anything.
    The Prince stands there hugging himself, with a stupid lovestruck smile on plastered across his face.