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    Saevenia Facts

    The huge and mysterious alien planet Tayaceena, explored by Aishro Scouts in USY 8,600, is based on Pandora from the movie Avatar.

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    Saevenia Facts

    The tribal people of inhospitable Fyreayn are almost pure Khetsah, the original inhabitants of Saevenia. They believe themselves to see things the most clearly out of all the races.

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    A section of Saevenia and its Many Continents, Book 1 by Elathane Jerronaya!

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    Swansrest and the Sunbound Archipelago

    Close in proximity to Uiren, Fyreayn, and The Fair West. A popular place to holiday for the nobility of Saevenia. It is owned and protected by a powerful Fair Westian family. It is bright and sunny with magical skies, mountains, lush enchanted forests and grasslands, pools, hotels and sun-kissed beaches. Each island on the archipelago is distinct. My people, the elves, and the Aishro often liaise here.

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    Hello and a big thank you to everyone who's recently followed me! Here's a scene from chapter one of Saevenia!
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    Rennald and Narora

    "... but why now? The girl's presence here has been common knowledge for YEARS. She's not in any kind of danger. Girian, as big a fool as he is, has done a good job so far." Rennald seemed exasperated, sweat glistening on his forehead despite the cold.
    "That doesn't matter. Her powers... Soon enough she'll know how to use them."
    "Why does that matter?"
    The hooded figure sighed. "Eon believes her to be not only of magical blood."
    Rennald's eyes widened. "No. She can't be. The Oracle tells us the time of the next Aurfairene isn't for another thousand years."

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    Life is like a game
    Some play with you
    Some play against you
    Some push you down
    Some help you for your efforts
    But you have to keep
    Running towards your goal
    The destination will be
    Stopped from all hurdles
    But the consistency
    Makes you to stand out
    And achieve your dreams

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    This is the opening dialogue for Saevenia!
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    Little Oakdale

    I sat atop the crag, looking down on the sleepy town as snow fell peacefully. The twinkling street lamps and soft light of the candles burning within windows of the cosy houses came in and out of focus. Dressed in all black to camouflage against the night, my keen eyes skimmed the streets of Little Oakdale carefully. My name is Zherrain, and I'm an assassin. Even though on this particular occasion I had been hired to use my skills for a very different purpose; to save someone's life rather than extinguish it. I was looking for a young girl, the child of a wealthy merchant, who'd been missing for just over 2 days.- Zherrain, Saevenia.

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    K zamana khail ta gaya
    Hum dekh tay gayai
    K zamana khail ta gaya
    Hum dekh tay gayai
    Kabhi yai samajh na aaya ki
    Loog kaisay dilu say khail jatay hai.....
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    In game description of Rose Scones, something I've invented! #fantasy #story #game #saevenia

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    Rose Scones

    "It's said to originate from the fine Fair West. They use different fruits, most commonly berries, apricots and such. They also include chocolate, which is prepared separately, the outside is hard and the inside is soft and sort of liquidy. It bakes together nicely with the fruits, then imbued with sweet wines, normally grape, berry or apple, throw in a bit of salted caramel or something and there you have it!”
    Narora raised one eyebrow.
    “Simple, hey? Give me that.” he swiped it out of my hand.
    “Hey!” I complained.
    “Scones with wine, that damned ale, we’ll all be drunk by mid-morning.”

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    Ah another new song
    To write to once more;
    Ah another broken heart,
    I’m upset again, something you adore

    Here’s to another risk,
    I take in name of our story;
    To forget how you hide,
    Crawling out when you like; it's that easy?

    Through those mixed signals,
    Are you trying to lose me too?
    Promising me again and again,
    Are you trying to love me? Be true

    Had held onto your hand,
    To smile more, to craft few more dreams;
    But this game of hide and seek,
    I am so lost, where do you run to, whose realms?

    Shadows circling my sky
    New fears every day, ever again
    Are those echoes of my past?
    Or are they sirens of your game?

    Frozen at your indifference
    Melting with songs you sing;
    Where do I go now?
    How do I escape this boxing ring?

    I can see you honey,
    For a change, I’ll be your villain,
    I’m tired you see, waiting,
    So I’ll be playing with you, your own game..

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    I was trying to give the best
    But yes I know I'm still lacking few things
    UmM..yeah..but yeah I'm totally invested everything now
    Sometimes we have to give more than what we have
    And I'm trying
    Somewhere I can predict the results
    And how I'm going to fall..in that deep darkest phase
    I don't have any safety net
    Or anything for my backup
    My heart is beating much faster and the brain is restless
    But at this point there's no back
    And after that final effort
    when I'll fall..
    I'll be free... I will not be holding any grudges or complain
    Some pains..some tears..will going to be permanent part of life from now
    But that's fine
    I'll try to restart the journey again
    I'll put all the power which would I regain with the time

    It's hard to stand again when you've broken spine..or broken heart or broken soul
    And these wounds remain unhealed with the time maybe tears will dry...maybe you stop to cry

    And When you feel like there's no more hope
    That's toughest time of test
    A hope... although a small word..but with lots of power and strength
    But when we loose it.. there's no difference between dead and alive

    Oh..but in case of dead his time stops..
    But in other..life goes on.. there's no fullstop
    So irrespective of our wishes..we have to choose again
    Have to start again with the remaining things

    So.. I'll start again even after my death.. death of my hopes
    after the loss of everything

    Yeah I don't wish anything now..
    But my game will be honest..I vow

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    You want it?
    Or you need it?
    Make those decisions,
    Hold your emotions!

    If you want it with all your heart
    You'll surely get it with help of "kainaat"
    You must have heard ..
    These familiar words..
    'Kisi chij ko puri shiddat se chaho toh
    puri "kainaat" usse milane ki koshish krti he..'

    So have all the hopes..
    Don't loose the ropes..!
    And ..Be in the game...
    Either you win and take the fame..
    Or you may lose still there ain't any shame!


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    You killed my heart and set it on fire but like a phoenix I will once again rise

    Burning bright I'll fill the dark until I fall into a pile of ashes

    But dead no, reborn again you see shall suffice

    So burn me again so I can stand to play and roll the dice

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    Touch Me

    Hearts may bleed red
    But souls are colourless
    That doesn't mean black and white
    It means
    Like the air between you
    and the next piece
    You are about to touch
    On this chess board
    That is life

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

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    फिर शुरू होगा सिलसिला दिल लगाने का दूर जाने का ।

    मेरी जान हम भी ये खेल जम कर खेलेंगे अब की बार ।।


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    Golf ek aisi game hai joh sirf amir logoh main distribute hote hai

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    Zherrain the Assassin

    "Not many people go to The Deep and live. But Zherrain did. He was born there. His twin died, father disappeared for reasons unknown, and his mother took her own life. Zherrain is a survivor. Aimless as he may be, but he's alive."

    - a quote from Saevenia


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    Ciara the Aurfairene

    Saevenia, the enigmatic moon of a giant ringed planet called Tayaceena, holds a unique position in the universe it resides in. For Saevenia to move around the galaxies, the heart of an Aurfairene is needed for it to take flight. But since the coming of the next Aurfairene is pushed forwards by a thousand years by mysterious forces, things start to go wrong.

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    All of a sudden, the lid of the barrel was removed and a shock of light blinded her. A strong arm grabbed a hold of her, and pulled her out of the barrel. She remained silent as she was dragged up some stairs and across the main deck. It was sometime in the evening, and Ciara didn’t know how many days she’d been gone for. The thug threw her down on the hard, wooden deck, in front of a small group of men. She looked up at them. One of them was dressed in official garb and looked to be a man of importance. He stared down at Ciara coldly, the fading sunlight catching in his pale eyes.
    “The merchant Girian’s child.” the thug who collected her grunted at the men.
    “Thank you. Your payment will be waiting for you back in Little Oakdale, talk to Jarren.”
    “Jarren don’t work fer the docks anymore, Hond. He’s been hired by another company, probably sailin’ out as we speakin’.”
    “Is that so?” The man called Hond inspected a sharp, gleaming dagger that he had pulled from the scabbard around his waist, making Ciara wince. One of the other men leaned forward and spoke to Hond in a hushed voice. Hond’s icy eyes darted to Ciara, then back to the thug.
    He straightened up. “If Jarren spills his guts to anyone, I’ll have his spilled in the torture chambers down in Marafeeq. Don’t hire anyone else from the Redalacs. I never did trust those furry, traitorous assholes. For now, tell your leader to liaise with Ait. At least he can be trusted. That’s all.”
    The thug looked down at Ciara, who glared back at him. Hond clicked his fingers loudly to get his attention. “Go.” he mounted silently, and the man turned around and lumbered off, dragging his feet as he went.
    Ciara turned her head around slowly as the attention fell on her. Hond smiled wickedly.
    “What a beautiful child, and just look at those wonderful eyes, how exquisite. Do you know where you are, little dove? I don’t know if your papa ever told you about the true dangers that lie in all corners of Saevenia, but let’s just say that this is no place for a little girl. We’re taking you to an underground tunnel, far north of the island. But you don’t need to know the logistics of the situation, truly enough. I’m only going to tell you two things. One of them is that you’ll never be seeing your family again.”
    Cathal’s face flashed into Ciara’s mind and a pang of sadness gripped her heart. She felt fresh tears form in her eyes. Despite her best efforts to quell them, they fell silently down her face as she bowed her head.
    “The second thing,” Hond continued. “Is that if you somehow manage to escape us, you’ll die here. If we don’t find you, something much worse undoubtedly will. A few of the most dangerous men I’ve ever dealt with met their bloody end here, so what hope do you have?”
    He turned away from her and addressed his company. Take her to the shore, give her some food and lock her up in one of the carts. Don’t let her out of your sight. We’ll need to be on the road by sunset if we are to get to the refuge before dark. Travelling at night is not encouraged here, it doesn't matter who or what you are. You may be new recruits, but your final test lies with me. If you fail, your miserable life isn’t the only thing at stake. The people who are permitted to handle the child are Vermuda and Nesaan, no one else.”
    The men looked around them, shuffling their feet.
    “If anyone else touches her,” he lifted his blade and ran it threateningly across his neck. “Are we clear?”
    Some of the men murmured in agreement.
    “I said, are we clear?!” he said darkly.
    “Yes boss!”
    “Good, now get to work.”
    “Wait!” Ciara cried out breathlessly. “Who are you? Why did you take me away from my family, we ain’t hurt nobody!”
    Hond turned around and glared at her. “Nesaan.” he growled, and motioned with his head towards Ciara. A man she didn’t see before approached her at an inhuman speed, and ruthlessly back-handed her across the face. Ciara cried out. The force of it sent her sprawling, and nearly knocked her out.
    She saw stars, and the world around Ciara spun sickeningly. She looked up in shock, a trickle of bright red blood beginning to trail down from the corner of her mouth. She wiped it away with the back of her hand, and glowered at Hond and her hooded assailant. She realised that Nesaan was no human, but something else. Her father referred to his kind as 'reptilians'. He told her to stay away from them as they were unsavoury characters; aliens from Tayaceena. Her mother would then tell her otherwise, saying that her father can be a paranoid, racist fool at times. She didn’t know who was right.
    “Did that hurt, little dove?” Hond cooed at her. Ciara noticed the blood filling her mouth. Her teeth must’ve cut into her lip quite badly. She spat it out of her mouth in response, and glared at them in defiance. Nesaan’s brow raised slightly - a tiny movement, but she didn’t miss it.
    “Tough one, hey? What a spirited girl. You might have met your match with this one, Nesaan.”
    Nesaan crossed his arms and smirked as he looked over at Hond.
    “You don’t speak unless spoken to, my sweet fawn. Let that be a lesson to you. We need to keep you alive sure, but beaten within an inch of your life is beyond acceptable, believe me. Vermuda, take her ashore, there’s much we need to attend to.”
    A monstrous, burly woman approached Ciara, and with one hand, roughly lifted her up off the ground. Her thumb and index finger wrapped almost entirely around the girl’s slim neck, and her other three fingers went under her arm. Ciara grunted and struggled against her, and the giant woman lifted her far above her head, from where she could see the ocean waters beyond the boat, then brought her less than an inch away from her face.
    “Don’t.” she growled through gritted teeth, her noxious breath making Ciara’s stomach turn. Ciara winced and nodded. The woman walked towards the boarding plank, dragging Ciara carelessly along the floor behind her as the girl kicked and tried her best to gain her footing.

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    Saevenia: The Road to Tomorrow

    Hey guys! It's been a while ! Do you remember the story I wrote about 40 weeks ago, named 'The Cold Night'?
    Well, I'm actually working on a game set in that universe, and that's what I've been working on all this time! Since I wrote that story for this platform, I'll be posting parts of the story here every now and then. Enjoy!
    Warning: Mild themes and coarse language.

    Art belongs to me @simoneheinis 😄

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    The game

    You were always looking out for yourself, no matter how long you were there. You went off like a hurricane the moment you got the chance.️