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  • bclark2681 2w

    Soul Partners

    Our kiss had been written
    In the galaxies for millennia,
    Plan set in motion at our birth,
    Our souls being partners in time

  • monali03 4w

    You are playing your piano,
    Somewhere in
    This silky Multiverse.

    Your soul is easy,
    Your instincts are
    Patiently waiting
    To be spelt,
    In your sleep.

    You light up,
    In the best way,
    Like a synonym
    Of Love.

    And all the cherries
    Become little sunflowers
    Along My
    Labyrinth of maple leaves.

    Your wait is long,
    You're wearing
    Is a long sullen face,
    And half-chapped lips.

    You have to stay tuned
    To my flute,
    But you cannot
    Move one inch,
    From your piano.

    My picture lies
    Tilted by your side,
    And some phobia
    Buries an azure blue tide,
    Into your face.

    I can see,
    That you're scared.

    The dusk is going to be
    And your fingers are stinging.

    The piano makes it's own music.
    I have a "No" riding on my flute.



    I hope this makes sense. If you like this, feel free to mention it in the comment box. Your support is so valuable to me.

    I will turn this into a series, if you suggest so.


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    Is going to sting.

  • jyothsna_amarendra 4w


    I'm an astronomer,who tries to read your nature...!
    I came to know you are
    admirable and deep.
    Which made me speechless...!
    And then,I Failed to understand you ,
    but fallen in love with you....!

  • jyothsna_amarendra 4w


    I might be your favourite star
    But for me you are the entire universe

  • loisdevries_ 5w

    Tip toeing around the moon
    Play hide and seek with the stars
    Dreamers go wherever dreamers go
    In galaxy wars


  • ayayrunsblog 9w

    Endless Love

    As endless as the galaxies appear in the night sky, so is my love for you.

  • raman_writes 11w

    जनाब मोहब्बत की बाज़ी हार चुके है आप ।

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    छोड़ ये तसव्वुर ये ख़वाबो का कहकशाँ महबूब के साथ ।

    आँखे खोल हक़ीक़त देख वो तुझसे दूर जा चुका है ।।


  • the_village_poet 11w

    Scatter The Stars

    In a state of cosmosis
    Riding the wings of a soul
    Words fly by
    At the speed of light
    Time is swallowed
    In black holes
    On a runaway train
    I scatter the stars
    Pack up my past
    Inside cosmic cars
    Tagged by the ghosts
    From each grave in my mind
    All inscribed with keywords
    Found in fairytales, tragedies
    The demonic and the divine.

    A ride so unforgettable
    The train
    Is winding down
    Around the bands
    Of a galaxy
    Just beyond the midnight clouds
    A destination imagined
    Inspired only by a dream
    Stepping onto the platform
    A path of stars sparkle
    Stretch out beneath my feet
    I skip across them in wonder
    Like stones across a creek
    Leading me to the other side
    To the dream where you wait.

    © Stacey Welsh ☘️
    - Scatter The Stars -
    January 16, 2021

  • uttkarsh_15 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Galaxy
    #universe #galaxy #mind #heart #heart #feelings #emotions #stars

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    Galaxy of mind And Hearts

    Heartfelt emotions,
    Mixed up in stardust ,
    Glow up like supernovas,
    Hidden secrets as black holes.....

  • princess_diary 13w

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeapp #writernetwork #love #beauty #galaxy #stars

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Galaxy

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    My Love

    Beautiful galaxy with stars but having you is more beautiful.

  • laniemakes 14w

    Galaxy Sky

    Collecting stardust in your eyes
    You are brightening; Galaxy Sky


  • telannis 12w

    intergalactic daydreams

    gaze upon the imaginary
    as we drift off into the galactic
    pointing out every star and shape in the sky
    that we can see beyond our wildest imagination

    have you realized it yet?
    how very, very little we are?
    our interferences detrimental to our world
    but unmoving to the rest of it

    what is the rest of it, exactly?
    how can we make any sense to it?
    landscapes of stars as far as the eye can see
    yet years ahead of us in age, already dead

    our interference means nothing
    the world turns without us
    as does the universe we barely exist in
    and are incapable of comprehending

    galactically were nothing
    just a speck in this world
    so why wait?
    why hold back on yourself?


  • selahxiv 14w


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    I am the bearer of this blank canvass called body

    Carrying it, feels heavy

    Somehow, I'm the artist of my own

    Providing the subject alone .

    For now, I could describe my favorite palette

    It's just hue of something black and blue .

    Mixed with purple and pinks in a bucket.

    Matching the skies in the afternoon

    Even the thunders when there is coming typhoon.

    My, My

    Paintbrush will be my painful memories

    Written in tons of diaries.

    This is the art that I couldn't repeat anymore.

    The secret ingredient why myself is the one that I adore.

  • gopika_singh 15w

    You know, I find it difficult to understand why are so many people searching the meaning of "life".

    What is life?

    It's you.

    You are a living breathing example of what life is.
    You are alive. Everything that you are made up of... that's life.

    Don't go searching around the world looking for deep meaning of things because, my dear, the most of the answers lie within you.
    Explore yourself first.
    What you like, what you don't. Why you like something, what makes you feel alive and what gives you butterflies.

    You are more extraordinary than you realize.
    We often make this mistake and don't value things we have. Your life, your unique, wonderful, mind-blowing, and amazing life is the reason you are how you are. A billion galaxies and a sweet little world lies within you that is just waiting to be explored and understood.
    The world that wants to be awed, appreciated, appraised and most importantly accepted.
    And you are the only one who needs to accept this unique little world of yours. Noone else. Because the stories that you lived literally make you. And no one can tell them better than you.

    Everything you are
    That is life.

    #life #universe #mirakee #galaxy #you #writersnetwork

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  • william_alan_poetry 15w

    In all the dark of the universe,
    you saw me not the slightest.
    In this galaxy of stars,
    even though I burned the brightest.


  • bella_scribbles 16w

    Every star needs a little gloom to gleam..

    To be in Gloom is to Gleam ✨


  • apple_brooklyn 19w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Galaxy.

    #galaxy #stars #nightsky @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The stardust in your galactical eyes comforts me.

  • yechnomusic 19w

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    TEIJO JUSSILA 888 @yechnomusic

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    TEIJO Jussila 888 @yechnomusic

  • joe_winterpens 19w

    The galaxy that I saw in your eyes
    Were just lies.

    -Josephi Joshni

  • jules9 83w

    How stupid of me ; to think that I was the only star in the galaxy.