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  • blackwench 22w

    No claim!

    I collect.
    Yet I Iay no claim.

    It's not mine yet, neither is it anybody's.

    It's just a pound of flesh within my reach,
    a morsel I can pinch whenever my belly needs filling.


  • darksun24 28w

    He Isn't Mine

    His arms are around me
    But he isn't mine
    We spend hours at dawn talking about our futures
    Sharing our darkest secrets with eachother
    But he isn't mine
    At night I lie on his chest
    Comforted by the sound of his heartbeat
    But he isn't mine
    I wake up and see him next to me
    Feeling safe in his presence
    But he isn't mine

    I knew what I was getting into
    I knew deep down that I wasn't ready
    To be only his when he wants me to
    To cast my feelings aside
    To focus only on the moment
    And to not end up wishing

    That he was mine


  • mere_alfaz_06 30w

    Relationship ❤️

    Some relations are not relationship.
    But still they are more than relationship.

  • libido 74w

    I'm buying a whip to accompany your post-midnight weep and help us sleep.
    Your room is one my most desirous trip.
    I know, you won't allow us to think deep

  • cruelfang 77w

    Sting of the Scorpion
    (Scorpio Season)

    Lustful passion resides on the corner of your lips as we playfully gaze upon one another.
    It had been years since we shared an ashtray, inhaling and exhaling our stress down to the filter.
    We reminisced of our exhibitionist rendez-vous'.
    Under the veil of darkness, you lead me down a path to the gazebo in the park.
    No more daytime admiration.
    The tension must have been radiating from my skin.
    You calmed my mind teasingly, as you straddled me in your short kilt.
    You met my gaze, grabbed my wrists and hand cuffed me to the wooden frame.
    I was longing for the freedom in being vulnerable with you and you could see it in my eyes.
    There's freedom in restraint.
    There's freedom in losing control.
    You placed your face in between my thighs and suddenly the wolves weren't the only ones howling under the moon that night.


  • brendamyners 91w

    Falling in Love with Your Friends With Benefit.

    Friends with benefit might seems like a simple, uncomplicated relationship. But the truth is that its one of the most complicated ones you can create.

  • thesheerway 97w

    [Part 1] Typing the last mail for the day, I unlocked my phone to check the time - 6:27 pm.
    I had not gotten my bike to office and booking a transfer on a carpooling app was the most important element in my task list. Earlier in the day, I opened the app to find a suitable ride. The only thing that caught my attention on the profile was 'Route 90% matching'. It gave me more joy than a right swipe and match on Tinder. The luck is always harder for boys.
    After a few rounds of messages on the app, she confirmed thrice if I were joining. "I'm making sure because I'll have to pick you up from mid route," was her justification for the repeated questions. The ride was joined.
    Finishing my mails and work for the day, I had exactly three minutes to hit the send button. It was 6:29 pm and I ride was scheduled at 6:30 pm. I packed my bag, ran down the stairs of the office building, and reached the nearest traffic signal for the ride.
    Not sure what her name was, nor the bike/car type, I called to check on her, just to ensure I did not keep her waiting, since she took a detour for my pick up. I hopped onto her pink scooty, getting reminded of the school tuitions where I would have the similar one of my own.
    A conversation started with me guiding her through the best route to reach her place, and mine, half the destination. "I'm not we'll versed with the routes here," she claimed. The conversation took us much ahead than the route we had set on.
    Calling her a friend would not be fair and a best friend would do injustice to the emotions.
    From the first time we exchanged Hi and hellos, to the night we lay next to each other, fingers clung onto the other's, the bond called for a name that no labels in the world had. She was not one amongst them who would ask, "what next?" She was not the one who would get straight to the point. There was something about the long talks beneath the blanket of starry nights where even the silence would glitter. I never bothered to ask her what we were and neither did she. All she said once was, "there is a spark between us."
    #fwb #uncalledlove #love #affair #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Calling her a friend would not be fair, and a best friend would do injustice to the emotions


  • tinywrites_ 99w

    Friends With Benefits

    The word which describes two opposite gender people (guy and girl) acting as both good friends and supporting and caring each other as couples at the same time❤️

  • ankkaink 109w

    Love sex satisfaction

    ओ मेरी गुलबदन मुझे गलत ना समझना मै वहीं हूं
    जो दिल से दिल को मिलाने से पहले जिस्म को जिस्म से लगना चाहता हूं
    वो वक़्त कुछ और था जब तुम आखिरी बार मिली थी
    तब तुम नाज़ुक कली थी अब कटों के साथ फूल बन चुकी होगी
    गर तुम फूल बन चुकी हो तो तुम्हे खुद पे सजना चाहता हूं
    गर नहीं तो प्यार से तुम्हे अपनी बाहों में खिलाना चाहता हूं
    मुझे नहीं पता कि मै ये रिश्ता किस तरह निभाना चाहता हूं
    पर सच कहूं तो कुछ रात तुम्हरी संसो की चादर के तले बिताना चाहता हूं

  • canaling_tamara 114w


    Years ago, I heard that pianist was the loneliest performer in the world. I added, until he found his soprano.

    Looking back, I am pretty embarrassed with the friends-with-benefit mindset I held. The pianist, as a professional performer, would certainly be immersed in his interaction with the musical pieces. When there were so many melodies running on his mind, hardly would he bother with loneliness. As an outsider however, we saw only a single person next to a piano, and we describe the state of staying single with the word loneliness. I forcefully penetrated a soprano into the pianist’s serene solitude. Numerically speaking, he definitely wouldn’t be lonely anymore. Mentally speaking, he might as well find company with the soprano, his soulmate. But what I lost sight of was the fact that he might never had felt lonely and thus not in need of an antidote for loneliness. The soprano was just some icing on the cake.

    I recently baked a cake comprised of diligence and fear. My friends also baked a cake for each of themselves. We all baked for different reasons. Some for the sake of proving his qualifications in baking cakes. Some for the qualification to criticise the unnecessary act of baking cakes. Some baked for their parents. We were all different. I baked for myself, for I actually enjoyed baking.

    When I was a little younger, I enjoyed baking alone. When there was no one around me, I could get all the tools I needed, without waiting nor compromising. I could also baked freely - maybe singing in the meantime - when there was no one paying attention to me. I regarded myself as an introvert who disdained social interaction.

    It turned out that I was wrong, in some way. For the cake I recently baked, it was baked with fears of failing. I still preferred the freedom that solitude could provide yet the fear had defeated me onto the ground. I could no longer stand on my own feet and I earnestly needed company. Everyday, I called my friends to find baking partners so that during breaks, there would be people eating with me. During that period of time, I was not so fond of eating. What I treasured was instead the chitchatting when we ate. On the other hand, when I ate alone, the fears would conjure up in my mind, making the food disgust me further.

    Indeed, freedom is something humans have been longing for. No one would prefer a cage to a heaven when choices were offered. The token to the heaven, however, might not be what we all can acquire. One needs to be independent so that when he is alone, surveying the world all by himself, he would not feel helpless, he would not let fear beat him, he would not stop in the midst of the journey. So freedom is a gift for the lonely yet capable pianist who need not beg for our sympathy to work with a soprano.

  • nainamathur 127w

    Do you know why we ended ?

    I held your hands telling you to stay and give a thought about us
    But your anxiety issues has put an end to us .
    How ironic it is that while doing things you didn't even think about it .
    In the middle of our pace you said you don't want a tag and I tried to divert the flow of the river into the ocean of love and but rivers always end in ocean and so did I ....
    I got carried away in the name of love .oops in the feeling of love.
    And awaken by the disasters which has destructed my heart just like the Bhopal gas tragedy.


  • tmoni1981 128w

    Why is it so hard

    To find someone who will do what they say they are going to do ?

  • deekshahaha 138w

    Kon hai khush ?

    Na single khush hai..
    Na relationship wale khush hai ..
    Na tharki khush hai
    Na friends wid benefits wale khush hai
    Kon hai khush fir !?

  • roopal_vashishth 141w

    I hugged him and said let's be friends again, and that hug costs me unbelievably like I'm still paying for that in one way or another.
    And then there's that person smiling, laughing, enjoying with me as #FWB.
    In the sense of mine it's still aching, somewhere.

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    You know what's acrobatic?
    To pretend that you're not in love with them anymore.

  • rushalixrushali 148w


    Another comment,
    Another bad comment from a blast from the past.
    I was tired of him,
    Gave up all my thoughts on love and thought it could never really last.
    People call me strange, call me names
    Nobody who really understood me, none who could actually flatter me, none in the game.
    How did i find you?
    You know me so well.
    Know every dark secret of mine, I know yours too, very well.
    Started off as what we shouldn't have, maybe if we hadn't we'd be a thing, don't you agree baby. What d'you think?

    3 months of happiness, another 3 of guilt.
    One night you tell me, you love me, the next night you tell me, hush hush baby, don't dwell upon it.

    Never answer any of my questions
    I'm tired of your stupid games
    You still say "I want you, don't wanna regret anything, I crave for you babe"
    Just tell me one thing, do you really even care?

    3 months of happiness, another 3 of guilt.
    It's been 1 year now baby, still got no answers that fit.

    Started off as what we shouldn't have, maybe if we hadn't we'd be a thing, don't you agree baby. What d'you think.?

    Or maybe if we hadn't, we'd both be nothing.
    Just two strangers who're very similar, minding their own thing.

    3 months of happiness and 3 months of guilt
    Is this a game of fuck, marry, kill?


  • whats_my_name 152w

    Wasn't Love

    It wasn't love,
    I wasn't brave,
    Once ignored,
    I never cared,
    But then we happen again,
    There was more pleasure than pain,
    And thus I realised,
    That you, who I idolised,
    Weren't really mine,
    Although being with you felt divine,
    Only we existed in that moment,
    Breathing heavy as the high went.

    There was us,
    Nothing really but almost a mess,
    I would be fool to want more,
    But what can I say? I keep knocking the wrong door.

  • nainamathur 155w

    He can speak to your body in beautiful tounge but not know how to keep your heart safe


  • taliadarling 155w

    You're horny
    And I'm loney
    So we make a great team


  • brielikethecheese 156w

    Distorted Friendships

    Often times, we make lovers out of friends
    Ruining chances of a solid bond
    Before it even begins
    I think I finally understand..
    How some of the greatest relationships came to an end.
    Some of my greatest moments
    Wrapped up in sweet poison
    The beautiful monster destroyed
    Erosion in passionate explosion
    Fireworks that were never meant to happen
    Nurturing her feelings turned into busting nuts
    Uncontrolled lust led to us fxcking up..
    A beautiful friendship.


  • bent_not_broken 157w

    Don't Say It

    Avoiding too much eye contact, Imma behave
    Gotta keep it simple zaddy and ride this wave
    Can't tell you how much my spirit smiles whenever I see you
    Won't mention the roller coaster ride my intense emotions go thru
    See, you and I, we have a problem- we seen too much -I'm pissed
    It's a shame; a connection so strong, still we must resist
    And deny what was borne from our first passionate kiss
    Love ran up on us blindly it snuck in savage and brisk
    Both claiming to have heart but won't take the risk
    Not realizing upon intro we'd ever feel this shit
    Magnetic sexual companions, no doubt, I must admit
    We say we're friends but can't pretend there's no added benefit.